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  1. I have had one crack on me but it was my fault because I put an axle in it and yanked it too much
  2. SNIPE

    8 Speed OR Gate Gearbox

    like 10 years ago I made agearbox that had 4 speeds but had a white clutch gear for when the two clutch rings were both engaged for the extra 4 gears. The idea was to have two conditional ratios on the input shaft, before you even got to the internal gears, one was just teh clutch gears teeth + an 8 tooth gear and the other was some other pair of gears connected to the white clutch gears gray output. The white part would jam when any of the extra 4 speeds were engaged but the axle hole still worked. However the clutch gear kinda acts like an 8 position stpepper which was no good and it puts a load of strain on the motor so the idea was scrapped but the whole thing fitted into a 3x3x11 space (excluding the two changeover catches)!. Perhaps we could just use a 4L differential since I always like having a center differential in all of my MOCS/MODS anyhow The 4L differential can act as an OR gate. Regarding the high friction concern, I have rarley broken lego parts in my life so I prefer to move my ideas away from a digital model as fast as possible.
  3. SNIPE

    8 Speed OR Gate Gearbox

    Here you can see the OR gate in both positions: yellow is the outputs the middle two gears are the gate itself and the bent liftarm is the limiter. the dark gray pin is the input. In the helicopter set theres only one output so yes its acting like a saftey clutch/ne way clutch. here we have two outputs. hope this helps. I think akiyukis catch 'n' spin robots use or gates. theres also this which uses a worm gear as the gate instead of a centeral16 tooth gear
  4. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    They have not long done this little monstrocity as well: Now we cant put a bar through the pin since this mould does not have the round hole in the pin like most frictionless pings have. Get a grip LEGO.
  5. SNIPE

    8 Speed OR Gate Gearbox

    if I understand correctly: if you go from L L to L N then the OR gate would switch outputs. The or gate does not have to use all 16 tooth gears, it must step the final ratio up in order for the 4 speeds to not be repeated again. The OR gate only is in the output B when the 4 'combined' speeds are engaged, Else the OR gate uses output A. The or gate itself does not use a clutch ring. just a friction pin and gears on a lever with a 90 degree rotational limit I think the best way to get the selector rings to work is by using linkages and the clutch patterns should be ''
  6. SNIPE

    8 Speed OR Gate Gearbox

    Thats right :D, Thanks!
  7. Hi, I have had an idea for a while to take a dual clutch ring 4 speed gearbox but use all 8 possible clutch positions along with a mechanical OR gate to get 8 speeds instead of the extra 4 "combined speeds" jamming the gears. the OR gate would reroute the output back into the input but while actually gearing up/down to get an additional 4 unique ratios. (we don't wanna have duplicate ratios obviously) Such a mechanism was used in set 9396 but in my case it swings between two possible gears and when the torque gets too high (i.e when the gears would normally jam) You could also use a differential as an OR gate but its kinda big and not as flexable. So really this setup is equivelant to the 42083 gearbox in that it is a 4 speed gearbox with two modes (4 * 2 = 8 speeds) The difference is, this is much more compact since it only uses 2 clutch rings not 4 and fewer gears. Does anyone have any insight on how to actually build this as I can't seem to crack it. Maybe @TechnicBrickPower can help since he has already made several cool and new gearbox ideas but any help is appriciated!. Regards, Snipe
  8. Can the cement bucket tilt in order to dump the contents in the official model? not sure how realistic that is compared to a real cement truck.
  9. SNIPE

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Oh wait Im getting this thread mixed up with the 42114 thread lol. I don't know why lego didn't just design the powered up hub to optionally be used without a phone or powered up remote (like a dumb battery box). Then they could have just used that but recolored it in LBG+DBG instead of making two control+ hubs.
  10. SNIPE

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    how about using a powered up hub instead in that case? so you can RC the model without using a smartphone and use the powered up remote
  11. SNIPE

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    It would be awesome if the dumb battery box could just be used on its own and/or with the white powered up controller!.
  12. SNIPE

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    i did. it 404's on pc edit: it worked on android :S
  13. SNIPE

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    The link 404's
  14. I have tried it before but wanted an 8 speed so ditched it. it might be on eurobricks somewhere,
  15. SNIPE

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    I think I agree there. For example, lego just released some water slide tube pieces, they are great because instead of us being forced to attach them at pretty much 0 degrees using plates on top, they lock together in themselves and can be rotated at any angle then attached to a base plate with, say, plates and hinges and they fit inside of 1x6 arch bricks/inverted arch bricks too - clever part design. So, if lego makes the mixing drum consisting of 6 pieces, it is more flexible with the whole lego system but costs more to make and isn't as strong. So I hope it is in 6 pieces