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  1. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] Boston & Maine T1-b Berkshire 2-8-4

    He's back! And with another fantastic locomotive!
  2. Neat concept of a large vessel with multiple cultures aboard - almost like a CIS Babylon-5! The mini fighter is also nice.
  3. Pdaitabird

    [How to:] Fix frayed wire on Lego 9v track connector

    Thanks for posting this! I just unpacked my old 9v gear, and it's starting to get frayed, so I'll have to do this eventually.
  4. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] MECH 3-E "Kodiak"

    Wow! I'm not really a fan of mechs in general, but this is impressive!
  5. Pdaitabird

    Ideas for freight locomotive to complement 4559

    Among all the historical and present-day locomotives, there are a few futuristic looking engines in the Eurobricks Train MOC index here. May not be what you're looking for, but it might help.
  6. Pdaitabird

    Stopping a train at an exact spot

    Which system do you use? The answer may be different depending on whether you run 12v, 9v, PF, PU, etc.
  7. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] Simple Trackside Decoupler

    Thanks! Although I haven't tried it, you could probably mount the whole assembly on wheels to roll on a narrow-gauge track beside the mainline.
  8. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] Simple Trackside Decoupler

    Here is a video of the decoupler in action. My apologies for the shaky camera - I'm trying to film and run the 9v controller at once! Soli Deo Gloria
  9. I wanted to share this simple decoupler with the community. The advantage of this type of decoupler is that it actually separates the magnets rather than just holding back a car by its wheel, so there is no chance of the train separating in the wrong place. Mine is activated by a hand crank, but the output shaft could easily be connected to a motor. The photos should give you a pretty good idea of how to build the mechanism. I hope others can make use of it! IMG_0649 by the chestertonian, on Flickr IMG_0650 by the chestertonian, on Flickr IMG_0651 by the chestertonian, on Flickr IMG_0644 by the chestertonian, on Flickr IMG_0647 by the chestertonian, on Flickr IMG_0648 by the chestertonian, on Flickr Soli Deo Gloria
  10. Pdaitabird

    Train Shed & Layout

    Nice layout! I really like the SNOT doors on the shed - you've given me some inspiration for the (much smaller) shed I've been planning.
  11. Pdaitabird

    A3 'Humorist' (Unspecific Pacific V3.0)

    What a beautiful engine! The tender looks great.
  12. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] Another midi x-wing

    Nice! I think your solution for the cockpit looks better than just using transparent bricks.
  13. Pdaitabird

    [COR WTC] Shot Tower, Mesabi Landing

    This shot tower looks really nice. The colors work well together, and there is enough architectural detailing to make it interesting without being overly complex. As an interesting aside, I've read that some companies are now experimenting with cubical and other shapes of shot - apparently it packs more tightly inside the shell!
  14. Pdaitabird

    TLG’s 2019 line up

    Well, I don't know anything about sales, but as far as my personal taste goes (which is, of course, the only thing TLG should consider when designing sets ) I agree with @3797 that City trains (and pretty much all modern diesel and electric engines) seem pretty uninteresting. At least they threw us a bone this year with a new Hogwarts Express - I'll take what I can get!