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  1. Zilmrud

    [Freebuild] Valendiell

    Thanks alot! Thanks alot!
  2. Zilmrud

    [Freebuild] Valendiell

    Thanks! It's a great way to display a MOC. Looks great in the home or the office 😃👍 Thanks. It was easier with this wider base than my previous ones.
  3. Zilmrud

    [Freebuild] Valendiell

    Valendiell On the river in Zamorah is the small village of Valendiell. The village has been built under one of the ancient trees from days gone by. The tree provides nourishment and shade to the village and the elven castle Valediell. And the water from the spring under the tree has healing properties. Valendiell is a very old castle that was built as an outpost up on the border of Mitgardia. Here today there are elves and druids who devote themselves to healing and medicine. citizens from all over Historica usually travel here to heal and rest. A old grumpy man in the village is an inventor. He has built a airship that he uses to fly tours around the great big tree. I built this in a glass dome from IKEA called Skönja. Unfortunately, the low dome creates a lot of reflections and is not as good as Härliga or Begåvning
  4. Nice use of welding piece. And I really like the mosaic floor
  5. Thanks. It's a bit of extra job but it's woth it. You don't have to know the story and characters to follow the dialog
  6. Thanks Yes. It's @adde51 's build. Really nice part.
  7. Thanks The thing is that they are all tight inside a trans-clear panel. And behind that is another trans-clear panel. So they will not fall out even if I shake it Thanks
  8. Thanks. It's quite large. I had those aquaman pieces ready for a rug or such for a long time. It worked out well with the avalonian stripes. The bedroom is separate. But I kept the floor design to tie them togehter as they are from the same building.
  9. Thanks. I like lime when it's fresh vegetation. Like new vegetation after a flood/rain. Perfekt for desert. But also the first spring vegetation. The ruins is two buildings from an old MOC in the story. I've trashed them a bit for this MOC It's hard to get the correct level of photos. Fighting scenes would look better in stop-motion
  10. Thanks alot! I hope I can keep it interesting. I'm really glad that you took the time to read it all! I think I'm about 1/10 of the story so far. I have many ideas for builds Thanks. It was really hard to keep calm when I built the ground. I hade wedge plates on the high parts. In the border between Tan and dark tan the pieces wanted to pop up. I'm glad you liked it
  11. Thanks. Feel free to go back in the story to the begining. Every part has a link to previous part in the begining and a link to next part in the end. You will se some red treads trough the story that will link it togehter. I like to build the lush parts if the deserts 😀👍
  12. Thanks! It was hard to get a good detailed picture but also have a dark room. The window is inspired by Katie Walker's designs. Thanks Thanks! As always it's not always as it seems in the royal intrigues. Maybe some things will come up tonthe surface later in the story Thanks. I got some inspiration from circus robots pictures. In the Throne room I had smoke in the room and a big screen behind the MOC. The bedroom was only a laptop screen behind. It was quite ezpensive to get the helmets. I bought five figs so I can have a few at once in a MOC. The helmet works well as a fantasy/castle helmet. Thanks! I'm pleased about the pillars myselfe. Most of the Throne room is made possible with the PaB walls in Lego Stores. I have two within 40km from home.
  13. The journey of Parzival Chapter II, part III The Goat-farmer Previous Chapter - Chapter II, Part II - The Dream hapter They walked on north in the desert to get to the Akbri River. The walked away from trails and such so they could keep hidden. Crow had noticed spies on the trails in the area. Some of them with the "eye of maruu" sign. So they had to lay low and avoid people. Z walked closer to Pointy to have a talk. -" I'm glad we all made it out from that alive" Z said -" Me too! Was it all luck? Because it felt like all of us had some kind of combat training or such. It feels so strange with this fuzzy feeling in my head. It's like the head is full of cotton. I can sometimes get pictures in my head that are reminiscent of memory pictures. But they are so fragmentary that it's hard to tell if it's fantasy or not. -" I really know the feeling. But the strange thing was that I had a fairly convincing dream right before the attack. It was like a memory from my youth. I was hunting with some others, and they called me lord. And just as I was going to shoot my bow there was a bright and colourful bird right in front of me. It warned me about the attack. And when I woke up Crow was talking to me. So strange.`` "- So was Crow interrupting the dream?" "- Well… it kind of felt like that" Z said as he shrugged. The surroundings were a lush forest, and it felt like home. Maybe Tabib was right. My home is to the north in Avalonia. It feels right somehow. "- When you say it like that, I feel the same. This warm and bare landscape does not feel like home at all. I feel kind of naked under the sun. A forest with big trees feels more at home. (A MOC done by Andreas Lenander (Adde51) with my figs) A bit from the main road was a small white house with green domes on top. A few goats were grazing around the house of the meager vegetation. -" We should stop here and ask for directions." Hooves said. -" That's a great idea. But everyone must be alert as we do not know if the residents of the house are friendly." Pointy said. Hammer walked to the house and knocked at the wall beside the entrance. A man with black clothes and a brusque appearance came out of the house with a pitchfork in his hands. He seemed ready for anything. -" What do you want?" He asked. -" I'm sorry if we disturb you in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest. We want nothing more than a little advice on which path to take. We are on our way to the Akbri river. But we do not know the best path there." Z said as gently as he could -" I'm sorry about my rough approach. But there have been so many strange people and creatures around lately. You don't know what you'll find at your door. I'll help you with some advice. But I'm sorry that I can't help with water or supply. It is the dry season so I barely have enough for myself and my goats. Akbri river is quite close actually. Only a half day's walk to the north. There is a small village by the river there. If you keep walking you'll be there before dark. They have water there. -" We are really thankful for your help. We don't have anything to give you for your help. -" It's alright. But be sure to get there before the sun goes down. There are many bands of thieves and evil forces that thrive in the dark around here. Take care!" The man said and walked into his house again. -" Thanks for the help." Z said. The crew started to walk to the north, eager to get to the river before dark.