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  1. supertruper1988

    Running a Lego train on a different track style

    He builds for Gauge 1 or G-guage which is wider than LEGO track. O-guage is narrower than LEGO track.
  2. supertruper1988

    Running a Lego train on a different track style

    If you do some seaching here there are a few folks who have setup LEGO trains to run on O-gauge track. Only on the motors.
  3. supertruper1988

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I mean that is kind of true. A long wheelbase FBF of even XL wheels will struggle on R40.
  4. supertruper1988

    BrickModelRailroader still around?

    "Acutually knows something" I do actually know and Cale is doing some shows this week and last. I am sure he will be in touch soon.
  5. supertruper1988

    BrickModelRailroader still around?

    I talk to Cale (owner of Brick Model Railroader) quite regularly. They are still around but it is show season. I would recommend emailing them directly instead of posting on an unaffiliated forum about it.
  6. supertruper1988

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I believe they are #15 or XXXL sized at 15.5 plates in diameter
  7. supertruper1988

    Creating Custom Colors for Studio

    That is great! I have made custom colors already so I am more interested in how this color does the random and if it can be weighted like the LDraw_Cliff program. I would want one that is more dark grays and one that is more light grays and I would like to have dark tan mixed in.
  8. supertruper1988

    Creating Custom Colors for Studio

    Can you share how you did this? I would be pretty interested especially with @SylvainLS 's random cliff generator tool
  9. supertruper1988

    Train Wheel Size Naming

    I havent used them yet but I might need to for some planned autoracks
  10. supertruper1988

    [MOC]XG BC's MILS modules

    Another thing to consider is that Studio uses AVERAGE NEW brick prices. When building modules like these, there are plenty of ways to cut back on costs like buying the brick that will be below the "ground" in used condition and using any color baseplate you may have on hand, buying parts through LUGBulk, buying on the PAB wall, etc. Thats just the start of price optimization that is almost its own hobby if you are building a large layout using the MILS or Moduverse standards. I have it down to less than $20 per basic MILS module and the cost to convert a modular building to MILS is even less because the baseplate is already included so there is minimal cost to add some filler brick and plate to raise up the building.
  11. I have used Brick Print Studios (Brick Forge) and OKBrickWorks. Both have had great results for me.
  12. supertruper1988

    [Trivia] Cross-forum interest

    The scale modeling folks had their own forum then decided the minimum scale was in the 1:20 range (aka large technic type builders or model team style) or very small greater than (less than maybe?) 1:100. So like the spaceships and other models in the Saturn V size or the Queen Mary that one dude made at 1:200 was fine but anything "minifig scale" like 1:30 to 1:60 was definitely excluded. All that to say is, it was tried and we we excluded @JopieK and @Milan would also have some decent input.
  13. supertruper1988

    [MOC] Daylight to Brickworld

    The reduced friction from roller bearings is definitely a problem if you push that red stop button. I tossed trains on the floor because heavy cars pushed the light cars off the track due to momentum alone.