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  1. Servertijd

    [MOC] Found the Oasis

    Thanks! Well yes, but my time was limited hehehe, maybe in the next months I will be building a bigger version of it.
  2. Servertijd

    [MOC] Found the Oasis

    Hi all, This is for the summer joust 2019 I kinda rushed it because well, life is busy hehe Found the Oasis by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr Found the Oasis close-up by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr thanks :)
  3. Servertijd

    Mesozoic Tax Collector

    Execellent tower! Those windows are great too! And I like the mix of western and eastern you put into it.
  4. Servertijd

    [MOC] Old Ruins of Oxenfurt

    Thanks all for the nice comments and compliments! @de Gothia yes this is my first one :)
  5. Servertijd

    Map of Historica: Challenge III Prize

    Thats a great micro, and a great price to get.
  6. Servertijd

    Aithaz Hold

    Thats a big stronghold! And I love how detailed this is for its size!
  7. The colors are great!
  8. Hi all! I'm back after a few weeks off ..Well kinda..My wife and I have a freshy new born young little girl, so life has been busy these past few weeks! This build is also for the Summer Joust 2019 It's based on abandoned parts of the farms and city of Oxenfurt when it got terrorised by a decease. Old ruins of Oxenfurt main by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr Old ruins of oxenfurt Right by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr Detail 2 by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr hope you folks like it!
  9. Servertijd

    [MOC] Persian Drylands

    Hah! That suits perfectly lol! Thanks all :)
  10. Servertijd

    [MOC] Roman Ambush

    Hehe I guess they are, thanks :)
  11. Servertijd

    [MOC] Persian Drylands

    Hi all, This will be my last MOC for a while Persian Drylands by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr and one alternative, Persian Drylands alternative by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr Thanks!
  12. Servertijd

    [MOC] Roman Ambush

    Thanks both :)
  13. Servertijd

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    Well, I won't vote ofcourse, because of my sigfig, not that it really matters.