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    Central Perk - Rebuilt into a modular MOC

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  1. Hey all, Are there any good custom 16x32 modular corner buildings out there? I need one for my city. I currently have the Jollie's Music Store by Brickative as one. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for an example, possibly a link to instructions if they exist, of a double corner build for the 10297 Botique Hotel. I would like to make mine occupy the space of two corner buildings in my city. Does anyone have any good examples they can share? I know Bricksie did something like this with 3 copies of the set, I only have two though :( Thanks!
  3. I'm gonna be in San Diego/Oceanside, CA for a week or so and wanna check out some local shop if there are any :) Can anyone give some recommendations?
  4. Redteamrocks

    Preferred way to ballast Lego train track?

    This is exactly what I was needing. Thank you!
  5. soo.. I decided yesterday that I want to ballast my train track in my city. I'm curious how everyone else has done it in their layout/city. I see a couple different routes that I could take: Buy all the pieces and build the ballast Buy 3d printed or injection molded ballast plates from somewhere like TrixBrix Neither option is particularly cheap, but I would like to go the most cost effective route. Also, does anyone know any other good US based sellers that do ballast plates for R40? OKBrickWorks was my original go to for this, but they don't offer any R40 options :(
  6. Hey all, I've spent a lot of time working on my Lego City recently and am looking for some ideas. Currently all of my buildings are on the MILS system, but my roads are the older baseplate style roads. So when my buildings are butted up against the roads, you can see the bricks under them exposed on the sides facing the roads. I'm trying to come up with a cost effective way to cover this up so you can't see the bricks underneath. Making a curb out of pieces is not ideal because I'd like to use the extra space on the roadsides for parking spaces. Converting all the MILS plates to the color I want (light-bluish gray) is also not ideal either since I'd have to buy $300+ of parts to do this. Hoping someone might have some more ideas. Thanks!
  7. Redteamrocks

    Hello from Midwest USA!

    Hey everyone, My name is Matt, or Redteamrocks. I've been here a few times but finally decided to make an account. I'm an avid Lego collector (mostly Star Wars and modulars) and am currently working on a large city project. I work in IT and spend most of my free time playing video games. I'm always looking for friends to play games with (Halo, Stardew Valley, Fortnite, GTA, others) so feel free to message me. Thanks!