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  1. Zilmrud

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    That's awesome! Where can I see the map?
  2. Zilmrud

    Borders of The Enchanted Forest

    A great forest scene. Rich in colours and lots of different plants and trees.
  3. Hahahahaha I hadn't noticed that. English wasn't my strongest subject in school
  4. Thanks. Often when you think of building dessert you think tsn or dark tan. But it's alot of colours that works well with dessert. The water is perhaps a bit to clean looking. But it gives the MOC a oasis-ish feel to it. Thank you. I like the boarders that have spilled over the edge. It felt like it would be wrong to put a frame to stop the water Thanks. It is not always the lime vegetation works well in MOCs. But when you use it you have more use of bright green as an example. Do you see the scala foam pieces in bright green? Thanks alot. I thougt that Kaliphlin builds would be boring and colourless when I started with GoH. But so far I have started to like it. But they must get out of there soon so I can start build MOCs in Avalonia I'm glad that you like the story as well
  5. Thanks man! This is almost all of my nougat pieces So I have to take this apart to do the next MOC. I did this MOC after: As yo can see it's almost only plates in nougat and the hill all in dark tan
  6. The journey of Parzival Chapter II, part I Desert Daylight Previous Chapter: Chapter I, part VI - The Secret work of Tabi The sun was high in the sky and the air vibrated in the hot sunshine. Most part of the Mophet residents and merchants was inside to protect them from the burning sun. After going trough the drain and sewer system under Mophet, Z and his companions came out though a opening in the end of the tunnel. They where blinded by the sunshine. They stood near the opening for awhile to let their eyes get accustomed to the sunlight. Outside the tunnel it was a bit vegetation. But the surroundings was dry and full of stones and sand. The city wall was up on a cliff above the tunnel. Z took some steps outside and looked around. "- We seem to be outside the city walls." Z said. "- Is it safe. Can you see anybody?" Pointy asked. "- I can't see anybody around" Z answered. "- We should get going so we can come as far as possible from the city before the sun sets. We should find somewhere safe to camp" Hammer said "- We should all cover our heads from the sun" Hoves said. "- And it will also help us to keep hidden from the mage and his mercenaries." The all put on hoods over their heads and walked away. They all started to walk to the north alongside the hillside beneath the city wall. After awhile the city wall turned to the east and a small trail led north away from the city into some bushes and vegetation. "- We should follow the trail. The vegetation will keep us hidden" Right-eye said and pointed into the bushes. When they walked away on the trail Z heard a familiar voice in his head. "- Kraaah, Walker free again" "- Thanks for the help in Mophet" "- Craw will help. Craw will look from skies on walker. Call Crow and Crow will come". Crow sat on on the cliff beside the wall looking down at them, then he flew away to the north.
  7. Zilmrud

    Allanar Mine

    I really love this amazing build. All the colours makes it magical. But today was the first time I saw the art work that inspired you. Awesome! You have really captured the original and given it more color.
  8. Thanks! Thanks Thanks. Sometimes it feels like you just want to show how ordinary builds are. The behind the scene pics is a great way to show that you don't have to make it harder than it is =)
  9. Thanks! It was a complete build, but the reflektions in the black didn't look good. So edit it away so it wouldn't take the fokus from the tunnel.
  10. Thanks man. All of their memories will come piece by piece. And they will in the end remember who they are and where they are from. But it seems like it will take som time in this pace Thanks. Time flies. It was hard to get good sharp pics in the dim light. I started with much darker sorrounding light. But it wasn't good. If I had like a real camera, I could probably fix that. But the photos is so boring Thanks! It has been fun doing this collab now in pandemic times. We have at least 2 or 3 builds left as collab. After that I will be to far away from Adde51's part of the world. But I think he will come by my builds in the future Part 4 in the story was also fun. Then I used a lego store bag (yellow plastic) around a flashlight to make moonlight Thanks bro!
  11. I bought a cheap led light chain, like christmas tree lights. The led fit perfectly inside a hollow stud. So I put headlight bricks in the wall with trans-orange cheese slopes on the inside. Then the torch outside of that. The same in the big room. Hanged them behind the arches facing down into the room. The rest of the leds I put all together in the end of a PaB mug that gave the "daylight" through the doorway to the square above. I will put some pics in the hidden/spoiler section =)
  12. I cant see the Preview.... so I have to edit it bit by bit
  13. The journey of Parzival Chapter I, part VI The Secret work of Tabib Previous Chapter: Chapter I, part V - Snakes of Mophet Prologue by Adde51 - Tabib and the crow... They ran as fast as they could down stairs and small tunnels. They boy was quick as a ferret and knew this tunnels as his own back pocket. It was dark but the tunnel was lit by torches on the walls After awhile they came into a large underground room, some kind of cellar or storeroom lit by a torches on the walls. The boy stopped in the middle of the room and told them to rest beside a table. “- Sit here for awhile and Tabib will come and talk to you”. “- Ok, thanks for your help” He left them and ran up some stairs. They looked around in the cellar. There where barrells and crates with food, wine and mead along the walls. They all looked at each other, confused about what had just happened. “- Who is Tabib and what does he want with us? Pointy said. “- Either he is a rival slave trader or something worse. Out of the ash and into the fire, as they say.” Left-eye said. “- Or he only wants to help us”. Said Hammer. “- Pfft, Mophet is full of bad people" Left-eye answered. "- People here are greedy and live on other peoples unfortune" Pointy frowned and looked intensivly on Left-eye. He became uncomfortable and turned away. "- What do you know about this place? And how do you know it's called Mophet? Pointy asked Left-eye and looked troubled. "- Well I know what everybody know. It's not a secret that….." Left-eye stopped talking and then he got a surprised facial expression. He looked at the others. "- I think I remember things!" They heard steps in the stairs and a old bearded man with white hair came down and walked into the room. He smiled and looked at them. "- Welcome to Mophet. My name is Tabib and I'm a Spiritual leader here in Mophet. Before we start to talk, here is a basket of food. I belive that you might be hungry". The slaves started to eat. "- You have been under the influence by dark magic that have made you forget who you are and probably many other things. This is a method that slave traders from Nocturnus use to get ordinary people to forget who they are and to tell them that they are criminals or slaves." "- How do you know this? Hoves asked. "- We have alot of these slaves traders in Mophet. And they are a burdon for the city and we are trying to get rid of them" "- How do you know about the magic? Right-eye asked. "- My college Massud is a mage and felt the disturbance around your company and the slave trader. Then one of my spies had came in contact with one of you earlier. I belive one of you might remember a crow" Z became cold inside. How do they know about Crow? "- Well, I… kind of talked to a crow earlier." Z said and felt a bit stupid. The others looked at Z looking a bit confused. "- Maybe you have some magical skill as well. I can't tell myself, but in time you will figure it out. The thing about this dark magic is that it can go away fast or it can affect your mind for a long time. So your memory will come back in time. I will help you get away from the slave trader but you have to find your way back by yourself." "- Why do you help us? What do want of us?" Pointy asked "- I've been a part of the city and society for a long time. And I and many with me work for the city and to help the city flourish. And getting rid of criminals is a thing that has to be done, and it works well to do it in disguise. So I don't want anything from you other than you will remember us when your memory will come back. We always need allies around Historica". Tabib said with a smile "- Well, let's go and get you some new clothing before you go. I have some clothes that might fit you in my house upstairs. Please follow me" Tabib went out the door and up some stairs and the company followed. They came up inside a nice house or mansion. They followed Tabib into a room next to the stairs. (Build by @adde51 with my figs) "- Here you got some clothes. Take what you need. But don't forget that you have to remain hidden and that the slave trader and his people and his minions will be out looking for you. I recommend that you will leave the city at once. Maybe travel to Barqa in west or Petraea to the east. But I think that some of you come from Avalonia or Mitgardia in the north. So maybe you should head that way. If you go to Barqa you can find my friend Gideon, he can help you if you send him my regards. "- You must dress so that you do not draw attention to yourself. Mr Hoves, you have to wear some long robe and you have to hide your horns with a turban or such." "- Do you know how we can get our memory back or maybe something that will help us." Z asked Tabib looked on Z for a second. He pointed at Z's neck and asked; "- Do you remember where you got that neckless?" "- What neckless?" Z asked and looked down on chest. And to his surprise he saw a big golden neckless around his neck. It had a green stone and alot of inscriptions and strange letters on the sides. It was wierd that he had the neckless, he hadn't seen or felt it earlier. "- Where did you get that from?" Pointy asked. "- That's not a ordinary neckless." Tabib said. "- And probably you have had it all the time but that it was hidden from our sight earlier by some kind of magic spell. That is not a neckless that you can take of easy, not without the right magic word anyway." They all looked at the neckless. It was beautiful. "- I don't know jewelery, gems or magical artifacts. But I can tell that It's a one of a kind neckless. Maybe you should keep it hidden. And maybe someone know what kind of neckless it is and where it comes from. But be careful to whom you show it. And in the beginning of your journey you shouldn't trust anyone. They all put new clothes on and packed a bag with some food and water. They also got some small weapons if they would get in trouble. Then they walked down to the cellar again where the little boy stood ready to guide them out. They put a ladder down the well and climbed down to a system of tunnels under the city. "- Keep safe and travel to the north. I will send my spy crow to keep an eye on you so that you will get away from Mophet without trouble. You can follow the Oil road or the Akbri River on your way east to Barqa. From there it's easier to get to the north." "- Thanks for all the help you have given us." Pointy said. They all thanked Tabib and then climbed down to the tunnel system. They followed a small stream away in the tunnel system. End of Chapter 1 Next chapter....
  14. Thanks. It's full of details. It would be a nice exhibition piece. Thanks