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  1. supertruper1988

    RES-Q sets reimagined

    Oh wow I like these a lot! RES-Q was a big part of my childhood LEGO collection. I was missing the HQ and the mail order only hovercraft. Can't wait to see more of these!
  2. supertruper1988

    Has anyone bought 9v track from okbrickworks?

    I have a bunch of the metal track from OKBrickworks. I really like it and if you need (rather really really want) 9V then its essentially the only way to get it (metal rails) I know that the files for the 4DBrix are different from the metal rails but both are high quality prints.
  3. As far as I can tell the "percentage" in the instructions page is based on the page size and DPI. You may be able to "fake" out the program by creating very large "pages" that have a set percentage but are multiples of each other in size. Like A2, A3, A4 for example.
  4. supertruper1988

    What To Do With R40 Curves

    Train station roof?
  5. This is great! I know I will need some of these soonish!
  6. supertruper1988

    Train Wheel Manufacturers/Vendors

    I think you mean Brick Train Depot. BrickTracks doesn’t sell any wheels besides the replacements for the 57878 wheels. Brick Train depot has a huge selection of wheels from shupp with some additions. Also better prices than shapeways. The black are printed. On an SLA printer so they are very smooth.
  7. supertruper1988

    largest drivers on Lego track

    When you say "LEGO" track do you mean only pieces produced by LEGO or are you including larger cureves produced by third parties that are compatible with LEGO?
  8. @AbleChristopher This is truly a great build! I am going to be gawking over the pictures for a long time to come! I see you got banned (again) for this tirade. Be sure to come back with a new account like or @ProvenceTristram or Shrike Arghast and lay your ode de pretentious on us in a few days. Remember that the difference between digital and real bricks is gravity and physics. Im sorry you dont understand that and you feel that insulting an entire race of people to make your point about a kids toy was needed. Not sorry to see you go
  9. I have to level with you. His is better than yours first and foremost because it is actually built. Your design looks good but the fact he used a couple of the same parts you did while also clearly using a lot of his own ideas is how it works in LEGO. there are only a few ways to create some shapes so the execution is to be expected to be the same. Add in the fact it navigates LEGO track with all that beautiful cowling makes it very impressive. I have seen you on here for years being a general snob about all things trains but to what end? You dont even like building LEGO because it "hurts your hands", nor have you ever once showed that any of your designs are actually buildable, let alone look as good in the brick. Why are you here? What is your goal? Is it to just troll all of us? You act all mighty train builder but where is your proof? In your mercury thread you ask basic questions about powering models and gearing. Happy to see you got the help you needed, but at the same time, that same lack of basic knowledge doesnt reinforce that you are the god of LEGO trains.
  10. You will need to go through your list and look for expensive and rare molds. LDD is horrible at this. Bricklink also interprets 1x1 tiles as the non-groove mold from the early days of tiles. It takes time to learn the finicky parts of BL but I am happy with all the various tweaks over the years and I just use "auto select" in the USA or north america these days. The tip about expensive stores being added to the "disliked stores" list is a good one. Some sellers have high inventory and prices so they get picked by the algorithm but they arent the best price. Those kids of places get put on the dislike list.
  11. supertruper1988

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    We can offer it. Just shoot us a message using our contact form.
  12. supertruper1988

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    I know this has been mentioned many times, but there is a very strong need for a single axle pickup as well. If you are replicating the wheels and pickup of the 9V system for your new motors, will there be an option to purchase those at the component level to integrate in a DIY fashion or even available to order in quantity to produce a single axle pickup outside of the FX development path?
  13. supertruper1988

    Brick Train Awards 2021 Is this not your design submitted by you?
  14. supertruper1988

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    It has been mentioned but more than one motor will be the crux for many to even consider switching. One of the big sells of PF and its vast acceptance is the fact that the motors are multiples sizes and can be fit into many MOCs so getting power from the rails to the motors, with or without a PFx (or other controller) will be a big deal.
  15. supertruper1988

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    For the negative cant, any chance you have some time to ballast and attach to base plates in a 90 degree arc? I have even had some TLG track that had a negative cant bu as soon as it was ballasted and put on base plates, the cant was gone.