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  1. Oh sorry! I totally forgot to post the images a few days ago! My yellow curved gear strips are in the other house so I'll just have to make do with LDD for now: The disconnected black parts and pins/axles are just for the tire. Currently it is around 180 parts. There will be 19 of these wheels. Here they are: Here is the LXF file Regards, Snipe
  2. Right, Thanks for the ideas, I have tested them and unfortunatley still require too much effort to turn. (the geared half of the turntable is for driving it and the gray half is is fixed onto the support structure. Since the turntable is in the centre. The nxt/ev3 motors have a super strong, multi hole output rather than an XL motor which only has a single 1L axle hole for the output. The nxt/ev3motor housings can easily support the load but they would hit off the ground since the yellow wheels are smaller than the motor. There will be around 19 yellow wheels each consisting of 4 curved gear racks. Back to the drawing board I go!.
  3. I'll try your last idea soon. The half bevel gears are too small so the yellow ring wobbles.
  4. I will try and put something together as soon as I get home. I like the self induced pivoting of the bevel gears and I think if they are at a 45 degree angle and there is 4 per side it will also reduce the load and friction a bit on the bevel gears. should be able to reroute the wheel spokes on the outer edges of the bevel gears. will need non idler bevel gears for the holes on the wheel to not be obstructed but should be fine.
  5. Hi, this looks good, can it go inside of the rings instead though? it cannot go on the outside. Imagine the rings are wheel hubs basically so the small rubber parts would go on the outside of the rings. Images coming soon.
  6. Hi I unfortunately cannot have anything supporting the yellow rings from the outside as they will have the rubber 2L beams on the outside to mimic a car tire. I think I will just use motors rather than bearings but the problem is that the NXT/Ev3 motors are too long and stick out beyond the yellow rings. So I'm back to square one again now I'll put some more images of the idea when I get home.
  7. I think gears would be too rough. There is a lot of load on the yellow rings so If bearings dont work ill have to add more motors. Regards, snipe.
  8. Hi, I did consider it but the problem is my turntable is on its side as shown in the pictures so there is nothing to clamp the two halves together. also the spacing between the two halves are an unconventional amount, which is hard to build around. I tried normal technic 60T turntables but they are not smooth enough.
  9. Hi, Does anybody have any ideas on how to vertically support rings which are made up of 4 curved gear strips, putting gears inside of them would not be smooth enough. I have tried putting different types of pulleys and Lego system 2x2 tile round with centre hole in the channel on each side of the gear strips but the spacing is imperfect and there is no bricks thin and small enough to fill this spacing. and it would also offset a big proportion of the whole model. If not, I could always just use NXT/EV3 motors as they have a strong output hub which is supported by the motor enclosure anyhow, but this will be expensive and noisy. I need something that will allow for the curved gear racks to spin smoothly because they are used as wheels. here are the pictures of what I have tried:
  10. Here is the LXF file so far: mod.lxf Happy modding,
  11. I'm trying to replace the dials for the functions with motors. In LDD I've added 4 wheel steering but I think the rear bottom 5 x 11 frame has to get removed. The two links with ball joints are 1L further back on the rear than the two on the front. I also added a red 4L centre diff. I'll post the lxf shortly if anyone is interested. I don't know how strong it will be yet however. I have not even finished building the real model (unmodded).
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    granted, but it is more realistic.