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  1. I think there is too much cargo stuff here. all of that takes up almost half of the parts count. I would rather the other half of the parts count be used to make the rover better, like putting gears in the portal hubs, addding an engine with differenials, adding pendular axles with springs on all wheels, etc - basically more functional stuff in general. I say this because I find building cargo in technic very boring, id rather be building mechanisms. Just my personal preference, I know that its intended to be a play toy hence the cargo but can't we just make our own cargo anyhow?. The mack anthem had 2595 pieces, and a very good B model (its the only set where I actually prefer the B model), even the 42052 was good. I thought LEGO would make models even more functionally impressive since they have so many new parts they can use now, but technic models of the newer era seem to be getting less and less impressive.. I like this models functions, in particular the body elongation mechanism which I originally thought was to help drive over different sides boulders, etc And I suppose it could still be used for that. the rear ramp thing is very basic but at least its there, steering is fine I suppose.. crane is very basic again but at least it has one and it has 3 functions (turntable, boom, string reel) I'll still pick this set up of course and MOD it with the above features. I also am yet to see any new functional/structural elements aside from the new knob wheel with a 45 degree axle hole. But maybe some stuff will actually be there once more info is released., its just early days yet.
  2. Only thing missing with this model is either: Small micro scale engine driven by a pair of bevel gears on the rear axle OR A compactor in addition to the tipper to empty the truck. And since its an "electric" truck , no engine :) Other than that, its a good model
  3. there's this but its got an extra pinhole, and the other hole is an axle hole where as on my design, everything is a pinhole:
  4. After thinking for weeks and building stuff, the most common part that I wish I had is basically this: because I always reach for this part but then I remember that it isnt quite the same thing:
  5. Surley you mean 15L or 11L flip flop beams?
  6. TBH, these shocks bend too much anyhow, even with the soft springs in them. since they are easy to take apart you could, just replace the spring with an off the shelf hard small spring..
  7. yeah I was just thinking why they didn't use the new gearbox parts to at least have 3+N Anyway, Ill try to MOD it when I get my hands on it 😊
  8. Can't wait for the 787b as well as efferman's mobile crane!
  9. I actually was using your instructions , to get the extra 2 actuators in the right place I actually built a little too much of the PF version and wasted an hour and a half but oh well 🙂 I still wanted 4 motors for the two front shovel functions and had already built the 4 - motor rear axle
  10. I Finally got around to modding this set, though I built it from parts that I already owned, parts that I don't own are in a pick a brick order that is being shipped. So, for now some parts are substituted. Originally I only wanted to make this set just have a single motor per function, But I figured that its better in this case to just put a motor per side for everything and then leave room in the middle for the driveshaft. So now: The ripper blade up/down has 2 C+ L motors The ripper blade forward/backward has 2 C+ L motors Then everything else is as planned, with: 2 C+ L motors for the front shovel up/down 2 C+ L motors for the shovel angle adjustment 1 C+ L motor for the Left track tensioner 1 C+ R motor for the Left track tensioner 1 powered up M motor for the ladder and since I only had 1 C+ L angular motor (from set 42114) and not 2, I used 4 robot inventor medium angular motors linked together with knob wheels. So in total 15 motors! 😮 Here is the WIP so far: I intend to power this whole thing via 3 or 4 buwizz 3.0, which I also need to purchase, the model has space for them already as well as space for the v12 engine, so for now i'm using 2 C+ hubs and then I ran out of AA batteries so I used a robot inventor hub (but i've still ran out of ports because there are 15 motors 😮. I couldn't find a way to simply control all of these hubs from one app (thanks a lot lego you morons) And pybricks just plain sucked so making a video of the functions, without buwizz is going to be almost impossible, you can't even have motors running and then switch to another app (e.g, the camera) with lego's stupid powered up app, and that app also does not recognize the robot inventor hub. Regards, Snipe
  11. My 9v motor is very quiet but it has very low torque it's 4x5x3L I belive
  12. SNIPE

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

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