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  1. VK-318

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    I'd love to help if I can - grammar/punctuation. I'd offer more, but I'm so new I'd be rather lost trying to actually write a history.
  2. Oh. Well, now I feel like an idiot.
  3. Looks like this question got missed, so I'm just checking...
  4. Must "riders" for Cat A be actually mounted, or do those on foot still qualify?
  5. VK-318

    [SoNE Freebuild] Reactivation

    Thanks! You're right, LucasLaughing, I probably should have organized that a bit more. I'm glad everyone seems to like the angled columns. Sure, Forresto, but I don't think you should tell the ISB you intend to infiltrate a Star Destroyer ...
  6. Agent VK-318, Imperial Security Bureau, Enforcement Division, reporting in after reactivation! New freebuild up, ready for judging.
  7. "Agent VK-318, Imperial Security Bureau, Enforcement Division, reporting to the ISD Avenger as ordered. I understand my orders have arrived?" "Yes, Agent. Please report to your quarters - the debriefing packet is located on your terminal." "Yes, sir. For the Empire!"
  8. VK-318

    HELP! ! !

    Hello all, it's been while since I was active here, and now that I'm back, I'm trying to update my signature. But I'm not able to find a way to edit it on my profile page. What am I missing? EDIT: Nevermind. It moved to "Account Settings."
  9. VK-318

    [K - A06] Refurbishment

    Thanks, Executive! Micro ships are one of my favorite building challenges. Thank you! This office is part of the Variga. In "To Love and Protect," the bedroom door that RT3-KU comes through is the same door Silvia is coming out of in this build.
  10. VK-318

    [K - A06] Refurbishment

    Previously: Introducing Viktor Kramer Back in Business An Opportune Moment Special Orders Package Retrieved We Pillage, We Plunder, We Rifle and Loot ... Package Delivered An Unfortunate Oversight Season Unending To Love and Protect To the Pain Electrified Rosenhaus Assimilated Stardate 3816.5.6 Stardate 3816.12.6 Streitkeule Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: Civil Spaceship, Piracy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Captain's Log, Stardate 3816.14.8 Approaching Guinevere, picked up an drifting ship by passive infrared scans. In answer to hails, the captain claimed to be awaiting landing clearance. Story not confirmed by port authorities. Ship did not answer further hails, so we moved to board. Some damage was sustained in the course of disabling the target ship's defenses. The #2 port shield generator suffered catastrophic damage, and two hull breaches formed - one in the port shield generator compartment, and one in the engine room. Additional damage was sustained by the starboard radiator plane. Aft hull breach and radiator damage will be repaired by the local company yards, while replacement of the shield generator will be managed at next fleet rendezvous - hull breach in that compartment will be allowed to remain until that time to facilitate generator replacement. Ship was found to contain a cargo of control chips for cybernetic slave collars, along with the associated signal processing hardware and control computers. In accordance with fleet policy, cargo was documented and re-sealed, and the hull was flagged for pick-up by a company shuttle. Crew will be delivered to port authorities for prosecution. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Captain, I have an incoming message." "Who is it?" "Caller identifies as Solomon Greene, sir." "I'll take the call." "Viktor! It's been a long time! How are you doing?" "Good to see you, Solomon. I'm doing well, thank you. To what do I owe the pleasure?" "Heard you signed up with the Kawashita Group?" "I have. I presume you're looking for a berth?" "Right you are. Got room for a former crewmate?" "Get passage to Orinshi and I'll stop by next chance I get. There's some hoops involved, but there should be no trouble. Say, what do you think of the uniform?" "Not bad, not bad! Looks a bit formal for you, though." "Notice anything different?" "No - wait, is that - what happened to your leg? You don't have a peg anymore!" "Bingo!" "Why'd you replace it?" "Two reasons. One, Kawashita paid for it, so that helps. And I'm going to be competing in the Andromeda Olympic Games, so I need a regular leg. It's within 5% capability of my other leg, so it's legal." "What will you be competing in?" "A few things. As far as the uniform goes, it's a dress uniform. Silvia and I are attending a ball celebrating the event. We've got a little work to do there." "Where's Silvia?" "Getting ready. Ah, here she is." "Good to see ya, Silvia!" "Solomon? How've you been?" "Not as well as you, seemingly!" "Well! Thank you, Solomon." "I hear you two have somewhere to be, so I'll be going. Best of luck, see you soon." "See you soon." The holoprojector was put down on the desk, and RT3-KU went about his business again. "Are you ready for this, my love?" The walking stick's tapping echoed on the tiles. "I think so. How do I look?" "Never better. Shall we be on our way?" "Why not?"
  11. VK-318

    Challenge 5 - Space Olympic Games

    I'm looking ahead to challenges B and D. Both mention "see image in spoiler," but there are no spoilers or images to which to refer.
  12. VK-318

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Very Dr. Long.
  13. VK-318

    [M-F03] Mutineers and Traitors

    This makes much more sense with last week's story, as well as going back and reading the story that introduced Leonne Jr. The plot thickens! I'm having a hard time picking out a part to compliment. The hallway is perfect, and so is the roof of the base, and the greenery outside ...
  14. VK-318

    [K-F09] Recovery

    I was so focused on the story when I read this that I didn't stop to notice the build! I love your med-bay, and the way you did up Raven in the tank. It's beautiful. Much better than what I put together, I must say. Bravo!
  15. VK-318

    [K-F09] Streitkeule

    Thanks! I was originally trying to build a 2-man fighter inspired by the Special Forces TIE-Fighter from Star Wars Episode VII, but instead this happened. I'm pretty pleased with it - I don't build minifig-scale vehicles often, and this one turned out better than expected.