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  1. What I don't understand, is now on earth the 1x1 round plates are staying inside of the wheels, I have 5 of those rims in black, light bluish gray, and white, and the connection is very unstable when I push a silver 1x1 round plate inside of the recess of the wheels centre hole. Maybe its a new mold or maybe the wheels extra silver coating is making the hole a hair smaller which is holding the place 1x2 in place better.
  2. Couldn't the rear wheels have basic steering if you removed some beams and just have the rear section pivot on the worm gears axle, where the pair of red 3L beams are? The trans orange cone still operates the forks, the steering has no HOG. and by removing the black 4L axle on the bottom front it should allow the forks to tilt forward on the friction pins.
  3. I may pick this set up for christmas, I have 4 low profile tires (85345), and they are slightly larger than the sets original tires. The only problem is, it's a duplo part so there's not many rims that fit the tires and look nice. The rims need to be exactally 4L in diameter just like a 4x4 round brick is. They will still fit under the wheel arches and should look cool.
  4. I don't have any 78666 so I used a simular but too big part for the mudguards. The wheels are now 0.5 foward using the good ol' "axlehole with 4 pins" (32138) connector. And yes , the tipper is (for now) supporting the cabin.. I made the colors as close as possible with the parts I had. regards, Snipe
  5. And even bricklinks color list is incomplete as is ldraw/studio.
  6. I'm thinking about replacing the wheel arches with these: Because the lego wheel arch plates that are 4L wide are too deep (2L) but it might mean moving the axle foward by 0.5L because currently the wheels centre points are aligned to a stud, not inbetween them by 0.5L.
  7. well if it can't, just make the pallet struts 1 plate thicker to raise the base up.
  8. Are you wanting to replace the 2 black thin pulleys with a gear?
  9. what part of the hub does the gear mesh with? you can use an 8 tooth gear or an old 16 tooth gear inside of the planetary hubs ball socket, or use baroki eyes with a 6 hole disc to make a 3 tooth bevel gear
  10. The set 42099 does not use this wheel hub, it uses the planetary hubs and I still don't understand, maybe post a picture.
  11. How do you want it to be used with the hub?
  12. Ah, I didn't know the plow moves in 2 axis. Yeah, this is a good set.
  13. Nah just regular orange, I though this set is normal orange and dark blue? Maybe I'm getting mixed up with flame yellowish orange (LDD) bright orange (LDD) orange (bricklink) and bright yellowish orange (bricklink).
  14. Yeah I only have 14 of them in orange