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  1. This is made for the second round of MELO. Boromir's final stand by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr
  2. Servertijd

    [MOC] Tower of Orthanc (Lord of the Rings)

    I just noticed I posted in the wrong subforum, could a mod move it to the history forum?
  3. Hi all, this is an entry for the first round of MELO Tower of Orthanc by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr
  4. Servertijd

    A Mitgardian Adventure

    This is stunning and so detailed on such a large surface!
  5. So this is orginally made for the Summer Joust 2022, But why not dubble dip and make it a freebuild aswell? I take you to the Arkbri river, in Barqa. (with permission of gideon ofcourse) Lake Mareotis, Alexandria by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr hope you like it.
  6. Servertijd

    [Freebuild] Oxenfurt, the village

    Hah, just a quick flex :P Thanks! Thanks! It's all Forced perspective :). Thanks guys! Thanks Louis! Appreciate it. Thanks Aurore!
  7. Servertijd

    Life in Allanar Forest

    Always great to see a Snyder build, The trees are beautiful and so are the colors. I love the lime green and dark brown combo, The well, and especially the roof is very well done.
  8. Servertijd

    [Freebuild] The Rise of Slågö Farm

    you are improving alot. It amazes me that all the colors blend so well, I have to agree on one point with @Exetrius, the blue roof is the one color that looks out of place here. But keep it on. It looks great nonetheless.
  9. Servertijd

    [Freebuild] Kallstark Stronghold

    Oh man, this is def my personal fav from you, and probably your biggest one too. I was blown away by the outside, I didn't even think of a interior, which makes it even more impressive!
  10. I love the bookshelf and the chess board! Also the way of building the two sides is really well done!
  11. Servertijd

    [Freebuild] Arkax' Carnival Costumes

    I really like the bright colors in this one, also the details in such a small moc are on point!
  12. Servertijd

    Folviken Fortress

    This is wonderful! it has everything a good castle needs. detailling, height. It's a great one!
  13. Just a quick double dip before I leave for a few days! Collab part 1 : The Poor by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr Orginally made for Brickscalibur, but why not make a freebuild for GOH too?
  14. Congratz to all the winners! Awesome entries.
  15. Servertijd

    VOTING topic Ancient Wonders

    This is a though call, so many good entries. 5. KaiNRG 13. Henjin_Quilones 15. W navarre This was so close as I find 8 and 14 really great too.