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  1. Thank you, I will give it a look over.
  2. Hey, I just reinstalled on a new computer. I am looking for Owen's color file, but his dropbox where he had the file is down. Do you have his color file?? his post of it:
  3. Shoot...I checked right before I rendered it. Must have just been added. I will edit and re-render.
  4. Surprised to not see this set in the list. Star Wars / Star Wars Episode 7 / Poe's X-Wing Fighter 75102 75102 (MLCad) Erros: Missing all stickers Missing minifigures and accessories 21849pb01 missing printings (used piece is base 21849)
  5. I was working on set 10248 to make a different car when I saw that there were color and placement errors on this set. Additionally, there are a few newer pieces added. Creator / Ferrari F40 10248 10248 (MLCad) Errors: Missing all stickers Missing 19215 Flat Silver Wheel Cover 5 Spoke Thick with Edge Bolts (4)
  6. Yes, sorry for the typo I corrected it. The part is in be honest, I just didn't get it shaped for the build (I was only building the set to be able to mod it for another build). I will update it when I get the hose done correctly.
  7. LEGO Ideas (CUUSOO) / 21109-1 Exo Suit 21109 Errors: 11203 in place of 11203pb007 missing two 62359 missing 57359 3626cpb9 in place of 3626cpb0521 3626cpb9 in place of 3626cpb0633
  8. Okay, this seems like a silly question since I have installed this in the past. But I got a new computer and had to reinstall everything. The only thing I don't have back on is the updated color files. So I grabbed the update. At simple enough, its instructions: Firstly, all files that begin with “lg_” need to be copied to LGEO’s “lg” folder. If you have installed LGEO via the LDraw All-in-One Installer, it should be found at the following location: C: \Programs Files\LDraw\LGEO \lg If you have installed it elsewhere, then you will need to locate this folder. Also, if you are using a 64-bit operating system, the “Program Files” folder will be named “Program Files (x86)”. But when I go to drop all the "lg_" files in place, I can't find an "lg" folder in my LDraw folder. Did I not install LGEO? or has the location changed? or am I missing something here?
  9. Walter, do you by chance have the subfile for the actual build? The file with all the individual parts? I would love to get a copy if you did.
  10. SpaceMan Nathan

    LED lights

    Thanks guys. I am building a hanger right now, so the lighting would be either just in the walls or the floors (actually similar to what you have in your signature Missing Brick). Looks like I may be able to get by with a kit from lifelites. I will poke around some more. Thanks again.
  11. SpaceMan Nathan

    LED lights

    Hey all, I could have sworn I had seen a thread in the past about working LED lights into your build. I am looking to use some in a larger display I am building. I can't seem to find the thread though. Can any of you point me in a direction of some help/instruction? Thank you.
  12. Some new parts become available, so I updated some files in Futuron, Space Police 2 and Unitron. I did not update the pictures (they are just LDraw pictures and not renders anyway).
  13. SpaceMan Nathan

    6988 - Alpha Centauri Outpost - Baseplate (2552px2)

    Let me know when you finish it. I will want to switch out for the px2 in my set and moc files.
  14. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] Thunderbolt - GARC Racer

    Great MOC, well done.