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Found 13 results

  1. Adventurers. The theme that brought us the man, myth, minifig Johnny Thunder and his fellow explorers and treasure seekers; friend and foe alike, has reached is 25th year. A Silver Jubilee. To celebrate this cornerstone theme of Action and Adventure a major contest has arrived. There are three exciting categories to this contest and you can enter all three right up until the closing date on the 18th of August at midnight GMT, members who have joined even minutes ahead of the deadline are welcome to enter. Category A - Great Adventure: Build an adventure on a maximum 48x48 footprint. This can be an epic rebuild of an old set, a new location in a past adventure or a whole new challenge for Johnny Thunder and friends. Treasures, rivals, monsters and ruins; even after 25 years, the Adventurers are ready! While original figures or the obvious callback minifigs from more recent themes are not necessary, the figures at least have to be recognisable as Johnny Thunder and co. The prize up for Grabs is 150 Euro to spend on LEGO sets on the LEGO online shop. Category B - From the office of...: On a maximum footprint of 32x32 create the home work environment of the classic Johnny Thunder characters. From Doctor Charles Lightning's study to the Library at Sinister Mansion, everyone has a space to prepare for future adventure. As with the main category, the figures have to be recognisable as the Adventurer characters as best as possible. The prize up for Grabs is 100 Euro to spend on LEGO sets on the LEGO online shop. Category C - Ride to Adventure: Some form of vehicle for an adventurer. From All terrain truck to Dog Sled, an adventurer has to get to their goal. This one allows for Digital Entries and figures that don't have to be Adventurer theme characters. The prize up for Grabs is 50 Euro to spend on LEGO sets on the LEGO online shop Rules - No clone brands but custom figure parts/prints are acceptable. Digital entries are only accepted for the Ride to Adventure category. This must be a new MOC or otherwise significantly different to previously posted builds- For example, a nice statue build already shared can form an element of the new MOC, likewise a desk/bookshelf design. As long as it is not the main or largest part of the contest entry, recycling is allowed within reason. If a vehicle is present as part of the larger categories, it cannot be entered into the Ride to Adventure category. The Great Adventure and From the Office of builds do not have to be assembled onto a baseplate, but must demonstrably be within the stipulated footprint. A scale shot has to be included extra to the entry photos that shows the footprint (ruler, plates, outline. Anything that can be used to prove the MOC sits within the required footprint for the category). Reasonable overhang is limited to incidental points no more than 4 studs over the boundary. A tree branch, flagpole or other small features. Hight limit can be defined if it must, but for now it simply has to be a stable build that does not topple. Entries are to be posted in their own thread with up to three photos to showcase the MOC, not inclusive of the scale photo if required. Further photos can be shared in the MOC thread, indicated to be extra to the chosen entry pictures. A link for the thread must then be shared in the respective Category threads in order to be considered for the contest. Entries posted until 0:00 on 18/08/2023 will be eligible to enter. Any further questions can be asked in this thread and if pertinent will be added below this line. Category A Entry Thread Category B Entry Thread Category C Entry Thread
  2. nerdsforprez

    Size of photos allowed

    Okay, we all know the size rule of photos. No larger than 1000 in any dimension. It has been a long time since I fiddled with photos, and camera/phones these days take huge photos. So in resizing some photos I took of a build I recently did I noticed a decrease in quality. I am not using anything fancy. I have tried various photos apps in my phone, various microsoft apps, etc. All decrease the photo quality. Does it matter what software you use to resize images? I tried also the built-in features in Flickr and I saw the same results. I have used GIMP in the past, but not recently. I did not notice such decrease in quality in GIMP. Should I download GIMP again? Is it necessary to use some high-powered, or at least with more power, software to down-size images so as to not lose quality? Took quite some time and effort to get good quality phots, I would hate to lose some quality.
  3. Hi everybody, I share with you my lates moc, a tribute to love. Hope you like it. Bye Teazza
  4. Hideouts As everyone knows, any real pirate needs a secret base from which to operate. A hidden cove, camouflaged anchorage, a giant sea cave hide-away, or similar. A place to refit and rest, enjoy good spirits and easy company, dock prizes, stow loot, sort their captured goods, and hold prisoners for ransom. In short, they need a true pirate Hideout! Such Hideouts can now be established in the Brick Seas, and these will allow Black Flag pirates a secret base to end their turn in while keeping their location secret from prying eyes and over-zealous port officials or tax collectors. General Rules A Hideout can be established on *any* island in Terra Nova Hideout locations are secret, only known to the owner and any who he/she wishes to tell (and the MRCA committee) Each player can have one (1) active hideout at any time (And the Sea Rat faction can have an additional two (2) Hideouts - see below) Players are welcome to cooperate and build up a network of hideouts for their black flaggers. If they trust their fellows enough to divulge the location of their hideout... Only Black Flag ships can dock at a hideout Only those knowing name and location of the Hideout can dock there Ships docking at a Hideout operate in secret and will not have their locations published in the KPA Ships docking at a Hideout are at the mercy of the Hideout owner and can be taken without a fight A Hideout can be abandoned at any time by the owner, by giving public notice Establishing a Hideout To establish a Hideout, you must post a MOC of the Hideout of minimum 32x32 (or equivalent). This build (or series of builds) should show the Hideout and its surroundings. Creativity is encouraged! A link to the Hideout must be posted in this thread with the date. The name of your Hideout may be published publicly, but keep password and location secret. You then decide on a location (island) for the hideout and a password, and send this in a pm to the MRCA committee (Currently @Bregir, @Capt Wolf, and @Captain Genaro) who will maintain a database on these. The name of the hideout have to be given as destination in the tMRCA form. You can submit your build as a freebuild with the freebuild form. Setting up a Hideout costs 300 dbs. Sea Rats are pirates by nature, and only need 150 dbs to establish a hideout. NB: The Sea Rat faction can have up to two (2) active Hideouts at any time. These are free and requires only a minimum 16x16 microbuild to activate. Discovering (and Destroying) a Hideout There are two ways in which a hideout can be discovered. Once discovered, the discoverer is free to use this information as he pleases. (You could extort the owner, ask for the rights to dock there, destroy the hideout, or whatever suits your fancy) By an Adventure! There are those who wish nothing good for the free of heart and loose morals. An aMRCA can target an island with the express intent of flushing out a Hideout. Once the first round GM rulings have been handled, if there is one or more Hideouts on that island, password and location of a random one will be revealed to the adventurer. By treachery or espionage. Anyone with the knowledge of password and location of the Hideout may betray it and reveal the Hideout to someone else, or decide to use the information himself. NB: A hideout will always be active the first 3 turns after establishment. (Unless dissolved by the owner) Anyone who discovers the password and location of a Hideout can destroy it. To destroy a Hideout, the discoverer must present a minimum 16x16 build showing some aspect of the discovery/destruction and publicly post the password and location of the hideout. Once the Hideout is closed down, the discoverer steals any the hidden treasures and receives d6x25 dbs and a chance to win a BoBS card. Once destroyed, all vessels in the Hideout must immediately leave (by the next MRCA turn). A word of advice - if you are a pirate and have taken a prize into your Hideout, it may be prudent to let a potential buyer take it over only after it has been sailed to a nearby "official" port. You do not to want to accidentally divulge the zone in which your Hideout is located! NB: These rules are subject to clarification and adjustment once they are play-tested. You will not lose your hideout, but may find some conditions being adjusted. NB: An example will be posted within a few days.
  5. Capt Wolf

    Era II Trade MRCA

    Trade MRCA form The old Monthly Raiding and Commerce Action (MRCA) from Era I is now called the Trade MRCA in Era II. It enables you to sail the seas -- alone or in groups -- to trade at various ports of call, escort friendly traders, patrol the seas for your enemies, or go prey on the innocent! THE BASICS Movement The Era II Trade MRCA map has some slight changes from Era I. This is the map as of November 617. See the current MRCA sign-up thread for an up-to-date map and table of settlement locations and trade values. In Era I a vessel had unlimited range. Now in Era II, with the new ship stats, a vessel may only travel through a number of zones up to its range rating + 1 (including starting and ending zones). So, for example, a ship with a range of 3 could travel from Nova Terelli (in zone 2) to Breshaun (in zone 10), but it could not reach ports in Corrington (in zone 9). A vessel with a range of 6 could sail from ports in Oleon (zone 14) all the way to Astrapi (zone 23), but could not reach Lavalette (zone 28). A ship with a range of 1 in Kings Port (zone 3) could only sail to Prinport (zone 4) or one of the settlements on the island of Nelissa, such as Nova Terreli or Pontelli (in zone 2). A ship with a range of 0 could only travel to ports in its own sea zone. NEW: Patrol/predator routes: When a trade ship enters its route in the web form, it is pretty straightforward. For example, a ship travelling from Arlinsport to Nova Terelli (with a range rating of at least 3) would enter "8,7,3,2" for the four zones it will travel through. A ship on a patrol or predator mission may want to end its trip at the same port it started. So, for example, a ship based in Bastion with a range rating of 4 that wants to hunt for prey near Astrapi and return home would enter "38,1,23,1,38". Note that it lists zones 1 and 38 twice because it passes through them twice. Furthermore, if that same ship wanted to hunt near Puerto Alijo, it could enter "38,1,1,1,38". The shorter distance to its target zone allows it to spend more time in the target zone rather than moving through other zones, and thus gives it a better chance of intercepting prey there. Starting and Stopping In the Era II Trade MRCA, a ship must start the next MRCA from the port it ended the previous MRCA. So, if a vessel sails from Breshaun to Astrapi in October, it must begin the November MRCA from Astrapi. For the first Trade MRCA we run with the new rules, ships can start anywhere. But after that first MRCA, the new starting location rules will apply. Ports of Call In Era I, the number of ports a ship could visit in a single MRCA were determined by its speed, and visiting 3 or even 4 ports was possible. Now a ship can only travel to one port each MRCA. Ships with a greater range stat will be able to reach ports farther away from their starting point than ships with a shorter range, but each ship will only be able to stop at one port. Dangers There are dangers to traveling across several sea zones. For each zone a ship enters, there is a small chance it will “sink.” If this occurs in a zone with settlements, the ship will try to head to the settlement. If there are multiple settlements, the ship will first attempt to arrive at a friendly, then neutral, and finally hostile settlement. If there are multiple settlements fitting the criteria, it will then arrive at the settlement with the largest trade value. If a ship sinks in a zone with no settlements, it will be lost. Convoys Trade ships and escorts may sail together in groups as before, as can pirate-hunting groups and faction navies, but now there are considerations for managing such large fleets. Ships may travel together in packs of up to 5 ships without restrictions. For larger fleets, specialized leaders are required. These leaders cost DBs and PIPs to employ for each MCRA they are active. -A commodore may command a group of 6-9 ships at a cost of 100 DBs and 100 PIPs per MRCA. -An admiral may command a group of 10-15 ships at a cost of 200 DBs and 200 PIPs per MRCA. -A national hero may command a fleet of 16-25 ships at a cost of 500 DBs and 500 PIPs per MRCA. NEW: Please post the name of the commander in this thread, along with a picture. Additionally, if you want to add a link to a vignette that tells us more about the commander or how he gained this assignment, even better! TRADE VALUES Trade values for settlements in the Brick Seas as of September 28, 617 (see the current MRCA sign-up thread for an up-to-date list): Settlement Faction Zone Trade value Acropolis OL 22 18 Aden CAR 5 54 Alexport PRI 29 32 Arlinsport COR 8 209 Astrapi OL 23 115 Bardo ESL 13 151 Baskers Island MAR 8 31 Bastion SR 38 163 Belson COR 9 272 Breshaun OL 10 487 Cecropia OL 24 41 Charlatan Bay SR 22 174 Dragonstone OL 1 18 Elizabethville COR 24 114 Eltina OL 10 166 Elysabethtown ESL 1 115 Fatu Hiva OL 35 80 Fortaleza Victoria ESL 32 5 Fuerte Unido ESL 32 148 Granoleon OL 14 272 Haven SR 21 23 Hojaroja ESL 32 33 Hussar’s Isle COR 22 9 Jameston COR 35 66 Kieg GAR 6 181 King’s Harbour COR 22 199 Kings Port TER 3 171 La Puebloto ESL 32 5 Lavalette OL 28 108 Londa MAR 5 181 Mehit ESL 32 5 Mesabi Landing COR 35 32 Montario ESL 2 92 Mooreton Bay COR 22 177 Moray’s Den SR 21 18 Myzectlan COR 35 52 New Haven COR 22 48 Nova Malto ESL 32 86 Nova Terreli ESL 2 448 Pontelli ESL 2 169 Port Raleigh COR 1 66 Port Woodhouse COR 35 44 Prinport GAR 4 204 Puerto Alijo ESL 1 5 Puerto Desafio ESL 32 96 Quinnsville COR 22 113 Rassilon SR 38 116 Salida Este ESL 23 99 Stedor ESL 6 91 Stormhaven COR 24 44 Takashii SR 38 18 Terreli ESL 6 272 Tortuga SR 32 63 Trador ESL 32 214 Weelond ESL 13 275 Westface TER 3 114 Windfall Island OL 28 9 TRADE SPECIFICS Various factors can now influence the payoff for a trade run. Oversupply A port can support cargo equal to 10% of its trade value. A port with a trade value of 300 can support a total of 30 incoming cargo points. For each cargo point over the port's limit, the trade value falls by a small amount. If enough cargo is delivered to a port in a given MRCA, the port’s effective trade value can be drastically reduced. Undersupply If the total cargo entering a port is less than 5% of its trade value, the port’s effective trade value is doubled. This mechanism is designed to reward smaller ships visiting smaller ports. Origin Rarity If the total cargo leaving a port is less than 10% of the port's trade value, the port of origin's effective trade value is increased for departing ships. For arriving ships, the trade value is unaffected. This is independent of over- or undersupply. Trade Earnings For calculating how many DBs a ship earns on a trade run, both its port of origin and its destination port are considered. Distance Modifier For each zone traveled, the ship’s MCRA trade income increases by a small amount. A ship that travels through four zones gets a bonus of twice that of a ship that travels through two zones. Arrival Modifier The first ship to arrive at a port each month gets a bonus to its trade run earnings. For each subsequent arrival the bonus is reduced. The modifier can go negative for ships arriving later than several other ships, but the effective trade value of the port will not dip below 75% of the port’s listed trade value. COMBAT Combat essentially happens as before. For those of you interested in some of the mechanics, and what effect your ship stats will have, see below. Interception As in Era I, players are required to specify which factions their ship will attack as well as how much stronger of an opponent they are willing to engage. The gamemaster will review which zones vessels travel through and will establish which fleets will attempt to engage one another. Weather Gauge Once an interception occurs, a D6 is rolled and added to the maneuver rating of the least maneuverable ship in a squadron. It is then compared to the results for the opposing squadron. The victor determines the battle method and, if their victory is sufficient, gets a slight bonus to their combat rolls. In case of a tie, the weather gauge goes to the defender. Battle Method There are three battle methods, line of battle (based on hull rating), guns (based on gun rating), and boarding (based on crew rating). The winner of the weather gauge uses the battle method most advantageous to them. Combat is comprised of three ranged engagements and up to two boarding actions. Boarding actions are based strictly on crew rating regardless of the original battle method. The first side to win three engagements is the victor. For each engagement, the applicable battle method rating (hull, gun, or crew) is summed for each ship in the squadron. A D10 is then added to the sum and compared against the result for the opposing squadron. The victor is the side with the higher value, and ties go to the defender. Results After the combat’s victor is determined, the fate of each individual ship is established. In most cases the victor’s ships are unharmed, although there is a small chance of damage requiring DBs to repair, or of a ship sinking even in victory. For the loser of the engagement, results include sinking, escape, damage, or capture.
  6. Adventure MRCA form MRCA II Adventure (incl. Expeditions and Exploration) Apart from the ordinary MRCA, in which you trade, patrol the seas, or go prey on the innocent, there is an alternative, the adventure MRCA! The adventure MRCA allows you a more story driven approach, but also requires more of you in the form of builds. (You can start your first adventure with any MRCA, but once you have started the first one you can only start a new one every 3 months, but only if you do not have any running adventures for which you are lead adventurer. They will have to be ended first. You can always join others in their Adventures.) The adventure MRCA allows you to go on a personal quest, to explore the world, seek treasures, find lost civilisations, make new allies, hunt down notorious pirates, arrange expeditions to unknown lands, or whatever your heart desires! During the course of your adventure, you will be faced with a number of choices and events from the gamemasters, which will affect the outcome. Some choices will require investment of influence points or dubloons, while others will be free. Similar to the other MRCA actions, you will receive a monetary reward for your efforts, and just like the other MRCA actions, you will face risks. Just like the regular MRCA, you wil need a vessel (or troops, if it is only a land adventure. You can also combine both), and just like the regular MRCA, you will incur upkeep, and of course, you can only use your vessel(or your troops) once every MRCA (Trade or adventure, or not at all, but not for both). Also note that troops used in the MRCA must be represented in a build, just like ships. (Does not need to be the full unit.) How it works First, the organiser (lead adventurer) must create a topic for the expedition with a build to kick off the mission (all following builds related to the adventure will be posted in this thread). Second, you (as lead adventurer) set up your mission with the Adventure MRCA set up form, and sign up the vessel(s) (and troops) for the mission. (For fleets more than 5 ships, the fleet rules apply) You may also bring along money, which may help you in your endeavours. (These will be deducted from the account of the lead adventurer, who will manage the treasury and profit of the expedition.) (NB: If you are continuing an existing adventure, some of the fields need not be filled again.) Depending on the resources committed, you will face different options (and challenges), and different levels of rewards. If you send a trade ship, you will be hard-pressed if under attack, while a warship will be unable to bring back much treasure. A rowboat might get you over dangerous shoals, but a Galleon will get you far across the seas. If you do not bring along money, bribes, purchases (supplies, mercenaries, etc.) and similar will not be possible. In short, stats matter. As the MRCA is rolled, you will recieve an outcome, and typically a choice of up to 4 different options. (In certain cases, the outcome might be secret, and you will receive it in a PM with only a headline or similar.) Break off mission If you do not wish to continue the adventure, or have reached your goal, you can break off the mission. Safe choice The prudent choice. Unlikely to lead to catastrophic failure, but also unlikely to yield significant success later. Risky choice Make a bold move, take a chance. As the name suggests, this will be be risky, but the possible rewards are large too. Well-planned choice Sometimes, taking the extra effort will allow you to combine the prudence of the safe choice, with the possible rewards of the risky choice. This comes with a cost, typically represented by an outlay in PIPs, higher building effort, or similar. Before you can cash in your reward, or progress to the next turn, you must post a MRCA build in the expedition topic continuing the story of the adventure, such as the outcome of the MRCA or making one of the options. If you continue your story, gamemasters will try to play along with the story you tell with your builds. It must be clear from the build what option you select. (All participants must submit a build each turn, and may take different options, although that may lead to very different outcomes, and the expedition being broken up) All builds related to an adventure is to be posted in a topic dedicated to that adventure (the expedition topic), rather than as separate topics. This is to make it easier for the gamemasters, and to help keep the story coherent. Each (MRCA) turn, each participant must submit a build for the mission. Otherwise, the story cannot progress, and you cannot cash in your reward. Rewards will go to the organiser, who may then divy them up. (If one participant does not submit a build, his contributions will be left out) Note: If your mission is one of exploration, you will need to do at least three consecutive missions to achieve successful outcome. And in any case, your vessels will need sufficient range and time to reach new lands, if there are any in the direction you are traveling. Most of all, though. you need persistence and good fortune. ___________________________________________________ MRCA II Adventure Setup form Lead adventurer: [Enter the Eurobricks name for the lead adventurer] Example 1: "Garmadon" Example 2: "Captain Genaro" Divergence: Wide/Narrow [Decide how far from your storyline the gamemasters can go. Pick narrow if you want a more straightforward experience, where your own story will progress faster. Pick wide if you are ready for an adventure] Link to Adventure topic: [Link to relevant topic in BoBS where all builds related to the adventure is posted] Adventure Selection: [Pick whether you are starting a new adventure or continuing an existing one.] Mission name: [Enter a name for your mission] Example 1: "Altonian Envoy" Example 2: "Northern Exploration" Route: [Write a description of the route, destination, or direction of your expedition. Where will it go?] Example 1: "Sailing from Terreli to the Altonian capital" Example 2: "North from Stormhaven" Purpose: [Write a story hook for the game masters to work with] Example 1: "Going to Altonia to discuss a trade-agreement" Example 2: "Explore the waters north of Stormhaven" Vessels: Troops: Commander: [If more than 5 vessels are joining in the expedition, normal fleet rules apply and you will need a commander. Put in his name.] Adventure treasury: [The amount of dbs taken along for the expedition. Please note that these may be lost partly or completely if the expedition goes awry! ] _____________________________________________ How the court will manage it: Entries to the adventure MRCA will be available in a public link (to all court members). Each month, a team of two court members sign up (preferably in advance) to game master the adventure MRCA's. Each mission will need a set of choices (general choices, to leave creative license) along the lines detailed above. Rewards should be balanced with the normal MRCA and depend on the choices made. The risk for adventure missions should be similar to the MRCA, but if the vessel is lost, it should happen in a way that the story can progress in some way. For exploration missions, monetary rewards should be rarer, as the discovery is a reward in itself. ___________________________________________ The end Question and comments in this thread are welcome. FAQ: Can my MRCA builds be licensed? If the build qualifies, it can be used as any other build. (property, build, duel, etc.) Can Trade Companies or Factions go on or contribute to adventures? Yes, but the same rules apply that a build must be submitted for the faction or TC. I'm a little short on time but would like to continue my adventure this turn, what do I do? If you already have at least one build posted, fill out the paperwork before the deadline and mention in the MRCA deadline topic that you'll be a little late with your builds. We may refuse this extension, so if you can, ask early!
  7. Some quick reminders about some of the new ship rules in Era II that affect your ability to participate in the MRCAs: -Players start out with the ability to operate up to 10 ship levels in the MRCA. If you want to operate more than 10 ship levels, you need to purchase additional levels (see the ship licensing form). -Trade Companies start with the ability to operate 0 ship levels. If a Trade Company operates any ships in an MRCA, it must purchase the ship levels. -When purchasing additional ship levels, a small non-licensable build is required to explain or illustrate the transaction in some fashion. See here for an example. One build is required per entity per increase. *IF* the build meets the normal requirements, it *CAN* be licensed as a property. According to the Active Ship Summary spreadsheet, seven players have currently licensed more than 10 ship levels each. If they plan on operating all of those ships in this MRCA (both Adventure MRCA and Trade MRCA combined), they will need to purchase additional ship levels. Also according to the Active Ship Summary spreadsheet, no trade companies have currently licensed any ships. If they plan on licensing and operating any ships in this MRCA (both Adventure MRCA and Trade MRCA combined), they will need to purchase ship levels. See the About Ships thread and the Ship License form for more information on ship levels, ship level limits, and purchasing additional ship levels.
  8. New Ship Classes - The Transition Welcome to the new ship classes, everyone! Read about them in detail here! In this thread we will guide you through all licensing issues revolving around the new ship classes. In short, the transition will work as follows: The current licenses of all surviving ships will be fully refunded. Captured (or otherwise acquired) licenses that you have in stock will be conveniently converted to the new classes - eg. a 5F and a 5A2 both become a class 5 under the new regime. In the spirit of an open community we ask everyone to list their currently licensed vessels here (one post per member, edit it if necessary), along with links to the thread they were originally posted in, plus if possible a complete list of your additional licenses. Please also state the intended new ship classes of your vessels. This will allow a peer review of your fellow brethren, and hopefully help everybody to get a feeling for the new classes and their requirements. The whole process will be monitored by the members of the Naval Licensing and Prize Court and the Brethren Court. Please take their advise when they offer it, as they have been dealing with these classes for a longer time already Our final goal is to develop an open ship register, similar in transparency to the account sheet we already have, so it will be clear what ships are cruising the Brick Seas at all time. Please be patient regarding the re-licensing of your ships - the forms are still in the making, but will arrive in time for the next MCRA. We'll keep you posted. A final note: We know it will take a certain time and learning effort to become accustomed to the new classes, and to get a feeling for the required sizes for each new class. But we've managed to get there before, so we'll be able to do it again If you got any questions and/or need advise, by all means feel free to ask - that's what this thread is all about! Reference MOCs for all ship classes: Class 0 - Pearl Diving Canoe Just a small canoe, not ocean going, but doing well in coastal waters - with enough cargo space for plenty of precious pearls. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 0 24 6 1 3 0 0 2 0 6 Class 1 - The Saucy Gibbon Fast little sloop outfitted for inter island trade runs and coastal exploration. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 1 60 9 2 3 0 1 2 1 9 Class 2 - Pride of Poseidon Light, maneuverable patrol vessel with enough firepower to hunt down smugglers. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 2 120 12 3 4 2 1 0 2 12 Class 3 - HMS Otter With her highly maneuverable cutter rig, medium range capability, and armed with a set of 4 pounders, the Otter is perfect for the job as a patrol craft. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 3 200 15 3 6 2 2 0 2 15 Class 4 - Asesino Sturdy brig-of-war armed with 16 long guns, she can hold her own against any opponent in her class. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 4 300 18 4 4 4 4 0 2 18 Class 5 - Ironsides Armed with several carronades and manned by a man'o'war crew, the Ironsides is a powerful warship for her size, and her heavy scantlings make her hull a tough nut to crack. Outfitted for the high seas, her range is long, but her old-fashioned rig limits her maneuverability. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 5 420 21 5 3 4 4 0 5 21 Class 6 - Alejandro de Vargas Old fashioned galleon. Doesn't possess the greatest sailing qualities, but with a sturdy hull and decent firepower this terraman is not to be messed with easily. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 6 560 24 4 3 4 4 4 5 24 Class 7 - Margot Built to dominate the seas, Margot doesn't disappoint. While still reasonably cheap to operate, this already legendary ship-of-the-line shows no true weaknesses, but instead offers excellent bang for the buck. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 7 700 27 4 2 8 6 0 7 27 Class 8 - Triton Triton - veteran of many battles and a floating fortress. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 8 900 30 4 2 9 7 0 8 30
  9. The wait is over! MRCA II is here! The sign-up deadline for both the Adventure MRCA and the Trade MRCA is Oct 10, midnight, anywhere in the world (i.e. GMT -12). Players can sign up for both the Adventure MRCA and the Trade MRCA, but individual ships can only participate in one or the other, not both simultaneously. To sign-up for the Adventure MRCA, read the rules here and then sign-up via this form. To sign-up for the Trade MRCA, read the rules here and then sign-up via this form. For a ship to take part in either MRCA, it must be licensed. You can license your ship under the new ship rules via this form. ---- A couple of notes about the Trade MRCA: Convoy rules: -When participating in a convoy, only the owner of the lead ship (or whoever is managing the convoy) needs to register the convoy. Other players in the convoy only need to make sure their participating ship is licensed and not engaged in the Adventure MRCA. -If the convoy has more than 5 ships, a special commander must be paid, as follows: - A commodore may command a group of 6-9 ships at a cost of 100 DBs and 100 PIPs per MRCA. - An admiral may command a group of 10-15 ships at a cost of 200 DBs and 200 PIPs per MRCA. - A national hero may command a fleet of 16-25 ships at a cost of 500 DBs and 500 PIPs per MRCA. Please post the name of the commander in this thread, along with a picture. Additionally, if you want to add a link to a vignette that tells us more about the commander or how he gained this assignment, even better! Patrol/predator routes: When a trade ship enters its route in the web form, it is pretty straightforward. For example, a ship travelling from Arlinsport to Nova Terelli (with a range rating of at least 3) would enter "8,7,3,2" for the four zones it will travel through. A ship on a patrol or predator mission may want to end its trip at the same port it started. So, for example, a ship based in Bastion with a range rating of 4 that wants to hunt for prey near Astrapi and return home would enter "38,1,23,1,38". Note that it lists zones 1 and 38 twice because it passes through them twice. Furthermore, if that same ship wanted to hunt near Puerto Alijo, it could enter "38,1,1,1,38". The shorter distance to its target zone allows it to spend more time in the target zone rather than moving through other zones, and thus gives it a better chance of intercepting prey there.
  10. Kolonialbeamter

    About Ships

    About Ships In this thread you’ll find all information necessary to operate a ship in the EGS, or more precisely how to make your ship fit to participate in the thrilling venture that is the MCRA. Ships and Licenses A ship you want to use in the MCRA has to be a combination of both a ship-MOC and a license. You may at any time post a ship-MOC, and attach a license to it once you are able to acquire one. To attach a license to a ship-MOC or to unlicense a ship use the Ship licensing form, note that once a ship is unlicensed the old license ceases to exist. There are multiple ways to acquire a license for your ship-MOC - purchase, capture, a challenge prize. A license has to fit the general properties of the ship-MOC, creative license is of course allowed and appreciated - but within reason. Leadership has the right to revoke licenses in case of rule and spirit violations. Licenses come in different classes: Class Cost Base Upkeep Benchmark MOC Stat Points 0 24 6 Pearl Diving Canoe 6 1 60 15 The Saucy Gibbon 9 2 120 30 Pride of Poseidon 12 3 200 50 HMS Otter 15 4 300 75 HMHV Athena 18 5 420 105 Ironsides 21 6 560 140 Alejandro de Vargas 24 7 700 175 Margot 27 8 900 225 Triton 30 9 1140 285 33 10 1500 375 39 Ship Classes: Each ship class comes with a total number of stat points, the higher the class the more stat points are available. Within the distribution limits these stat points can be spread among the various ship characteristics according to one’s individual preference to create customized licenses, for reference MOCs see the second post in this thread. Ship characteristics are: Range (R): A ship can travel its range plus 1 zones per MCRA. Must be a value between 0 and 6. Maneuver (M): This is the vessel's ability to maneuver in an encounter. Thus, it decides its relative ability to catch up with or flee from an enemy. Must be a value between 1 and 6. For class 9 it must be a value between 1 and 5, for class 10 a value between 1 and 4. Guns (G): This is the ship’s firepower. Must be a value between 0 and 12. Crew (C): This is the fighting crew of your vessel, used during boarding actions. Roughly, one C equals 5 men. A 0 crew is the captain and a few choice men. Must be a value between 0 and 12. Cargo ($): This is the space the ship has for hauling goods. Must be a value between 0 and 15. Hull Strength (H): This is the strength of the hull, the vessel's ability to withstand fire from warships and fortresses. Must be a value between 0 and 12. Hull-piece guidelines Class 0: Similar to lego rowing boat (NB: Prefab row boats, canoes, etc. cannot be licensed) Class 1: N/A Class 2: Narrow hulls, no mid sections or 1 very light Class 3: 1 or 2 mid sections, depending on "bulk" Class 4: 2 to 3 mid sections. Transition to large hull pieces Class 5: 3 to 4 mid sections Class 6: 4 mid sections for multiple decks, 5 for single decked vessels Class 7: 5 for Ships of the line or galleons, 6 for heavy frigates Class 8: 6+ mid sections minimum and several decks Class 9: 7+, several decks, Probably upper limit for prefab hull-pieces Class 10: N/A The Costs of Ships Every player is always entitled to one free class 1 or 2 license. Sea Rats only pay 70% of a ship license. Next to the price of a license there’s also upkeep to be paid, and ship limits to be considered. Upkeep is calculated as total upkeep of all the owner's active ships during an MCRA, and automatically deducted from all involved accounts after every MCRA, use the upkeep calculator at your convenience. NB: The black flag pirate crews of the Sea Rats often find provisions and supplies by... alternative means. Sea Rats pay no upkeep for black-flagged ships.  Base Upkeep From To Modifier 0 100 0 101 200 100% 201 300 150% 301 500 200% 501 1000 250% 1001 300% Ship Levels: Ship levels limit the total number of ships one is allowed to operate, they are determined by the sum of ship classes, so for example if you own a class 5 and a class 7 ship, you must have a ship level of 12 to operate them. Only the following entities can own vessels (i.e. have their own ship levels.) Players, who start out with a ship level of 10 Factions, who start out with a ship level of 25 Officially chartered trade companies, who start out with a shiplevel of 0 Settlements, which can own ship levels up to its settlement level. (Capped at 20) To increase them, players, factions and trade companies must unlock additional levels. This is a one-off cost and then your ship level is increased forever. Apart from the cost, a vignette (or larger) must be made to explain the IC reasons why/how the limit is increased. (If the build meets the normal requirements, it can be licensed. One build must be submitted per entity per increase) Prices are cumulative. Additional levels can also be unlocked in other ways, like via certain traits of the skill system. Additional Ship Levels Price DB Price *IP +25 250 250 +25 500 500 +25 750 750 +25 1000 1000 Additional Rules and Clarifications The Naval Licensing and Prize Court: The NLPC’s role is to support leadership in making final decisions and advise players in all issues discussed in this thread. The NLPC can also be used to sell unwanted licenses out of the game. See here for more details. ‘Sistershipping’: If a ship is captured, sunk or otherwise lost in the MCRA the former owner may attach a new license to the ship-MOC. (If he is the owner of the MOC, i.e. typically the builder, unless specifically transferred during a sale.) All ship owning entities may, at any one point in time, hold sisterships up to 20 shiplevels. (Eg. 1*class 7, 2*class 5, and 1*class 3). In other words, if sistershipping a lost vessel brings your total number of sisterships over 20 shiplevels, you cannot sistership that vessel. Sistershipping requires a sistershipping build. Please include a link to the original moc in the sistershipping topic. Since Jan 2019 - the cost for a sistership license is double the original license cost. See here for more details. Faction warships: Factions always have three MOC and upkeep free class 5 ships available. These ships count towards the factions' ship level. The characteristics of these ships are defined as the faction licenses them. Ships captured or purchased from other players: NPC ships captured in the MCRA are licenses only, therefore they need a ship-MOC in order to be used again. The same applies for captured MOC-free faction warships. MOCed ships captured in the MCRA can be reused as ships as they are. The same applies for ships purchased from other players (use the Transaction Form). The rules regarding upkeep and ship limit apply unaltered. Captured ships (or captured ships bought in an auction or similar) will not count towards the sistershipping limits, unless bought by the holder of sistershipping rights. (Typically the builder) Ships maintain their stats after capture. (since they are effectively the same vessel) Troop transport: For every point of cargo capacity plus the ship's class rating, a ship may carry 5 soldiers (5 soldiers = 1 crew point). For example, a class 3 ship with a cargo capacity of 4 could carry 35 soldiers (7 additional crew points). Commanders: For fleets of more than 5 ships, a commander is required. Please see the relevant rules here. Regarding ship stats: If you need the stats for your vessels, you should been granted access to your factions stats by your leaders. If they haven't given you access yet, you may pm @Legostone who'll help you out with the stats of your vessels. Regarding "inactive players" If there is some form of agreement (formal or informal), existing ships can be used/managed according to the agreement. For escorts, trade, warfare, etc. as agreed. This agreement does not need to be published. These agreements can be faction wide, player based, etc. but if anyone misuses a player's ship against his wishes, leadership will step in. Anyone should always be free to opt out of such an agreement. Only existing vessels can be used. No new ships can be licensed in passive player's names, and ships cannot be sistershipped once lost. Over time, fleets of inactive players being used will thus dwindle. Exception are ships build by the absent player for a faction, settlement, or trade company, as use rights already belong to the given entity. Once the player returns, ships can be sistershipped and new licenses can be made as per normal rules. You are not allowed to change ownership, as that would eventually be stealing the vessels. Neither can they be sistershipped by any other entity once lost This policy will mean that only existing vessels can remain active, that players or factions cannot "optimise" upkeep or game the system by using inactive accounts, and that we get no additional paperwork or administration. Please note that it should also ensure balance. A faction will not be unduly punished because someone suddenly becomes inactive, but also that we will not see "ghost ships" sailing the seas. (Only known and active vessels still sailing) This is a rule thread - do not reply! Not even with 'Okay' Questions belong here or in the general BoBS intro thread.
  11. Brethren of the Brick Seas (BoBS) Rules Thread What is BoBS? Brethren of the Brick Seas is a building community on Eurobricks open to all who wish to join. This is a maritime-oriented world where the technology level is parallel with the historical Age of Sail. There are currently four factions. Each member joins a faction, and builds to win points for their faction and for themselves, and to better their building skills. At any given time of the year there may be one or more building challenges where a builder may win recognition and sometimes prizes. On top of this, there is also a game mechanic that allows players to earn more gold and power for themselves and their faction. Check out the Master Index for links to the other rule threads. Building in BoBS Starting Off: Join a faction and get to work building and creating in the world of BoBS by posting a sig-fig in your chosen faction thread. You are not required to play the game mechanic (the EGS), but this is the way scores are kept for those who want to keep score. Nonparticipants in the EGS will still help their faction earn points. If you do choose to participate in the EGS, you will receive 25 DBs upon posting your sig-fig. If you build an introductory MOC, post that as a freebuild (see below). Freebuilds: A freebuild is a MOC that is not associated with any challenge. You may build as many of these as you wish! If you want the freebuild to count towards your and your faction’s score, then you will have to post it in its own thread, and a link to the build in the freebuild registration thread. Finally, to help the leadership keep score, you will report the build through a web form. See the Master Index for links. Challenge Builds: These are MOCs that have specific rules attached to them in order to participate in a challenge. These have their own type of reporting, depending on the challenge rules. Anyone is welcome to host a mini-challenge. However, to avoid too much overlap, we ask that you coordinate timing with leadership. A few basic limitations: 1) Fit in the time period. This would be the Age of Discovery to about 1830. Please, no steam ships! 2) You cannot infringe on another person’s story without their permission. IE: You can’t rob, plunder, and kill another player’s characters or property without first agreeing with the player to do so. There are plenty of resolution methods to help settle disputes or perhaps two or more builders want to plan out a story arc where some of their property is attacked by the other -- this is fine. Exceptions – MCRA results (see the MCRA Thread for more details), or squatting (see the Property Thread for more details). 3) MOCs should be appropriate for all of Eurobricks' audience and posts should comply with the TOS. 4) Digital building is permitted, but although you may enter challenges digitally, you will not be elegible for winning any physical prizes. Hints: 1) Life’s better with a mate(s)! Work with your team! Your faction has special rules, intricate politics, and claims on certain islands. Knowing how your team works and working on group projects, trade runs, and goals will help you get the most out of this roleplaying/building game. 2) I want to be Governor of the whole New World! Hold off on starting your own colonies for a little bit. It will be very tempting to start your own colony and get to work, but it might be more beneficial to work with a few other builders to build a colony. In the EGS your nations revenue is based upon how strong their colonial possessions are. In order to get earn more money, colonial settlements need lots of buildings. Trying to build a major settlement by oneself will be difficult. The Sea Rats are a little different here, and it may be in their best interest to create their own pirate nest early on. 3) It is only a game, and many people treat it as a roleplaying game. So don’t be mad at your fellow builders! Talk out your problems. Some people may just be “playing the role” of a dastardly and vile pirate, scum, or cheat, but in real life, they are probably pretty swell. Let’s keep it fun!
  12. Not 100% sure this is the right part of the forum to discuss this but I thought it was the most likely candidate. So Mods if this is in the wrong place please move it for me if you can. Thank you. I thought I'd start a topic where we brainstorm ideas and see if they would fit in with the Lego Ideas formula. Sometimes the rules are vague and a idea may have a connection to something that the rules are against but at heart they are fully innocent other than maybe game play of the idea source. So if you have a idea but aren't sure it would be a good fit withing the guidelines post it here and see what everyone else thinks. To start us off one idea I wanted to submit was inspired by all the Tron idea posts. But these have all been Classic or Modern Tron. My idea how about a inbetween? How about Tron 2.0? Then I realized that it may not fit in the guidelines as Tron 2.0 is a first person game and you use gun like weapons in it. But beyond that it is nothing like the FPS they have in mind for that rule since it is non-violent (No blood, No dismemberment, Most enemies don't die, ECT) and it is part of a universe that is mostly movies and as well is a Disney franchise. So is it indeed a breach of the Lego Ideas rules or is it something that might be allowed? If the game it's self isn't we could always use the comics based off it but the game is such a untouched gold mine of ideas. So I hope that both the idea concept and the topic is a appropriate one for the forums. Whats your take everyone?
  13. Hi all! I was wondering; what rules do you guys live by while creating your creative creations? Do you refuse to mix used and new bricks? Is a certain color banned from your household? Are all your buildings the same height? Do you only want flesh colored minifigs? What about mixing in Friends or Fabuland? Is only the original trilogy of Star Wars allowed? Stuff like that... I have certain rules and guidelines for my modular building MOCs: -Everything has to be functional: All apartments need at least a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and lounge area All shops need a toilet and preferable also a stockroom/canteen/backoffice All floors need to be reachable by stairs (seriously Lego, what's up with the one-way escalators in Grand Emporium??) -I only use yellow minifigs -I wanna see studs as less as possible, but I'm not hating on them -NO mixing of old dark gray with new dark gray, old brown with new brown (except for trees, then I don't mind the mix of hues), etc. Sometimes I mix the light grays if I don't have enough of one or the other, but will change it when I get more -NO other brands / third party bricks (like BrickForge) -Primary colors are only allowed as accent-colors and in non-visible places; NO fully red buildings for me I'm really interested in hearing what kinda rules and guidelines you guys live by. And do you have a reason for certain rules? Or are you a rebel without a cause and do you do whateva you want?