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  1. Hi, I'd like to also disguss an alternate way of making this, this was actually my original idea except im using a differential rather than that helicopter The differential allows input A to drive the output but not backflow the drive to input B And vice versa, it allows input B to drive the output but not backflow the drive to input A And finally it does not allow both A and B to both drive it at the same time. And the best thing, compared to using that OR gate from the 9396 helcipter is that it does not use clockwise/counterclockwise rotation as logic, it uses spinning/not spinning as logic so this will make it easier to add the axle for reverse gear, from the external DNR shifter. as well as being easier to build than the helicopter OR gate in general. Here is the differential idea, im not sure if its acting as OR, XOR, or tristate here but heh: And here is the gearbox, when its build (ive tested it IRL already) all 8 positions work without jamming) but some ratios are repeated so I need to figure ou0 ratiost a way to fix that, Maybe using sn 8 and/or 20 tooth gear with he 24 tooth side of the differential will get more speeds: Here is the LDR file. So the idea here is to have (12+20, 20+12, 8 + 24, 24+8 but then add either an 8 or 20 tooth gear to the differential thus giving 4 more ratios: 8 + 24 and 8 + 24 24 + 8 and 24 + 8 12 + 20 and 24 + 8 20 + 12 and 24 + 8 or assuming im using a 20 tooth with the 24tooth part of the diff: 8 + 24 and 20 + 24 24 + 8 and 24 + 20 12 + 20 and 24 + 20 20 + 12 and 24 + 20 currently I only have a 16+ diff16 hooked up so I think thats just repeating the first 4 (12+20, 20+12, 8 + 24, 24+8) ratios. Regards, Snipe.
  2. Great work. I'll build this soon to see how it works. Regards, Snipe
  3. SNIPE

    [WIP] Nero Blanc Subway Station

    I'll check it out thanks
  4. SNIPE

    [WIP] Nero Blanc Subway Station

    Small update: I have started working on the skylight and curved escelator design IRL to test the mechanism, it works but needs away to prevent the treads from straying off the wheels due to *long physics explanation*. For the tracks I tried gears but it skipped the teeth too much, I still need to make it so the tracks curve in the Y plane, not just the X plane like a real conveyor belt style escalator. (a stepped style AND curved would have been too hard at such small scale especially). The reason it must curve in two planes is because if it didnt then I would have to build the whole thing on a diagonal plane which is too awkward and will look ugly. If it was only curved on one plane then i would curve left or right but not up up or down :P Hiding the 'tabs' of this duplo glass part was tricky in the X, Y and Z coordinates due to the skylight pieces being such weird dimensions. But I figured out that each skylight piece was just 6 stacked bricks wide by just over 14L long excluding the tabs, so there is a small gap on the top and bottom between the glass and the black frame. The height doesn't matter.but the tab thickness does, That should not be too hard though to clamp between something.
  5. Can't wait to get this. The robots are so much more responsive than anything Iv'e seen before
  6. @Terrasher heh there's always the 5ķ~ piece ninjago city gardens coming in like jan/feb. I've seen the box for the collosium and unfortunatley cannot even begin to see how that is 9k parts. It's a load of 1x1 thick walls made of 1x1 round tiles, 1x1 bricks and 1x4x2 arches. I hope i'm wrong of course.
  7. Yes, this can be done with a mechanical OR gate: Input A (left) will go to the paddles. Input B (left) will go to the shifter motor, and output (right) will go to the gearbox. Everything can rotate in either direction however the two inputs do not drive each other which means the shifter motor will not move the paddles, and the paddles will not move the servo motor. Only trouble is these differentials are bulky. If anyone knows of a smaller way to do this please PM me.
  8. wow ok I just noticed that the paddles move if you use the remote control for shifting, I wonder if we can do the reverse too? use the paddles to shift?
  9. SNIPE

    BMW 42063 mod disappearing

    Try WebArchive, you never know Also you can reverse image search with tineye or google images I can't say for certain that every result will be genuine LEGO however
  10. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    ok the lego website says the following: However I looked at images, and the baseplate is just the same as spike prime but in teal, so 11x19. Looks like lego made a mistake. The new frrames are as posted above, just 15x11 in black which is still cool. The wheels came in black already in the lego 10273 haunted house but at least there's 6 in the new robot inventor set.
  11. SNIPE

    2020 Mindstorms set

    So I checked the spike prime specs and it says M4 so I googled that and tada! it uses an atmel m4 so I looked at some models of M4 and they do indèed have USB OTG which means with a firmware updare we could connect mice, keyboards, usb sticks, webcams, etc as long as yph use one of those micro/mini to regular usb adapters if needed.
  12. SNIPE

    [WIP] Nero Blanc Subway Station

    Hi, yeah the duplo parts and other system parts dont come in black and some other system parts dont come in white or black also so ill just keep this as a digital buildd because building it in real life would cost literally over £1,000 i bet, to buy the parts. I migh test the mechanical bits of the model IRL though, EDIT: I might stick with Nero-Blanc or Nero Blanco or use a new name, I cant seem to find what a "black and white" interior design is called though.
  13. Hi, Today I present my current work in progress, something I've wanted to do for a while now. The idea comes from as a kid going to metro stations and all the stimuli that went with it. However I also didnt want to just make a trampy station because honestly, who wants that So I also decided to make it black and white stone (of some sort) because I like that sort of decor as well. It also meant I could, and wanted to make the tunnel itself seem deeper where the billboards are than it actually is, because as a kid this looked almost infinatley deep due to shadows I wish to include two working escalators and maybe curved (I know thats a huge challenge but heh im best at techic building anyhow) This is of course and underground station and will have more walking space added on to it later, he station is part of a shopping mall. Since the metros where I am are yellow and that has is own nosialgia, I used a dummy lego train just so I could calculate the LXY dimentions of the tunnel and align the wheels to the track too. I will make a more metro shaped train and maybe have a hidden mechanism inside the station itself which somehow connects to the train door mechanism thereby synchronising the opening and closing of the doors. I can use a sensor to only allow this mechanism to work if it detects a train, thus further hiding the mechanism, The train itself would not be big enough inside to have seating and working dooors really. Since I wanted to give the illusion of depdth I used duplo curved inverted bricks and duplo tiles and system 8x16 tiles to have as few part lines as possible. I then also used black lego 2x2 stickers for the floor tiles because they have less part lines than tiles and also I might rotate them all by 45 degrees to have a diamond pattern and can just fold the stickers onto themselves to make triangles - where the diamond tiles would meet the platform edge. I tried using lego 2x2 corner tiles but theyre ugly, and tried using a mincraft head in black as a 1.5Lx1.5l tile but they didnt fit with the 2x2 tile with square and corner cutout. Since a duplo stud is just 1 brick wide and a 1x2 duplo brick is 2Lx4L wide I could just clamp tiles over the duplo stud and use 2x4 brackets to tie the two tiles together. I need to find more stickers in LDCAD to fill the billboards more :D Anyhow, Regards, Snipe.