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  1. The journey of Parzival Chapter II, part II The dream Previous Chapter: Chapter II, Part I - Desert Daylight The sun was setting and the sky was orange fading to purple. Z and his fellows walked with their heads bent along a small path with parts of desert and parts bushes and trees. The heat was still intense and they were all tired after a long day in the sun. It was time to find a place to camp for the night. Z saw what appeared to be abandoned buildings inside a large grove of trees and shrubs some distance from the road. Maybe an abandoned farm or similar. It was very dense shrubbery and many shady trees. "- We should set up a camp soon. We all have to rest. There is an old farm over there. Maybe we can find shelter and maybe an old well or something. At least it’s a bit from the path." Z said "- That sounds like a good idea. My legs ache" said Hooves They left the path and went into the bushes. The buildings were very overgrown with trees and shrubs. It was certainly a long time since they were abandoned. "- There is a glade here with the remains of a campfire. Here we should be able to set up camp. The bushes should give us good protection from passers-by." Hammer said. "- Hooves and I will go and see if we can find something in the abandoned houses. Then we look for firewood." Left-Eye said They set up camp and the sun went down fast. They ate a small meal and lay down to sleep. Left-eye took the first watch for the night. It had been a long warm day and they all soon fell asleep Z heard a whispering voice and opened his eyes. He didn't quite understand what the voice had said, so he looked around. He was standing in a lush forest with a bow in his hands. It felt like a summer dawn. Beside Z a man stood, he had horns just as Hooves. And behind Z there were two men, one heavily armed knight with a dragon on his breastplate and an archer with a hood and mask over his head. They were all dressed in dark green clothes. It all felt a bit weird and Z felt a bit fuzzy in the head. He noticed that he was no longer a man, just a small boy. He also felt a big pressure inside and a tingling adrenaline sensation in the body. The man beside in whispered again and it was the same voice: "- My lord, you have to focus! Relax your shoulders and aim. Concentrate on the animal and try to hear it. Feel it's heartbeat." Z aimed at the deer by the water. It hadn't noticed it yet. It was drinking water and having a look around. It looked peaceful. The sounds of the forest got more zoomed out and he could hear his heartbeats pounding in the ears. But it felt strange. Was it his or the deers heartbeat he heard? He could almost see the pulse in the deer's body that was in the same rhythm as the sound in his ears. "- When you have it in sight, take a deep breath. Feel the animal's heartbeat so you can aim directly at his heart. You must hit the heart directly so that the animal doesn't suffer." Z felt the animal now. He could hear what the deer heard and feel the wind in its horns. Z felt that the deer was at peace with nature and that it wasn't stressed at all. He took a deep breath and aimed straight at the heart of the dear. He was just about to let go of the bow string when he heard a strange voice in his head. "- Kraaah! Walker must wake! Hurry!" Z blinked and tried not to lose his focus. And when he looked up at the deer again he saw a strange colourful bird in his sight. What was this? So strange... "- Wake! Bad man come! The bird said to him Z sat straight up and looked around. He was in the camp with the others again. Was it a dream? Or what was that? Was it a memory? His head was blurred. "- Hurry! Wake up!" Z heard in his head again. And now he recognized the voice from the crow. He was sitting in the palmtree above waving his wings in the air. Then he heard whispering voices from the bushes: "- It's them. Take them all out before they wake. But don't hurt the one with the necklace. Tie him up. We have to bring him back to the boss" Z started to wake the others and tell them to get up and get their weapons. But only a few of them had the time to get up before the attack began. Five dark figures came out of the bush. Each had a black shield with an eye on it and various weapons in full swing. Z, Hammer and Pointy were first on their feet and could meet the attackers. Z had a sword he had received from Tabib in Mophet. He used it to parry a blow from one of the attackers. Hammer drew his sword and Pointy drew her knife and bow. Together they managed to ward off the first attack. Meanwhile, Left-Eye, Hooves and Right-Eye woke up and managed to get their weapons. A wild battle broke out in the clearing and pretty soon they discovered that the attackers were better equipped and much faster than them and they quickly ended up in an inferior position. One of the attackers knocked the sword out of Z's hand and he lost his balance and fell backwards. When the attacker jumped on Z and was about to stab the sword in his stomach, Z panicked and felt the time almost slow down. Before the attacker hit Z with the sword, Z felt a strong force accumulate in his chest. He pushed his hands forward while instinctively shouting something loud that he himself did not understand. The words just flowed out of him. The attacker stopped in the air and was then quickly pushed backwards by a pressure wave that came out of Z's hands. The attacker flew back into the bushes. Z quickly got to his feet and stood amazed as he felt a force gather in his body and the time slowed down. He felt a tingeling feeling in his legs as he drew power from the. He felt a strong connection to the ground and all the surrounding trees and plants, almost as if they were an extension of their own senses. The attacker came out of the bush for a new attack. In Z's mind a word came up as written by a golden pen. He held out his hands to the opponent and uttered the words. Immediately he felt how meandering roots rose from the ground and meandered around the opponent. He felt as if he was grabbing the opponent himself. He lifted the opponent into the air while squeezing him with the roots until the opponent was slowly suffocated. Hooves fought with one of the attackers with his long staff. And like Z, he felt a force build up in him the more he felt that the striker was superior in speed and tactics. And when the attacker managed to get past Hoove's defense and chop against his head, Hooves put out his hand against the attacker. At the same time, flames of fire flowed out of his fingertips and quickly embraced the attacker. The man screamed in pain when he was burned to death. While Z and Hooves fought with their newfound abilities, the rest of the crew managed to overpower the attackers and kill them all but one. The battle was over as soon as it started. Everyone stood tired and breathless in the clearing. Hammer had captured the last survivor and stood with his sword against his throat. The others hurried to his side. "- Who are you and why did you attack us?" Hammer shouted at the man. The man turned a little and laughed with the sword to his throat. "- Answer me!" Shouted Hammer Pointy came forward and put his hand on Hammer's shoulder and asked him to calm down a bit. "- It is best that you answer him, otherwise he will cut you apart like a pig," Left-Eye hissed with a wicked grin. "- You will never get anything out of me or anyone in my brotherhood" the man laughed. Before anyone reacted, his hand slid inside the sleeve of his tunic and pulled out a small narrow dagger with a blackened blade. He quickly pushed it into his own throat while having a grin on his lips. Hammer tried to stop him but it was too late. The man quickly began to gargle and his eyes turned inward and his whites of eyes were visible. A couple of strong tremors went through his body, but then he became stiff as a stick. They all backed away from the body in disgust. "- Who can do that to himself?" Said Pointy in disgust. "- I would say, only a true fanatic," Right-Eye said resignedly. "- Quick now, we have to gather our things quickly and get out of here before more come," Z said. They quickly gathered their things and moved silently away in the thickets. Next part...
  2. The journey of Parzival Prologue, part I Prolouge - The Throne of Zamorah [City of Zamorah] The room was dark except from the starlight from the balcony and window. The balcony door was open to get some breeze in the summer night. In the ruler's bedroom it was quiet except for the ruler's heavy rustling breath. Next to him stood a servant, wiping the sweat from his forehead with a wet towel. Next to the footboard of the bed stood two people with hoods with their heads bowed. “- Is he awake?” the elf Waldemar whispered “- What difference does it make? if he is not awake you have to wake him up.” Whispered the elf Gindrell back in an angry tone. “- Why me? Whispered Waldermar. A heavy rustling was heard from the bed. The ruler Zull af Drachen moved under the sheets. “- What are you whispering about? Don't you think I hear you? I'm admittedly on the deathbed, but I'm not dead yet. But my voice is weak, so I have to talk this way.” A voice was heard inside their heads. Gindrell felt a shiver go down her spine. Even though she should have gotten used to it after all these years in the Ruler's service, she was always surprised by the druid's way of communicating directly into her head. Zull had the ability to communicate via telepathy, An unusual ability that had been inherited for generations by the druids in his family. “- Excuse us, your grace. We didn’t know if you were awake. We come with ominous news.” Waldemar answered. “- We know that your grace needs to rest after today's tiring deliberations. But we do not think this can wait until the morning.” said Gindrell apologetically. “- Well, let go. But let it be fast!” hissed Zull's voice inside their heads. “- At dawn when The Aurum Order was to start today's deliberations in the throne room, an urgent messenger came with a message.” said Gindrell “- It was Arguin, the leader of the royal guard, who made the message. As chairman, I received the parchment from Arguin. But as he kept his head down all the time, I understood that it was not good news.” Said Waldemar. “- I took the parchment back to the Order and read it aloud to everyone.” Waldermar said “- During the night there was a terrible accident in the Aurumium mines under the city. A mine tunnel has collapsed and people have been injured. But the work was still going on to clear it up so it was not known then how many were injured. “- We immediately sent down a delegation to investigate what happened in the mine.” Said Gindrell. “- During the day, we interrogated workers who were in the area. We received information so that we could in all probability determine how extensive the damage was. We arrested Master Gundwald, the foreman of section 7 where the accident took place. He is the one who bears the ultimate responsibility for the work in the mines in Section 7. We held an interrogation with him in the required manner in the throne room in the afternoon. “- During the interrogation, he was unusually quiet.” Said Waldemar. “- Master Gundwald is usually quite outspoken, even when he should not be. But what came out was very worrying.” “- It soon became apparent that inspections of the mines in Section 7 had taken place during the night, Gindrell continued. "- The group that carried out inspections in the mine is said to have been located exactly where the mine tunnel collapsed." “- Late in the afternoon, so much had been cleared up in the mine tunnel that this was confirmed.” Said Waldemar. “- It has been possible to confirm five dead and no survivors from the inspectors. Only the testimony of Master Gundwald and his workers and what could be seen of the crushed remains. “- Mmm, this is really sad news.” The voice of the ruler was heard in their heads. “- There are few times when our mining work has caused injuries to our citizens. This is a great sorrow for our kingdom and it will be announced on the market tomorrow. You can give this announcement Waldemar, as it is part of your office. You Gindrell must make sure that you contact the relatives of the deceased directly in the morning. They must be worried after not hearing from their loved ones. I want you to bring me my son Parzival. It is ultimately his job to ensure the safety of the city and the mines. I want to hear what he has to say about it all before the morning.” It became quiet in the bedroom. Waldemar and Gindrell looked anxiously at the ruler and at each other. “- Well!?" The cold voice of the ruler was heard in their heads. Waldemar cleared his throat. “- Erm… it was just that your grace. We can not find your son. Erm…. According to witnesses, he was one of the inspectors in the mine. We could also find his clothes and belongings on one of the bodies in the mining tunnel. I'm really sorry to have to tell you this. But your son is dead! An enormous silence spread in the room. Waldemar and Gindrell could almost hear the echo of Waldermar's last words repeated over and over. The silence was so compact that it almost hurt their ears. They couldn’t even hear the ruler's breath anymore. They looked anxiously at each other and at the servant who was standing still with his eyes wide open. “- Leave me!” Zull af Drachen's voice roared in their ears. The days passed and Zamorah sank into grief. Partly of the terrible disaster in the mine but also when the Ruler's son and heir to the throne was dead. Black flags were hung on the city streets and squares and the citizens wore black bands on their arms. The next few days it turned out that in addition to Parzival af Drachen who died in the accident, was also his closest lieutenant and childhood friend Beren Grimfold the Paladin, his friend the fauna and magician Eld Afett and not least his betrothed, the Duchess Freda of Andustar. The company that died also included the chief inspector and dwarf Durum Grotta. There was some tumult and confusion in the castle. How would Zamorah be governed now? Zull af Drachen lay on the deathbed and his only heir to the throne was dead. In addition, Zull's health soon deteriorated. The Aurum Order could not help but convene an urgent council meeting to be held in the ruler's bedroom. During the council meeting, the Ruler announced that The Aurum Order would take over the reign of Zamorah as there was no heir to the throne. And thus was the end of the long succession to the throne of af Drachen family that went as far back as the first druid who settled on the top of the mountain. Shortly afterwards, Zull died in the suites of his illness. But many believed that what really killed Zull was the grief over his son's death and the grief of the end of his lineage and of letting the reign of Zamorah be left in the hands of The Aurum Order. A funeral ceremony for Zull was held in the castle's throne room. Long-distance guests from foreign lands came to say goodbye to Zull, a ruler most remembered as a just and kind-hearted leader. The Aurum order came to power in Zamorah and it was not long before it was announced that the long magical shutdown of the city and duchy would be lifted. Trade contacts would be established with foreign kingdoms. But great resources would also be invested in building up a defense against foreign powers. Divisions thus arose in Zamorah's government and among its people. Those who looked forward to the new and Zamorah's opportunities for trade and wealth. And those who saw how the only thing that kept Zamorah safe now had been removed and how the greed of the outside world would now lead to the duchy being invaded. Regardless of what the population thought, The Aurum Order was clear in its message: Now the whole of Historica would see Zamorah's greatness, power and riches and The Aurum Order would ensure that Zamorah would have its rightful place as a significant duchy in Avalonia.
  3. The journey of Parzival Chapter I, part V Snakes of Mophet Previous Chapter: Chapter I, part IV - Outside the gates of Mophet Intro builds by @adde51 Tabibs Study Tabib and the crow (Picture above by Adde51) The next morning the slave trader and his men took the carriage and walked into the city of Mophet. It was crowded with people and creatures/beings inside of the city walls. Various strange smells, chatter, laughter and screams filled the air. They passed by buildings with streets and came to a square full of people. Z looked out of the bars and saw all kinds of people running around. On the other side of the carriage there was a camel looking into the cage drooling on the bars as they passed by. It was a lot to take in for the tired prisoners. The company came to a stop in a square. There was some kind of crowd ahead. "- What's happening?" Pointy asked "- I don't know. I can't see" Hoves side from the front of the carriage. "- Kraaah, be ready, be ready. Kraaah!" Crow said when he landed on top of the cage. "- Be ready for what?" Z said out loud. Left-eye turn his head and looked at Z with a confused look. "- What did you say?" "- Erm, nothing" Z said "- Boy will come, be ready, kraaah" A little boy came up to Z beside the carriage. "- Pssst, you" he said and looked at Z "- I've got a message for you. There will be a commotion ahead soon, don't mind it. Tell your friends to be ready. I will open the cage door and let you out. Then you have to follow me quickly down under ground. We only got a few seconds!" (Picture above by Adde51) Z told the others and they got ready. After awhile the crowd started to scatter and people started to scream. People ran past the carriage. They heard a lady screaming of fear and soon they all saw that the ground was full of snakes that were hissing and trying to bite the nearest persons. The snakes came closer to the elephant and the mage's horse and they started to back away from the snakes. On the other side of the open space they saw a large overturned barrel from which the snakes came out. The mage became furious and started to scream at the man. (Picture above by Adde51) In the commotion the little boy quickly picked the lock and opened the gate. "- Kraaah, hurry. Tabib will come" "- Follow me" The boy whispered. The slaves ran after the boy to a nearby building and into a small door. Inside the door were stairs down to the basement. (Picture above by Adde51) The mage became furious and he began shouting at his guards to protect him. The mage lifted up his staff and started to mumble. "- Stop! Lower your staff!" A voice in the crowd said out loudly. The people in the crowd stood aside and tall man with hair as white as snow and a long beard came out from the crowd and stopped midst if the snakes. The crowd whispered and you could here some say "- It's Tabib" (Picture above by Adde51) The mage became silent as he saw the bearded man. "- You don't rise your staff against any living creature inside the walls of Mophet!" Tabib said in a calm voice that made the whole square go silent. "- Get your filthy snakes away from us Tabib. I’m not afraid of you” the mage screamed. Tabib started to whisper in some odd language and the snakes meander back towards Tabib. “- In Mophet it’s not welcome to use faul and dark magic. Take you men and walk out of the city and go back to Nocturnus.” Tabib responded. “- I have a meeting by the fighting pits. We are not leaving.” “- What is a slave trader as yourself going to do there without any slaves to trade? Tabib said with a hint of a smile on his lips. The mage turned around and looked at the carriage and saw the empty cage. “- Noooooo!!!” The next chapter... The different builds For this story I had to get some help from my friend and fellow member of SwedishLegoMafia @adde51. Most of the builds is his that he has posted earlier (se below) I built the square and two houses. Then we put it all together for some awesome photos and an awesome part of the city Mophet. Zamorah Embassy in Mophet Since Zamorah opened up for trade with other regions in Historica they built embassies in many cities. This building has the Zamorah Weapon crest and sand green and white colours. Hidamus Family residence This is a house in Mophet Kaliphlin belongs to a wealthy centaur merchant family. In this MOC I tested to blend tan, teal and pearl gold and I think it was a great combo. Adde51‘s buildings Here you can see some of the pictures and links below to Adde51 builds here on GoH. Midhana Minaret Qayids Residence Mophet Square Mophet Armory - Al Asliha Kumidia Residence Fa Nadiq Hotel Temple of Afeaa Mophet- Training Ground
  4. The journey of Parzival Chapter I, part IV Outside the gates of Mophet Chapter I, Part I - The Wakeup Chapter I, Part II - The Arkbri River Oasis Chapter I, Part III - Desert Illusions Just before the sun went down they arrived to Mophet, a city in the desert. "Mophet is a desert oasis along the Oil Road in the Siccus Badlands. It lies about 0,5-1 days ride to the east of where the Oil Road touches on the banks of the mighty Arkbri River. It is strategically located right in between the two larger cities of Barqa and Petrea. It is a settlement which is expanding and its population has been constantly growing over the past few years." (Read more about Mophet in the wiki). Outside the gate to the city many tents, carriages, and other had camped for the night waiting for the city's gates to open in the morning. "- We stay here and make camp before the Dawn and the opening of the gate. Barchi! make some food for us and give the slaves the last of the dried meat. You can refill our supplies in the morning at the market when I meet the others". "- Of course my Lord!" The guard started to unpack a bag whilst the other guards sat down. Z looked at the guards when they sat outside the cage. For some reason Z didn't think they looked like real people. Their faces was hard as stone. He didn't think he had seen anyone of them make any expressions at all. They where like walking statues, or maybe like puppets. "- Have we stopped"? Pointy said and rubbed her eyes. "- I'm so thirsty" "- I heard that they are giving us some food.” Z said. “- That’s great news.” The guard came up top the carriage with some dried meat and bottles of water. The prisoners ate with great appetite. Soon they all lay down to sleep again. In the last rays of sunlight before the sun set Z looked at mage and the guards sitting beside the fireplace. He joined the others and fell asleep on the floor of the carriage. Later that night "- Kraaah, food, food!" Z woke up with a jerk, quite dizzy. “- Krahaaa, the stupid walker, got food!?” “- Is it you again Crow? I it ok if I call you that” Z said inside his mind. Crow looked down on Z between the bars. Z took a little bit of his meat and reached up and gave to Crow. He ate with good appetite. “Good meat, Kraaah” Crow said when he munched on the meat. “Can you help us?” Z asked cautiously. “Can you get help? We are trapped inside this cage!” “- Ask Tabib. Tabib hate slave traders!” “- Can Tabib help us? “- Tabib can help walker with magic neckless” Crow said and looked at Z’s cheast. Z looked down on his cheest. There was no neckless around his neck. Strange he thought. “- Kraaah, Crow come back, Crow help” Crow said and flew away in the night. Z leaned back against the bars wondering what this meant. The sun began to come up on the horizon and it was soon time to go inside the great city of Mophet Next Chapter
  5. Zilmrud

    News from the landlord

    For a very log time Zamorah was hidden for all of Historica under a magical dome (read more about it here). Only a few selected people knew about the city on the mountain. Recently the spell was liftet and Zamorah was now visible for all, common people, nobles and all other inhabitants of the land. But it wasn't all good news. Many tribes had lived in the Zamorah shire for decades thinking that they lived in the wild lands. But now they lived Zamorah shire. To inform all of the shire the The Aurum Order (rulers of Zamorah) sent out heralds with troops so that they could spread the word and inform all of Zamorah. In every corner of Zamorah there lived tribes of many different kind. Everything from orc bands to Tribes of Minotaurs and Cyclops. In the north west part of Zamorah Urag and his tribe lives. They are farmers and live of the land and has done so for many generations. The lands are wild and there is many dangers for Urag and his family. Two of the Urag's nephews Barq and Gunt has the very important task to protect the tribe from all kind f dangers. They have got some orc armor that they got from a old troll cave in the mountains. When they where patrolling the grounds man and elves came out from the bushes with raised bows and arrows pointing at them. They where told that they should stay calm and show the way to the tribe leader. More strangers came out from the woods, knights and heavily armed soldiers. Barq and Gunt realized that they where over outnumbered and surrounded so they went back to the house so that the strangers could meet Urag. [ Urag gathered his sons and his nephews and met the men. In the midst of the strangers there was a man without armor or weapon. When the tribe was surrounded by the troops the man came forward. He started to speak in common language. The tribes elder and spiritual leader Ashmat where the only one that understand the man, so he had to translate to Urag. The man called himself a Herald of Zamorah and said that he came in peace and that he had very important information about the lands where the tribe lived. The herald told the tribe that they lived in the Zamorah shire and that they had done so all since they moved to this place many generations ago. Zamorah was aware that they lived on the lands and that the rulers of Zamorah didn't mind that. But now that Zamorah was visible to all of Historica the lands was in a risk of being invaded by evil forces. This would affect the tribe as well. The tribe members started to whisper of bad omens and ill times to come. Every one was scared of this men and where very suspicious. Ashmat the elder told that he had seen this coming in his oracle bones for some time now and that they had o be careful and listen to the man. The herald then explained that they could live n the land free of tax if they would stay loyal to Zamorah if the and would be attacked and protect this lands. To help with this four of the tribes strongest men would get fine new armor and weapons free of charge. The herald showed some fine dark armor with inscribed with dragons in gold. This was a mighty gift for the tribe that would help them protect themselves. The herald also said that if they where i trouble Zamorah would send out troops to help. Urag was very pleased with this agreement and shook the heralds hand i agreement.
  6. Harvest Time in Zamorah It's harvesting times in the shire of Zamorah. Howard, his son Emmet and Special Ed is peasants on the big Barrunda Manor’s farm. The farm owns a great area of land in the eastern parts of Zamorah. They grow many different crops in the fields. Howard and the others is harvesting grains that is going to the mill in Miller's Garden. Howard Emmet Special Ed Lumberjacks Gareth, Rowdy and Balldin is chopping down some trees on Barrunda Manor’s lands. Some of it is going to be firewood for the farm and some is going to the sawmill. Gareth Rowdy Balldin
  7. The journey of Parzival Chapter I, part I The wakeup Total darkness. A buzzing sound fills the consciousness. “Where am I? Who am I?” he thinks He open his eyes a bit. A bright white light fills his eyes and it stings and burns. But he really wants to see… He takes his hands to his face. It’s warm and he is sweating. His mouth is dry, but he tries to say something. “- Gahh. Where… who…. Tirsty!” “- He is awake!” a voice says. He opens his eyes again. He can see a bright light and shadows. He close his eyes again and do another try. Now he sees a bright sky between some form of bars in front of him. And he sees shadows… no, it's faces looking down at him. “- Here, drink some of this.” a voice says He feels a warm liquid pouring down his throat. Is smoothing and the pain in his throat begins to decline. The people around him helps him to a upright position, sitting against some kind of bars, they are warm. “- Where am I? Who are you” “- Haha, that's a good question son, why don’t you tell us?” He opens his eyes again and look at the man. He can only see a blurry face of an older man, with some kind of patch over his left eye. “- Who are you?” he asks the man. “- Well, that’s a good question also. We can’t answer that questions ourselves son. But all we can say is that we are traveling through some kind of desert or wasteland.” He covers his eyes and shields away the sun and look around him. They are sitting in a carriage with steel bars and some kind of cloth shielding the most of the sun away. The carriage is drawn by an elephant and in front of that there is a camel with an man in a cape and a hood. He looks around himself and se four other people in addition to the first man, all poorly dressed in rags that only covers their private parts at the most. “- Who are you?” “- Well we don’t really know that. We all waked up here in this carriage and we can’t remember who we are.” “- What do you remember?” He tries to remember something, but his head is all fuzzy. He tries to concentrate and remember something, but the more he concentrate the more some kind of buzz increases in his ears and he feels a pain in his head. He stops and feel more tired than before. “- We don’t know our names, but we got nicknames. I’m called Pointy, because of my point ears of course. The man to your left is Hammer” She points to a man with a black mohawk type hairstyle. ("Hammer") “- The man besides him is Left eye” She points at a man with black hair and moustache and a patch over his right eye. ("Left Eye") “- And I am called Right eye” “- And I’m Hooves. And we agreed to call you Z” “- Why do you call med Z?” “- Well, that’s simple”. You got a Z type birthmark by your dragon tattoo” she points at his arm. Z looks down on his upper arm and se a big tattoo of an dragon on his arm. He looks at his other arm and se some kind of wound, or a mark och brand like the ones used for cattle on his other arm. Z looks up and sees that the other males in the carriage has the same, but not Pointy. Then he sees that all of the males also have a metal cuff on their right arms. “- What’s this” Z hold his arm up and shakes the cuff. “- We all go that so the slave trader can chain us together” Left eye points towards the man at the camel in front of the caravan. “- Slave trader?” Z asks out loud “- SHUT UP BACK THERE!” a man in the front of the carriage yells at them. “- Yes, he is going to sell us we think” she says with a sad face…... Z and his crew Next Chapter
  8. The shire of Zamorah spands true a wast valley with the Mitgardian mountains to the north, in the east and in the west there is offshoots of the mountain going south. This surrounds the shire like a horse shoe. To the south there is rolling green landscape with farmlands and forest along the river going south. At the mountain ridge on the west border of Zamorah shire stands the twin towers of Anc' Dam. Old watchtowers built in ancient times long before Zamorah was there. In the old library at The Royal Cartographer's Guild of Albion there is an ancient script roll that tells of long forgotten times when a race, not much different from the orchs roamed these lands. The script roll tells of two twin towers built by this orchlike race. The twin towers stands on either side of a ravine in the western mountain ridge. The ravine has always been a natural way to cross the mountain offshoot. When Zamorah was built and the shire expanded this was a good place to fortify. A bridge was built between the towers and a fortified gate was built at the bottom of the ravine making it much harder to enter the Zamorah valley. The ravine and the gate The bridge then made the western mountain ridge one of the most popular ways to get up into the Mitgardia mountains. The bridge is therefore a heavily guarded tollgate between Mitgardia and Avalonia. A good income for Zamorah and a great way of controlling the traffic between the guilds. The guarded tollgate on top of the mountain ridge View from the north of the twin towers of Anc' Dam Location The twin towers and the western gate is located in the west of Zamorah Location of the western gate in my micro scale MOC of Zamorah Shot of the western gate from my micro scale MOC of Zamorah
  9. Zilmrud

    Wyvernstone Village

    This is the Village of Wyvernstone outside the city of Zamorah. For a long long time this was the only settlement people of Avalonia knew about at this located. But after the dome of concealment was lifted the little village now is just a little part af the great shire of Zamorah. This part is the centre of the village, with the well as a natural place to meet other villagers. It´s also full of merchants, craftsmen and stores that provide services to the villagers and also to travelers from all of Historica The Wyvernstone Village The Village of Wyvernstone is located at the foot of the big mountain of Zamorah: Wyvernstone is located just outside of Zamorah Buildings in this part of the village In this part of the village there is a stable, a houses with different shops and businesses and also some households. People in Wyvernstone By the well there is a natural place for gatherings. And travelers from all around comes to tell stories and news from all of Historica. ...or to meet new acquaintances... .. .or to shop. People from all around historica comes to the village to trade, fill up their inventories. Merchants, Craftsmen and shops In this part of the village there is merchants, craftsmen and stores that provide services to the villagers and also to travelers from all of Historica. This is a few of the villages services: Stables: Farrier: Blacksmith: Bakery: Astronomer: Cooper: Cheesemaker: Armourer:
  10. Zilmrud

    Miller's Gardens

    Along the road to the mountain city of Zamorah, Mr and Mrs Miller have their cottage. The grounds have been in the family for generations. The head of the family, Zancibar Miller, is a miller, just as all the other men in his family have been as far back as anyone can remember. When Zancibar was young and adventurous (and as convinced as any young man that he would never follow in his fathers footsteps...), he traveled around Avalonia in search of the meaning of life. In his travels he met his wife, an elven Herbalist named Ëlandriel. Zancibar Miller Ëlandriel Miller When they wed and got their first daughter, Zancibar felt a strong urge to move back and take over the mill after his father. The young family did just that, and as time passed, the family grew. They are now a big family, with three kids that all help with the chores. Ëlandriel has a big garden where she grows all kinds of exotic and rare plants and herbs for her potion making. Their oldest son, Bertil, helps in the garden and in the mill. Their youngest son Emil is a little rascal that spends most of his days doing all kinds of mischievous things... Ëlandriel's garden with herbs and plants Ëlandriel Miller selling potions to travelers Bertil Miller helping collect herbs Emil Miller fishing in the river Their oldest daughter Catzy has her own carrier-pigeon breeding and messaging service. Catzy Miller and her carrier-pigeon business The cottage is located right beside one of the big roads leading to Zamorah, and the many travelers that pass their home provide the family’s businesses with regular income. Ëlandriel Miller waiting by the road to greet travelers Zancibar Miller hauling a bag of seeds to the upper floor Waterfall that powers the water wheel The main road also serves as one of the patrolling routes for the soldiers from Zamorah, which is good for keeping the business safe from robbers and outlaws. Troops from Zamorah patrolling the road Troops from Zamorah patrolling the road
  11. After the death of Zamorah’s ruler, Zull af Drachen, The Aurum Order took over the power in Zamorah. They decided that Historica should be aware of the hidden city. So the mages lifted the dome of concealment and the city was there for everyone to see. The war was over and The Aurum Order saw a chance to find new ways of trade with Historica. But after some time there were rumours coming from other parts of Avalonia, Mitgardia and Kaliphlin about dark creatures and a rising threat. The citizens of Zamorah was talking about these new rumours and the word spread like wildfire in the city. The Aurum Order felt the concern from the citizens and gave the order to reinforce the walls of Zamorah, starting with the eastern walls. The walls of the mountain city Zamorah Zamorah is on top of a mountain and the only way to access it is by air or via lifts from the docks in the caves under the mountain. The walls around the mountain city is already high and only a small strip of land is outside the walls. To strengthen the wall armoured plates of Aurumium, the strong and gold coloured metall of Zamorah, is being mounted on the outside of the wall. The plates is made in pyramide shapes to avert incoming projectiles and to distribute the force of the impact. To reinforce the defence of the wall big ballistas is built to fight of enemy dragons and other big flying threats. And to fight of any enemies that may land outside the walls the walls is fitted with outlets for spraying Dragonbreath, a highly flammable liquid, on the enemies. The ballistas fights of dragons Outlets that spray "Dragonbreath" on enemies on the ground To get the work done properly two members of The Aurum Order, a elven mage and a druid, were sent out to monitor the work. The wall had to withstand fire from dragons and trebuchet projectiles and also bombardment of magic spells. An elven mage (elves is Flesh in my MOCs) and a human Druid helps the builders To insure that the workers were safe during the work outside the wall archers from the elite force called Guardians of Zamorah. Elite archers protect the workers ...and also Elite swordsmen Do you want to learn more of Zamorah, Check this out: City of Zamorah, The hidden city in Avalonia Extra pictures: ] Here you can see more pictures of the MOC: [Flickr] Building the Scene It’s nice to be back building on GoH again. I have been away from Lego since October. And now when I got my first Lego Room I felt a urge to build again. But first I concentrated on other projects. So now I’m planing to build more GoH. When the challenge came I got a vision of the build at ones. The thing is that I had a thought of building a smaller scene like this to show reinforcement of the walls when I wrote the first post of Zamorah, But i didn’t have the time for it then. The walls is only walls to protect the city behind, therefore there is not so many openings, windows or other apertures. The city inside of the walls is not in this scene. The Ballistas was made with JK Brickworks Ballista as an inspiration. It was at first made to work with the tension in the pearl gold pieces, not as good as the string version that JK did. But I was getting tired of it, and it was only built for the pics anyway, so i didn’t do the wind up construction. The walls is made mostly of 1x2 plates and 1x2 jumper plates. A technique that @ZlatanXVIGustaf showed me. The MOC is L-shaped and got some overhang on the plateau compared with the actual footprint at the bottom. It’s also rounded on the plateau edges. So to be absolutely sure of the size of the MOC I counted the studs. The total area of the MOCs upper plate is 3243 studs. Not counting a bit overhang with the leaves on the tree. So it’s within the range of 4096 studs (64x64) even if you also count the leaves overhang. …. Next time I’ll build a square one I hope you like it, be free to comment but be kind ;)
  12. It had been a good day the market. Many new exotic fruits and clothing were for sale and other new goods from the faraway Varlyrio . Angus and Lilly were going home from the market, happy now when Avalonia was in peace and flourishing as never before. It was good times. The streets of Zamorah were almost empty when everyone was at the market. Outside the family house they met Lilly's older brother Lars, he worked as a cartographer in Albion and were always out on missions in far away lands, making maps of unknown territories. Lilly: "Hi, Lars! How are you?" Lars was in a hurry but turned around to greet his sister and brother in-law: "Hi, Lilly and Angus." Lilly: "How are you? It's been awhile!" Lars: "It's fine, it's fine." Angus: "Well, we know you better than that Lars. You look stressed out and worried. Has anything happened?" Lars: "I'm in a hurry. I have to go to Albion before dark. I just made a quick stop to say hi to mother." Lilly: "Where have you been? What interesting things have you seen at your travels? You know I love your stories!" Lilly tried another tactic. Lars lowered his shoulders and sighed deeply: "Well, something troubling has been told to me by a traveler in the mountains in eastern Mitgardia. News that have to be forwarded to the Guild leader in Albion. If I tell you this, you have to keep it to yourself!" Lilly: "Ofcourse Lars, you know we can keep a secret" Lars: "Well, this traveler came storming in to the Tavern were I was sitting eating dinner. He looked totally freaked out and were mumbling about demons, evil creatures and the death himself walking among us. I invited him to the table and asked what was worrying him." Traveler: "They are back! The demons of Nocturnus. They are here among us already. I've seen them myself!" Lars: "Take it easy friend, here you got some mead. Now tell me what you have seen." The traveler took a deep sip of mead, then said: "I was walking in the Castaway pass north of here when I heard a loud crack to the right of me. I was afraid and hide behind a big rock. When I looked up I saw a bright light and a ring of fire appeared out of nothing in the rock wall. The ring expanded to about 14 feets wide, burning and a great heat radiated out from it and melted the show around it. Then out from the fire black figures stepped out into the snow instantly melting under there feets. First came some demon-like creatures walked out and after it came some winged beast with a even more terrifying demon riding it…. After that I can't remember anything. I think I maybe passed out or something. When I waked up they were gone. And there were not any trace of them. I know I saw it! I'm not crazy!" The traveler drank all of the mead in the cup. Then his eyes widened: "We all have to flee, they are coming! Noctornus is rising!!" The he stood up and ran out from the tavern with fear in his eyes. Lars: "Then I ate up and decided that I have to inform the Guild about this. So I took of directly and came here" Angus: "Well, that's… that's not good news!" Lars said in a not so convincing words: "I don't think you should be worried. It can be a crazy man's fantasies, but it's my duty to inform the Guild." Lilly' s eyes widened: "Can this be the reason The Aurum Order has ordered the city walls to be reinforced?" Angus: "We shall not draw any fast conclusions right now, we haven't heard anything of that." Lars: "Well, you should not go around walking about this. And take care of eachother. I really have to go. Have a good time and I hope we will soon see eachother again." Lars kissed his sister cheek and hurried away down the street.
  13. Book III - Challenge I: Together we'll build our future The lands of Avalonia is in ruins after the wars. Farms and whole villages have been burnt to the ground and many Avalonians is without home and occupation. In this times of peace the soldiers of Zamorah is sent out to help the Avalonians rebuild their lifes. Edda and William lost their crops when the enemy burt their fields and their farm. And when the messanger came with the news that their son died in battle they felt as their lifes were over. But the soldiers of Zamorah came to their aid helping them rebuild their house again. More pics on Flickr
  14. Zamorah - The hidden city The city of Zamorah is located on top of a high mountain. It's located in the north of Avalonia at the border to Mitgardia by the river. The city is predominantly populated by humans, elfs, dwarves and fauns. For many hundreds of years, The Aurum Order has ruled Zamorah with an ancient family of men named af Drachen as their leaders. Surrounding the mountain are larger land areas belonging to the city. For the most part, the lands are covered with farms, livestock farmers and smaller villages. All of it suppling the city with food. Zamorah is now looking for new trading partners to promote their exclusive products of Aurumium as well as dragon eggs and dragons. The history of Zamorah The legend says, that an older druid and his wife found a solitary mountain peak when the druid searched for a place of total privacy to immerse himself in the secrets of the druids. At the top of the mountain he settled and called the place Zamorah, after his wife. After years of studying and meditating, the druid felt a disturbance in his surroundings. A weak disturbance that slowly increased in his consciousness until he could not think of anything else. To find the source of the disturbance, he climbed down the mountain top. On his way down the mountain he got lost and ended up in a cave. As he entered the darkness of the cave, a buzz began to build up in his ears and he felt a strong force in the darkness. In the dim light, he noticed a shimmering in the cave's rear wall – a beautiful precious metal with a strong elemental power. The druid rushed back up the mountain, picked up a sledgehammer and chisel and climbed back down to the cave. After many days of hacking, and many tools broken, he finally loosened a piece of metal from the wall. He rushed back up and examined the metal. It was breathtakingly beautiful with a color like gold, but was much harder. He tried to work the metal for days but was unable to make even the slightest mark on it, or affect it in any way. Despite his – in his own opinion – extensive knowledge of alchemy, he failed to process it. He wrote letters to three of his most trustworthy friends and sent it with his owl – the elf druid called Sintrimi in The Enchanted Forest, the dwarf metallurgist named Aldur in the Mitgardia's mines and the human mage named Primus from southern Avalonia. They heard the call and came to his aid on the mountain peak. After several months of examining and testing the metal, they found that an extreme heat was required to affect the metal. A heat that could only be induced by dragon breath. The druid went out and searched for dragons in the Nocturnus mountain range. When he finally found one, he used his zoolinguistic skills to communicate with the dragon. The dragon agreed to help – if they could pay with a big fat ox for dinner. With the help of the dragon the druids were able to get the metal hot enough to process it like regular steel. After the metal had cooled though, they realized it as hard as steel and looked like precious gold. They named the new found metal Aurumium. The druid and his friends quickly understood that this new metal was very valuable and that they had to keep it a secret. They formed a covenant and agreed to keep their knowledge a secret from the outside world, not sharing their knowledge until the last piece of the metal was mined. Thus, the Aurum Order was formed. The druid and his heirs would stand as rulers over Zamorah along with the other members of The Aurum Order, consisting of descendants of the elf, the dwarf and the human mage. In order to continue melting and working the metal, a long-term collaboration between druids and dragons began in Zamorah. The Aurum order vowing to give the dragons protection and food in exchange for heating the ovens. So more and more dragons settled in caves in the mountain and made it their home for generations to come. Centuries passed as Zamorah and its population grew into a large town on the mountain top, while the mountain beneath it was slowly eroding when mining for the precious metal continued. To protect themselves from the outside world, mages were given the task of creating and holding a large protective magic dome around the entire mountain. The dome protected the mountain and the city from the eyes of Historicas inhabitants. Only those who had been invited by The Aurum Order could see the mountain and its town. For all others, it was completely invisible. The spell also ensured that those who had been invited, could not tell anyone else that Zamorah existed. Even under torture, one could not get information about its whereabouts. Some had heard stories about an old hidden city, but since its location and name was unknown, it was said to be a myth. From the Aurumium, the inhabitants of Zamorah made exclusive weapons, armor and other items which they then sold to a few of the richest people in Historica. When mining Aurumium, they also found other metals and gems that allowed them to trade with others in Historica. Revenues made Zamorah and The Aurum Order very rich. The long cooperation with the dragons resulted in a good connection between the druids and the dragons. Over time, a unique language developed. Dragon riders were trained and special dragons were bred for the riders as transportation and to protect the lands. The riders and dragons created a very strong bond with each other. Over time, the other residents of Zamorah and the dragons also learned to have simple communication. Dragon eggs and specially bred dragons were also sold to some of the richest in Historica. However, they are very unusual. In order to protect themselves against intruders the walls of Zamorah were fortified and strengthened with Aurumium. As a resultat of this, the whole city is shining on top of the mountain. Zamorah has also got heavily armed knights and dragon riders to protect the city if anyone were to accidently stumble across it. In order to prevent such a thing occurring, access to the city was very limited. The only way to get up to the city is by water to reach the port inside the hollow mountain. From there, a lift can take invited guests from the port to the top. These lifts can be pulled at risk of attacks or intrusion. Aside from the lifts, the only way to get to the city is by air. Something that few outside of Zamorah are able to venture. Present day Prologue - The Throne of Zamorah After decades of mining Aurumium, the entire mountain has been carved out and the Aurumium deposits in the mountain is nearly depleted. When the aging ruler Druid Zull of Drachen lay on his death bed, his only son – and heir to the throne – suffered a terrible accident. A mining tunnel collapsed over him and his two companions during a routine inspection in the mines. When their bodies were found, they were so badly injured that they could not be properly identified. Only one survived the accident and could tell what happened. Just before Zull of Drachen passed away he decided that the ruling of Zamorah would be handed over to The Aurum Order, as no heir was present. Shortly thereafter, the Aurum Order decided to release the ancient secret of Zamorah. Because the Aurumium deposits were nearing depletion, the city needed find ways to support its inhabitants and seek up new markets for the remaining weapons, armor and other merchandise of the processed Aurumium, as well as dragons and dragon eggs. The time to make themselves known was now, given that the war in the East had ended and Queen Ylspeth had just opened up for new trading opportunities in Varlyrio. So in order to increase trade, Zamorah has now finally lowered its protective dome so that it can be seen and known to all. Where is Zamorah? On these maps you can se the location of Zamorah. Places in Zamorah Streets of Zamorah The Walls of Zamorah The village of Wyvernstone The Western Gate The Miller's Gardens A typical little farm Barrunda Manor Farmlands - Harvesting time Small farm with cyclops Task 1-6 Avalonia The city of Zamorah has appered on the map. And Parzival af Drachen (my sigfig) has started his adventure. So here I will collect the different Avalonian Tasks in one place. I will update the tasks as I finish them. TASK 1 - Soldiers of Zamorah Zamorah has got special trained guardians called Guardians of Zamorah. They have been choosen at a early age to live a life in celibate and practiced cobat art and warfare. They are a elite force trained to defend Zamorah Zamorah has also got regular troops in case of war. TASK 2 - The crew of Lord Parzival Chapter I - Slaves in Kaliphlin In the begining of the story Parzival and his friends wake up with memory loss and as slaves for sale in Kaliphlin. Read the first part of the chapter 1 Here In the picture: Right eye (man, thief) / Hammer (man, paladin) / Z (first name Parzival, half-elf, druid) / Pointy (elv, rouge) / Hooves (faun, mage) / Left eye (man, warrior) Chapter II - Travel to the north (Kaliphlin) Parzival and his crew in Kaliphlin on their journey north. Read the first part of the chapter 2 Here In the picture: Hammer (man, paladin) / Z (first name Parzival, half-elf, druid) / Pointy (elv, rouge) / Hooves (faun, mage) Chapter X - XXXX (in avalonia) Parzival and his crew on quests in Avalonia In the pictures: Hammer (man, paladin) / Z (first name Parzival, half-elf, druid) / Pointy (elv, rouge) / Hooves (faun, mage) Chapter X - The Lord of Zamorah Returns Parzival af Drachen and his crew resturns to Zamorah in Avalonia In the picture: Xxxxx (man, paladin) / Parzival af Drachen, half-elf, druid) / Xxxxx (elv, rouge) / Xxxxx (faun, mage) TASK 3 - Describe your Territory The city of Zamorah is located on top of a high mountain. It's located in the north of Avalonia at the border to Mitgardia by the river. The city is predominantly populated by humans, elfs, dwarves and fauns. For many hundreds of years, The Aurum Order has ruled Zamorah with an ancient family of men named af Drachen as their leaders. Surrounding the mountain are larger land areas belonging to the city. For the most part, the lands are covered with farms, livestock farmers and smaller villages. All of it suppling the city with food. The mountain under Zamorah is also polulated by Dragons. They live in coevolution with the druids and dragon riders of Zamorah. TASK 4 - HSS Current status of Zamorah = City Read more here TASK 5 - Stronghold As a start I will post the micro scale build of Zamorah. Maybe I will build something bigger later. Task 6 - Brand of trade Zamorah have two different Brand of trade that is specific for Zamorah. First it is the weapon and armor and other merchandise made of the valuable metal Aurumium. Read more about Aurumium and Zamorah here. Here is a tradesman and armorer that crafts and sell high quality armor in the Wyvernstone Village More of Zamorah Read TBB blogg about the build: If you want to explore the MOC, go to my Flickr page. There you will find more pics and details, like this display version of the castle