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  1. supertruper1988

    New York

    Make that 1 billion
  2. supertruper1988

    [HELP] Making a round 360° circle

    @Carsten Svendsen Looks great! Glad a solution presented itself. I also didnt know that the arch parts worked so nicely but I happened upon them after looking at your question. I will probably use that int he future to make a giant clock on a building
  3. supertruper1988

    [HELP] Making a round 360° circle

    I don't have any 6x6 and 8x8 radar dishes on hand but according to LDD (I reference this only because I'm pretty sure that the models in LDD are referenced to the actual design models used to make the molds by LEGO) it is not exact but from any distance and viewing angle that is not straight on, you shouldn't be able tell. @Carsten Svendsen
  4. supertruper1988

    [HELP] Making a round 360° circle

    So you need a 5 stud diameter inner circle and a 9 stud diameter outer? being that LEGO is so even, odd studs are hard. How tall is this assembly? without going crazy with SNOT building this is the closest I can think of You can see it doesnt quite work
  5. When you say adjust in indesign, what do you mean? I make all my steps even for a 140+page book and then just use indesign to mesh them on to pages with page number and background image. Then add a front and back cover and call it a day.
  6. You can use LPub3D to render steps for you. I have used it a bunch and really like the instructions it produces from the steps you have already created. You can export as transparent PNG's to put into InDesign with your own background color or image.
  7. I believe that Rookie55 is referring to the very old LEGO Factory extension of LDD. That is long gone and I doubt LEGO kept any data. If that wasnt it, there is the older, but still discontinued as of spring time 2017, LDD Gallery. Both of which were turned off and I doubt that LEGO kept any data as they announced for months before each service was pulled that it was happening. As good practice for any online service, not just LEGO, always save a local copy of your file(s) and then send a copy of your file to the service that you are buying from.
  8. supertruper1988

    Trouble with Building Instructions

    Why not use the instruction maker in No matter which program you use, you will have to edit them. There is no automated instruction generator available. and with the near infinite whats that bricks can be connected, I doubt there ever will be.
  9. supertruper1988

    help for beginners

    Ldd has built in snap which is great but it means you have to have a structure to snap it too. If you havent completed the first level of the moc, or the top surface of the walls are all tiles, you will need to swap one out for a plate or build a fake wall to hold up the second floor.
  10. supertruper1988

    LDD/LDraw/Instruction Requests

    I totally get this viewpoint and I have a HUGE library of LDD/LDraw files on my computer for this very reason but I went out and collected them from places like LDD Gallery, MOC-Pages, Brickshelf, etc. I learned a lot from them and I am willing to share with most anyone in the same way. The point of this post was to hopefully put an end to single line comment on a MOC/MOD that just says "Instructions Please?" or "Hey got LDD for this?" Its just a frustrating experience to have to see how selfish folks can be. Its like come on can't you appreciate the time and effort it took to build the MOC and photograph it and post a thread about it. Take in the techniques, ask about how it was built, dont just say "yo imma copy yo sh!t"
  11. supertruper1988

    Speed Champions Wishlists and Future Speculation

    Ahh yeah i forgot about that release of the Ferrari The Ferarri. I guess just a F40/F50 Set would be awesome!
  12. supertruper1988

    Planes designs that need improvement

    I mean every flight i have taken always has thru doors you can see when you board at the front, then two emergency over the wing and then two in the back where the truck rolls up on the right side to load in refereshments. I even googled "right side of aircraft" and every passenger plane I can see has doors that mirror the left side.
  13. supertruper1988

    Union Pacific Rotary Snowplow 900081

    It looks like you could easily fit an M motor, battery and IR receiver in there. Care to PM me the LXF and I can take a look?
  14. I am getting very tired of opening up tons of great MOC or MOD threads only to see a bunch of people not even commenting on the MOC or MOD and only asking for LDD/LDraw/Instruction files. It is getting really irritating. We are here to admire and comment on others work not just shamelessly rip it off. Every time I see those requests I really want to reply back "ITS LEGO you can figure out how to build cool sh!t as well, just get to building, ya bellend!" There are also those threads that get bumped after years or a decade only to say "Hey, got a file?" Way lame, IMO. Im not sure if this bothers anyone else as much as me but I figured I would see if there is the possibility of this being added to the etiquette of the forum that LDD/LDraw/Instruction files should not be asked for unless offered by the OP? Also is there a way to auto lock posts after say 2 years so that we stop getting a decade old thread bumped up just to ask for a file? I know that some forum software can auto "archive" posts after a certain amount of time.