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  1. Terryoleary

    Tour of my Lego City

    Yeah I'm interested to see this new road system.
  2. Terryoleary

    Lego City Planning approach

    Sounds good @Brandon Pea any photos?
  3. Terryoleary

    What magazines do you read?

    Thanks for the tips guys, not heard of some of these ones.
  4. Terryoleary

    Old Trafford Set

    thanks @JintaiZ
  5. Terryoleary

    How do you use Bricklink Wanted lists

    yeah good tip @MAB its scary how pricey some sticker sheets are.
  6. Terryoleary

    Lego Ideas Grand Piano

    Thanks @MABfor pointing the thread out - i missed it.
  7. Terryoleary

    5 additions to street scenery

    Thanks all, glad they've provided some inspiration :)
  8. Terryoleary

    [MOC] Train Station Modular

    Thank you @LegoWolf for the comments and the model in the first place, it was very kind to make instructions available for free and as the first MOC I ever built it was a great experience. Glad you had some further traffic too. I've a bunch of videos on my channel covering specific buildings and over time hope to add further town focused videos so do keep an eye out. Have you any further MOCs? love to see any other designs you come up with.
  9. Terryoleary

    Tour of my Lego City

    Thanks for the comments guys. @JintaiZ - the parts took a while but I got the parts list and instructions over at Rebrickable. I've also a video review of it in more detail on my channel if you want a closer look @Vindicare yeah the curved roads are troublesome especially as you can't get any nice angled tiles to do a nice smooth curve. I wonder if a new road system would fix that?
  10. Terryoleary

    Lego Bus Stop build

    Thanks guys glad you like it, got quite a few doted around my city now.
  11. I prepared a two part series on Bricklink's Studio app for those interested in trying the app for the first time, this video just introduces the interface, second video out soon will walkthrough building and generating instructions. Hope its helpful for some.
  12. Terryoleary

    Tour of my Lego City

    Hey guys, did a video of my Lego city, be great to see others for inspiration
  13. Terryoleary

    [MOC] Train Station Modular

    Couple of people had some issues with the download link too so I've updated the description with an alternative link if thats the case.
  14. Terryoleary

    [MOC] Train Station Modular

    Hey did a video of a Lego Train station Modular MOC in my town
  15. Terryoleary

    5 additions to street scenery

    Captured 5 mini builds that can add some detail to your Lego city