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  1. Zilmrud

    Kiruna watchtower

    Great build and awesome names! The pine trees isngreta with the snow on top. The purple ones really fits the build. Maybe those trees is something for @Aurore to describe in her book 😁
  2. Zilmrud

    Mophet square

    Amazing man!
  3. Woho amazing. Looking forward to seeimg this grow 😄👍
  4. Thanks! Thanks! It was fun to do. I used at Maglite wrapped in two layers of Lego Store bag to get the sunset light 🤣👍
  5. The journey of Parzival Chapter I, part IV Outside the gates of Mophet Chapter I, Part I - The Wakeup Chapter I, Part II - The Arkbri River Oasis Chapter I, Part III - Desert Illusions Just before the sun went down they arrived to Mophet, a city in the desert. "Mophet is a desert oasis along the Oil Road in the Siccus Badlands. It lies about 0,5-1 days ride to the east of where the Oil Road touches on the banks of the mighty Arkbri River. It is strategically located right in between the two larger cities of Barqa and Petrea. It is a settlement which is expanding and its population has been constantly growing over the past few years." (Read more about Mophet in the wiki). Outside the gate to the city many tents, carriages, and other had camped for the night waiting for the city's gates to open in the morning. "- We stay here and make camp before the Dawn and the opening of the gate. Barchi! make some food for us and give the slaves the last of the dried meat. You can refill our supplies in the morning at the market when I meet the others". "- Of course my Lord!" The guard started to unpack a bag whilst the other guards sat down. Z looked at the guards when they sat outside the cage. For some reason Z didn't think they looked like real people. Their faces was hard as stone. He didn't think he had seen anyone of them make any expressions at all. They where like walking statues, or maybe like puppets. "- Have we stopped"? Pointy said and rubbed her eyes. "- I'm so thirsty" "- I heard that they are giving us some food.” Z said. “- That’s great news.” The guard came up top the carriage with some dried meat and bottles of water. The prisoners ate with great appetite. Soon they all lay down to sleep again. In the last rays of sunlight before the sun set Z looked at mage and the guards sitting beside the fireplace. He joined the others and fell asleep on the floor of the carriage. Later that night "- Kraaah, food, food!" Z woke up with a jerk, quite dizzy. “- Krahaaa, the stupid walker, got food!?” “- Is it you again Crow? I it ok if I call you that” Z said inside his mind. Crow looked down on Z between the bars. Z took a little bit of his meat and reached up and gave to Crow. He ate with good appetite. “Good meat, Kraaah” Crow said when he munched on the meat. “Can you help us?” Z asked cautiously. “Can you get help? We are trapped inside this cage!” “- Ask Tabib. Tabib hate slave traders!” “- Can Tabib help us? “- Tabib can help walker with magic neckless” Crow said and looked at Z’s cheast. Z looked down on his cheest. There was no neckless around his neck. Strange he thought. “- Kraaah, Crow come back, Crow help” Crow said and flew away in the night. Z leaned back against the bars wondering what this meant. The sun began to come up on the horizon and it was soon time to go inside the great city of Mophet
  6. Damn! Man this is beutiful!!!! Great MOC, great photos and awesome building techniques! I really love the detailed textures! You have brought great honour to #swedishlegomafia
  7. Zilmrud

    Outskirts of Mophet

    Amazing window! I like the idea of flowers in the bush. Do Na'zal have a map of Kaliphlin in there? I need to know for my story
  8. Zilmrud

    Elon's Retreat.

    A great build. Nice to see the "exploded" layout.
  9. Zilmrud

    [AoM Farm Phase I] Fir Tips Season

    Great work as usual! I would love to get a copy of that encyclopedia!
  10. Wow, this is fantastic! A beautiful scene with a great mix of colours that give life to the scene.
  11. Zilmrud

    [MOC] Chateau Mokotoff

    Great work! Inlike the overall feel of the build. Great colours on the ground and stone work. I like the knights that are more medieval joust type. And welcome back!
  12. Zilmrud

    Caravan along the Arkbri

    Amen to that! #swedishlegomafia Great work man! As usual! I like that this portray a other part of Kali other than sand and stones.
  13. Zilmrud

    News from the landlord

    Thanks! That's a great point! My thought was that the bridge where there before the cyclops built their house. But that's not clear in the build. A more simple bridge would look better 😃👍 Thanks man! Yeah the roof is Nice, a typical PaB construction 😜 Thanks alot! The trees trunk designs is a Fullplate classic 😉 Maybe I will build a MOC with only vegetation 🤔. That would be nice
  14. Zilmrud

    News from the landlord

    Thanks Man! I tried lime for the first time in Miller's Gardens but this is the first time I incoperate so many green in the same build. Behind the house and in to the lime there's Bright Green, then Lime to green and green to dark green. Some pieces of that Yellowish Green with the lime as well. I'm glad you liked it. It was a bit of a test. The new minifig flower headgear pieces is really nice. I bought a bunch as soon as I saw them. I really agree with you about the cave. The rocks wasn't really a priority in this build. So it was only a fast setup. I built this in a few hours for another thing but thought it would fit for a story =)
  15. Zilmrud

    News from the landlord

    Thanks! This is my first build with those 1x2 plates with rounded edges. They are great. Easy to make textures with round 1x1 plates and other plates. I got the idea to the roof when I saw those slopes on the PaB wall. The stream was a easy way mig. I was at first thinking of doing a waterfall. But the little cave made it somewhat mysterious. This is one of many single builds that tell parts of the story about the shire Zamorah. So there isn't any sequel planned for this build. But I'm sure that the cyclops will return in another build. (The true story is that my friend @Full Plate was coming by, so I built this build so we could put his trees in a landscape . The story was a secondary thing that I came up with one night when I couldn't sleep) Thanks. I'm glad that we had two colours and that they fitted well in the colours of the landscape. I like take shoots in minifig 1st person view if I can =)