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  1. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] No. 111

    I just started Studio and opened this model in 55 seconds overall. In my experience, that compares favorably to the time it takes to start LDD and open a file.
  2. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] No. 111

    Thanks! I only took one photo of that particular engine when I was there, but another view angle and more information are on the museum's website here.
  3. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] No. 111

    No. 111 is a small 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive on display at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC. It was built by Alco in the 1920s and ended up moving coal around power plants before it was retired. IMG_0226 by the chestertonian, on Flickr I recently downloaded Studio 2.0 and thought this engine would make for a good experiment as my first project in the new program. I really like how it allows you to use custom parts like BBB wheels and shows the prices for each part. This 8-wide model would cost a little over $100 to build - not counting the BBB drivers! I was also surprised to see that the built-in POV-Ray rendering options are much faster than the settings I have used before. The Studio file is available here. Thanks for looking! 0-4-0ST-1 by the chestertonian, on Flickr 0-4-0ST-2 by the chestertonian, on Flickr Soli Deo Gloria
  4. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] PRR G5s 4-6-0

    Looking good - I like how you did the cab roof. Is that an opening hatch on top?
  5. Pdaitabird

    BR51-761-5 (Octrainber 2018)

    Fantastic locomotive! It's amazing how you've managed to build this masterpiece in such a short time for the contest!
  6. Nice vignette and very accurate to the movie scene. TLG should release something like this as a High Ground Battle Pack!
  7. Pdaitabird

    Narrow Gauge 0-4-0

    Sorry for bumping an old topic, but I finally bought the parts for a brick-built version of this locomotive (first ever Bricklink order)! I changed it from orange to black to save a few pennies. I think black also gives it more of an industrial shunter look. The model is surprisingly sturdy and holds together quite well. IMG_0569 by the chestertonian, on Flickr IMG_0570 by the chestertonian, on Flickr IMG_0571 by the chestertonian, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Soli Deo Gloria
  8. Pdaitabird

    NX-01 Enterprise

    Really nice detail in such a small scale!
  9. Pdaitabird

    9V-Era Steam Engine

    Thank you for the kind words, and feel free to rebuild, modify, and upgrade to your heart's content! I've added the link to the LDD file in the first post. The chimney uses this tire for the spark arrestor: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=30028#T=C And this piece for the lower part: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=75535#T=C (Along with some 1x1 round plates). I'd love to see pictures if you build it!
  10. Pdaitabird

    9V-Era Steam Engine

    Thanks for the feedback! My process for verifying that I have the right parts went something like this: 1. Hmm, I seem to remember having a few of part X... 2. Look on Bricklink to see which sets contain part X in a given color. 3. Count up the sets that I have containing part X and the quantity of part X in each set. 4. Use LDD's "Color and shape selection" tool to see how many of part X are in the model. It's a somewhat tedious process, but it's better than relying on memory alone! I've never uploaded a model to Bricklink before; thanks for the tip! (Although I started this design hoping not to spend any money!) The front truck currently uses a ball and socket joint, which I have used in an earlier brick-built version of the engine. It does tend to derail when going over points. I'll try your suggestion if I ever build this one! Thanks again for the kind advice!
  11. Pdaitabird

    9V-Era Steam Engine

    Since rediscovering LEGO, I've been astounded by the number of parts that didn't exist when my dark ages began, circa 2005. But I recently began to wonder, what kind of locomotive could have been built using parts that were available during the 9V-era? Or, more specifically, what could I build using only the parts that I already own? So, with some checking of Bricklink set inventories to verify that I have all the necessary parts, I came up with this: no new parts engine by the chestertonian, on Flickr I took advantage of the different appearance of the 9V motor's metal wheels to serve as drivers. The cab is 7-wide, and the running boards are 6-wide. The pilot wheels pivot to negotiate curves. no new parts engine-1 by the chestertonian, on Flickr This engine is roughly the same size as the only official LEGO steam engine I had, the My Own Train Large Black Locomotive With Tender. Here's a comparison shot. To this day I don't understand why TLG put green headlamps on that thing. no new parts engine-2 by the chestertonian, on Flickr And of course, the purpose of a locomotive is to pull a train. The passenger train below includes a dining car, sleeping car, and baggage car/guard's van. The red-and-white color scheme is a result of insufficient bricks in other colors. For some reason, the coaches' colors reminded me of Imperial Austria, which is why I gave the locomotive a vaguely Teutonic-looking tender. no new parts engine-3 by the chestertonian, on Flickr The .lxf file for the engine is available here: https://bricksafe.com/pages/Pdaitabird/9v-era-locomotive I may eventually build this train in real bricks...if I can bring myself to take apart all my other models. Thanks for looking! Soli Deo Gloria
  12. Pdaitabird

    MOC Tank engine locomotive - Knapsack style

    Really nice set of tank engines! The little details like the boiler piping and inset cab doors add to the realism a lot!
  13. Pdaitabird

    [MOC] Microscale Spaceship Fleet

    Looks good! I'm not familiar with the game, but I like how these ships each have their own features while still looking like they came from the same factory. In many ways, it's more challenging to build in microscale than in larger scales, and your fleet features some great part usage!
  14. Pdaitabird

    A quick comment on spam

    It's time we fight back: we should flood Korean dating websites with pictures of MOCs!
  15. Pdaitabird

    Thomas the Tank Engine and The Lego Group

    I can see it now...All new for 2019, LEGO presents a new theme: Terry the Tank Engine! Really, though, I think TLG's best option would be to produce some smaller steam engines and rolling stock loosely based on the original engine types that inspired the Railway Series. Example: an 0-6-0 "Terrier" tank engine, but with neither a face nor a proper name. (I wonder which of Lego's colors is the best match for Stroudley's Improved Engine Green?)