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  1. SNIPE

    42108 mods and improvements

    Heres my current work in progress, feel free to use it. I need to connect the suspention of course and a bunch of other things but I have incorporated a cool way to add very compact steering+drive using the new femal CV joints thanks to @Zerobricks in this thread. I also incorpurated the new 42109 differentials. If the 6 stud shooter cores turn out to not work I have an older steering solution that is just as compact too but its a little harder to work with. I have used it before though so tried and tested. I have yet to buy those 6 stud shooter core pieces. I also addad a knob for the turntable and a drive motor but the motor is very 'bodged on' currently adding a mini V6 or V8 behind the cabin will be easy though for sure. I hope to also add a steering motor and be able to tilt the cabin which also lits the boom, like how the 42098 car transporters tilting cabin lifts the upper desk. Here is the LDCAD file Regards, Snipe
  2. SNIPE

    Simple Building Techniques

    You could use this piece when it is more colors to angle walls and other things, as well as use them for bent pipes and other greebling It is a 3mm bar that is bent, which has a mini peg hole, and a semi hollow stud on the other end. Hope this helps.
  3. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    18986 48724 28974 42446 also check out 47501 Regards, Snipe.
  4. SNIPE

    Impossible LEGO

    Definetley dont push a 1x1 round tile in each end of a 3L clutch ring. I had to bend some tweezers to curl round the insides through the slot in the center of the clutch ring, in order to push one of the tiles out.
  5. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    Use those bracket pieces with a tile The bracket piece has a minifig torso hole and a stud and comes in two variants, one has thicker walls. There also one with a pin instead of a stud.
  6. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    use the new linear clutch (from 42100) to disengage drive to the diff.
  7. SNIPE

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    First use of 1x5 beam thin with axle hole ends in red for a technic set. (It was in thay color for some non technic sets). I wonder if you can fit any mechanisms or electronics inside of the katamaran pontoons.
  8. SNIPE

    mcloren p1 hyper car rc version

    I guess so, you would just leave the rest of the motors out when reading the instructions for the RC version. Regards, Snipe.
  9. Yes, the red gear and gray housing unclips easily, becuase what if you put the bevel gears in wrong or want to use them again. Only problem is it looks like the red gear needs a 5.5 axle because the tan bevel gear cannot have 0.5 L of axle since the gray housing would stop the axle. You could use a 5L axle and the now outdated 1.5L CV joint female, for non steered and no suspention axles, you could just have the 0.5L excess sticking out past the rim but for steered axles the need for a 5.5L axle will be a problem.
  10. The new diff has a 28 tooth idler but it has no standard clutch teeth. The gray bit has 5 internal gears and has 8 clutch teeth like on the new clutch extention ring used in 42083 and 42110. So the diff can be used with a clutch ring to lock/unlock it but it looks like you cant with the red gear. I hope the red gear can unclip from the gray housing.
  11. I did a bug :) edit: never mind, I updated and it appears to be fixed :)
  12. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    Also this new tire recently came out:
  13. Thanks for this app, I love how mamy types of motor and gears are here. One request: can we have support for compound gears as well as linear gears? linear could be something like 8+24+8+24 compound would be 8+24 & 8+24 & means the 24 and 8 is on the same axle. Regards, Snipe.
  14. I cant find that anywhere on the web? do you have any pictures (assuming it is allowed to link them on EB)
  15. SNIPE

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I mean the new gray part next to the red gear The thing that is speculated to be either a gearbox or a diff or a shifter.