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  1. Zilmrud

    [Custom CMF] Heroes of Mitgardia

    Amazing figs And as Always great backstory
  2. Zilmrud

    [AoM: House - Phase I] The Valley

    Thanks for your kind words. I've been away for awhile now. But I hope I can get on the horse again and keep building on my patch of land =) Are you going for the quest of Historical Settlement? This is a great motivation for expanding your settlement =) Most of my builds this summer is to get my settlement to City status. I've done to Town at this point. Only have a town hall left. But that is a big MOC. Maybe I get that done in 2020
  3. Thanks man! Sorry for the late answer, I've been a bit off lately =) It was fun building the crow with the close up =)
  4. Zilmrud

    [AoM: House - Phase I] The Valley

    Really good MOCs! And great photos that really capture the tale. I espacially like the photo when he looks down on the house!
  5. Zilmrud

    Dwelf Tales: Treasure Heist

    Beautiful MOC! Great work! I like the colour scheme on top. The lime with olive green is a new combo for me =) The books is really good. And the living area under ground is great!
  6. Zilmrud

    Harvest Time in Zamorah

    Thanks. Yeah I saw a wagon when doing a Google search that had those bushes on the wagon. That started the idea of the field. LUG bulk is to thank for all the bushes
  7. Zilmrud

    Barrunda Manor

    Thanks alot. I like to put in small details for the viewer to find. Many details can't even be seen in the pictures. The window technique is @adde51's design from Mophet training ground I think
  8. Thanks alot. I have had that cloth pieces for a while now, and I thought it was time to use them. I will continue the story with small and big MOCs in the future. I don't have the same amount of time to spare now
  9. Zilmrud

    Western Gate of Zamorah Valley

    Thanks. It was fun to play with the scales and the forced perspective. The bridge with stones of 1x1 tiles was one of the start ideas and also the curved arch with the rigid hose and headlight Brick.
  10. Thanks! I hope my visit will be more pleasant further on 😀👍 Thanks alot! It's a harsh landscape and the colours in the oasis gives a sense of life. I MOCs to come I Will try to incoperate more colour like in Morocco. Maybe some Purple and Teal or even corall. Thanks man! I see forward on building more MOCs in Kaliphlin when I have time again to build. The story is just the beginning 😀👍
  11. Zilmrud

    Dawn at the Cathedral

    A really nice story. It really catches you so it feels like you are there. Great build and photos. I like the old vines of droid arms. Good depth in the scene
  12. Zilmrud

    [WIP] Still Nocturnian work :-) Orc Fortress

    Great work man! 😀👍
  13. Thanks man! The storytelling is the thing that got me interested in GoH. In events/exhibitions you rarely have time to tell the story of the MOC. People tend to zoom out after 30 seconds or so 🤣 Now that I'm nearly finished with HSS I can focus on my sigfig's story. He has a long way to go before he finds his way back... Thanks. He will slowly learn about his past and who and what he is. Why can he understand some animals? Why did he and Hoves feel the mages energy from his spell? Will the escape the slave trader? Many question marks that has to be straightened!
  14. Desert Illusions | Zilmrud | Avalonia
  15. Thanks man! Next time they may be at the doors of Mophet Hahaha. It was hard to take a photo from above without giving him to much shade from the camera