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  1. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    I wonder if this meshes with a 16T/20T clutch gear, That would be sweet because you can then hook a liftarm up to it which can spin, or a 36 tooth gear. This part is for the new lego city fire 2019 pneumatic water cannon.
  2. Can we use notepad to flatten a multi submodel file into a single model?
  3. Thanks, I tried this as well as copying the whole %userprofile%/appdata/roaming/LDCad folder but still nothing. However when I copied program files (x86)/LDCad from one PC to the other, my color favorites, parts favorites, and LDCAD settings all were transferred to the new PC :) If this still doesn't work then I don't know what to say, maybe LDCAD was open so it failed to copy some stuff, but there were no windows errors. Regards, Snipe
  4. Ah, I see Yeah this is something I've wanted to do as well, I'll try your solution shortly. Hopefully LDCAD wil have an simple option for this in the future
  5. Hi, is there a way to export a favourites color, or parts list from one LDCAD installation to another? (different PCs) on PC1 I have a favorites list like the 'technic' category but with no bionicle parts in it. It is a little bit of a pain to create this entire favourites part list again on PC2 because I would have to add each part I want to the favorites list again. So, Maybe theres a way to copy it, most probably some configuration file that is stored outside of the program, however it would be neat for there to be an option to do it in the program too ('import favourites' / 'export favorites'). Regards, Snipe
  6. Here is how to do it: 1. Open LDcad, click 'start a new model. 2. Give it a name, and click 'accept'. 3. Select both mpd files outside of ldcad. 4. Drag and drop the selection onto a new ldcad project (Maybe add an 'import option' for this in the 'file' menu). 5. Check 'use files by reference'. 6. Click 'Select'. 7. re-position the two models if necessary. 8. Click 'edit' > 'select'> 'all'. 9. Click on the filename box on the top right. 10. Ensure ''normal' is selected and not 'nested'. 11. Click 'edit' > 'selection' > 'reorganise' > 'embed unofficial content'. 12. Click 'yes' if a confirm message box appears. 13. Leave the optional prefix empty. 14. click 'ok'. 15. Click 'file' > 'save'. 16. Enter a filename. Now the files you dragged and dropped can be deleted without effecting your new model. The following error may appear if you maximise LDCAD: 'FBO initialisation failed. option disabled, if you want to try it again, re-enable the option in the open-GL preferences menu'. The above steps work, although in the sub-file list on the top right the two MPDs still have the old model names. using 'file' > 'clean up...' > 'remove' > 'subfiles not used by main file' had no effect, nor does saving it as .ldr instead of .mpd. But if you dont mind this extra clutter then its not much of a problem. Regards, Snipe.
  7. Hi, are the wedo and boost motors compatible with the powered up hub? How about wedo motors and sensors with the boost hub / powered up hub? It would be cool to put a powered up hub inside of a boost model to get 2 more ports. Both are programmable and, IIRC, have bluetooth. I'm aware that the wedo motor cannot be driven from the boost hub and the boost motor is not compatible with the wedo hub. source:
  8. hi, I was wondering if you can use a single Buwizz app with 2 Buwizzes to control 8 independent motors? If so, how about 3 Buwizzes :D. I'm just curious because I know Bluetooth is more reliable and unlike an SBrick, the receiver and the battery is built right into the battery brick and some of my creations will have 2 or 3 Buwizzes so therefore 8 or more motors. They don't all have to be on the same page within the app. because phones have small screens and i'm using a phone, however it would be cool if this is possible for tablets or other android devices such as tablet-laptops, netbooks, and laptops.
  9. It would be cool to see an RC gearbox with manual paddles, however with 7 speeds like the real car. I think Didumos69 made a 7 speed Bugatti Chiron replacement gearbox that should fit in the Porsche with some mastery.
  10. I also noticed this, but I think its supposed to be a roll bar or something hence why it twists the axle slightly. Or its used to create a positive caster angle (AKA McPherson strut suspension)/
  11. Wow the corvette A model is actually more advanced on the inside than I thought!. They could have moved/lowered the differential by 1L (yes it still meshes well with the 20T tan gear) but this solution is better cause we get a blue 20 tooth idler with double sided clutch with double bevel gear with double pinhole thingy.
  12. SNIPE

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    @ligor my bad, The lighting made it look like a black 1x5x11 frame in one of the corvette images. Any new colors for the dogbones in these sets?
  13. SNIPE

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Wait this has a gearbox?
  14. SNIPE

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    The yellow engine cranks were orange in the other picture