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  1. Noted, It looks like there may be a little space to move the 4 motors outwards a little in order to put an 8 speed gearbox in, but where 8th is modfied so that it is really reverse gear. But then how do we get neutural, there is no DNR selector.
  2. I hope that lego recolors the new spike prime essentials small motor in gray and uses it in a set. Its nice because its 3Lx3Lx4L.
  3. Infact, and this is very high tarrif, adding the roof mechanism from jeroen ottens' PF tribute car would be awesome, because it will be a 488 pista spider, that roof mech is the best I've seen, we just have to recolor it into red and white. The two buwizz have 2 ports free too, which is how many the roof needs IIRC.
  4. SNIPE

    REVIEW | 10294 The Titanic

    Thank you so very much
  5. I would be evil and, when scrambled, add an extra square of a certain color, so that it is unsolvable but not in an obvious way. I am hoping to improve this cube, so far I only have built the core because I dont have any of those 2x2 corner tiles.
  6. omg I love you Again, I'll try and cram in @anto's 7+R speed gearbox, the paddle shifter from the sian does not move if you drive the orange rotary catches with a motor, which is what I want because this is not a james bond robo-car :D
  7. I hope so, they probably will. As well as use the new axle hole with 4 bars (pleeeeease)
  8. SNIPE

    REVIEW | 10294 The Titanic

    @VBBN Can I possibly get photos of the parts inventory in the instruction manual (if you are allowed)?
  9. It is only good for low torque applications. So I guess it depends on what you're doing.
  10. It's to have a front differential without moving the wheels out more. No the set does not have that part but it doesnt need to have it. You slide the old female cv joint thru it instead of supporting thr axle which means moving the wheels outwards more.
  11. The technic eyelets are super useful for holding onto CV joints, but they have awkward mounting points: