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  1. supertruper1988

    Christmas Night, an Emerald Night MOD

    Looks really great! Love the custom wheels for the tender!
  2. supertruper1988

    Custom LDraw parts

    Thanks for the help! I am going to see if I can work something out using LDcad, if not I will go the other route. The File posted by @djm didnt seem to work when I opened it in so I am sure that there will bee some other work to get that going.
  3. supertruper1988

    Custom LDraw parts

    I have LDcad installed ultimately I will be importing the finalized DAT file into to use with my models there.
  4. Does anyone have a guide on how one like of code in a dat file for LDraw works? The official tutorial page says "just play around a bit, the advanced parts builders are too busy to write a tutorial" I cant seem to figure it out and all I want is a 2 stud long piece of 3mm rigid hose... BL part 75c02
  5. supertruper1988

    Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    I just got my copy tonight. Did any one else have trouble with the axle holders? Mine seemed like I had to really caress them into place.
  6. supertruper1988

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Short but interesting interview with Masao Hidaka
  7. supertruper1988

    Building BMR Freight cars

    Goodie! just gotta wait till they show up on bricks'n'pieces to order a boat load
  8. supertruper1988

    Bricklink something close to Santa Fe Cars 10022

    I would think that swapping to a different railroad will get you the greatest bang for your buck. i know that the silver/red is iconic but something in black would be cheap. If you go to LBG in stead of old gray then you can also save some money but you will have to brick build the doors to stay in pure lego.
  9. supertruper1988

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Not sure if this is welcome here but GBC build akiyuky posted these two awesome videos using the new roller coaster tracks today.
  10. supertruper1988

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    I know this is a little OT but what new series?
  11. supertruper1988

    TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor

    You can see here that it came in 7961 and 75202
  12. supertruper1988

    swimming pool

    haha I get that so much.
  13. supertruper1988

    swimming pool

    I must be missing something. That is not below the LDD "ground" level? I can clearly see the "ground" of LDD below the swimming pool. You have always been able to build under plates that are placed on the "ground" and then LDD automatically moves the "ground" lower...
  14. supertruper1988

    TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor

    You have to check both if you are looking for parts in qty or the price seems outrageous. I had a look at BrickLink and for this part in LBG, there have been 2 set made, of which one is still in production. The price on BrickLink is averaging over $1 each for these even in "used" condition. Since that set is still in production, I figured it was likely that the part could be bought in quantity from bricks and pieces on They are and they are cheaper than the prices on BrickLink for new parts.