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  1. Hi, I discovered an early access sandbox game called Brick Rigs a few days ago and thought I should make a topic about it. The topic is about the gameplay and features, as well as to disguss the parts availability, though if that gets to be a popular topic in itself, it might be better off in its own thread. So far, I know that the game has SNOT constructon, and non-solid bricks (like in LDRAW/LDCAD). According to the description on steam, the game is about building vehicles, however I have seen people create buildings, which can even be downloaded right into the game!. I'm not sure if it has floating bricks yet because buildings and vehicles can be damaged. There is also no water yet. Wheels can be set to static, or to be able to rotate, which may come In useful for advanced building. Parts such as turntables can also pivot There is a lot to come yet as it is a very early prototype of the game; but this looks very promising. To me, it's what lego worlds should have been and by that I mean you can build more advanced models and roam around, there are even weapons. I look forward on future development of the game!. Regards, Snipe
  2. SNIPE

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Hi, I was wondering if there is an LXF file for the finished forklift MOD? Regards, Snipe
  3. ah dang. I wanted the ludicrous speed mode that a buwiz has to offer but also remote that can control more than 2 motors. oh well.
  4. hi, Can a CADA remote control 4 motors if each motor is hooked up to a dedicated buwiz output (i.e not multiplexed) Can one CADA remote be "paired" to one buwiz and another remote be paired to another? Also are the CADA remotes sold individually? (i.e without the reciever+battery unit)
  5. I scrapped the 8880, because it wasn't really true to the original models functions and chassis design. Accuratley converting studded technic+system into studless technic is a nightmare
  6. SNIPE

    Beamless Chassis Design?

    Very good point, however I was refering to MOCs really though forgot to mention.
  7. SNIPE

    Beamless Chassis Design?

    Frames are definetley useful.
  8. Hi, With more and more different types of connectors being released, I was wondering if beams will be replaced by connectors one day in technic car chassis'?. Therefore to have the function assemblies and the chassis "as one block made out of gears, pins, frames, axles, etc and mostly connectors". A a result of this, models can be more dense and have more functions. The actual functions of a lego model are made of connectors, where as the beams are just a frame to hold these assemblies, however a lot of space is wasted because: A. The beams can only really go in one direction B. Are always of off sizes (e.g.: 3L, 11L) C. Because the holes always only go in the same direction. With connectors, you can go in any direction, have odd and even hole spacing, and even 0.5L spacing, and have different shapes in 3 dimensions. The hard part about using only connectors is making it strong enough. Maybe some more connectors and/or pins/axles will need to be introduced before this can be possible but if you imagine something like the 42043s chassis being a big cluster of connectors then it shouldn't actually be that weak. Connectors used structurally are only really weak in simple/small builds. Note, by beam less, I mean still using small beams "as connectors", where actual connectors can't be used.
  9. Any news on the RC version instructions? I wanna buy it soo badly .
  10. The problem with that is people can just cut it out either by trimming the video lengh or "cropping" the video. Maybe put it in a part of the video where it cannot be cropped out without cropping part of the video out too.
  11. SNIPE

    Technic Prototype Parts

    Hi, I am not talking about lego adopting it, I am talking about some third party company creating them. When the prototype is made, you replace one pin at a time, or build another copy using the pins with stoppers. I can't think of any 'impossible connections you can do with stopless pins. they can push an axle out, an axle can push them out and so forth. You do need to be careful to make sure that the pins are not sticking out a tiny bit as erik said but at least there will be the two lips on each end where they snap in to the recesses of a pinhole, that will help keep it flush with the pinholes.
  12. SNIPE

    Technic Prototype Parts

    I'd buy such parts from Shapeways if they designed them.