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  1. Zilmrud

    GoH 10 C: The Port of Zamorah

    Thank you very much! Those are really long and nice compliments you give. I am very grateful! I don't know if it would fit in the GoH Hall of Fame. But thanks for saying that. When you build castles, you tend to stick to one style as it usually feelplmessy to mix. But I thought you could tell that the buildings have been built in stages over the years and that it therefore differs in construction style. For example, the round tower which is a defensive structure located inside the outer wall so it looks like the outer wall was built afterwards. And that there is a difference in how worn the buildings are. When larger buildings and castles were built in the past, they were usually built over several hundred years with fires and other things in between. So the castles usually have mixed architectural influences. I thought a bit like that when I built it. I hope we get to see your megaproject soon! One tip is to have a clear deadline. I like building figures. And to get them to clearly show which social class and which profession they belong to. My Palladin is one of my favorites that I built a long time ago, like when the helmet set was released. But this is the first build that he is involved in. I don't think we'll ever see the full Zamorah in minifig scale. but I hope to be able to build more parts that can be put together into a whole. Much of what I have built is outside the city. Many thanks again for the nice feedback. Thanks alot! I'm glad you liked it!
  2. Zilmrud

    GoH 10 C: The Port of Zamorah

    Thanks so much! It really is a build to be seen IRL. It is difficult to photograph when there are so many different scenes and details. I think wedge slopes give a soft impression that still looks more organic and menacing like teeth. The different buisinesses in the different spaces under the vaults were my starting point. But also that they would move to more free buildings the higher up you went. At the beginning I thought that it would be nice to have shed at the top to show the difference. In the past, it was people of a lower class who were allowed to live higher up in the houses, at least in medieval houses in Sweden. I vacillated between them appearing to be buried in caves rather than sticking out like this design. But I thought this looked nicer. As I wrote a comment earlier, I would have built a higher rock wall above if I only had enough bricks
  3. Zilmrud

    GoH 10 C VOTING topic

    LittleJohn 1 point Louis of Nutwood 1 point Adde51 1 point 
  4. Zilmrud

    GoH 10 B VOTING topic

    Louis of Nutwood 1 p Gideon 1 p Exetrius 1 p
  5. Zilmrud

    Dandelume [Avalonia]

    I'm a bit late to read about your place in Avalonia. I really like the story and your builds are great. And you have done some work in the HSS also. Great work. Keep on going!
  6. Zilmrud

    GoH 10 C: The Port of Zamorah

    Thanks man! Maybe I will build other parts of Zamorah inspired by my micro build Thanks alot. The best response. I want to give that feeling to the observer, like kids on exhibitions. The feeling that you want to be in the MOC.
  7. Zilmrud

    GoH 10 C: The Port of Zamorah

    Im really glad you liked it! Thanks for the great review. Ohh wow! Thanks! I'm glad you liked it Thanks! Well it was a contest but I hade this build in mind for a long time. The contest made me get my megablocks out and build it Thanks! It's alot of details and I really think it will a awesome piece on exhibitions/events to show IRL. Thanks alot man! I'm glad you liked it. It quite big and expandable also in all directions. If I had more dbg I would have extended it more up and over the build to get that overhang fell to it. Maybe something to do later.
  8. Zilmrud

    GoH 10 C: The Port of Zamorah

    Thanks Thanks. I wanted it to look like different places from around Histroica had their own place to build a house/embassy. Thanks alot
  9. Zilmrud

    GoH 10 C : Port of Mophet

    Awesome build! It will be nice with all the port builds besides each other.
  10. Zilmrud

    GoH 10 C: The Port of Zamorah

    Thanks Thanks! It is his bodyguard the paladin (i don't know if I have a name for him yet ) Nice that you saw the werevolves in the background. It's more pics on small scenes on flickr. it's alot of small scenes. It will be a nice display pieces on events.
  11. Zilmrud

    GoH 10 C: The Port of Zamorah

    Thanks man! It was built for exhibitions. So the last weekend I will show it for the first time. You are welcome to Sweden to have a look I made it i levels so it seems that it it climbing on the wall. If I hade more dbg pieces I would have built the cave higher. But then it would gave been harder to get in to boxes. The whole build is done in 32x32 modules. The top level is 32×16 modules that stand on top of stacks of 8 pab cups Thanks! I tried some differebt techniques for the first time in this build. Like the round tower. I would have had some more Avalonian colours in there. But I'm happy about the result anyways. I hade this in mind for some while now. I'm quite glad to get it of my head. I'm glad that the time limit for the contest was moved forward. I had a hard time to get the "own time" as a parent to build it. Thanks! It is quite big. It will be awesome on shows. The motorized elevator is a nice thing to occupy the kids with The gold is a part of Zamorahs history so I hade to put some in there. (The aurumium, a hard gold coloured metal mined in the mountain). But it is not to much but enough to be a noticable. Great! I will post more close ups on insta. On the next show I will be filming a bit also. Thanks!
  12. Zilmrud

    GoH 10 C

    Here is my entry =)
  13. The Port of Zamorah For hundreds of years, the Aurumium mountain has been mined under Zamorah. Early on, they broke open a rock room and moved the river so that it went through the mountain instead of around the mountain. This was done to facilitate transport to and from Zamorah. Over time, a port with an extension of the city was built in the rock space below the city. The only way to enter Zamorah is from the river and the elevator that goes up to the city. But to be able to take the elevator up to the city, strict security checks and costly fees are required. So a large part of the trade takes place in the port and the city under the mountain. Only the most well-heeled merchants or those with the right connections make it up to the city. On this day, a tribal leader from the bear tribes in the north is visiting. To meet these, Zull af Draschen (Zamorah's ruler) has sent his son down to meet the tribal leader and bring him up to the city via the city elevator. Here is som more pictures:
  14. Zilmrud

    [Freebuild] Valendiell

    Thanks alot! The domes is a great way to build MOCs that you can display at home. And micro scale makes you dream away into the dome I'm glad you saw the minecraft pieces in the MOC
  15. Zilmrud

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Great! Welcome to the guild! Awesome to have another swede here in GoH. And a Avalonian also. Nice introduction. I want to learn more about Gyrdher