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  1. astroknight

    [MOC] Star Chaser - Neo Classic Space

    Very cool! I love the backgrounds and the brick-built positional thrusters. Could we get photos of the underside and cockpit interior too?
  2. astroknight

    [MOCombiner] SPYRIUS Crypto Crawler

    I decided to combine my two copies of 6889: Recon Robot into a single Spyrius vehicle. This model doesn't use every piece from both bots, but it does use most of them! The Crypto Crawler is composed of a forward sensory module with eyes and grabbers, a central control module, and a rear storage module which carries tools and a unique payload. The arms are sturdy and can articulate similarly to arms found in official Spyrius sets,.the plane tail pieces give the neck an interesting "lean", and the face of the vehicle is cute and dinosaur-y (maybe a stolen Roboforce design?) A Spyrius minifigure can easily fit inside the middle segment, though access to the control panel there is a little snug. Turntables connecting the segments allow the Crawler to slither around. Turning the end modules to the side also makes accessing the storage boxes easier. Once deployed, the Crypto Crawler's cool cargo requires some re-configuration by Spyrius agents... Voila! This lightweight, fold-out flying vehicle was mostly a way of using up some of the more specialized parts that didn't make it into the main model, but I'm actually very happy with how closely it resembles designs from retro games like Galaga. I started this MOC as an exercise in utilizing a limited parts palette while trying to match the aesthetics of an official theme, and I'm very satisfied with the results. The modular design also means that, if I ever get my hands on a third Recon Robot, I could turn it into additional segments that slot right in to this model! You can find more pictures of the Crypto Crawler on my Bricksafe. Critiques are welcome!
  3. astroknight

    [MOC] Hot Springs Keeper

    Thank you! I did toy with the idea of spreading all four colors throughout the whole figure, but with the hockey bodies making up so much of the torso it looked better split half and half. Nope! That's just a ball joint "belly button" like Kopaka Mata has. I've always thought that's a very cute detail, and I try to incorporate it in many of my figures. As far as the style goes, I'm working with a collection of mostly older parts so everything I make ends up looking 2001-04ish. I'm happy that 2001 comes through especially strong with this guy!
  4. astroknight

    [MOC] Hot Springs Keeper

    My friend challenged me to make a MOC using hockey bodies as the base, so I cranked out this centaur. He watches over a sacred hot spring high in the mountains, and has both fire and water powers. His weapons stow neatly on a double pin at the base of his torso. I couldn't find a fourth blue Toa Mata foot, so for now I'm substituting a white one in. This is my first MOC using "double" limbs, and I'm very happy with how sturdy it makes the legs. He's still a handful to pose, though. The play action is pretty simple, opposite-swinging arms like in lots of Mata and Nuva figures. Building the gearbox itself was tricky, but I'm very pleased with how the Matoran feet pieces and angled knob axle worked out. The connection between the two hockey bods is nice and sturdy, and the whole torso feels very solid. Here he is with Kopaka for size comparison. He's big enough to ride! Come to think of it... Saddle up! Onward to victory! All in all, I'm very happy and excited about the way this MOC turned out. The legs are a little finicky, but the details and construction reflect what I think is some of my best work. He still needs a name, though! You can view more pictures over at my Bricksafe. Critique would be very much appreciated!
  5. astroknight

    Official Space Set Renders

    (I'm not sure what the site policy on double posting is. Should I add new renders to the OP, or make new posts?) 452-1: Mobile Tracking Station This render of the minifigure is extra big. Are people interested in large hi-def renders?
  6. One of the last music videos I would ever expect to see LEGOfied, and you've done so really well! The LOTR and HP characters had me grinning.
  7. astroknight

    History / Fantasy CMF - LDD MOC

    I love the variety of monsters on display here - I would definitely get at least three or four each of harpies and gargoyles. The Space Police heavy looks ready for anything! All in all a great collection of collectibles.
  8. astroknight


    Has to be the Clockwork Robot. Is it weird that my favorite part of this CMF is the red hands?
  9. astroknight

    Which set should I buy?

    Having only seen pictures or videos of these sets, i would say go for Tower of Orthanc. The build is full of cool structural techniques and interior details, and the fig selection is great. That said, i'm personally a much bigger LotR fan than Batman or PotC.
  10. astroknight

    The Greatest Collectable Minifigures Round 8 (VOTING CLOSED)

    Tiki warrior scratches that Islander itch for me, although Clown is a close second for his excellent colors and face print.
  11. Another great classic set review VintageLegoEra! The unboxing sections of your reviews always show off something interesting about how these older sets were packaged - I had no idea that 1x1 round plates used to come on a sprue. I was considering picking up a Forestman set soon, and I think this might be the winner thanks to your review!
  12. astroknight

    LEGO Pirates in Education set...

    That tall Wall-E wannabe in Fantasy Minifigures is hilarious. Just under $50 for 118 parts seems pretty steep from a price per part perspective, but there are lots of cool unique elements to be found.
  13. astroknight

    A statue forgetten

    The shaping of the broken leg had me scratching my head for a second... then I figured out that it was done in a really cool way! This model is altogether very lovely, while also being somewhat unsettling. The colors are muted, but it doesn't look monochrome, and the method of depicting sea foam you use here always works for me. I personally think this is pretty awesome, and I can't wait to see whatever future build it's teasing!
  14. astroknight

    Official Space Set Renders

    I've been practicing using by following instructions on Peeron to build official sets, and then making some renders. I'm starting with Classic Space and plan to work my way through the themes in the order they were released, making a few sets each for everything from Classic Space to UFO. Click here to see all my official set renders together on Bricksafe. I'm interested in improving the quality of my renders, and would love to receive any critique you might have. I absolutely plan to make more renders and post them here. If anyone would like me to skip ahead and render a specific Space set, feel free to ask! (Spoilers because renders are fairly large) 497-1: Galaxy Explorer 1498-1: Spy-Bot Thanks for taking a look!
  15. astroknight

    What was the last movie you watched?

    @littleworlds I love lock stock! Classic film. I just watched Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet and it was... incredibly bizarre. Definitely the best 100% script accurate modern remake of a Shakespeare play out there.