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  1. Just a heads up, a 20T gear will still actually mesh with the 3L differential if the 20T gear is moved down by 1L. , IIRC This is how real car diffs are too.
  2. hi, I think I accidentally found something new but kinda useless, I was using the hinge tool and noticed that a universal joint 3L became seperated. I'm not sure if this was already possible, maybe this is one for the LDD tricks thread athough theres nothing much you can do with half of a UV joint I can't seem to renember how I did it but I'm sure somebody will figure it out. Regards, Snipe
  3. Hi, This thread is asking about the feasibility of having an NXT controlled machine built from technic, which can be programmed to actualy build lego technic mocs itself. I will need to collaborativley design it due to several reasons. I have a lot of technic so that's not so much a problem. The NXT(s) will be controlled via a PC. This has a veriety of benefits, to name a few: MOCs, modules, or sets can be reproduced automatically. Building can be done by the machine, whilst designing another part of your MOC. New building techniques can be found by telling the machine to try and put random bricks together and then we'll see what comes out. The limits of how complex/compact MOCS can be, can be pushed towards or met by using algorithms to calculate the best layout of parts, and by collaborativley building the machine itself! + Many more I know that this machine will be absolutley massive but that's cool with me, I have space for it. Some problems that will need to be solved are things such as accuratley positioning and pushing in pins, axles, and connectors.Maybe pnumatics will have enough force to do that, and using daisy chained worm gear drives can make it slow enough to be accurate in the positioning of parts. Perhaps to get the ball rolling we could just make a machine which positions a pin inline with a pinhole. What do you guys think?.
  4. Hi, When I am using LDCAD and want to make impossible connections by overlapping parts, the color keeps flickering when I move the viewing angle/pan. for example I might want to make custom bricks by combining, i.e overlapping two existing bricks. Is there a way to fix that? Regards, Snipe
  5. Maybe there will be space however I cannot seem to picture it, there is a LOT of mechanisms in the car I'm trying to see what the limit of lego technic is (relative to the model size). I know that sheepo's porche 911 turbo cabriolet is very advanced but it uses old parts and some connections may be a bit odd (i.e weak). I'll try having the gear lever flipped to the correct position soon.
  6. I have sort of done that in the last image shown however I can only seem to get two speeds, adding anymore jams it.
  7. Hi, I am busy building a 4 speed gearbox but need toflip the gear lever to fill an empty space which meant splitting the output axles into two as shown here: The top image is how it would normally be designed without the split axles, and the bottom is the flipped design. However, I canot get it the blue output to spin at 4 different speeds. Maybe somebody knows how to do it? I managed to get close to what I need with this: Any ideas would be much appriciated. Note that it is fine to space the gearbox housing further apart if needed. as long as it is still the 2x2 axle layout
  8. Also the liftarm 15L on page 1, step 5 jams the same 24 tooth gear. I'm not sure what the best fix is since I've not built the entire model yet. Regards, Snipe
  9. Slight error in the PDF on page 5 step 6, the grey 5x7x1 frame should be flipped upside down to allow the 24 tooth gear to not rub against the frame. I'm busy building it and will update on other errors I find if any.. Regards, Snipe
  10. Thanks, This is much better
  11. Hi, I have built a compact RC gearbox which is driven by 1 motor, it is both a 4 speed transmission and a function selector. It uses 3L clutches as well as the clutch extention rings, However when I put the extensions in the whole gearbox housing is warped because the extention rings slightly too long in how they are designed. This puts strain on what is already a lot of gears. So, Is there a way to fix this? the olod 2L clutches are not great to be honest. Here are the pictures:
  12. Simply Brilliant . I might have a crack at a C model using only the parts and spare parts that came with a given set. But then again, I have around 2000 MOCS to finish :/ also
  13. There is just a set of bevel gears which invert the rotation one one half of the steering shaft. The bevel gears are inbetween a clutch and clutch gears. I'll add photos of this soon. Here is my second update, I think using wheel axles made out of motors is a good move because: It is super strong and compact since the 3 motors are crammed together. It allows for much more torque and less axle stress on the steering and the drive. It allows for both the same three steeirng modes as what the class xeron tractor has, as well as the ability ti just use rear wheel steering AND lao to have skid steering. It takes up less parts and space than the stock axle so I can have bigger/doubled up shock absorbers.and more suspention travel. here is the first prototype: there will be another one of these fpr the front unit controlled by 1 or 2 buwizz's