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  1. SpaceMan Nathan

    Rendering from LDraw/MLCad

    This is perfect. It works the same way to add individual custom parts to the LDraw filing. I didn't realize it would be "as easy" with Studio. Thank you, sir.
  2. SpaceMan Nathan

    Rendering from LDraw/MLCad

    Thank you very much guys. Studio is working quite nicely. Do you know how to convince it to render unofficial LDraw parts?
  3. Hey all. What are people using these days for rendering LDraw/MLCad builds?
  4. Thank you, I will give it a look over.
  5. Hey, I just reinstalled on a new computer. I am looking for Owen's color file, but his dropbox where he had the file is down. Do you have his color file?? his post of it:
  6. Shoot...I checked right before I rendered it. Must have just been added. I will edit and re-render.
  7. Surprised to not see this set in the list. Star Wars / Star Wars Episode 7 / Poe's X-Wing Fighter 75102 75102 (MLCad) Erros: Missing all stickers Missing minifigures and accessories 21849pb01 missing printings (used piece is base 21849)
  8. I was working on set 10248 to make a different car when I saw that there were color and placement errors on this set. Additionally, there are a few newer pieces added. Creator / Ferrari F40 10248 10248 (MLCad) Errors: Missing all stickers Missing 19215 Flat Silver Wheel Cover 5 Spoke Thick with Edge Bolts (4)
  9. Yes, sorry for the typo I corrected it. The part is in be honest, I just didn't get it shaped for the build (I was only building the set to be able to mod it for another build). I will update it when I get the hose done correctly.
  10. LEGO Ideas (CUUSOO) / 21109-1 Exo Suit 21109 Errors: 11203 in place of 11203pb007 missing two 62359 missing 57359 3626cpb9 in place of 3626cpb0521 3626cpb9 in place of 3626cpb0633
  11. Okay, this seems like a silly question since I have installed this in the past. But I got a new computer and had to reinstall everything. The only thing I don't have back on is the updated color files. So I grabbed the update. At simple enough, its instructions: Firstly, all files that begin with “lg_” need to be copied to LGEO’s “lg” folder. If you have installed LGEO via the LDraw All-in-One Installer, it should be found at the following location: C: \Programs Files\LDraw\LGEO \lg If you have installed it elsewhere, then you will need to locate this folder. Also, if you are using a 64-bit operating system, the “Program Files” folder will be named “Program Files (x86)”. But when I go to drop all the "lg_" files in place, I can't find an "lg" folder in my LDraw folder. Did I not install LGEO? or has the location changed? or am I missing something here?
  12. Walter, do you by chance have the subfile for the actual build? The file with all the individual parts? I would love to get a copy if you did.
  13. SpaceMan Nathan

    LED lights

    Thanks guys. I am building a hanger right now, so the lighting would be either just in the walls or the floors (actually similar to what you have in your signature Missing Brick). Looks like I may be able to get by with a kit from lifelites. I will poke around some more. Thanks again.
  14. SpaceMan Nathan

    LED lights

    Hey all, I could have sworn I had seen a thread in the past about working LED lights into your build. I am looking to use some in a larger display I am building. I can't seem to find the thread though. Can any of you point me in a direction of some help/instruction? Thank you.