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Found 2 results

  1. This is a seaplane based off the 2008 Indiana Jones set 7628 (Peril In Peru), along with inspiration from 2000 Adventurers set 5935 (Island Hopper) thrown in for good measure. The idea behind this model is to depict a updated version of one of my favorite classic LEGO themes: "Adventurers". Anyway, this model has a story: Built in 1920 by Seaplane Solutions Incorporated for Aero-Sea Cargo Limited, a trans-Mediterranean shipping service headquartered in Alexandria, Egypt. Eventually, the main pilot (Harry Cane) realized what his usual cargo was: stolen Ancient Egyptian artifacts and sometimes even whole mummies in shipping crates. Knowing the Authorities would do nothing unless proof was given as to what was happening, Harry decided to fly his plane straight to the police with a stolen mummy inside. Needless to say, the police took the plane and the mummy and shut down Aero-Sea Cargo Limited. They tried to arrest the hook-handed owner, but he had fled the country. For his bravery, Harry got to keep the plane, and made a new friend: Johnny Thunder who was near the police station at the time of the arrests, looking for clues to a certain Ruby. Johnny went up to Mr. Cane and congratulated him, whereupon they became fast friends. The plane was not used in the search for the Re-Gou Ruby, but was used in the Dino Island fiasco in 1923, when it was piloted by journalist & accomplished pilot Pippin Reed, who latter went to work with Harry Cane and the Adventurers. The plane has a interior that seats eight people: 1 pilot and seven passengers, and the roof / wings can come off to seat mini-figures inside, as seen here. The rear of the plane makes use of a Toy Story 3 printed 2 x 4 tile for a registration number. Miss Pippin Reed (pilot) This former lead reporter for Adventurer Times was reporting on a Dr. Kilroy's 1920 discovery of a copy of the Book of the Dead when she met Johnny Thunder at a dig site near Cairo, Egypt. They have been good friends ever since, even though Ms. Reed happens to be an better aviator than Johnny. She currently is employed by Harry Cane as one of his best pilots. She usually files the Island Hopper on cargo runs in the Europe and Africa, but has known to take the plane as far away as the Pacific Ocean / Dino Island. Builders Notes: The 2008 Indiana Jones set features a DC-3 airplane and was set in 1957 (The year of Crystal Skull's plot). The colors were wrong for the Island Hopper, not to mention the design was wrong for a seaplane and the date was 30+ years after Johnny Thunder was around. (Here is the Brick-Link link for this set: http://www.bricklink...em.asp?S=7628-1 ) This is the original Island Hopper from 2000. (Brick-Link: http://www.bricklink...em.asp?S=5935-1 ) It was sorely out of date, and used "illegal" techniques for it's engine design. Seeing as both planes were out of date and had their fair share of bad points, I combined the two bad planes into one good one. I added a new tail to the DC-3, and redid the roof / windows. I then added a higher wing mount to it and put floats on the wings. The cockpit had to go, and seeing a better option in using new parts to achieve the same effect as the 5935 set's nose. This part solves the nose problem while keeping a nice vintage profile when combined with this part. EDIT 10/30/16: Added real life pictures of the completed model. I hope you all like them! EDIT 3/1/18: added newer real life pictures with the slimmed-down and more colorful version ,as seen in the newest pictures. Comments, Questions, and Complaints welcome!
  2. Before we begin this topic, here are some notes: -some of these builds have LDD files, most do not. -Most of these models should probably go in the Town forum, but they were built for Johnny's time period, so here they are. -I personally think that Johnny Thunder was mentioned to be set from about 1920 to 1924. Jake Raines from Pharoph's Quest was from 1922 (that is officially when it was, as stated by LEGO), so in my version Jake is a former student of Kilroy at the University where the good doctor taught until his untimely death in early 1925. (after Orient Expedition ended) Johnny & Jake met at the Kilroy's funeral, and eventually went adventuring along with Major Quentin Steele, who happens to be Lords Sam Sinister's old commander in World War 1. (Major Steele is from Monster Fighters, set around 1921.) With these points in mind, let's join Johnny and his friends in a never ending battle against the Sinister forces of evil... In the early 1920's, inquisitive minds and hardy souls, both good and evil, scour the corners of the Earth looking for lost civilizations and vast treasures. Some search for their own personal gain, or limitless power, others search for knowledge in a quest to preserve the past for the future. Good or evil they are known as... THE ADVENTURERS From left to right: THE BAD GUYS Senor Palomar Old friend of the Sinister family. He runs a vast South American artifact smuggling ring, as Sam Sinister's second in command. Alexis Sinister Sister of Lord Sam Sinister, evil, loves traps and weapons, secretly wants to turn Johnny Thunder evil. Lord Sam Sinister Arch enemy of Johnny Thunder, thief of lost treasures and great fortunes, plus is a mastermind of evil THE GOOD GUYS Johnny Thunder Australian explorer with a all- around can-do attitude. Always looking forward towards the future, but an eye on preserving the past. Miss Pippin Reed Former journalist, expert pilot, and a great friend to all in need. Jake Raines Hotheaded former pupil of Johnny Thunder's late friend, Dr. Charles Kilroy. Student of almost all sciences, but a firm believer in the supernatural. Major Quentin Steele English army officer turned monster hunter, tracker extraordinaire, and is a crack shot with any gun. Island Hopper (Pippin Reed's Seaplane) Built 2015 Inspired by set 5934, Island Hopper LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1417798403m.lxf Brick Railway Systems (BRS) Double Deck bus Built 2011 Inspired by set 4755, Knight Bus (first version) Ford Model AA truck Built 2011 Inspired by set 10222, Winter Village Post Office Military Fuel Tanker Built 2010 Modified from set 7683, Fight on the Flying Wing Gangster Sedan Built 2010 Modified from set 7682, Shanghai Chase 1922 Moon automobile Built 2012 Modified from a Carl Greatrix design. Green Island Racer Built 2014 Modified set 5920, Island Racer Originally created by my brother, Austin, later modified by me. Treasure Raider (Johnny Thunder's prized possession) Built 2014 Inspired by sets 7622, Race for the Stolen Treasure, and 5918, Scorpion Tracker LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1404178315m.lxf Ogel Mark III (Sam Sinister's personal automobile) Built 2014 Originally built by Tom.Netherton1 Mercedes-Benz SSK 'Count Trossi'. I (heavily) modified it into the car seen above. LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1418163286m.lxf Black Island Racer Built 2014 Modified set 5920, Island Racer That about does it for my Adventurers models.... (for now) Remember, comments are always welcome! EDIT: If Modern vehicles are more your thing, check out my Town forum post here: