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Found 3 results

  1. The Dreadnaught Class Heavy Cruiser is a Star Wars warship well known from the lost Katana Fleet of the Thrawn Trilogy. At 600 meters, it was roughly half the length of a Venator and could be configured with varying combinations of turbolasers, point defense cannons, and missiles. Most of these would be located in the hull "blisters" similar to Mon Calamari ships. I was recently acquainted with the cruiser as I'm reading through the Thrawn Trilogy (Half way through the second book at the moment). Not the most sophisticated-looking ship, but a fun one to design nonetheless. As usual, it's designed to 1:2600 scale. Some additional views in the spoiler below...
  2. VK-318

    [K-TECH] Spaceship Mastery

    From: Major Kartofski To: CEO Raven Subject: Status Report - Project Star-Lord ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We have taken delivery of the package, and work has begun on Project Star-Lord. The work is proceeding quickly. We are currently using the standard Octan mounts for Dr. Gregorovich's propulsion designs - however, due to structural integrity issues caused by design conflicts between Octan and Kawashita conventions, especially when implemented in a dreadnaught-scale vessel, we are currently operating an ancillary project to develop new mount designs of greater practical value. The hull is currently unpainted. We anticipate that Dr. Gregorovich will remain with us for a further week - until that time, only Spyrius equipment and techs are present, as per your orders. Our initial assessment, supported by small-scale tests, indicate that Dr. Gregorovich's work on direct-conversion power sources will provide an immediate 7% increase in power supply capacity in allied vessels if properly implemented. Retrofitting of direct-conversion reactor plants could yield efficiency increases in excess of 45% for dreadnaught-scale vessels or land-based reactor facilities. Benefits will be smaller for smaller vessels, but are expected to remain significant at all output levels. My commendation to the crew and captain of the Variga. Dr. Gregorovich was delivered unharmed and in full health and, as nearly as we can make out, good spirits. How Octan Corporation's scientific community is able to flourish with such ... difficult individuals at its heart is a subject worthy of further study. The design prototypes the Variga delivered were also in sterling condition, and have proven invaluable to the rapid completion of Project Star-Lord. Approximately two weeks of construction remain. Much of the superstructure has been completed, and currently the pace of construction is limited primarily by available surface area for work. After completion of the vessel, approximately two further weeks for trials and testing will be required. You will be notified when the this period commences - we look forward to turning Project Star-Lord over to Kawashita for its shakedown cruise as quickly as possible. The designs you have provided for "flying hand" construction vehicles have been invaluable in this phase of the construction process. While the inclusion of a second thumb is an ... interesting choice, there can be little doubt that much is owed to the versatility of this design. Project Star-Lord is currently running 17.5 hours ahead of schedule, with no major obstructions anticipated. Go forward with honor.
  3. Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Spacer Steve is out in the forest enjoying an exploration mission. The air is still and a great hawk can be heard screeching off in the distance. Life is pretty good at the moment. - Its is sure nice to get out an smell the alien flora! The CEO gig was sure tough. It is good to get back out in the wilderness. CRACK - What is tha..... AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! - Agent L are you in the area? I have a bit of a spider problem. I could sure use some help about now! - Locked and loaded. I'll be right there A loud crash in the bushes can be heard as the MTG654 Dread Mech breaks through the woods. Looks like you need some help squishing a little spider! NONE SHALL STAY MY WRATH! Sorry it is easy to get carried away in this thing. S- Thanks for the help! I thought that thing had me for sure. Lets get this thing to base so our Xeno biologists can take a look at it. Thanks for looking. C&C is welcome. More pics of the spider and mech are below.