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Found 9 results

  1. Throughout Barqa the wealthy merchants and craftsmen of the city like to have a small walled garden on their property. The climate here where the Arkbri river meets the sea is favorable for the cultivation of many kinds of flowers, and many merchants take pride in their collection of exotic plants. Walled garden of Barqa Barqa is known for its black cats, and those who like the cats (or dislike rats?) make sure to have small doors for the cats to pass unhindered. Barqan cat door Additional images: My entry for Guilds of Historica Book III Challenge IV, Category B.
  2. In Kaliphlin, glass making is a significant industry and throughout Historica Barqan glass is a synonym for glass of the highest quality. The making of raw glass is concentrated to some larger furnaces, several of which exists in Barqa fueled by the intense flames of Black Oil and where tons of raw glass is produced. In small workshops such as this one, at lower temperatures the raw glass is then together with recycled glass used to produce the finished glass products. The ingredients of the Barqan glass are: Former - The major component of glass is silica. The best sand in Historica for this is sand from the Kaliphlin deserts, where the softer components of the sand has been ground down and blown away by the relentless winds over the wasteland only leaving the hard quartz. Flux - To lower the melting point of the silica to form glass, soda is added. The source of this is natron from the shores of the Lick of Salt river and the Salt Lake it feeds. Stabiliser - Glasses formed of silica and soda are naturally soluble, and require the addition of a stabiliser such as lime. While glass makers using beach sand get this for free through the calcareous particles in the beach sand (fragments of shells) mixed in the sand, in the best Barqan glass made from mature desert sand lime made from limestone needs to be added separately. Different crop for closeup. Built for the Kaliphlin at Work collab. Photography notes: Lit by 4 x LifeLites inside the furnace and one in the lantern, plus a LED panel behind the wall.
  3. CHALLENGE I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa The Order of Aslan has a strong presence in Barqa, with both it’s clerical and military wings having numerous members in the city. The Aslanic faith is therefore one of the most widespread among the inhabitants of Barqa. Particularly in the growing community of migrants from Nocturnus, the faith in the Lion God seems to be spreading quickly. Towering over the New Aden district, located within the outer wall of Barqa, the bell tower of the Aslanic Temple is one of the most recognizeable landmarks of the Barqa skyline and the tones of its bells are a familiar sound calling to prayer daily and sometimes to alert of fire or foes. Aslanic temple in Barqa, next to a busy street in the New Aden district Altar with the idol of Aslan In the parched deserts of Kaliphlin and the fetid swamps of Nocturnus clean and fresh water is a well-known symbol of life, both literally and in a spiritual meaning. Barqa is fed by several aqueducts providing the city with fresh mountain water from the Zumrut Bluffs. The Aslanic Order has made sure to connect the temple the water supply and have built a fountain where the depiction of Aslan is literally providing the inhabitants of Barqa with abundant life flowing from the mouth of the Lion God. Especially the majority of the city’s inhabitants who cannot afford to live in a house connected by its own pipes greatly appreciate this service, regardless of if they chose to put any religious interpretation in the water or not. Contrary to widespread prejudice against “filthy orcs”, most are actually quite cleanly if given the chance. One might wonder if this is one of the explanations for the revival in the orcish population of the city. An orcish child and his mother are fetching water from the temple’s fountain. Bishop Sheyer, the highest spiritual leader of the Order in Barqa is briefing Lord Gideon about the progress of the repair works Aslanic priest explaining to some of the cityfolk how the quite theoretical sermon preached by the bishop should be interpreted A knight and a sergeant of the military wing of the Order Lord Kfir, leader of the military wing of the Aslanic Order in Barqa During the numerous recent conflicts in recent years the Order has not prioritized to maintain the temple. During the time when much of the Barqan City Guard along with almost all of the Order’s forces were in the field against Raavage, the temple has even been subject to theft of the copper roof which now has to be repaired. One by one the domes are now being repaired and one by one the walls are getting new plaster. Workers are repairing the roofs and walls of the temple Metalworker starting to repair the last of the damaged domes Plasterer repairing the temple walls The streets of the newer parts of Barqa are in most places depressed a bit to be able to collect the everyday filth and handle torrents of water from the infrequent but heavy rains, before being passed on to the extensive sewer system of the city ultimately washing everything out into the Arkbri river and the sea. To avoid having pedestrians setting foot in the streets they are equipped at regular intervals with stepping stones, with standardized spacing so that carriage wheels can pass unhindered. Oxcart. Is the driver getting drunk on his own supply? A veteran from some war long ago, somewhere in Historica, now calls Barqa his home. The city also teems with other smaller creatures. Barqa is particularly well known for its numerous black cats, well liked by most people in the city since the cats are at least to some extent limiting the rodent problem. Black cats of Barqa The arborists of the city have been busy aiding the siege workshops for a few years... The Temple Square is centrally located in the district and is always a busy place More inhabitants of the city: More pictures: The ambition with this build was to continue building in the style of my old Streets of Barqa build, while still carefully updating the style with some of the new pieces which has been added to my collection. I also adapted the base to a Moduverse compatible standard to facilitate possible future collabs with my local LUG friends who are joining Kaliphlin too. The road is made up of two 16x32 modules which could serve as a standard for future Barqan road networks on some exhibition in Scandinavia. I also wanted to give proper homage to @Mike S's original lore about Barqa and the Order of Aslan, from what I could find on the GoH wiki and in some old threads. If there are any contradictions in what I’ve written I would of course be more than happy to update it! Many thanks to @adde51, @Wineyard, @Zilmrud, @Peter S and @dalle for all the great feedback during the build process! It's been one of the most fun builds ever thanks to the collaborative process we've had
  4. Kaliphlin is known for its abundance of oil, and in Barqa the alchemists and craftsmen joined forces long ago to make this into the fearsome weapon known as "Barqan Fire". It is most commonly used on board warships, but smaller horse-drawn war machines have also started to be made for use in land combat. Unfortunately they are not very reliable yet and are not without reason feared almost as much among the Kaliphlinites themselves as by their foes. In this siege workshop in Barqa, a completed fire wagon is ready for transport to support the war against the Spire. The soldier doing the final adjustments to the pumping mechanism has however unknowingly built up way too much pressure in the cylinder... Siege workshop in Barqa Accidental release of the Barqan Fire... Accidental release of the Barqan Fire... Closeup of a Barqan Fire Wagon Closeup of the fire pumping mechanisms ready to be mounted on new wagons Siege workshop in Barqa Fire! (Photographed with only the blacklight) It was a challenge to get the lighting good for this build, getting enough blacklight to give a good fluorescent glow but not too much so that the rest of the build turned all blue... Here is the photo setup, where the speedlight was fired at maximum power and mix of light was regulated by how long the exposure time was after the flash. Typically I used 10-30 s.
  5. Adair

    All Of Me

    A free-build for the Guilds of Historica, a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg, and a crossover with Gideon. Please check here: http://www.eurobrick...66#entry2407520 and the builds before it for backstory. Long live Kaliphlin and the High Council! “It is a pleasure to have you here, Adira Magdeburg, or do you wish me to call you Navabi?” I shivered, suddenly feeling the cold of the Barqaian Administrative Building's inner rooms. Another reason you shouldn't do this, you can't stand cold temperatures. I pushed aside the thought, annoyed. The speaker, Lord Gideon of Barqa, evenly kept pace with my nervous steps, smiled courteously, if briefly. I nodded then returned to staring at the floor ahead of me. “Magdeburg will do, thank you.” Gideon continued, his voice cordial. “I understand your people are for the most part staying in the Nestlands? How are they disposed toward you, favorably or no?” You cannot be about to do this, Adira. You should have sent a letter, or just done it unannounced. My mind spun and focused on putting one foot in front of the other. It's too late now, you've already come here. You had better go through with it. I gestured vaguely. “Some are not in the best of spirits, but overall I think their doing well enough.” Not only a deserter but a liar as well. Quickly I changed the subject. “How goes the resistance? Are our allies in Berigora and Eastgate still holding out?” A hint of the half-elf's hidden frustration emerged in his voice. “They remain, though the majority of those not under the influence of GEAR CO. are slothful, benefiting from the Desert's King's bribes. Interestingly enough, it is in the Desert King's own land that the resistance is most zealous, if smaller. Apparently our adversary is veiling himself less and less in his own land and giving in to his true nature.” Adira nodded absently, thinking desperately of how best to approach the subject. “Are many fleeing his lands?” “Actually, yes. The mummy's wars cost many of the peasants their livelihoods in taxes and there are a good many crossing the border into the center lands and Avalonia despite the Desert King's wishes, though the Algus in Mitgardia and the civil war in Nocturnus are keeping those places free of immigration. I tell you, if this continues much longer Avalonia will become increasingly overpopulated and have to start deporting those wishing to come.” Here goes. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. “That's unfortunate, because some of my people are planning to immigrate there.” I looked up at the elf to gauge his reaction. He raised an eyebrow. “And will you allow them to?” I laughed nervously. “Well that's just it, I'm leading them. I couldn't exactly stop them anyway.” I added quickly. Lord Gideon stopped in his tracks and I turned, fearing the worse. I hope I haven't cut too many ties. I watched his exp ressionless face anxiously. The Lord of Barqa gazed ahead of him pensively. Finally he turned to me, his voice measured. “So you won't be helping the resistance anymore?” His voice didn't sound hostile, but he could be hiding it. “Not as much as before, but I will be trying to help as much as possible, harboring refugees and so on...” I trailed into silence, trying to think of any other ways I could still help. None came to mind. “I'm just trying to do what's best for my people.” Gideon nodded slowly, stroking his chin. “Are your people discontented with their hosts in the Nestlands?” “Not exactly...” I paused, searching my mind for a non-detrimental explanation. “Their independent, you see. They've lived up in their valley all their lives, supporting themselves, and now to be thrust into the hands of strangers is more then many of them can bear.” I omitted the fact that many of them blamed me for it. “I think they just want to be masters of their own livelihoods again, living off of their own labor.” Gideon nodded again, slowly. “And they believe Avalonia will give them this chance?” “More then any of the other Guilds.” There was an elongated pause and I waited with baited breath for his response. Finally a look of resolution came into his eye and he smiled grimly. “What do you need?” Relief flooded my mind and I let out my breath slowly. “A small guard, and provisions. The Nestland administrative council have enough people on their hands as it is, I do not wish to burden them any more.” “You realize that we are also in the same predicament, Lady Magdeburg. But,” he held up a finger to stop my interjection, “I will allow you a score of cavalry until you reach the Kaliphlin border and a weeks provisions. I can not give you more, but I think that should suffice.” He smiled ruefully. “Perhaps we can get reimbursement from some of the richer cities less supportive of the cause.” “It's worth a shot.” I said, hardly listening. I have gained the help of Barqa, but what will the rest of the resistance think? I smiled inwardly. To the Abyss with what they think! I am doing what is best for my people. That is all the reason I need. To be continued... Sorry, no build Pic. Yep, this is an ABS reuse build. I think it works pretty well (and I built it with this in mind), so I think you'll forgive me. The floor pattern I'll have to credit to Full Plate, at least that's where I first saw it. I have used it before but not on this scale. Also, and this is to everyone but to Gideon in particular; please tell me if I got anything wrong in my portrayal of current events or your character, Gideon, and I can fix it. :) Thanks! Disclaimer: Yes, I am changing factions. Let me explain. First off, when I started noticing that practically every build I posted didn't have anything to do with a desert I started to wonder if my building style and collection fit (this was about half a year ago). When the Desert King won I almost decided to stay just for the fun of showing the resistance, but in the end I came up with an even better way for my story to play out that led me to Avalonia. I hope you understand, and while I will miss the Kaliphlin community (I'll be back to help the resistance whenever needed!) I still think this is for the best. Sorry if I am treating this at all flippantly, but I'm happy right now. I just got Galactic Civilizations III. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  6. BrickCurve

    Merchants Street, Barqa

    Merchants Street, Barqa was a bustling street full of traders, merchants and hawkers. Now, after the civil war the street is comparatively lifeless, with few customers. Many stores are slowly declining and some of the very smallest have closed for the immediate future, their proprietors and staff picking up what work they can elsewhere. The few exceptions to this are the purveyors of food, clothing and weapons. The arms trade however is now beginning to go into a decline now the civil war is ended, most of there trade is now with rich travellers from other guilds. This portion of the street contains the Merchants Hall, an Arms and Armour retailer and a purveyor of clothing. Thanks to Gideon for allowing me to build in his city.
  7. BrickCurve

    Barqa Merchants Hall

    The Barqa merchants hall is a hub for the rich (and not particularly famous) merchants and traders of Kaliphlin, who still remain prosperous after the disastrous civil war. Also an entry into the CCC XIII.
  8. HSS: Streets of Barqa Barqa is the trading hub of south-western Kaliphlin. The city is located where the mighty Arkbri river meets the sea. The Arkbri river stretches all the way from the mountains of Mitgardia and is a major shipping route through central Historica. Barqa is a melting pot of people and cultures from all points of the compass, and dozens of different languages can be heard in the streets. The proud City Guard of Barqa is in peacetime mostly a constabulary force, which is not to say that they are lacking work… Some guards are of course also manning the walls, but this one don’t seem to be paying attention to what is outside the wall? Aha, he is admiring one of the many lovely...gardens of Barqa! Today, de Gothia is visiting his son Elijah who is studying in Barqa. He also meets with Lord Gideon, who is eager to hear about the achievements of the Kaliphlin artisans he has sent north to help de Gothia building the town of Sionnach. Elijah has already grown tired of the lengthy discussion of the grownups and is instead investigating a statue of some hero of old. Bishop Sheyer of the Aslanic Order is also passing by, always travelling with an armed escort. Many of Barqa’s inhabitants, some would say the majority, cannot afford living quarters with their own kitchen. For them, simple establishments as this one are the place to go to get a bowl of soup or something to drink on the go. HSS Hospitality: Fast food Barqa is well known for the excellent quality of the glasswares produced here. Like many other craftsmen and merchants of the city, this glass blower has a small shop along one of the covered sidewalks. These roofs provide protection from the sun during most of the year, and protection from the torrential rain in that season. HSS Craftsmen, General Goods: Glass Blower While black oil is the usual source of lighting in Kaliphlin, candles are considered a luxury which many people want to use to impress their visitors with. Especially the many temples and shrines of the various religions represented in Barqa are demanding candles in great numbers. HSS Merchant, Specialty: Candle Maker With Barqa being such a busy trade hub with traders coming from all over Historica and beyond, the cartographers of Barqa are among the finest in Historica. Today, this cartographer has stepped down from his studio upstairs and is providing maps to the city’s inhabitants and visitors. HSS Services: Cartographer The movements of the celestial bodies are closely observed by the scholars of Barqa. This particular astronomer is excellent at determining the exact time of day, and has built a clock tower to share this information with the city. Indeed, this clock is de facto the standard for time in Barqa. HSS Scholars: Observatory/Astronomer In many places in the city, music can be heard from the city's numerous musicians. HSS Entertainers: Street Musicans The frequent traffic with horses and oxen means that streets can get very dirty, despite the efforts of the cleaning workers. During the short but intense rain season, the streets can also be turned into something which looks more like canals when the drainage system is pushed to its limits. Therefore, most streets have stepping stones where pedestrians can cross without getting too dirty or wet. Many children like to play on the city walls, sometimes even daring to go up into the towers. The guards are of course not happy with this practice... The roofs are important parts of the homes where people spend a lot of their time. Here, a mother is feeding her daughter with a slice of a giant apple, fresh from the orchards of southern Avalonia. When the searing sun is getting low in the sky the city really comes to life. The streets, homes and shops are lit by numerous oil lanterns. There are a sizeable population of humanoids with Nocturnian origin in Barqa, many of them exiles from the internal Nocturnian power struggles. Soraya the assassin is hiding in the shadows, could it be one of these she is after? Some more pictures of the build: UoP credits claimed: Marketplace [Trade and Law] Arresting Criminals [Trade and Law] Music [Culture] As this is a massive build, as you see I tried to include quite a few HSS categories. If any of these is not good enough here, I do can skip that claim and re-visit the category some other time. I will display this build at the Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek, Denmark, this coming weekend. I hope I will see some of you there!
  9. Garidas was born in one of the poorest districts of Barqa. While he has his fair share of thievery in his background, his dream has always been to one day join the ranks of the Barqan city guard. This force acts both as the constabulary of Barqa and as a standing army fiercely loyal to its city council. As many other Kaliphlin soldiers, they are recognized by the characteristic spiked helmets. Their uniform is also similar to that of many other official forces in Kaliphlin. The plume is awarded after a guard's first full period of duty, and the blue arms of the senior guardsmen mark them as first-class soldiers which the new recruits and junior guards still have a lot to prove before they earn. While not always the weapon they carry in everyday duty, the gladius is the traditional weapon of the Barqan soldiers and the symbol of their duty. A guardsman will keep his gladius in a spotless condition, and it is a great shame to lose this weapon. This day, Garidas’ dream has come true. Along with a few other young men, he is receiving his gladius and helmet from the commanding officer of the North-Western Sector Guards at this force’s barracks in the heart of the sector. Little do these proud young men know what their duty will have them facing in the Kaliphlin civil war looming on the horizon... If in this very moment Garidas would have had his fortune read, the deck would have shown the following cards: The Cat: For growing up in the back alleys of the city and learning to catch rats at an early age to help feed the family The Emperor (or perhaps Kaligem): Signifying his service to the city and the realm The Sandstorm (or perhaps even Death): For the horrors in store in the Kaliphlin civil war... Some spectators have been allowed into the barracks, and are watching the ceremony from the roof of the armory. I also claim UPDH credits for the following subjects: Military Science: Military camp (barracks in this case) Anthropology: Life in Kaliphlin Architecture: Advanced windows and window frames (for the half-stud offset window frames with curved top and SNOT details and for the flower boxes below the upper level windows) Architecture: Roofing (flat Kaliphlin style tiled roof)