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  1. Zilmrud

    Dawn at the Cathedral

    A really nice story. It really catches you so it feels like you are there. Great build and photos. I like the old vines of droid arms. Good depth in the scene
  2. Zilmrud

    [WIP] Still Nocturnian work :-) Orc Fortress

    Great work man! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘
  3. Thanks man! The storytelling is the thing that got me interested in GoH. In events/exhibitions you rarely have time to tell the story of the MOC. People tend to zoom out after 30 seconds or so ๐Ÿคฃ Now that I'm nearly finished with HSS I can focus on my sigfig's story. He has a long way to go before he finds his way back... Thanks. He will slowly learn about his past and who and what he is. Why can he understand some animals? Why did he and Hoves feel the mages energy from his spell? Will the escape the slave trader? Many question marks that has to be straightened!
  4. Desert Illusions | Zilmrud๏ปฟ | Avalonia
  5. Thanks man! Next time they may be at the doors of Mophet Hahaha. It was hard to take a photo from above without giving him to much shade from the camera
  6. The journey of Parzival Chapter I, part III Desert Illusions Chapter I, Part I - The Wakeup Chapter I, Part II - Arkbri River Oasis The things that happened in the oasis changed the whole situation for Z and the other prisoners. Maybe just running away wasnโ€™t an option. They had to find some other way. But one thing they had learned. Left-Eye told the others that he had some very clear images coming to him when be escaped. The further away from the caravan he came the more images came to him. The images was random and didn't make sense at all. It was clear that the mage had some spell on the prisoners that took away their memories. After the incident Left-Eye started to have daydreams. At first it was abstract things but after awhile he could describe some detailed images of him in some kind of Town or City. Maybe this was memories from his past. They had all heard the guard say "The thief from Sionnach" when he talked about Left-Eye. And the mage anger when he said it. It must have something to do with his past that the mage wanted to hide from them. A few days after the oasis Z was lying in the floor of the carriage trying to get some shadow. The heat in the middle of the day was exhausting, and the water and food was very meager. Everyone felt that they had very little energy and tried go use it with caution. "- Meat, meat, hungry! Kraaah" "- What!" Z lifted his head a bit to see who was talking. Everyone in the carriage was sitting or lying down trying to rest. Z lay down again thinking he must have dreamt something. He closed his eyes again. "- Kraaah, food, food!" Z heard some crackling sounds and some voice in his head at the same time. "- Get away you crazy bird" The guard started to wave his hands in the air. Z sat up again, his head pounding. Something scratched the bars on top of the cage "- Silly man! Kraaah. Your eyes I eat If you sleep". Z heard someoneโ€ฆ or something say in his head. He saw a small shadow move on top of the cloth draping the carriage and heard a tapping and scratching sound in the bars. "- Who' s speaking?" Z whispered. No one answered him. Hammer moved a bit in his sleep. And the shadow was walking around on top of the Cage. Could it be a bird or something? Z was thinking. He was a bit nauseous and leaned against the bars. It's silly, he taught, how can a bird talk? Then he saw that the shadow stopped moving around and was completely still. Z squinted with his eyes and looked at the shadow. He saw something round and shimmering in a hole in the cloth where the shadow was. Was itโ€ฆ.? No, it couldn't be, he thought. Was it an eye? "- I see you, Kraaah!" The voice came from inside of his head. "- You have meat!?" Z froze. Did the bird just talk to him or was he talking to himself? โ€- Hungry! You have meat?" I tried to talk to himself again inside his head. โ€- Can you hear me?โ€ โ€- Yes, kraaah! Stupid walker. You have meat!?โ€ The bird started to move again. It stopped by another hole in the cloth and looked down at Z. โ€- Erm, are you talking to me, bird?โ€ โ€- Yes walker! No bird, kraw. Got meat? Got food Kraaahโ€ the bird started to walk around again. โ€- Do you mean that you are a crow?โ€ โ€- Stupid walker! No meat! Kraaaah!โ€ The crow flew away. Z was in chock. What had just happened? he thought. He felt very tired suddenly. He sunk down and fell into a deep sleep.
  7. Zilmrud

    Harvest Time in Zamorah

    Thanks! Yeah I like to do my builds so you han se the connection between them. The micro build was a great way of showing the city and it's surroundings. Maybe I'll build a larger map later on ๐Ÿค” Thanks man! I'll hope I can keep some of my pace this fall. My parental leave is over and my building time has decrease significantly. So we will se what' s coming ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
  8. Zilmrud

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    @socalbricks Nice sigfig! I really like Kars Cassual torso and legs. What fig are they from?
  9. Zilmrud

    Barrunda Manor

    Thanks alot ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘ I like the use of wands but I canโ€™t take credd for it. Itโ€™s @adde51 โ€™s design ๐Ÿ˜ I often have a plan for the colours in a build before I start. This time I tried to let it flow a little more. Iโ€™m glad you noticed ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
  10. Zilmrud

    Harvest Time in Zamorah

    Thanks man! Yeah You can say itโ€™s pine trees. Zamorah is on the edge to Mitgardia so I built them to resemble Scandinavian Pine trees. Saw him live in sweden a long time ago. He is great ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
  11. Zilmrud

    Bad News At Olav's Hall

    Great build! I like the dag you make it feel cold with the small amount of snow. Like a cold autum och spring day with a little ice and some left. The trees also look convincing for growing in a high altitude. Nice figs and interior also
  12. Zilmrud

    Harvest Time in Zamorah

    Thanks! Thanks. The whole build started with the cute down trees and grains ideas Thanks Thanks! My wife always told me that I had to little vegetation in my builds. So when I started building for GoH i tought she would be pleased. But then she wanted more animals. And I really agree with her. The animals give the build a sense of life, if you see what I mean Thanks alot man! The whole idea of the wheat came from a picture of a hay wagon I saw when I googled inspiration for my traveling puppetry. And building up the ground around them I used in my Micro build of Zamorah:
  13. Zilmrud

    Barrunda Manor

    Thanks. I had a great laugh when I came up with that Thanks. It's meant to be like the thatched roofs we had in Scandinavia bit a little more organic in the shape. Like this one: https://images.app.goo.gl/qQFW2r5oLQPZacz98 Thanks! It turned out nice with the ingots as cobblestone. Roofings is always something that I have trouble with. But this was a really sturdy technique. Thanks man! Did I mention that the Hops and Barley crops is a big part of the buissines? Thanks alot! It's fun with little details among all the other details. I like when you have to look at a build a few times before seeing all the things. I usually build for events with our RLUG Swebrick. And I love to look att the children and adult that is so caught in the build that they almost forgets things around them. Like forgetting your kids that is already by the next table
  14. Zilmrud

    Harvest Time in Zamorah

    Thanks. The idea of the bushes was the start of the build. The back foliage is rather thin but was fun to make.