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  1. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    I don't get how it was approved to be in the bricklink catalog in that case :S The bricklink catalog is for official lego parts only right? That is despite some parts being an unofficial color due to painting or 3d printing.
  2. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    is this a legitimate Lego part? it has the lego logo but could be a 3d printed part with the lego logo as part of the print. I cannot find any sets that it comes in but if it is a real lego part then it will be awesome!.
  3. I actually would need to do both depending on the submodel but yes you're right. I'll try that @Philo.
  4. Is there a way to edit one of the submodels without ldcad changing them all?
  5. Hi, This is sort of what I want but how do I make a new submodel easily from a pre-existing parts selection?
  6. Hi, Is there a way I can have a list of submodels in LDCAD but unlike using the 'change current session' option. The reason is because the 'change current session' option requires you to minimize your main file, make a new submodel in LDCAD, save it as .ldr and then drag and drop it into the main file. Then it will show up in the 'change current session' but then you cant really just drag it in the main file repeatedly. I could create a template by choosing file > new > part/spring path but then every time I choose one of my templatees from the parts bin I will get the messagebox asking me "how do you want to use this template". Is there a way to: have submodels in the parts bin? and not as un-editable .dat files? but also easily add a new submodel to the parts bin from a temporary build in main?
  7. There is a fix for that This is taken from, this thread: Make sure you have Flash installed already Install 7-zip or winrar if you don't have it already Download the LDD installer from Lego Download the Flash installer from Adobe Extract the LDD installer file (i.e. setupldd-pc-4_3_11.exe) (Extract to "setupldd-pc-4_3_11\") Drag the Flash installer into the setupldd-pc-4_3_11 folder Navigate into the setupldd-pc-4_3_11 folder Copy the name of the included (was packaged with the LDD installer) flash installer, then rename it (I added "_0" to the file name) - Could probably just delete the file, really Rename the downloaded flash installer with the name you copied from the pre-packaged one Double click LDDSetup.exe When it asks to install Flash, click yes If this still does not work try installing the flash for internet explorer (activeX).
  8. Hi, Outstanding work, This is how the beta version of Lego Worlds generated terrain, using 'procedural generation'. The only thing that the game had missing was the ability to import advanced models (an example of which could be SNOT.) I wonder how much of a performance hit there would be if your generated maps had a few simple hand made SNOT models on top, maybe a small car or house. Maybe LEGO will see this topic one day and make a real lego create and build game.
  9. SNIPE

    LEGO Worlds

    hi, I bought lego worlds the same day that the beta version came out in 2015, and it was awesome. Then after many years of doing god knows what they put out the public release, and it sucks There is no prodcedurally generated map anymore just some tiny island with boundaries so my MONTHS of work editing the map in the beta version got LOST because it deleted it despite making a copy of the whole LEGO Worlds folder that is buried 6000 folders deeo in some obscure folder in windows. So I play it, I got the gold bricks from the first world and then another two worlds but then it starts bugging, not letting me go any further so I quit and uninstalled it (I tried for like an hour to work it out) Now I was bored many years later so today I installed the game, I got the 3 gold bricks from the first world. As expected, the game told me to use the rocket to visit another world and there is indeed another world available to visit now, except the 4 buttons that should be on the bottom right are MISSING!. Here's a screen dump from youtube of what it should look like: Also the DLC option in the main menu is buggy and wont let me download DLC in game. If anyone dares to try to help fix this then go ahead I aught to get a refund for the all of the crap this game has put me through, DISGRACE.
  10. SNIPE

    42100 Liebherr R 9800 MODs

    Thanks for the mod, How about replacing the CV and UV joints with the new CV joints where possible.and 16 tooth - 16 tooth gear trains with knob wheels The new CV joints are not so hard to build around: Regards, SNIPE
  11. SNIPE

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    4k parts does not always mean a huge model.
  12. SNIPE

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    also re-released speed champions porsche 911 in white. technic 42096 porsche 911 RSR
  13. Thanks for the review. I count 117 gears and 4 sprockets, 8 linear actuators. and 58 panels excluding frame/biscuits.
  14. Hi, I thought I'd make a thread for the compilation of 42100 Liebherr R 9800 MODs. The modifications I wanna do to improve this set are: Cover up the lower rear better with white Technic beams and panels. add two more XL motors for drive and steering (it cannot really steer on rough terrain and it has a spare port on one of the hubs but will need some sort of port multiplexer unless I can cram yet another hub in there (yes so 18 batteries in total ). Motorized ladder using a geared down control+ L motor (or is it M-motor ? ). Also add an extra bunch of gears per sprocket to distribute the power for drive and steering (so 4 of these complex gear trains in total, two per track) I have dismantled my 42099 so at least have the electronics to make ALL of my planned MODs work that involve electronics. I hopefully will see the control+ app improved so that the power does not cut out like in the 42099 (unless that is already fixed now?) I was also wondering if it would be good play value, especially for kids, to be able to pair one mobile phone to one hub and another to the other hub so that one person can steer and drive and the other person can do the digging. Regards, Snipe
  15. SNIPE

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    @Anio how about here: On the brown axle it looks like there should be a 16 tooth, a 16 tooth idler, or no gear at all.