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  1. LOL. I did say I it was better than 90% of Technic sets, and given that they release only 3-4 decent sized sets a year, at most, means it's one of the top 2-3s sets of the past 5 years. I just finished 42082 a few weeks ago, so I am a little spoiled - what an incredible set that was. I'll be buying this set, no doubt make some minor mods, and I'll judge about the air tanks. Personally I never met an air tank I didn't like in a pneumatic set.
  2. While this is a good Technic set, much better than 90% of what they have released in the past few years in terms of value for money, it doesn't seem as great to me as everyone is going on about. The youtube review by Sariel gives a very good look at the strengths and weaknesses. Bottom line for me is that this set would have benefitted from some tanks to make the pneumatic action smoother, and that a lot of the other functions require a lot of tedious turning of knobs. Too bad the only option for motorization these days is Control+, which for me is a "DO NOT BUY" indicator. I would have happily paid $100 more for a motorized power functions version that did most of the work for me.
  3. gylman

    [MOC] Wan Hu, World's First Astronaut

    Amazing. Just when I think I've seen everything that can be done with LEGO. This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Thank you.
  4. gylman

    [MOC] Joe's Cottage

    Love it. This should be a LEGO ideas set. I'd buy it!
  5. gylman


    It's not remotely as exciting to me as the original Ideas set, but it's still a beautiful set. I understand the limitations the LEGO designers had to deal with, and I respect that. If I survive COVID, I'll buy it, but I'm in no rush to get it April 1st.
  6. You people are amazing. Some of this stuff brings tears to my eyes, it;s so good.
  7. gylman

    [REVIEW] 10264 - Corner Garage

    I bought the set, because I happened to be in the store, I generally buy them all and because it was double VIP points day, but I have no particular desire to build or display this one. I'd say it's easily the weakest of all of the modular series. I hope they do better next time. I have wondered about this, but maybe they've run out of ideas. If so, perhaps they should wind down the concept.
  8. I've been playing with LEGO for 30 years. I've gone through my Castle phases (several of them), my Technic phase, my paradisa phase, my Cafe Corner phase, my Adventurers phase, and others. Even my Bionicle phase. But I have to say that in all those years, to the present time, I have never enjoyed any sets as much as Ninjago City and Ninjago docks. They were a joy a build and a joy to display. The combination of the two on display is spectacular. I keep the combined sets on display in my office at work,and they always draw amazement from visitors. I fear that after Ninjago Docks, my expectations for the next great LEGO set have been set so high that they will never be surpassed. Even the Cafe Corner series seems dull by comparison. In my extremely humble opinion, these are the best LEGO sets ever made.
  9. gylman

    10264 Corner Garage

    This looks like a juniorized version of the other Cafe Corner series sets. Agree with the comments above that this doesn't feel like a "Creator Expert" set. More like a regular Town set. Kinda meh. Probably even less appealing than the Town Hall set from a few years back.
  10. gylman

    REVIEW: 10263 Winter Village Fire Station

    Thank you for doing the review. It's very helpful. For the number of pieces, and the cost, this is a disappointing set. It doesn't fit well with the others. I think they have run out of ideas. For the first time, I think I will pass on the Winter Village series. Maybe it's time to put this series to rest and try something new.
  11. I could see a Moe's Tavern. That's pretty iconic.
  12. gylman

    REVIEW: 75954: Hogwarts Great Hall

    There's something about the Hogwarts castles that makes them hard to reproduce with LEGO. I don't buy sets for the minifigs, but rather for the quality of the build and architecture. Every previous Hogwarts' set has disappointed in that regard, and this one does too, on a much grander scale. Sorry, but this one is not even remotely on my "want" list. Thanks for the detailed review.
  13. gylman

    Pop-Up Book - LEGO IDEAS

    Meh. I liked the fishing theme houses better, but unless the first one sold extremely well, I wonder what kind of a market there would have been for them. Let's hope the next wave has something more exciting.
  14. I went to my local LEGO store to see this set today. It looked better than I thought it would, but it was even bigger than I thought it was. Great set, but too big for my available display area.