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  1. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    I just realized something. this new extra long female CV joint could also be used to hold a 3L clutchr ring, but you can only have one clutch gear on that it can mesh with. The new-ish male CV joints fit perfectly inside of linear actuator mounting brackets too.
  2. SNIPE

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    I doubt it, it is just smaller, and therefore is more suited to smaller v... oh here comes that word that I can't spell properly again vhieclihcicles
  3. SNIPE

    New Technic Gear Ratio Calculator Tool

    This is exactuslly what I and many others have needed for years, sariels calculator is fine for some things and this is better at other certain things such as gearbox ratios, which I struggle to calculate, and jamming prediction.
  4. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    Oh then this part is almost useless, the only good thing about it is, unlike a 3L axle with stop, you cannot push it in, where as you can with an axle, so the stopper might get caught on something. The removal of the bar hole is retarded and ANTI LEGO
  5. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    There is also a new mould of the lego pin with foil connector (used in FORMA sets) it is light green in the 10279 VW camper van and it connects to a 2x2 round tile with hole, but it has a different spacing to a 1L pin with stud, which should be interesting. Im not sure if it accepts a bar, but there is a tiny indent at the end. It is also shown here: EDIT Actually, it's a pin with an anti stud,and its connected to a 2x2 tile round with center stud. The spacer that is embedded inbetween the pin and the anti stud looks to be either 1 plate, or 0/5L thick.
  6. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    yes but since my link was only a fan made set, they are still discontinued in every color other than yellow and LBG. I could of course buy some from bricklink
  7. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    I will now swear without swearing: %@$&*!%@$&*!%@$&*!%@$&*!%@$&*!%@$&*!%@$&*!%@$&*!%@$&*!%@$&*!%@$&*!%@$&*!%@$&*!
  8. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    i;m not sure if I should link it as the set is not released yet. its a blue and white F1 car basically.
  9. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    yes, the set is called lego infinity saga whiplash race face off.
  10. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    Half bushes in red spotted in set 76250!!!
  11. I'm busy getting the part together to build my CADA red supercar, but in LEGO parts I already own. I hope to add working shifter paddles, but because of the dust involved when just organizing the parts let along building then modding it, I can't promise anything.
  12. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    Yeah unfortunetley those 2x2 elcows are slightly smaller in diameter than 2x2L , the only part I could find in black which looks good was the small slick tires 50945 and 30028. I used them to make straight pipes which connect to the elbows, but it was a scale building MOC not a technic MOC
  13. It might be easier to parrelel park however, after all these vehicles in real life have to tow cars that are parked in narrow spaces and such. IDK why, but whenever I see a tow truck I think of cars being reposessed, not if they have broken down, but these trucks are used for both situations. Here is my progress so far, I think I can get away with fitting springs because rubber beams are more like shock absorbers than springs and are too mushy: I could not find the new 10290 tires so I replicated having them doubled up by just overlapping the wider tires. I also did the same with the 15L alternating beams to mimic two 11L alternating beams. Still a load of work to do as nothing is properly connected as you can see. Those white connectors will be a life saver for small steering, and I may also just use the springs axle as the steering pivot for the 4th axle. They also hold the CV joints in place and I will clamp the CV joints in. The yellow 1x1 beams are just place holders for some sort of yellow conneceetor/beam because im not sure how they will end up connecting to the chassis yet.
  14. Yeah, a few years ago making this full RC would have been impossible, but thanks to new parts, it may be possible now (but stil hard). I forgot to mention that the fuel tanks will be a motor but with system parts around it which disguise it as a fuel tank.