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  1. Are there any new parts in the lego 42082, 42081, and 42079 sets? except for the new pnunatic switch. Regards, Snipe.
  2. Hi, I recently looked at using Lego Universe instead of Lego Words since it supports SNOT, and has more parts. I have a question however: Since the building engine is based on LDD and LDD has/had 'universe mode', can I use any parts currently in LDD in lego universe by importing the lxfml file?. If so then that would be epic. I know that the server is down but I don't intend on using online play anyhow. I just need to figure out how to get the game and get it running. So far no luck. Regards, SNIPE
  3. Here are the facts: old lego was better than it actually was because everything is better as a kid. They had good functions but lego exausted what was possible with studded parts. so they made studless parts (though some old parts are indeed studless). now we have more advanced axles, axle-pins, connectors, and mechanical elememts. I'm 'good' at technic design and advanced techniques but I always hit a rock when making or designing MOCs. So for lego to design all these technic sets in such a short period of time is quite good. I honestly don't know how they do it (genuinley). Old parts are prone to cracking too
  4. Thanks!. Here are some photos of the orange rotary gear changeover catch , the yellow gear clutch extention and the blue 20 tooth idler clutch double bevel gear thingy.{"color":7,"iconly":0}
  5. Hi, Does anybody know if the parts from the technic 42083 bugatti chiron are in the ldraw parts libary yet (as official or unnofficial parts). I wanna make a gearbox and need the parts to do so. Replicating them in LDD is too confusing. I have the 42083 set x2. one is half built, so no dismantaling it, and the other is getting returned to lego. there are none of the new parts for sale locally on bricklink yet. regards, SNIPE.
  6. I can confirm that the new orange shifter does work with a clutch ring either side of it. it also works with 4 clutch rings but two gears are meshed at once, which does not mean "it will jam indefinetlley, let's give up".
  7. I plan to first have an openable engine cover. I have a bad habit of getting to excited and wanting to do too much. Therefore making it too hard on myself to implement. So I am sticking to one thing at a time.
  8. I bet it will fit inbetween two clutch rings if one is moved up by say half a stud so that the groove on the orange selector fits in both clutch rings. I'll try to figure something out when I get the parts.
  9. I was expecting the engine cover to open but it seems to be fixed shut though I'll put it on my "tomod" list. I think this is the best technic set ever made. Some more mods I'd like to add are: red 4L center differential in gearbox. add servo motor(s) to gearbox orange pieces so that when the servo turns left it moves the orange shifter into the left gear, when the servo turns left it moves the orange shifter into the left gear, and when the servo is centred it moves the orange shifter in between the two gears (i.e neutural). a motor for drive and steering. brick build trans red rear lights. Maybe with PF led's wishful thinking: A motor/motors for spoiler adjustment, doors, bonnet and engine cover. looking forward to building it, Regards Snipe
  10. I'm pissed off now.
  11. Is it available online from june 1st? or in stores only. I have a VIP card.
  12. I'll probably squeeze a red 4L differential in to add to the color vomit and so it has a centre differential. I think color vomit for the mechanisms is cool in a way, for example the blues reds yellows, blacks and grays of the 42070. It makes it look more advanced in a lego-y sort of way, where as all gray looks more like metal metal and more metal.
  13. The new yellow part has 8 notches so possibly less backlash? (assuming it is a driving ring extension).
  14. Looking at the parts list, I wonder what the yellow elastic band is for and it seems there are 2L pins in blue. Also, is that a minifig stud shooter in LBG ? under the 1x2 LBG curved slope. edit: I got mixed up with all the blues, after getting a better view I can say that they are indeed regular blue friction pins with axle. The LBG pieces are indeed two minifig stud shooters but without the triggers or ammo. There is a small LBG wheel which I think will be used as a pulley for the yellow rubber band, probably for engine detail.