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  1. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    I wonder if the "teeth" on this part could act as an 8 position rachet by putting something that locks beetween the teeth but is on a rubber band so it can also skip to the next gap between the teeth: could be useful for paddle shift mechanisms etc. Regards, Snipe.
  2. SNIPE

    42116 Skid Steer Loader

    shame they discontinued those 3L worm gears. they have potential, because the other two worm gears might not fit in some rare circumstances.
  3. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    same, we will get there one day :)
  4. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    Did anyone notice the new track pieces (69900) I call them track with showspike I wonder if they just mesh with sprockets or if its more of a chain and needs gears Also they redesigned the axle hole with 4 bars (48723) so that its 1L thick now. The part number is 68888 And for wheel covers theres dish 4L (65138) but it has yet to exist in more useful colors for technic
  5. Great model. Is it possible to motorize the roof at all if I wanted to? (using a safety clutch)
  6. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    Best thing to do is look for the ldcad subfile of the rim without the tyre then get the diameter in LDU and convert LDU to mm. I used a ruler which is not very accurate but just the rim to me look lije its 46mm
  7. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    Including the glued on tyre its 5.4cm this may be slightly off, but there abouts.
  8. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    Spike prime wheel fits in a 42009 tire with no gaps :)
  9. Finally someone made it full RC and with two steering motors!. Any chance we can have instructions or a digital file?
  10. I'm not sure why lego didnt use these two new pieces that came in the mario penguin These could be used for so many things such as body panels, spoilers, and body panels and body panels. Part IDs are 77095 and 77090
  11. Hi, I just noticed two new sets from a new lego theme called BricQ, The great thing is it has a bunch of new recolors, here are the ones I found: Lime 7x11x1 frames Medium Azure 5x7x1 frames Medium Azure technic baseplate 11x19x1 Black weighted brick 2x6x2 Rare purple beams and red 3x11x1 panels Various new "old style" technic parts in new colors It includes pnumatics, mechanical technic parts and some system/semi-technic parts Here is a photo of the Bricq Motion Prime set: And here is a Here is a photo of the Bricq Motion Essential set: Regards, Snipe.
  12. SNIPE

    42128 Heavy Duty Tow Truck

    because the diagrams for where each tube goes is always like a ball of spaghetti And they are unreliable and a pain to attach the hoses and a waste of space.
  13. SNIPE

    42128 Heavy Duty Tow Truck

    something like this, but better for 2021 would be cool, and no pnumatics! linear actuators and other mechanical mechanisms please!