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Found 101 results

  1. Kodan Black

    [O - C10] - Tropic Thunder

    Location: C10 Marden Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building, Spaceship, Spying Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Norah came to me and asked for my assistance in a mission that she felt I could help with. There was a secret Kawashita facility on Marden that Mantis wanted information on and she felt that I could gain access to this facility since she had gotten to know me lately and felt confident in me. While I was a bit apprehensive I did want to help and I wasn't quite sure how to say no without it being odd. She clearly thought I was an operative because she returned my outfit from when they had originally extracted me and got me onto a Mantis ship. Luckily the planet was under Mantis control so it wasn't very hard to get there. They dropped me off close to the facility and gave me directions on how to get there. I was surprised that they didn't give me any credentials or anything other than a name: Ken Barns. Norah told me that if I told the Kawashita people I was there from corporate on an inspection tour it would all go fine. I was quite dubious and yet I felt that I had to trust her. As I approached the perimeter of the facility multiple security people approached and demanded identification. I had seen them request both identification and biometric scanning of everyone to gain entry and I was suddenly quite nervous since I had neither. But I stuck to the plan and said that my name was Ken Barns and I was there from corporate for an inspection. Amazingly the guards said "Oh. Yes, go ahead." and they let me in. I was supposed to go to the main building and locate the primary hangar. Once in the main building I found someone and said I was looking for the main hangar. They gave me a suspicious look but I quickly said I was there from corporate for an inspection and they smiled and gave me directions. Upon arrival at the hangar I saw many people doing various work tasks on a spaceship. It was clearly a prototype craft and was impressive looking. One of the scientists working on it came over to me and said "Hey, who are you? What are you doing here, this is a highly classified area!" I said "Hi, I'm Ken Barns. I'm here from corporate for an inspection." and they said "OK, look around then. Let us know if you have any questions." I wasn't sure if it was the Ken Barns name or just that corporate inspections were to be expected, but it was like a magic key! I looked around at the craft and found out it was called the "Tropic Thunder" which was a bit of a play on the snowy conditions on Marden. It was a high speed and agile craft meant for recon. The prototype was currently unarmed but the production version would be lightly armed. It was a very impressive craft and I was going to have to file a report back to Octan also. Mantis had given me a small computer for notes, pictures, and to file a report. I knew it would be monitored, so I made a slight configuration change to bounce off of a relay station that Octan had compromised and was monitoring. This way while I couldn't keep Mantis from gaining this intel, I could at least make sure Octan also was aware. This was all getting so complex. At first I was just an Octan guy pretending to be a Mantis guy. But now I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude. At least I'm fortunate that my cover stories keep proving so strong! Additional Pictures:
  2. Big Sal

    [M - G05] Fugitives Pt 3

    Location: G05 Jen's Star Tags: Spying, Military building Previously... ...and back in those days you really knew everyone. I mean, you'd never get this situation here where I'm walking two people I've never seen before to the weapons tower. I mean, for all I know, you could be MANTIS spies. Err... Yeah, those were the days. Back when Octan really was the friendly corporation. I'm talking about before we came to this galaxy. What was wrong with the old galaxy, that's what I'd like to know. I don't hold with this GATE travel nonsense. Don't understand how it works. Don't want to know either. What was I talking about? Um... Oh yes, the old days. Yeah, it was much better back then. I'm talking about before we bought Explorien. Why are you wearing that shirt anyway, young lady? It's quite strange behaviour. Yes, it is strange. The sort of thing that attracts attention, as I keep telling her. And I told you that I'm not going to wear anything with an Octan logo on it. I'd rather stick a catcus up my- What's that? Speak up! That's the trouble with young people these days, always muttering and wearing 'retro' clothes. If you ask me, it was much better in the old days. Anyway, here we are. Oh boy, that is a big gun. Yes, that will do nicely. What's that? Of course, we didn't need all this weaponry back in my day. People respected each other back then. I'm talking about before all that business with Blacktron- Wait, how old are- Don't interrupt me, young man. That's the trouble with you young people, you're always in such a hurry. Well, now that you mention it, we are in a bit of a hurry, so if you could just give us the access codes and be on your way... Yes, yes, hold on. You know, those youngsters back at base treat me like some old relic, but whenever the navigation systems go down it's always me who has to go on the long walks to the outposts. Those whippersnappers couldn't find their ways out of a paper bag. It is odd how often the navigation systems go down though... I seem to end up spending a lot of time walking out here on my own. Yeah, I wonder why... I guess technology just isn't as reliable as it was in my day. I'm talking about before we left the solar system. Oh, come on! There's no way you're- Listen old man, are you going to give us those codes or what? Alright, alright. Now there's a droid on the roof you'll have to work with... Oh, don't worry, she's great with robots. Now I just have to find which pocket I put the codes in... I'm not supposed to write them down, but my memory isn't what it used to be. Back in the old days I had the best memory around. I'm talking about before we- Oh, that does it! I'm starting to think I should have taken my chances with S.P.I.D.E.R... Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! Photography was a bit rushed, but oh well. There's a close up of the roof in the spoiler.
  3. Big Sal

    [M - G07] Fugitives Pt 2

    Location: G07 Hennigan II Tags: Land vehicle, spying Previously... Just admit it, you're lost. I'm not lost! I'm just not exactly sure where we are, or where the Octan outpost is. But the woods seem to end over there, so let's head that way. Ah hah! Told you! That's a guy in a mech, not an outpost. Yeah, but I'm the master of natural charm and quick wits. I bet I can smooth talk him into telling us where the outpost is. And then we can download those maps we need. Follow my lead... Greetings fellow employee! Ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh! Can't you see I'm catching butterflies?! Oh... yeah... obviously. Errr.... why? I'm after the rare black-bodied orange-wing! It only emerges from deep in the woods for a few days each autumn! That doesn't really answer my question... But anyway, we're just a couple of Octan workers who have lost our way - could you point us in the direction of the top-secret outpost? What am I, stupid? You're quite obviously M.A.N.T.I.S. spies! Every Octan employee on Hennigan II knows how important catching the rare black-bodied orange-wing is! Listen you- Uh, Long? There's something on your head... Oh wow! It's the rare body orange... black... thing! That you were talking about! Don't be an idiot. If a real rare black-bodied orange-wing was on your head, you'd know about it. Trust me. No, I think this really is one! Maybe it's like a baby or whatever! Ugh, fine, I'll have a look, just to shut you up. Now Long! Get him! What the- So much for smooth talk. Hey, it worked didn't it? And now we have an Octan disguise AND a mech. And sorry guy, but unless you want a real beating from Long here, you'd better tell us where the outpost is. sniff... fine, it's due north, about ten minutes in the mech. You M.A.N.T.I.S. folk really are mean and nasty. Yeah, yeah. Say, what's that noise? Butterflies! We need to run! Ooh no, I'm sooo scared of some butterflies! Er, Sal? I think he might be right... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! A rare black-bodied orange-wing! I'm starting to think I should have taken my chances with S.P.I.D.E.R... Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! Those with long memories may recognise this as an homage to shmails' awesome build from week 2, where he came up with the great design for the giant butterflies. More pics in the spoiler.
  4. Big Sal

    [M - G02] Fugitives Pt 1

    Location: G02 Freegate Tags: Land vehicle, spying Note to judges: The spaceship is from a previous build and shouldn't be judged Previously... Somewhere in M.A.N.T.I.S. deep space: ... a bounty on the both of them. 20 credits alive and 50 credits dead. The spy will insist that he is the real Big Sal. Don't believe him no matter how convincing he is. Remember shoot first and don't ask questions! Goodnight..... Only 50 credits?! That's just insulting. Nevertheless, we can't stay in M.A.N.T.I.S. space. Someone will catch us eventually. Yeah... I have some... contacts... in Octan. Maybe we should hide out in their territory until we figure something out. Ok, but I need to be able to contact my people in M.A.N.T.I.S., assuming they're still loyal. I know of a remote Octan radar station on Freegate. If we can hack it, we should be able to bounce our comms through it and stay in contact with MANTIS space wherever we are in Octan space. That would be a good idea... if the M.A.N.T.I.S. fleet weren't currently in orbit around Freegate. Relax Long! I told you, this ship is theoretically completely undetectable! We'll fly right past them! I can't believe that worked. I told you! Completely undetectable! If that's true, why didn't we land next to the radar instead of at the bottom of the mountain? Err... never hurts to be careful... So you decided it was safer for us to freeze to death riding the world's slowest lift to the top instead? Much safer! There's far less chance of anyone detecting us this way. I mean, it's not as if this dumb robot is going to tell anyone about us, right? ... ... ... I feel like that was unnecessary... Finally! That took forever. It's getting dark already. Well, how was I supposed to know it had legs?! I thought it would just be at the top of the lift! There, I've attached our comms device and hacked it into their systems. At last. I hope you know how to make the lift work without that robot... Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! More pics in the spoiler.
  5. StarHawk3

    [M-G02] Tracking a Mythril Theif

    Location:G02 Freegate Tags: Military, Spying, Land vehicle With reports of Octan Piracy against MANTIS mining operations Freegate, MANTIS leadership deploys an elite special operations force to track the thief and find his base of operations. - - - The MANTIS spec. ops. team deploys a beetle scout drone. - the drone attaches itself to the target vehicle and the begins to transmit its location. - Once deployed, it is unlikely to be discovered. More pictures of the Octan heavy armored transport under the spoilers
  6. Professor Thaum

    [O- G02] Ionospheric encounter

    PREVIOUSLY : Intro Radar : test 1 The Base 1 The Lab 1 Radar : test 2 Radar : the CBI Radar : test 3 LOCATION : Low Orbite of Freegate G02 Tags : Spaceship, Science, Spying, Octan Hadvice : Here we are professor, the exosphere of Freegate, we can start the orbital test for your new mithril radar. Pr Thaum : I will start the test right now, you only have to circle the planet Hadvice... Pr Thaum: ... the radar is in charge of the scanning. : Professor, my proximity sensors have locked something orbiting Freegate too, the scan reveal its awesomium covered, nearly the same speed and trajectory than ours, and it is very close. : We don't give a shit of this spot Hadvice, we have a radar to test ! : LOOK !! Professor look at that !!! Seems to be an Overshadowing Moth !! : an Overshadowing Moth !! You're a Bonehead Hadvice ! It is endemic of Mynderis, you must be wrong ! Hadvice : Look professor we're on it ! It's really an overshadowing Moth, with the wings filled with awesomium Pr Thaum : Incredible, you were right, What hell is it doing here !!! Quick, Hadvice, we have to catch up with it !! Hadvice : Full Throttle, it will be easy ! Hadvice: Hu ! but... but... Hadvice : It's an undercovered spaceship professor !!!! It's not an Overshadowing Moth !! Pr Thaum : What a pity !! Hadvice : However, it tries to escape, strange for a fighter who seems to be well armed. Pr Thaum : No, it's logical, it can't attack us, we're too close, if we explode, it will too, don't let him go Hadvice Hadvice : Gosh !! It's diving into Freegate Atmosphere, shall we Pr ? The ionosphere is very cloud cluttered... Pr Thaum : Yes Hadvice !! Yes, let's go ! Hadvice : I'm on it ! But a little bit too close i'm afraid... I'm just over it... Pr Thaum : upside down Hadvice !! upside down ! Hadvice: and now, professor ? Pr Thaum : diplomacy Hadvice, diplomacy... Hadvice : Greetings ! Pr Thaum : watch the birdie ! KLIK ! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM SKKKKKKKKKKZZZZT ! BRAAAAAOUUUUM ! Hadvice : Space-time continuum structural shaking professor, it has Gate Jump... *** later, back to Freegate low orbite *** Pr Thaum : That's a great shot ! Damn, I should have been photographer ! We can carry on with the test Hadvice ! Hadvice : Aye aye sir ! C&C welcome, bonus pics coming soon
  7. StarHawk3

    [M-B05] Scouting on Marphacia

    Location: B05 Marphacia Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying Hawk was given a pretty simple weekly mission. He was sent to investigate a Kawashita communications relay deep in the swamps of Marphacia. The base itself seemed overgrown and poorly maintained but it still appeared operational. - - Hawk sent out his beetle scout droid. Once it was in place on the satellite dish, it would send MANTIS intelligence communications coming though the relay. - More pictures under the spoiler tag. Thanks for looking. It doesn't really continue my story I have been working on. I had something more elaborate in mind but I was running short on time this weekend. As usual, C&C welcomed.
  8. Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: MANTIS, spying, military building Desert Diversion Double D's log 47: The Kawashitan commander told us of 'safe zones' where they could have temporary rest from being on the run from the Alien. We immediately hurried to one of these 'safe zone' where we were to discuss the situation.... Commander: "Hurry, get in!" Others: "MANTIS is here?! This could be our way out!" Commander: "Keep your voices down!" Dave Daring: "So what what exactly is this alien you've been talking about, and what does it do, and why are you all here?" Commander: "We don't really know. The Alien seems to be immune to blasters, yet has its own weapon, powers, I don't know, that wreaks havoc all over the place. Somehow the Alien has made a communications dome around this MANTIS facility that sends out signals of normal operation, when in reality it hasn't been operational for months. Actually, there hasn't been any activity on the planet other than normal operations for more than 5 months! According to the global records that is. Anyway, the communications dome also intercepts all outgoing messages (like the one you tried to send back up to the orbiting MANTIS Spaceship a while ago." Dave Daring: "How'd you know I sent something to MANTIS?!" Commander: "Easy, one of the Alien canisters started sending out vibrations, alerting the Alien to your general location. Thankfully, I was in the area and was able to bring you here before the Alien found you...." Dave Daring: "What does the Alien want, and why would it attack?" Commander: "That one is not so easy. Though it probably has to do with whatever the Alien is doing on the West Wing of this GU-Labs and Weapons plant. Probably making sure no one knows whatever it's up to..." Dave Daring: "The West Wing huh? Great....that's the weapons section." Commander: "You got the hologram to work! Is that for all MANTIS facilities? Having the West side the Weapons side?" Dave Daring: "Hey now, that's classified, and so is how to open these holograms." Commander: "Whatever. Anyway, we need to figure out how to get out of this communications dome to get backup." Dave Daring: "You still didn't answer my question of why you all are here." Commander: "That's classified....." Dave Daring: "Fine....why don't we just walk out?" Others: "The Alien has the perimeter armed so that anything that enters or exits the dome notifies the Alien of the enter/exit location. Dave Daring: "So why weren't we attacked then? Are you just messing with us?!" Others: "......." Commander: "Look, you were smart when you came in, you ran to different buildings expecting something to jump out at you. You didn't stay put, so you managed to escape his least, managed to escape his physical eyes." Dave Daring: "....." Commander: "Well, what about the Alien flags and canisters! If you still want proof, then.... Scout: "Sir, we're picking up a moving Alien signal about 3 warehouses away." Dave Daring: "I thought you said the canisters stop any signals?" Scout: "No, just inbound and outbound signals. They also have a relatively small radius that also detects movement. Signals that stay within the dome aren't caught by the Alien, else we would have been found already and safe zones such as this one. If only we could get word to the outside, or find a bay full of speeders! Dave Daring: "I think I might know of a way....The West Wing you talked about earlier. There is a large antenna there, probably strong enough to get through this dome." Scout: "There's no way! The Alien kind of lives at the West Wing! He'd need to be out of there for a long time for someone not to get caught." Dave Daring: "You've got two MANTIS operatives here now chief. All we need is a diversion. I'll head towards the Alien signal, and when you hear me running around here, then you know it's your time to head for the West Wing. My friend Chad here can get you there. DD out! Several minutes later....... ~ DD out To be continued! ---------------------------------------------------------------- More photos in the spoiler --------------------------------------------------------------- It was great to do a larger build again for AG and make a MOC that is viewable from all angles and include an interior. My favorite part of the build is the design on either side of the entrance with the 2x2 tan tiles and the 1x2 lime green tiles and being able to hide the inner workings of that in the interior. Thanks for looking!
  9. David FNJ

    [M - A06] An Unexpected Friend?

    Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: MANTIS, spying Double D's log 46: Before I could report about my findings and get a group of MANTIS operatives to explore the mysterious building on Illustria, I was sent to Guinevere of all places. I was to find out why MANTIS operations have been slow to the West of the volcanoes because Kawashita now has the competitive advantage of gold mining, and we aren't sure why MANTIS equipment isn't as effective as it should be. It's not like we're in conflict in Kawashita, even the CEO noted the planet's apparent peacefulness. So far the outposts we inspected were running at full capacity, and the employees had high morale, so we moved further West towards the GU-Labs and Weapons Center. From a distance it was immediately apparent is that there had been an attack of some sort on the facility! What's more, sand was beginning to dust the surfaces of....well, everything! That means it had been like this for quite a while now. There were flags of black, white, and azure blue, and canisters of matching color in various places, but MANTIS equipment seemed to be scattered around almost as if for survival. Then I noticed helmets used by Kawashitan forces. Before my rage could surface, I heard the distinct voice of the Kawashitan general whom I retrieved planned fleet paths from back on Crentium. "Be very quiet and cautious with your steps, or you will be found by the Alien." "Aliens?" "No, the Alien. This destruction you see, it is the Alien's doing. The azure canisters you see, it's the Alien. Now that you've entered the GU-Labs complex, you're trapped with us." "Us?!" To be continued! ------------------------------------------------- Woot! I finally have a story arc going!
  10. Big Sal

    [M - B05] Mission G3B05

    Location: B05 Marphacia Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying So what information are we trying to get out of them sir? We need to know if they detected the massive explosion we caused the other day. If the Kawashita seismology lab didn’t detect the explosion, we’ll know the GATE field expanded ahead of the explosion and stopped the information leaking out. If so, we have a functioning cloaking device, we'll just have to fine tune the stabilisers. Couldn’t we just ask them if they detected it? No! If we just ask them if they’ve detected any explosions recently, they’ll know we’re up to something. We have to persuade them to tell us, preferably without even realising we’re from M.A.N.T.I.S. That’s why we’re in this Kawashita boat! Exactly. And it has to be a row boat so it doesn’t upset their seismology instruments. No point annoying them before we even get there. And you have to be here to do the rowing… I see the lab sir! Good work Stevens, bring us in. Now, this is probably going to take a lot of natural charm and quick wits, and you don’t have a persuadomatic spy suit, so let me do all the talking. It could be very difficult to get the information out of them, so prepare to witness some incredible spying. Yes sir! Ok, here goes. I guess I’ll knock on the door. This is going to be very difficult, so you’re going to have a great story about my awesome spy skills to tell your friends. Oh my… can it be true? Are you real? I haven’t seen anyone since I was posted here back in Julali! I’ve been so bored – there’s not been a single seismic event the whole time I’ve been here! Well… that was easy. Uh, sorry guy, we must have the wrong lab. Best be off! No, no, come in and have a drink, I insist! Do you like tea? I love tea! Wonderful! Come on in! I’ll just put the kettle on! This is so exciting! Damn it Stevens! Oh, I’ve been so lonely here. I’ve only had my plants to talk to, and they never say anything back. Guess that makes sense though. There are lots of sentient, communicative plant species in Andromeda actually! That’s what I told them! But they’re still giving me the silent treatment! Oh boy… Right, well, thanks for the drinks, we’d best be going. What?? No! Please don't leave, I’ve been so alone! And besides, I’ve made some food for us to share. It would be a shame if you had to leave before you try it… you could have all sorts of ‘accidents’ if try to you leave on an empty stomach… *Gulp* OK, OK! We’ll stay for some food, sure, no need for any 'accidents'… Oh, how wonderful! I’ll just go get it! Damn it Stevens, why couldn’t you keep your mouth shut?? This guy’s a lunatic! Sorry sir! Hopefully he’ll let us leave if we eat his food. I hope it’s not anything weird, or we might have to make a run for it. Fresh sushi! Made with local ingredients! … … ... Quickly Stevens! Come back! --- Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! I have to confess that I straight up stole the roof design from Bushido - Way of the Warrior by Disco86, which is one of my all time favourite MOCs. Hopefully Disco86 won't mind, as a fellow M.A.N.T.I.S. player
  11. StarHawk3

    [M-H03] Working in the Mines

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Spying, Land vehicle Hawk had been reassigned by M.A.N.T.I.S to Kaalin to spy on and sabotage Octan awesomnium mining operations on the planet. Octan made sneaking into the mine easy. It seemed like most of their employees went to Donwarr and left the automated systems do all the work. - - - Hawk: With a well placed charge, this mining drill will fly. - pop!!! Hawk: Well that explosion was pathetic. At least it did the job. a few more pictures under the spoiler tag Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated.
  12. StarHawk3

    [M-B06] Outpost 135B06

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Spying, Military Building, Land vehicle Hawk had been sent to Sorn, away from the main MANTIS conflict with Octan, to evaluate Kawashita's presence there and to gather as much information on their activities in the area. He was sent to an unremarkable rocky island. - - The Island was designated outpost 135B06 and was left over from much earlier conflicts between the MANTIS and Kawashita corporations on Sorn. MANTIS had built many hidden bunkers around the surface of Sorn, and 135B06 would serve as a base of operations for Hawk in his missions to come. - Base AI: Welcome Agent Hawk. Hawk: Just call me Hawk computer. What is the status of this installation? Base AI: All systems operational. - Hawk: Good. Computer, arm the defensive weapons. I don't think we will come under attack from anyone from Kawashita, but it sure wouldn't be good if one of those Sharktipus's tried to find its way in. Base AI: Order received. Weapons are now online. - - Hawk: Computer, monitor any unencrypted messages on all Kawashita channels. Lets find something worth looking into. Base AI: Yes sir. This is a message I recorded earlier. I hope you find it useful. start transmission...... - They keep sending us ships to repair what is going on out there? Is MANTIS attacking our fleet? - No its something else, an unknown fleet at Crentium. They are giving our fleet a tough time. None of our other star ports have the resources to repair the new ship design so we have to send them here. end transmission...... Hawk: Thanks computer. That is worth looking into. Tell me where this star port is located. More pictures under the spoiler tag Thanks for looking. C&C appreciated.
  13. David FNJ

    [M - F04] A Lead. . .Finally

    Location: F04 Illustria Tags: MANTIS, spying Double D's Log 41: I've been following this one particular Octan Special Forces operator for a second week now, and I've finally got a lead. Octan moved it's fleet in what seems like a retreat back to sector H03. I was able to hear them very clearly due to MANTIS spying technology coupled with the very expensive equipment put into my helmet. In his conversation with some Octan guards, I overheard them talking about Octan's fleet and future strategy, but no specifics were given except that "everything that you need to know is in this file, now go, before Double D catches up to you." Was this a challenge? Well then, I accept!
  14. David FNJ

    [M - H03] Getting Closer

    Location: H03, Kaalin Tags: MANTIS, Spying Double D's Log 40: It's been a while since the last militant conflict with Octan operatives, but I have a feeling that is about to change.... I've followed one Octan Special Forces Agent undetected, or so I think. I have a feeling that I'm getting closer to Octan's main base on Kaalin, though I can't shake this feeling that I'm being led into something.... Octan and MANTIS fleets have occupied sector E01 for quite some time, and hopefully getting into Octan's base on Kaalin will help MANTIS intel find out how to better combat their fleet.
  15. FiddyB

    [K - G10] Low Tech Solution

    Location - G10 Onix Tags - Spying, Sabotage, Exploration, Building "I found another facility on Onix. That's some fancy looking communications relay, better use some precision tools to take it out" Fiddy
  16. StarHawk3

    [M-E01] Simple Spy Mission

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Military Building, Spying Hawk was given the task of sneaking into an Octan base on the surface of Donwarr on a routine spy mission. It would also let him test out the improvements to his Stalker Mk.2 spy armor. - The plan was to simply enter though a drainage culvert and hack a terminal inside the base. - Luckily for him his Badger quad was more then capable of pulling the security bars form the culvert. - Hawk: There don't seem to be many personnel in the area, this should be a pretty simple mission. - Hawk: Got what I came for. I will just be leaving now. Worker1: Ahhhh Worker2: What is it? Worker1: Do you see this floor tile? - Worker2: Yes Worker1: Do you know what this means? Worker2: Could it be the work of a MANTIS spy? I will notify the base guards! Worker1: No it's a safety violation and we could loose our jobs over it. Just call a maintenance droid and seal it up. Management doesn't need to know anything. Worker2: Ummmm....Ok. - Hawk: It looks like I will be stuck on this base for a while. A few more picture of the Badger quad - - Thanks for looking. I know the story is pretty stupid but like how the builds turned out. I am really happy with the shape and look of the quad. C&C is always welcomed.
  17. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Mission H3E01

    Location: E01, Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying Hawk to Sal. I've located our guy in an Octan truck headed north. Good work Hawk. Stay on them, but keep out of sight. Got it. Excellent. The fools will lead us straight to their base! Hey, Sal? Yeah? Couldn't we have just followed this clearly marked road to their base? ... ... ... .... --- Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! More pics in the spoiler.
  18. StarHawk3

    [M-H03] Speeder Drive By

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Military, Building, Spying, Land Vehicle After receiving his newest spy suit, Hawk meets with the base commander on Kaalin to address some of his concerns. - Commander: What do you mean you don't like the new suit. Corporate HQ says we need them colored this way so we aren't offensive to some alien groups we might come across in andromeda. We would never complained about our suits like this back on Ice Planet. Hawk: I just think it will stick out to much for a stealth mission is all. How am I suppose to sneak into a spitting devil nest without being seen in this? Commander: Fine, because you outrank me I will give you a new mission. Octan has been placing beacons all over Kaalin's surface. Our scientist aren't sure what they are for but their best guess is they are some sort of subterranean awesomniun detecters. We will give you a Fire Beetle speeder to take out as many of them as you can. You won't even need the stealth suit for this one. Hawk: Thanks - Hawk: Base, how many of them is that now. Base: That's the twenty fifth on sir. Hawk: How many more to go - Base: By our estimates, approximately forty three. - Hawk: In hind sight, I probably should have taken my chance with the spitting devil in a pink stealth suit. - Hawk: alright base, give me the coordinates of the next target. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated.
  19. David FNJ

    [M - H03] Helping the Ecosystem

    Location: H03, Kaalin Tags: MANTIS, Spying Double D's Log 39: For my next mission, I was sent to Kaalin to work on "environmental sustainability." Octan had been extracting the awesomnium-rich blueish gel from the ground in one area on Kaalin that effectively sucked the life from the poor tundra plants. Hopefully we destroyed the gel extractors in time before too much gel was absorbed by the machines. Unfortunately our Science department could find no good way to put the gel back into the soil without damaging the ecosystem further, so they instead advised us to try watering the plants. The gel was taken to MANTIS labs for awesomnium-extraction
  20. David FNJ

    [M - F03] FTP

    Location: F03, Forring Tags: MANTIS, Spying Double D's log 38: My mission was simple - get in, copy files onto a computer and get out... We're testing out new computer software that changes SFTP into FTP but make it still look like SFTP to Octan computers. We located a non-critical computer first to see if it properly installs on Octan devices. We'll know if it works by next week. ------------------------------ Yeah, I know, this is a super quick build. Hopefully I'll have some more time in the future for builds, but this weekend was quite busy (though in a good way!). Kudos to those familiar with SFTP and FTP
  21. Umbra-Manis

    [M-F03] Something Seems Strange

    Location: F03 - Forring Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying, Military Building Previously: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part IX On The Surface of Forring All right HT-1000, we need you to get to that High security Octan Facility and find out if the Captain is being held there. Get a move on. Yes Sir! This Speeder is cool. .... Approaching the Outer security ring. Incoming! Sir, the Octan security seems a little strange today. Pombe must've been there recently. Focus on the mission. I'm already past it sir. I've arrived at the vantage point for the gate. I see two Octan marines, but no sign of any recent transports. This looks like a negative. Copy That. Fall back before that perimeter guard finds you. Thanks for reading Part 10! Better image for the gate coming tomorrow. Edit: Better Gate Image
  22. Big Sal

    [M - F03] Mission A5F03

    Location: F03, Forring Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying If our intelligence is right, the aliens should be arriving to meet the Octan delegation any minute now. Yeah. Y’know, I have this horrible feeling I’ve forgotten something… This is so exciting! A new intelligent alien species! Yeah! Alright nerds, don’t get too excited. You’re here to learn quietly – when the aliens get here, let me do the talking. You scientists aren’t properly trained in PR. But how are we supposed to study the aliens without talking to them? I don’t care. Octan needs new allies – I don’t want you offending them by asking how many kidneys they have, or whatever. AHHHH! What the-? Where did that come from?! <Do not be alarmed, humans.> That voice… it’s in my head! <Yes. We speak directly by thought.> Uh, Sal, do you think it can read our minds? Probably not… still, better keep your mind blank. That should be easy for you. Hey! Heh heh heh. Greetings from Octan Corporation! We hope to begin a profitable relationship with your race. May we ask what you call yourself? <Our name is a concept that your minds cannot understand. From your limited perspective, ‘the Five’ would be an appropriate approximation.> Hahaha, it thinks Octan are too stupid to understand numbers! ‘The Five’. My apologies, but is that the name of your race, or the name of you the individual? <It is… challenging… to explain in a way you can understand. Let us tell you the story of our race.> Ugh, I can tell this is going to take a while. <This planet was not always the toxic wasteland that you see around you.> Wait, what? <In ancient times it was a simpler place. Five species lived here peacefully. Over the millennia we grew advanced. But then a cataclysmic event occurred and the atmosphere changed. Dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of new species arose. The ground itself was colonised by these messy, primitive lifeforms that you see around you.> The… plants? <Despite our advanced minds we were unable to compete with the wildly proliferating life. Everything changed too quickly. We had evolved slowly. We were not able to adapt. As our cities crumbled, the last remnants of our races built this vehicle to house the survivors.> So… you are the survivors of all five species? In this one… machine? <As far as it is possible for you to understand, yes.> Uh… right. So anyway, Octan Corporation would be happy to trade or- <We have no interest in trade. We seek to warn you. There is one among the leaders of your Clan of Eight whose mind is more powerful than any other. More powerful even than ours.> I knew it! What? Don’t you see? They’re talking about me! Uh… but they said the Clan of Eight. Yes, clearly they mean the Council of Five, plus the current and past CEOs of M.A.N.T.I.S. I kinda figured they meant Octan… <Already this mind is starting to warp the very fabric of space and time. It must be stopped before irreparable damage is done.> Yeah, I really don’t think this is about you Sal… Nonsense! I always suspected I was special! <Humans! We told you to send three!> We did! There are three of us here. <No. We sense others. From the Clan of Six.> The Clan of Six? <Yes. The ones who take the image of the six-legged creatures.> Uh oh. MANTIS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Thanks for reading! Sorry it was a bit text heavy - there were supposed to be a few more photos but they didn't come out right and I didn't have time to retake them. C&C welcome
  23. Location - G10 Onix Tags - Spying, Military Building, Spaceship "OK this time let's not get our hands dirty" "Open the blast doors" "Right, I see Onix, let's watch for activity" "I saw one ship leaving the system, couldn't get a read on it though. Will report to the CEO when further intel is available" Fiddy This is my second build, let me know if the tags are ok, not entirely sure what im doing.
  24. Big Sal

    [M - F03] Mission P4F03

    Location: F03 Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying Ok, but... just explain it to me one more time... Unbelievable! This plan is like spying 101, I don't understand how you're not getting it. I've hacked Octan's computers to trick them into thinking they’ve detected a prisoner transport. They’re going to come after you thinking they’re rescuing one of their guys. Right… Redsyn here is one of our best drivers – he’ll lead them on a merry chase but will eventually let you be ‘rescued’. By using the tracking device we implanted in you we’ll find out where their base is when they take you back there. Simple! Uh… ok, I think I understand now. But why not use an actual Octan prisoner? I have… other uses… for the real prisoners. Unless you’d like to trade places with them? No sir! I thought not… But won’t they realise I’m not actually from Octan? No, they’ll never suspect it. I thought you said this was obvious, like spying 101… Don’t worry, our forces will show up well before Octan has time to find you out. This plan is foolproof! Wait… To be continued! Didn't have time to do the whole story this week. The vehicles are based on my first castle sets, 6042 Dungeon Hunters and 6018 Battle Dragon. More pics in the spoiler. Thanks for reading, C&C welcome!
  25. StarHawk3

    [M-F03] Dragon Base

    Location- F03 Forring Tags- Airplane, Land Vehicle, Military Building, Spying With Hawks recent promotion to third branch executive, he was given the assignment by CEO SpacerSteve to inspect the military testing site code named Dragon Base. - MANTIS Guard: Welome to Dragon Base. We have been expecting you. I have already notified the commander that you have arrived. He will be with you shortly. Hawk: Thank you. - Commander: Welcome third branch executive Hawk. Hawk: You must be Tim. SpacerSteve told me a little about your work. I'm eager to see more. Tim: If you want to follow me, I can give you a tour of the base and show you the advancements we have made. I'm sure the CEO will be pleased to hear about the progress we have made. - short time later..... Tim: With reverse engineering Kawashita war drones, our drone technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. And our tour will conclude with the best part. Would you like to take our most advanced weapon for a test flight? Hawk: I don't see anything here. Is the ship cloaked? Tim: It's a drone, not a ship. To fly it you will need these three items, the Wand of Controlling, the Tablet of Commands, and the Helmet of Destiny. Hawk: These all look extremely dorky. - Tim: Now you need to sit over there in the controllers chair. I will open the blast doors and monitor your vital signs to make sure the drones AI doesn't take over your mind. Are you ready. Hawk: Sure. Wait, what! Tim: Oh, well remember when I was telling you about Kawashita war drones? Well MANTIS AI technology isn't as advanced as Kawashita's so we had to use a captured drone's AI core. That's why we need a human mind to control it. There is a slight chance the AI could fight back but as long as you have the Helmet of Destiny on you should be fine. It's perfectly safe. Hawk: Lets get this over with then. Tim: Thats the spirit. I will open the blast doors. - Hawk: Whoa this is cool! Tim: See I told you the risk would be worth it. - Hawk: It's so fast! I can see everything it can see! I feel like I am flying! Tim: If you would like, There are a few nearby Octan communication arrays that we have been meaning to destroy. You can test out the weapons on one of them. - Hawk: Buuuurrnn!!!!!! Tim: Alrighty then, It looks like the AI might be starting to take over a little bit. You should probably bring the drone back to base now. More pictures under the spoiler tag. Thanks for looking. This build was based off of the set 6076 Dark Dragons Den. It was my favorite castle set when I was young even though it was almost entirely made out of BURP's. Comments and criticisms are always welcomed.