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Found 12 results

  1. Col. Brik

    [K-A08] The Fleet

    Mission: The Fleet Tags: Kawashita, Spaceship, A08 Crentium After emergency surgery aboard a hospital ship Col. Brik is now stuck in a hover-chair as doctors determine how to move forward with his injuries at the hands of the Separatists. Learning that he is now 1st Executive and in charge of the entire corporation while Agent Raven is on leave Brik makes a investment in Kawashita's future by ordering his redshirts to build a new and improved fighter escort. Angry and full of revenge. Brik wants to make sure no Alien race ever brings harm to Kawashita again. "Sir, the fighters are ready to go. We are now calling it the "Conquest" class of fighters. Here is 001 for your inspection." "Very nice, redshirt 12, give me some details." "Yes sir, each Conquest has the ability to be customized by its pilot for each mission. For instance, the power pack and FTL setup is easily swapped in under a hour making maintenance a quick job. "Well, one fighter isn't going to protect the fleet and bring us glory and profit. Raven isn't going to be pleased with this." "Sir, we think she will be happy, let me roll out the 002-006 ships." "As you can see, sir, each pilot has outfitted his ship to his particular tastes, giving them each a unique look and capacity to fight." "I'm impressed, well done 12" "Each engine is setup to the pilots skill set and abilities. All of them are state of the art but each one is unique. Either quick fighting, long range bombing, silent running or generally all purpose." "Well done, well done. But a question, how do we afford this many ships?" "Sir, we thought of that also, may I present to you, for sale to any corporation, the "E-Conquest", the E is for entry level engine." "Don't worry sir, the engines are a very old design. There is zero chance these ships can compete with our advanced engines. It would take them years to catch up to what we have done." "Boys, we are gonna be swimming in credits. I want these advertised right away. I am sure Octan and Mantis will gobble up all they can. Raven will be pleased." C&C welcome. Bidding starts at 400 gold :)
  2. VK-318

    [K - A08] Assimilated

    Location: A08 Crentium Tags: Civil Building ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "According to the doctors, the wound healing went well. Your wife should be scar-free, in spite of her recent encounter with advanced torture methods." "Agent Raven." With difficulty, I tore myself away from the ledge. "It's an unexpected honor. What bring you here?" "Fifty-eight pirates killed and goods recovered valued into seven figures." "Is that how many I shot? I lost count." "You lost count." Her icicle expression didn't change - it never did. But I thought I heard a touch of surprise. "In any case," she continued, "this mission was not authorized. Indeed, your vessel was found absent from the battle line during an engagement with an enemy fleet. Upon inquiry, I discovered that you had deliberately gone AWOL to pursue your unauthorized rescue mission. This is grounds for dismissal, and charges of desertion." "I'm afraid you're wrong, Agent," I said politely. "Only employees can be charged with desertion, and if you will examine our contract, Silvia and I, along with the Variga, are independent contractors, and not subject to most disciplinary actions." "Correct." Ragen lapsed into silence. I watched. She had plainly known that we were not punishable before she came, else she would have argued the point - and backed up her argument with troops. So why was the CEO of all of the Kawashita Group's Andromeda activities here, aboard a hospital ship in orbit over a no-account world on the galactic fringe? "The toxin the torturer used," Raven said, interrupting my musings. "It's a very new design. M.A.N.T.I.S. only developed it a few months ago, a by-product of something else. They still haven't properly finished testing it, and obviously that filthy traitor Laszlowe didn't bother giving the pirates the safety information anyway. According to the doctors, the toxin appears to interact heavily with many varieties of stimulants." "Which means?" I had heard the mock casual tone Raven was using many times before, from all manner of people. It was the voice of someone who was carrying bad news, and liked it. "The stimulant used in the torture process appears have to interacted with the torture-enhancing toxin, leading to permanent neural scarring. In short, the effect is permanent." "I beg your pardon? Does the Kawashita Group not have the technology to repair neural damage? Is it not, in fact, the selfsame device in which my wife is currently being recuperated?" My voice was tightly controlled, and I spoke through almost-clenched teeth. "So it does, so it does. But that level of therapy is reserved for employees only." I boiled over. "What?!" I reached for a gun, then remembered that I had been disarmed before being admitted. "You know exactly what I've already done to bring Silvia this far. And now you tell me that nothing will be done to help her? Do you really think that's wise?" I hissed. Agent Raven fixed me with an icy glare. "Don't threaten me, ever, pirate. This once, I'll overlook it." She stepped away from the window. "As a matter of fact, something can be done." "The other corporations no longer pose an existential threat to the Kawashita Group," Raven said briskly. "Octan and M.A.N.T.I.S. are too involved in their own troubles to hinder us; we have all grown to the point where the damage of war would take another year to repair. The battlefield has changed. "We must now confront the forces of organized crime. Slavery, that most vile of all crimes, plagues our neighbors, and it is only a matter of time until its creeping touch is felt on our own worlds. Piracy leeches at the trade routes so newly established, and cuts our profits nearly by half in some systems. Corruption threatens to topple corporations from within, and gang violence is already acting to destabilize the civilian populations so newly planted in this galaxy." "A grand speech," I said acidly. "What do you suggest I do about it?" "The fleet of this company is strongly oriented toward conventional action - occupation, invasion, and large-scale interfleet engagement. Our commanders are trained for this, and our warships are designed with this mission in mind. We lack an effective pirate-hunting force. "For this, a unique skillset is needed. One must have personal experience with organized crime - preferably from the inside, the better to root it out. One must command a team experienced in shipboard and close-quarters fighting, in order to detain and recapture as much as possible and effectively rescue prisoners. And one must have access to a small vessel, capable of intercepting enemy craft, disabling fight-or-flight mechanisms, and moving to board." "What does this have to do with Silvia?" I asked tightly. "I want to you lead an anti-piracy task force. It's mission will be to eliminate and discourage acts of organized crime, acting either in support of the fleet or alone as needed." "But..." There was going to be a catch. "You will sign a revised contract. From now on, your are an employee, assigned to the first branch of the Andromeda Division of the Kawashita Group. You will take orders from the First Branch Executive and myself, and you have a zanpolit aboard to ensure that you do. In exchange, I will personally authorized full neural recovery treatment for Silvia Kramer." I pondered for a moment. Piracy must truly be eating at the company's bottom line if the most famous pirate hunter in the Kawashita Group, known even back in the Milky Way for her infiltration and elimination of the Dust Demons less than a year ago, was coming to me to solve the problem. As far as the contract was concerned, there was no question. I would have sold my sold my soul to Lord Business himself if that was what it took to help Silvia. "Done." I signed the contract and handed it back. Raven left without a word. So, we were employees now. It was worth it, I knew, but what had we given up? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, yeah. I probably should have checked a couple of weeks ago to see if I had any of the parts required to build Agent Raven. Nope. I hope this simple imitation will suffice. Finally back from finals! Hooray!
  3. Col. Brik

    [K-A08] Rescue

    Mission: Rescue Tags: Kawashita, Crentium A-08 The redshirt ship chasing the Separatist was able to combat dock with them and after hours of fighting and waves of cloned redshirts the Separatists have had enough. They surrender, knowing that the redshirts will not stop coming for their dear leader, Col. Brik Brik is to be transported to a Kawashita hospital ship for emergency loose leg surgery.
  4. Col. Brik

    [K-A08] Message Deleted

    Mission: Message Deleted Tags: Kawashita, Separatists, Crentium At Kawashita HQ the holograph imagine message center comes to life as the Separatist group contacts Kawashita to start thier ransom demands. The Separatists are holding Col. Brik hostage on A-08 Crentium. "Attention! We have your Col. Brik, he will be held by our forces until the Kawashita hand over 1,000 credits and 1,000 Copper. If these demands are not met we will kill your precious executive! Hello.....? Hello? Damn IT is anyone there?" "You there, yes you! We demand you listen to our demands or your Col. Brik will be." CLICK "You get killed and cloned a few times and see how much you care."
  5. Col. Brik

    [K-A08] Ransom

    Mission : Ransom Tags: Kawashita, Crentium A08 The mercs that found me have taken me to a group known as the "Separatists" and are haggling over a price to hand me over. The Separatist group seems to know who I am but I am unsure who they are. I do know they really, really, really don't like my uniform colors and really, really really don't like my boss, Agent Raven. They are negotiating my life with a pair of Separatists robot enforcers. "This fig is a executive, he is worth his weight in credits." "No, he is not worth his weight in credits, he is about quantity, not quality." "You separatists should be happy we brought him here instead of Kawashita, he has value to them." "He is not a master builder, he tries, but he is not on the same level as other executives in the galaxy." "Fine, what will you give us for him?" "Some credits, some Awesomnium, be happy with it." ///I had to make a huge rush for this week as I am called out of town until Monday,
  6. Col. Brik

    [K-A08] Alive

    Mission: Alive Tags: Kawashita, Exploration, Crentium "So this is who was flying that wreck of a escape pod that crashed here. Man, he dragged himself a long way." "Yes, his corporation obviously doesn't know he is here, the flight recorder indicates it sent a signal out that he was on Direstan, but here he is bloody on Crentium." "What do we do with him?" "Maybe make some money, he has to be worth something to someone at Kawashita." "They aren't going to like hearing a ransom demand for a banged up old fig of a pilot." "Well, then we fix him up and make some money." "Who do we pin it on? Octan, Mantis?" "How about both?"
  7. SpacerSteve

    [M-A08] Robot Recon

    Location: A08 - Crentium Tags: Ground Vehicle, Exploration -Explorer SpacerSteve is scouting the surface of Crentium in search of suitable locations for future MANTIS operations. - -There appears to be a large quantity of water below the rocky surface. The water seeps through the cracks seasonally. This location will be suitable for resource mining - -The beacon is in place. I had better recall the recon robot and head back to camp. - - - - - -Connecting to the robot's neural interface. I'll drive us back. - -This rock has different characteristics than the surrounding terrain. I'll take it back to camp. for further study Time for food. Hope they are serving "laser beans" for dinner tonight. - - Some more pics of the build. - - - Thanks for looking C&C is welcome. I'm always trying to build better so suggestions are always welcome.
  8. Big Sal

    [M - A08] Read Only Memories

    Location: A08 Tags: None Identifier: Chief Accountant Long Date: 11 Oktobrinali 3915 Location: M.A.N.T.I.S. Fleet, Crentium. Log No: A675A08 Log type: Personal Another evening of paperwork ahead of me. I’m still not caught up on all the extra work generated by Sal’s disappearance in that asteroid… Damn him! I’ve told him so many times that he can’t keep running off all over the place doing science when he’s supposed to be running the company. Or at least… looking like he’s running it. Ugh, I can’t concentrate… all these late nights are taking their toll… maybe I could… rest my eyes… just for a second… zzzzzz… …and I must say Miss Long, with these grades you’ll be able to take your pick of companies. They’re all desperate for brilliant young accountants like yourself. Thanks Professor! Have you had any thoughts about which company you’d like to work for? Oh yes Professor, Explorien Science. You mean Octan Corporation, Miss Long? What?? Of course not! Oh, but… you haven’t heard? I suppose you must have been on your way here when it was announced? When what was announced? Explorien has been bought out by Octan. WHAT?! About time too if you ask me, they’ve been struggling for- I have to go, sorry Professor! But… I wish you’d stay a little longer Abigail. With your mother gone too it’s going to be very lonely here. I know Dad. But I have to go live my life! I can't just end up as some cog in the machine. That's not what I want any more. Not after all that's happened with Mom and... Well, promise you’ll stay in touch, at least. Of course I will. Don’t worry, I won’t be like her. Not ever. Hey sweetheart, what’s a beautiful little thing like you doing in a place like this? Mostly getting hit on by Octan slime like you. Hey now… Is this how you deal with the fact you work for the worst corporation in the galaxy? You drink yourself stupid until you can forget you’re just a drone in a soulless machine, hoping you can sleep with someone who still has a spark of life since yours was drained into the Octan cesspit years ago. Wha…? You don’t… I… Best run off home now drone. Bye bye! Heh heh heh, nicely done. Yeah? You want the same treatment? Easy there. Just wanted to let you know that we’re currently looking for people with your kind of spirit in M.A.N.T.I.S. And if you hate Octan as much you seem to, there’s no better company to work for. I’m listening… Thanks for reading! Something a little different this week. C&C welcome!
  9. Big Sal

    [M - A08] Expedition MDR1A08

    Location: A08 Tags: Science, Vehicle, Land Vehicle So all you need to do is head towards any signs of life. Smaller creatures can be collected by the arms and brought aboard for study. If you come any plants or larger creatures, just drive straight into them. The M.A.N.T.I.S. Death RollerTM will cut them up and send the pieces through the scanning bed where they’ll be automatically analysed. And if we come across any Kawas, sir? Well, we had to cut some corners building this thing. It’s entirely possible that the brakes could fail and lead to a ‘tragic’ ‘accident’. Understand? Heh heh heh, yes sir! Sir, I’m picking up a small life form nearby. Excellent, let’s go get it. Got it! Good. Bring it into the containment area. It doesn’t look particularly promising. No. But it’s clearly an infant. Run the life cycle simulator to see what it’ll look like fully grown. Simulating… I don’t think this is what we’re looking for sir. It doesn’t seem to be dangerous at all. But it is giving off an intense low frequency sound wave. Maybe a distress call? Maybe. But I hardly think we need to worry if more show up, they’re clearly harmless. Ah, this is the life, eh Schmidt? No CEO nonsense to worry about, just driving across an alien planet doing science! There’s nothing that can stand in our way! Uh, sir? What? You might want to see this… Damn it! Sir? We’d better stop. Although… Uh, sir? *Sigh* Yes, stop the engines. Sal, what the hell is this monstrosity? It’s my new mobile lab. You authorised it, remember? But you cut the budget in half. That’s why it looks so ugly and doesn’t even have a roof. Roofs are expensive Sal. Anyway, what are you doing with it? We’re looking for dangerous creatures we can harness to drive Kawashita off the planet. And the reason you have to be here is, what, precisely? Uh… Damn it Sal! You’re CEO now, you can’t keep wandering off all over the place. Especially not to planets we don’t even control! Oh, but it’s fine for you to come here chasing after me?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! --- Thanks for reading! Apologies for the picture quality, I'm still wrapping my head around a new camera and lighting setup. C&C welcome, and there are some more pics in the spoiler.
  10. Dragonfire

    [K - A08] Alien Activity

    Tags: Exploration. Location: A08 Crentium Mission Log: Entry 9 ~ No rest for the weary, eh? As soon as I'd finished the biomass extraction on Marphacia, I was sent to a new location which could not be more different from Marphacia in appearance. The entire surface of Crentium was a barren, rocky wasteland, with the occasional shrub or plant poking out from the surrounding sea of grey. For this mission, I was given a small exo-suit to protect me against the hostile atmosphere and environment. As I made my way across the planet in search of water, I noticed something odd. The rocks in front of me were a different shade of colour from those all around me, and they appeared to form some kind of symmetrical shape - too orderly to have occurred by chance. Of course, these rocks were centuries old, worn down by the elements and partially covered in dirt and grass. As I peered closer, I suddenly noticed a flash of bright green - and there, right in front of me, was an extra-terrestrial's face poking out of the archway. At first, I was shocked. I had been told that the alien activity on Crentium was "sparse", and hadn't expected to find one at all. My first proper alien! (Note: I do not count the monster I encountered on Lesser Direstan to be a proper alien ) I remembered my training and quickly levelled the exo-suit's arm (equipped with a laser gun) at the creature, in case it proved hostile. But it did not appear to be armed, and, after a quick glance at me, it sped off across the plain, faster than a human could move. I've sent high-definition photographs of the creature, taken using my helmet, to HQ back on Orinshi. It appears to be bipedal, roughly the same height as an average human, and lime-green in colour, with a tentacled face and long claws on its feet. I'll remain on Crentium for another week to study the creature more closely and judge whether or not it is a sentient being. P1060433 P1060434 P1060435 [C&C welcome!]
  11. Graham Gidman

    [K - A08] Scouting Crentium

    Location: A08 - Crentium Tags: Civil Graham scouts Crentium.
  12. Commander Beltar

    [K - A08] A Strange Deal

    Location: A08, Crentium Tags: Military, Spaceship (station), Civil, Spying, Kinda Piracy, ============================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 008: After killing two Octan Employs, along with getting two letters about a pending court marshal, and a letter from who Beltar thinks is a non-existent family, he decides to pay Operative Q (Who is aboard the Kaiju) a visit because of his current rank in Kawashita. Beltar moved along the ventilation system aboard the Kaiju as quietly as a shadow. For some reason, Colonel Nu'q LEarberg, aka Q had not been in his main office. However, listening in on encrypted intercom, he managed to track down Nu'q to a small, guarded offcie near the engineering bays. Approaching the room, he looked down. Nu’q: Almost another 500 credits to the bank! Time to get another copy of Domination for Dummies! After paying off lay-a-way! Beltar: ….So he’s how I got my copy? STAY ON TASK MAN! Nu’q: What was that? Hmm, I wonder... Beltar: That was close…. Beltar dropped down after opening the grate quietly, then he threw a shuriken towards Q’s gun, and it locked the gun onto the floor. Beltar ran to a position behind Q right after in the blink of an eye and held a knife to his head. Nu'q: Hello there...Beltar. What is it that you require? Beltar: Wha- How'd you know it was me? *Nu’q slowly pointed at the empty chair* Nu’q: Take a seat, Beltar. I'm surprised you didn't bring PauL. Beltar: How’d you- ANYWAYS, Great. NOW- Nu'q: What is it that you require? Beltar: A favour. *Nu'q slowly points at the empty chair again.* Beltar walked over, placed the knife on the counter and sat down cautiously. Beltar: First, disarm the beacon. DISARM IT! I know guards aren’t supposed to come in for the first two minutes of a beacon. Disarm it NOW! Nu'q: Please. If I didn't want you here, I would have had you arrested during the last hours when you where crawling through the ventilation system. Seriously, how did you think that you managed to listen to my encrypted intercom? I designed the decryptors you use. Beltar: ...Uhm... Nu'q: Now, I can do your favour, but I would like you to do something for me first. Are you interested in hearing my proposal? Beltar …Of course… Nu’q: I am secretyly building a... special... kind of ship. Since it's in the early stage experimental prototype, the Kawashita Groyp standards state that it should be unmanned. Howevere, due to the signifivant investment the ship poses, The Board wants someone to be able to pilot the ship should something go...wrong. As you understand, this needs to be done oustide official channels, so if you pilot it, I will do your favour. After all, you were a pilot yourself before your incident, weren't you? Beltar: THE FILE IS A LIE! Would you like to know what I think to your offer? Nu’q: Yes. Beltar got up slowly,picked up his knife, and moved towards the un-moving Q. Beltar: I think that THE DEAL IS NOT ACCEPTA- Hmm…. Perhaps I…can pilot that…thing…. Q carefully turned and stretched out his hand. Nu’q: Do we have a deal then? Beltar: Hmm… Nu’q: This offer won’t last. All I have to do is yell and security will be in. Do you accept the offer? Beltar stretched his hand out after finishing a short though: It has to be worth it. It MUST be worth it. But that prototype ship.Prototype. Ah, screw it. Beltar: Deal. Nu’q: Wise choice. Now, you will meet me in my private hangar later today, and what exactly do you need agent? Beltar: Look into a file on a Lauren A. Beltar… Nu’q: Oh. Her. I briefly saw her in your file, but I will look for her specific file. Beltar walked over to Q’s gun, picked up the shuriken, then proceeded the exit the same way he came in. Beltar: I’ll dock with the Kaiji as soon as I can… PauL is almost completely finished… Nu’q: Ah, yes, your robot. I forgot about him. And about your most recent incident on Arium Major… Before Q even finished his phrase, with a quick leap and a pull, Beltar was out of Q’s hair. For now. Moments Later: Sonja: Sir, everything okay? Your beacon was active for 2.3 minutes, the guards outside were arguing with us. Sorry sir. Rodrigo: AH! No fight. Can I ever actually get to fight someone outside of training? Nu’q rose and announced: Nu’q: Yes, yes, everything is quite alright. You may leave now. Sonja: Sorry sir, as a precaution, I need to leave these two men as guards for the next 24 hours. Standard protocol for our unit. Nu’q: There is really no need for tha- Rodrigo: Heya man! Can I have your autograph? Big fan, you designed this amazing space station! Nu'q: *Sigh* Of course, Beltar still watched on for a little while, to make sure Q didn’t spill their conversation. Beltar: Till we meet again… Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 008 ============================================================================ More Pics in the spoiler! Because I take too many! Thanks for reading this installment in Beltar’s story! Q and Beltar’s paths seem to cross a lot…Hope you enjoyed! C and C welcome! ~Beltar (Many of Q's lines are actually from NuckElBerg. )