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  1. I recon it will be that 2022 1000 bhp 4wd hybrid ferrari.
  2. Love it. Well done. Can we get a picture of the underside? Also some information about the drivetrain regards, Snipe
  3. yeah, exactually, it can hold any car that can fit on the 42098 or smaller :)
  4. You know what would be awesome ? A lego version of this, does not need to be licenced: The motorhome has a car garage under it basically :). I dont know about the interiour gadgets but as for features: A fake engine Steering with HOG dial. Differential Opening doors Moving Steering Wheel 4 speed gearbox a Car undercarrage
  5. I once made a pin sorter, but when I built it there was no pins left to sort 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
  6. Some points from previous supercars: It would be nice if they continued with the tradition of having a front and rear differential, but if they are , PLEASE add a center differential, its 3 extra pieces for a much more interesting model. I also expect to see the new diffs, not the wobbly old ones. I hope to see a lot of alternating hole beams, dogbones, biscuit joints, frames (all 3 sizes), etc Again, a working 8 speed gearbox, flappy paddle shifter, and DNR selector. Suspention all round and working engine. Opening doors and movable spoiler, both with a proper mechanism, not just a simple hinge, so that it can be motorized. A simple opening front and engine cover (a simple hinge will suffice here) Here's the big one, that a lot of people will want: OBVIOUS points where a motor would go! you don't even have to include motors in the set, or instructios on how to Add them as a "motor expantion pack" because it will be obvious enough based on having a 1L axle and pins in a + shape. This would make me very happy and a lot of others, it also means that people wont be mislead into thinking that the set comes with motors in the box. Imagine having the features of a sian, but where you can RC the drive, steering, gear change, doors, and spoiler and without being a yob and ripping out the engine and/or gearbox. I know it's possible because i've seen MOCs with 9 motors in, and this was before we had alternating hole beams, and the new spike prime parts. Also this MOC was a tad smaller than say the 42115 SIAN so theres more room if it is the same size as the SIAN. Don't want to have motors? simply leave them out. A for the hub, well, that's a tricky one, it would have to have 2 slots where you can put a robot inventor brick (you can, instead, unofficially put 2 buwizzes in the same space) 6 ports should be fine, or 8 if using BUWIZZ 2 and 10 if its BUWIZZ 3
  7. ive thought of several uses for this part, like putting the end of the spiral pole in a motor and attaching the nut that goes on the spiral pole, then attaching the nut to a carrier which contains felt tips which are individually pushed down onto the paper via a bunch of linkages that are motorized so in other words a plotter :) I also wanted to make a CURTA but I would have to use base 8 or 12 since lego does not make 10 tooth gears for base 10 (eg. decimal).
  8. Unfortunatley part 45607c01 is still out of stock in the UK -i.e it has never been available for individual purchase yet, you have to (still, months later) buy the whole new spike prime sete to get these small angular motors. I hope lego makes them in gray like they did for control+. 23421 and other parts is also out of stock still
  9. It's with rebrickables 3D model instructions, which is built into the browser. Wheel arches and extenders, blue double bevel clutch gears, wheel hubs, orange changeover catches maybe more.
  10. Oh, cool, is this the LEGO version with XL motors or the cada version? I do remember seeing a LEGO version with two PF XL motors.
  11. Yeah the "convertable roof" on this model is garbage, all too common unfortunatley especially since kids ruined youtube. At least the community here cares and is helping to MOD your set, not many people would get that much support on modding a MOC!. I, TBH was a little misleaded by the video and uploaded it a bit too quickly, I thought it was a mechanical or electromechanical roof and doors. I may take it down after all unless the door locks are of interest to anyone?. @astyanax I am actually half way through building this set, had to do a lego parts order too I love the 3d instructions though some parts are missing. Regards, Snipe
  12. Not sure if this is allowed here but I noticed that some brand has made what looks like a spyder model of basically the same design (?): - video removed, the CADA model has locking doors after all - If this is not allowed on the forum lemmme know and I'll take it down. This reply is not an advocation of lego knock off brands or the theft of designs, it is simply to demonstrate the possibility of (officially) modding the original set into a convertable without ripping it's existing features out. It also has door locks which the original doesn't. This set is at least an easy way for us to make a more official spyder version though I would want a proper motorized folding convertable hard top like on @Jeroen Ottens PF tribute car, so we would probably have to make the gearbox more flat like on the sian to make room. Regards, snipe
  13. This is way better now actually. No more half/studdee pins right?
  14. Me, and I really want a pimp my centenario rebrickable page because I have both the pista and this. I am also making an algorithm that searches an ldraw model and makes part substitutions which make more space in order to be able to add mods, reduce weight, build time, build complexity, and cost. So it would be cool to see it optimise this MOC.