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  1. Congratulations on a well-deserved win! I can't unsee this now!
  2. Pdaitabird

    [moc] URR/DM&IR 0-10-2 "Union"

    Great job getting all the funky angles to work!
  3. Pdaitabird

    Eurobricks Freezing on Mobile?

    @Captain Dee Thanks for the input, that sounds pretty much like my issue. I tried your suggestion of closing and reopening, and it does seem to work.
  4. For 10-coupled engines, I can't say as I've never built one. For an 0-8-0, the center of gravity (CoG) will determine whether to lead with a blind or flanged driver. You want the CoG to be between the flanged drivers as the outermost pair of blind drivers will hang off the rails on curves. This prevents tipping up if the engine is heavier at one end. Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to determine the weight distribution in LDD.
  5. Pdaitabird

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    I don't know about the European species, but whitetail bucks shed their antlers in late winter and grow new ones over the summer...so an antlerless deer mold would be useful not only for does, but also bucks for half the year! I could see a lute as an accessory in a future CMF series...let's hope the smithy sells well enough to encourage more Medieval stuff in general!
  6. I've recently noticed the site seems to freeze if I have a topic open for more than a few seconds without scrolling. It only happens on Eurobricks forum topics, not on other websites. I wonder if any of you have had the same issue or if it's just my phone's very out-of-date OS.
  7. Pdaitabird

    Look at this crazy thing.

    If that thing had been built anywhere else, I'd call it hopelessly overcomplicated. Given the reputation of Teutonic machinists for stubborn perfectionism, I bet it worked flawlessly. Thanks for sharing this!
  8. Pdaitabird

    [moc] Stirling Single 4-2-2

    Nice work. That transition between cylinders and smokebox looks really good.
  9. Pdaitabird

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    Looks like a nice build so far! I like the trees and rockwork. (And look at you, flexing on us with two goats!)
  10. Pdaitabird

    My recent Amtrak MOCs

    True, but as my one-handed grandfather used to say, safety is overrated!
  11. Pdaitabird

    My recent Amtrak MOCs

    True - I don't understand why they don't produce something that looks like an F7 but with modern technology inside. It could bring at least a little of the glamour back to passenger service. Anyway, these are really nice models, @zephyr1934! The curved car bodies are just brilliant.
  12. Pdaitabird

    Help! Swivel plate curved walls

    Let n = the number of segments to make a complete circle. Let x = the angle in degrees between each segment. Then x = 360 / n (assuming you want equal angles between all segments).
  13. Pdaitabird

    My first MOC

    That's excellent! The landscaping and birch trees are really well built, and that's some nice part use with the droid arms for the fence!
  14. Pdaitabird

    Razor Crest 1:150...ish

    Nice! I think small-scale ships like this are more impressive than larger models because of the creativity required to get details right. Excellent work!
  15. That's awesome! The interior is really nice, as well as the landscaping. Well done!