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Found 18 results

  1. A year ago we lost legendary LEGO Designer Jørn Thomsen who was behind many of our favourite LEGO SPACE sets. As his colleague, I paid tribute to some of his marvelous designs.
  2. BrynnOfCastlegate

    [SPC] Cat B - Hover Raft

    Here is my entry for the Space Pirates contest: the Hover Raft. Instead of pirates, we have Spyrates (because it is Spyrius themed ). Three bold Spyrates sail their raft through space in search of plunder. Two crew members wield a handheld laser cannon and a sabre torch, whilst the charming droid captain gives commands, accompanied by his robo-parrot, P011-y. Will the Spyrates find the treasure? Follow the captain's treasure datacard to find out. 01011000 marks the spot! Some more views: As you may have guessed, this is based on 6257 Castaway's Raft. I tried to keep a similar profile and simplicity of design. I did turn the shark into a parrot, though! I hope you like it!
  3. Aldar-Beedo

    [MOC] Classic Space Excavation Site

    Hundreds of years in the future, a team of astronauts discovers a small moon orbiting a big ice planet. As they approach the surface, they discover wreckage of spaceships and large robots, some buried deep in the dust of the moon. Now, two years after the initial findings, the astronauts have built a base on the moon and are discovering more and more traces of an earlier battle as they excavate. Commander Chris Studstrong leads a team of scientists and engineers who have made it their goal to find out more about the earlier events on this moon. While some of the astronauts are on the moon's surface excavating, others are back at the base examining the discovered artifacts. If you like this model, you can support it on LEGO IDEAS: Classic Space Excavation Site on IDEAS Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr Let's have a look at the Protagonists: Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr Boris, Jenny and Lucas, as engineers, explore the wreckage and dismantle parts to be examined afterwards. Naomi, a chemist, researches the spacecraft's fuels and ensures that no dangerous reactions can occur while working on the wrecks. Ted, a scientist, and David, a geologist, study the lunar surface to find out more about the crashes and their causes. David's instruments have just made a very exciting find: a droid frozen in the ice under the dust! Gina works at the base and researches the technology and materials of the excavated objects in her laboratory. Jule, an engineer, makes sure the station's life support system is working properly and also keeps the spacesuits in good shape. There's nothing she can't fix! Bob, a reporter, accompanies the crew on their mission and documents all interesting objects and progress. An overhead railway is used to transport excavated parts and connect the base to the surrounding area. Pilots Phillipe and Cara can also use a crane to retrieve heavy debris. Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr To better cover long distances on the moon, the moon buggy is used. In addition, the friendly robot S.O.L.A.R.I.S. helps the team with the work on the wrecks and warns his team of potential hazards with the help of his sensors. Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr This set consists of 2718 parts, including 12 minifigures, a robot, a space buggy and a lot of utensils for the excavations! By pulling or pushung the handle attached to the long part of the track, you can decide whether the railway should stay on the upper circle or go down. The track can easily be extended at the siding to explore new excavation sites. Classic Space Excavation Site by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr Feel free to give feedback on my MOC! :) Best regards, Aldar Beedo
  4. diegobaca

    1980 Something Space

    Hi Eurobricks! I want to share a site I have been working on for the past couple years: The site focuses on LEGO Space sets from 1978-1999, check it out!
  5. Count Sepulchure

    [FIGS] Vintage Droid CMFs

    Hi all! Recently I cooked up something unusual. What happens when you put together the new and the old? Pieces and ideas, that is? I have never owned any of the droids or even been into Space sets and whatnot, so wasn't infatuated with these three classic buggers until I picked them up very recently. I also own UFO droids, but those aren't as charismatic or distinctive. By combining mostly vintage Lego pieces and sneaking in a few new ones, I made a custom "VHS" trio complete with printed stands to resemble the CMF series. One thing to note: times have changed, and so has the trio's purpose... First: the white Exploriens Droid. Enemies will not be walking - heavy hammer does the talking! Second: Insectoids Droid. The menacing cannon's electromagnetic, the enemies better be very athletic! Third: Spyrius Droid. Tracking foes with recon bot, slashing them with plasma sword! That's it, folks! Weaponizing the trio was not my aim, but it just so happened that everything fell into place this way. Cheers, and comments are welcome!
  6. Hello, here is my alternative build from Spyrius Centurion called Violence Transmitter. And the original picture from the back of the box: Take care
  7. Basiliscus

    [MOC] Spyrius Saucer Scout MK2

    Like many of you, I did most of my growing up in the 90s and as a result LEGO themes from this time have a special place in my heart. Who can forget Wolfpack, Indigo Islanders, Octan, Ice Planet 2002 and Spyrius. Those names conjure up hours spent on my bedroom floor in worlds far away! These days, the Neo 90s Space movement has brought many of these space themes back to life in ways which expand upon the originals like never before. This MOC is my interpretation of how the Spyrius set 6835 would look in this context. For those of you who can't remember (or weren't born yet ), this set was a small scout ship, with a mostly symmetrical body and four thrusters at the edges of it's diamond body. At just 45 pieces, it was small yet it left a lasting impression on me that to this day I can't help but smile when I see the images of it, albeit it hasn't aged all that well. In my upgraded MK2 version, I've made the ship much larger and longer in keeping with the Neo Space precedents set by other AFOLs. The classic elements which make up the design I have tried to keep: the prominent thrusters, the diamond body, the computer tile at the front and the hexagonal cockpit. The gun above the cockpit always bothered me - I'm no shrinking violet but I always imagined a small scout ship to use stealth and manoeuvrability to get it out of a tight spot. One piddly little gun won't make any difference to its survival chances! Instead, I've re purposed it as a sensor array connected to a transmission antenna at the rear of the ship. With this new addition, the ship can communicate while in deep space with Spyrius HQ, sending information on its whereabouts and findings from deep cover. Inspired by several other ships with snazzy presentations, I made an attempt at my own. With it's mission deep behind enemy lines, one saucer scout uses its secret Spyrius maps to land on a remote moon and take advantage of a Spyrius supply dump, complete with food, a hibernating repair robot, power generator and communications antenna. Larger pictures can be found on my Flickr stream. Happy to hear any feedback!
  8. astroknight

    [MOCombiner] SPYRIUS Crypto Crawler

    I decided to combine my two copies of 6889: Recon Robot into a single Spyrius vehicle. This model doesn't use every piece from both bots, but it does use most of them! The Crypto Crawler is composed of a forward sensory module with eyes and grabbers, a central control module, and a rear storage module which carries tools and a unique payload. The arms are sturdy and can articulate similarly to arms found in official Spyrius sets,.the plane tail pieces give the neck an interesting "lean", and the face of the vehicle is cute and dinosaur-y (maybe a stolen Roboforce design?) A Spyrius minifigure can easily fit inside the middle segment, though access to the control panel there is a little snug. Turntables connecting the segments allow the Crawler to slither around. Turning the end modules to the side also makes accessing the storage boxes easier. Once deployed, the Crypto Crawler's cool cargo requires some re-configuration by Spyrius agents... Voila! This lightweight, fold-out flying vehicle was mostly a way of using up some of the more specialized parts that didn't make it into the main model, but I'm actually very happy with how closely it resembles designs from retro games like Galaga. I started this MOC as an exercise in utilizing a limited parts palette while trying to match the aesthetics of an official theme, and I'm very satisfied with the results. The modular design also means that, if I ever get my hands on a third Recon Robot, I could turn it into additional segments that slot right in to this model! You can find more pictures of the Crypto Crawler on my Bricksafe. Critiques are welcome!
  9. Here we have the Robo-Guardian from the Spyrius subtheme of Lego Space. As a kid, this was my absolute favorite Lego set that I owned. I've always been a huge fan of giant robots, and this was easily the coolest of the era. Owing to their name, the Spyrius focused on interstellar espionage rather than combat. Many sets focused on collecting and transporting small "data pad" tiles. The Robo-Guardian is no exception to this, as we'll soon see. A rear shot of the Robo-Guardian reveals the presence of a small scout craft hidden in the upper torso and a Spyrius Droid in the lower torso. As the robot rolls along a flat surface, the top wheels make just enough contact with the set on the bottom to roll along with them (albiet in the opposite direction). It looks great in motion. While not exactly highly-articulated, the Robo-Guardian can emote a bit! The head can swivel a full 360 degrees on a turntable piece. In addition, one can clearly see the differences between the robot's arms. The right arm features a magnet, while the left arm is equipped with a claw. The gimmick for the shoulder movement is rather clever. An ingenious locking mechanism allows the shoulders to "ratchet" all the way up to an upright position. The arms can also bend inward at the elbow. it's important to note though that the arms can move up, but not down! The ratchet mechanism only works one way, and forcing the arms down could damage the parts. Opening the canopy reveals a couple of specially-printed 2x2 slope bricks, allowing the Spyrius Chief inside to perfectly control this awesome vehicle. At the front of the lower torso the Robo-Guardian possesses a container for the Spyrius data pads. The container is securely locked into place by a pair of hinged arms. Swinging the arms out in the direction of the arrow plates unlocks the container. Simply pull on the front of the container to slide it out of its slot. The panel on the front features a special printing. Perhaps in addition to storage, the container can decode and decrypt the information stored on the data pads. A magnet is fixed to the top of the container as well. Here the container has been opened, and the data pads removed. The special prints are delightfully sci-fi. One can insert the pads with the container open, but it's more fun to slip them through the tiny slots on the front and rear of the container instead. Here the Robo-Guardian is carrying the data pad container via its magnetic "hand". Unfortunately the arm isn't quite long enough for the robot to store the container by itself. As mentioned earlier, the Robo-Guardian has a unique one-way shoulder ratcheting lock for its arms. To release the lock without fully rotating the arms, simply lift up on the corresponding red antenna poking out of the back of the robot. This will unlock the shoulder joint and allow the arm to swing back down to a neutral position. Mentioned previously is a small scout craft that can be tucked away in the upper torso of the Robo-Guardian, accessed from the rear. A pair of small arms with clip hands keeps the craft secure. The easiest way to remove the scout craft is to simply pull it out by grasping the gray protrusions at the front. The arms will fold out to release the vehicle. Here is the scout craft itself. Piloted by a Spyrius Astronaut, it has a pleasant shape. A Spyrius data pad is used to control the vehicle. It seems they have a multitude of uses, beyond securely storing data. Could the trans-green cones be blasters, or simply headlights or sensors? The rear of the scout craft. Three trans-red dishes provide forward propulsion, while small trans-green round plates on the bottom provide vertical thrust. A Spyrius Droid sits safely in the bottom compartment of the Robo-Guardian. A bazooka-like blaster (or long-range camera?) can be stored close by. Flipping the ladder up allows access to the Droid within. In the UK, the Spyrius Droid is known as Major Kartofski, and is actually implied to be the leader of the Spyrius faction! Displaying a very interesting gimmick, the head and lower arms of the Robo-Guardian can be removed and reconfigured to form a medium-sized flight-capable craft. Perhaps this is an escape vehicle. The magnet arm would allow this craft to carry the data pad container to safety. As for defenses, the four backwards trans-green cones could be blasters. A rear view of the head flyer. The black rocket booster element provides forward thrust. Like the scout craft, the trans-green round plates provide vertical thrust. With the Head Flyer off on its own, the main body of the Robo-Guardian can still be controlled. The scout craft can function as a secondary head when attached. It even has a somewhat head-like appearance, with the trans-green cones serving as "eyes". it is however decidedly less intimidating without most of its arms. A rear shot of the "Scout-Guardian" configuration. Presented here are the three minifigures included with this set. In the center is the Spyrius Chief, presumed leader (UK fiction notwithstanding) of the crew, with a Spyrius Astronaut on the left and a Spyrius Droid (secret leader?!) on the right. The Chief and Astronaut are identical save for their face prints and a special print on the Chief's helmet. The Droid is quite awesome, and is the first robotic minifigure in all of Lego Space. And here are the Spyrius busy at work. The Droid scans a faraway target with the scope of his "bazooka". The Chief reads information stored on a Spyrius data pad, while the young Astronaut stores his data, pad in the nearby container. For me, the Robo-Guardian is the jewel of the Spyrius line. It is an excellent, towering, rock-solid robot build with an imposing look and fun gimmicks. A truly stellar "villain" set and one I'm glad to own again. Definitely recommended. I hope you've all enjoyed taking a look taking a look at it with me.
  10. SpacerSteve

    [M-A08] Robot Recon

    Location: A08 - Crentium Tags: Ground Vehicle, Exploration -Explorer SpacerSteve is scouting the surface of Crentium in search of suitable locations for future MANTIS operations. - -There appears to be a large quantity of water below the rocky surface. The water seeps through the cracks seasonally. This location will be suitable for resource mining - -The beacon is in place. I had better recall the recon robot and head back to camp. - - - - - -Connecting to the robot's neural interface. I'll drive us back. - -This rock has different characteristics than the surrounding terrain. I'll take it back to camp. for further study Time for food. Hope they are serving "laser beans" for dinner tonight. - - Some more pics of the build. - - - Thanks for looking C&C is welcome. I'm always trying to build better so suggestions are always welcome.
  11. VK-318

    [K-TECH] Spaceship Mastery

    From: Major Kartofski To: CEO Raven Subject: Status Report - Project Star-Lord ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We have taken delivery of the package, and work has begun on Project Star-Lord. The work is proceeding quickly. We are currently using the standard Octan mounts for Dr. Gregorovich's propulsion designs - however, due to structural integrity issues caused by design conflicts between Octan and Kawashita conventions, especially when implemented in a dreadnaught-scale vessel, we are currently operating an ancillary project to develop new mount designs of greater practical value. The hull is currently unpainted. We anticipate that Dr. Gregorovich will remain with us for a further week - until that time, only Spyrius equipment and techs are present, as per your orders. Our initial assessment, supported by small-scale tests, indicate that Dr. Gregorovich's work on direct-conversion power sources will provide an immediate 7% increase in power supply capacity in allied vessels if properly implemented. Retrofitting of direct-conversion reactor plants could yield efficiency increases in excess of 45% for dreadnaught-scale vessels or land-based reactor facilities. Benefits will be smaller for smaller vessels, but are expected to remain significant at all output levels. My commendation to the crew and captain of the Variga. Dr. Gregorovich was delivered unharmed and in full health and, as nearly as we can make out, good spirits. How Octan Corporation's scientific community is able to flourish with such ... difficult individuals at its heart is a subject worthy of further study. The design prototypes the Variga delivered were also in sterling condition, and have proven invaluable to the rapid completion of Project Star-Lord. Approximately two weeks of construction remain. Much of the superstructure has been completed, and currently the pace of construction is limited primarily by available surface area for work. After completion of the vessel, approximately two further weeks for trials and testing will be required. You will be notified when the this period commences - we look forward to turning Project Star-Lord over to Kawashita for its shakedown cruise as quickly as possible. The designs you have provided for "flying hand" construction vehicles have been invaluable in this phase of the construction process. While the inclusion of a second thumb is an ... interesting choice, there can be little doubt that much is owed to the versatility of this design. Project Star-Lord is currently running 17.5 hours ahead of schedule, with no major obstructions anticipated. Go forward with honor.
  12. VK-318

    [K-B06] Package Delivered

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Civil, Building, Water Vehicle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The nice thing about a water world like Sorn is that it has far more usable surface area than a dryer world like Onix. In addition to the planetary surface, many facilities are build submerged in the water or on the seafloor. Many of these are hydroponic farms, but some are research labs. Differences in pressure, buoyancy of materials and staff, and relative safety from espionage satellites and spacecraft are just a few of the reasons for building dry or flooded laboratories in the seas of Sorn. "Is that were you're taking me, then?" "Yes. Spyrius has arranged for you to be delivered here. Once you have completed your work with them, you will be provided compensation, as well as funds sufficient to buy you passage anywhere you want to go." "Spyrius?" "Yes, Spyrius. They're an old company - been around almost as long as Exploriens. They did robotics and stealth technology. They were not, however, a very large business, and a nasty sequence of media disasters more or less finished them. They still have plenty of facilities in the Milky Way, and even a few out here, but they've never really been able to compete. This operation is their bid for a comeback." "How long will this take?" "Not very, I shouldn't think. I'm told that most of what they need is contained in that cargo we took from your courier ship, and the rest shouldn't take long. They don't need to you build anything for them - all they want is your theories." "As if they would tell you," Gregorovich muttered. "I don't take a job until I know all the details," I said. "You will be treated well, and you will be on your way home as soon as possible." "I'll believe that when it happens." I shrugged. "Again, it's your choice. The more you cooperate, the quicker this whole process will be, but I assure you that no one is sending you home until Spyrius has all the information they need from you." "Spyrius?" Silvia asked, after Dr. Gregorovich and his cargo had been left with Spyrius agents. "Yes, didn't I tell you? I was sure I did." "No, sweetheart, you forgot again." "Oh, bother. Sorry. Yes, Spyrius really is a corporation - or was. The Kawashita family bought them up quietly a long time ago - they're a puppet company, but the ownership, I'm told, is buried in seventeen layers of trust funds and holding companies. They still conduct research - things like spaceship design, stealth technologies, alternative propulsion, and the like." "Okay, I get that, but why bother?" "Generally speaking, I would say that it's helpful to have alternate companies to conduct any research you'd rather not be caught doing. In this specific case, the only people Dr. Gregorovich will see, speak to, or hear about will be employees of Spyrius - and ourselves, and he thinks we're mercenaries. Octan doesn't have a file on us and our crew yet, and it could be quite some time before they do. By the time they figure out what was stolen from them and by whom, it'll be to late for reprisals." "Clever." "I know, isn't it? We have no new orders for the time being, and that last mission gave us a splendid little bonus. Set a course, won't you?" "Where to?" "I'm not particular. Somewhere you'd like to go." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Didn't have as much time to work on this as I hoped. The water is not something I'm very proud of. Please note that the Variga is from a previous build and not to be judged.
  13. Hello Gents and Ladies! Here is your chance to buy my collection of one of Lego's classic Space themes from 1994: Spyrius. All these sets are in great condition. No fading, as they have been kept in the closet all these years. All instruction manuals are included. This lot includes: #6835 Saucer Scout. Complete with instructions. #6889 Recon Robot (x2). Both complete with instructions. #6939 Saucer Centurion. Complete with instructions. #6949 Robo-Guardian. Missing one 2x2 brick to attach wheel (see picture below). Otherwise complete. Instructions included. I am asking $100 for everything. Feel free to make me a reasonable offer though! As for trades, I'm interested only in Pirates....classic or new (just no POTC). Ships are a big plus. Also....if there is interest, I have the complete Ice Planet 2002 series I may be willing to sell/trade for Pirates sets. Free shipping to US addresses. For international shipping, please PM me, and we can work out a price. All sets will be disassembled and bagged individually for shipping. Please message if you have any questions. Thank you. Now to the pictures.....
  14. SpacerSteve

    [M-D04] The Suit

    Location: D04 Terrial Minor Tags: Spying The MANTIS exploration vessel “The Scythe” waits in orbit over Terrial Minor Explorer Spacer Steve is sitting in his quarters watching some MANTelevision. He clicks off the Television and sighs. - 20150726_202930 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Spacer Steve-I never thought it would come to this. I can’t believe MANTIS found out about my past. -20150726_203129 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Spacer Steve puts on the Spyrius Chameleon suit -20150726_203240 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Just then Chogg shows up -20150726_203310 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Chogg- Chogg is here to tell youNinja Nin would like to see you in the engineering bay. He has made significant progress on the HONOR Spacer Steve-I’ll be right there. Chogg- Chogg senses that something is wrong with Spacer Steve? Spacer Steve- MANTIS found out that I was a Centurion commander in the Spyrius /Unitron wars. I purposefully left it off my resume. I had to do something regrettable for Spyrius. I left for MANTIS as an explorer so I could have a more peaceful life exploring new frontiers, but now it looks like my past has caught up with me. Chogg- Oh Spacer Steve-I should feel lucky that MANTIS only wants me Spy for them now. They could have sent me to Sal Laboratories for punishment. Chogg- Get through this mission and we’ll be back to exploration. Chogg heard that doctor Avran has made significant progress genetically modifying the Raptoslicer that we grabbed on Barnius Spacer Steve-Well it still fits. Lets change the color up a bit. - 20150726_203442 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Spacer Steve heads over to the engineering bay -20150726_203753 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Spacer Steve- I’m here Nin what did you want to show me. Ninja Nin- Yes, I have hacked the HONOR’s knowledge database. It reveals that there is going to be a meeting today between Kawashita and the local Zoid leaders. -20150726_203813 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Spacer Steve-How did you get it to talk. I hear Kawashita tech is unbreakable? Ninja Nin- I asked it politely…… Spacer Steve- Works every time. Ninja Nin- It has revealed that Kawashita is planning an invasion of Terrial Minor. They are meeting with the buggoid leadership on the planet. Now Steve you need to get this chip into the command room so we can better plan a counter offensive. The coordinates have been uploaded to you I-Spy device. -20150726_203857 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Spacer Steve-Now lets activate the disguise mode. Nope -20150726_203936 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr NOPE! -20150726_204056 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Yes! -20150726_204142 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Spacer Steve heads down to the surface of Terrial Minor. -20150726_204505 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr -20150726_204636 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr -20150726_204712 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr He gets out just before the Kawashita delegation arrives. -20150726_205146 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr -20150726_205216 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Spacer Steve- Oh no! they brought an assassin My disguise wont do any good here. -20150726_205245 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr To be continued... Thanks for looking comments and criticism welcome. The alien building was a little rushed so it didn't turn out quite as I had hoped.
  15. Hi everyone, I had exhibited at Legoworld the Netherlands with a Space layout. It has been 6 years since I have done something with my Space collection. The last time I had everything in one landscape, but this time I wanted to separate all the sub-themes in different landscapes. The landscapes are also in time sequence. In the landscapes you can see the overlap of some subthemes. One other idea was to connect the worlds with each other with a monorail. The monorail set 6990 was the set to connect all the worlds. The first set is from 1986 and the time line ends at 2011 (Alien Conquest). I do have Space Police III, but I did not have the bricks to create one more landscape. I do not have Mars Mission or Roboforce, because of lack of interest. The link to the pictures: I hope you like it. Sander
  16. VK-318

    MOC: Multi-Mover

    Let's face it, walking mechs suck. They're unstable, they break down easily, and they cost more to repair. That's why we designed the new 69-series Multi-Mover, the wheeled mech that rolls right over the competition. You can't beat the Multi-Mover for mobility. Many wheeled mechs have trouble taking ramps without overbalancing or losing control, but our patented, fully-articulated leading truck guides the Multi-Mover smoothly over or around any sort of obstacle. When the end of the shift comes around, you're bound to want a bite to eat. Most companies make you leave your lunchbox behind, but the Multi-Mover comes complete with a dedicated secure niche for lunchboxes, or any other cargo you should want to store on board. Our innovative cockpit design allows full 360-degree view of your surroundings, vital when working in a busy warehouse or conducting salvage work on an inhospitable world. And when everything goes terribly wrong, you can rocket away to safety thanks to the built-in propulsion and detachable control platform. No other design can match the reach, range of motion, and sheer strength of the Multi-Mover's fork arm. You'll be able to add whole new levels to your storage shelves! Not every package can be handled by forks, though. For those who deal with M:Tron, we've included a magnetic gripper, and the Multi-Mover has one of our patented grabbers for those awkward packages nothing else will grip. Rest assured, the 69-series Multi-Mover will see you through thousands of hours of heavy hauling. And if it fails, we offer a five-Earth year unlimited warranty. Simply place the Multi-Mover back in its shipping crate and send it back to us with a note detailing the problem, and we'll deliver a replacement within 48 standard hours! So don't wait, visit and make a purchase your employees and your banker will thank you for. And, to make it easier for you to put the Multi-Mover to work for you today, for a limited time only we are offering special easy-payment plans to suit your cash flow needs. Spyrius: You need it, we'll get it. (NOTE! This thread is a response to Lind Whisperer's Neo-Classic Space Loadlifter Mech. Anybody got a good idea for a Blacktron industrial mech? How about M:Tron? Or Ice Planet? Maybe Unitron? Bring it on! The cornier, the better.)
  17. SpaceMan Nathan


    Okay, the last of the original space themes. "Racer" "Attack Saucer" "Challenger" (a mod of a build from "Spacerunner" [Togana on Brickshelf]) This MOC has a lot of fun play features I will have to photograph "Shuttle" (a mod of a build from "Spacerunner" [Togana on Brickshelf]) "Interstellar Saucer"
  18. The Mugbearer

    Space Themes Reloaded

    Greetings community! I am here to share something like an unfinished project of mine. Maybe someday I will finish it. Spyrius Minifigs Spyrius Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Well, nothing special about minifigs, but here's surveillance drone and assassin droid. Spyrius Vehicles Spyrius Reloaded - Recon Mech by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Spyrius Reloaded - Recon Mech - Open Cockpit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Recon Mech. Revamp of my favorite Spyrius set 6889 "Recon Robot". Spyrius Reloaded - Spy Saucer by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Spy Saucer. Something between revamp and independent MOC. I was obsessed with idea of transformable vehicles for Spyrius. Space Police Minifigs Space Police Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Here's three Space Police outfits made after old SP designs. Ice Planet Minifigs Ice Planet Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Two Ice Explorer Outfits, and my pride - service droid. Ice Planet Vehicles Ice Planet Reloaded - Snow Skiff by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Snow speeder with two slide rails for maneuvering. Ideal for long single trips out in the snow plains of Ice Planet. Equipped with some instruments and survivalist's pack. Blacktron Minifigs Blacktron Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Simple Blacktron operatives. Traditional Blacktron-II color scheme. Metallic parts represents artificial limbs. Blacktron Reloaded - Agents by The Mugbearer, on Flickr First Blacktron color scheme is great for making some shady persons like raiders and secret agents. I don't know when but I'll upload more stuff.