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  1. supertruper1988

    Train Wheel Size Naming

    Those sizes are what prompted the discussion actually. What do we call them? So we decided numbers were better than letters because they could be related to the actual Size instead of arbitrary letters.
  2. supertruper1988

    Train Wheel Size Naming

    Hello LEGO Train fans! @Cale, @coaster, and myself were recently discussing the confusing nature of the naming convention we have adopted for train wheels. It made sense for a time when only a few sizes were available. We came up with this solution where the size becomes a number. All of the wheels are XX.5 plates in diameter so the number would be whole integer number of plates that corresponds to the wheel size. What are your thoughts? We will also be reaching out to Big Ben Bricks if this sizing scheme seems reasonable to most.
  3. supertruper1988

    MOC: NYC Subway Car

    First day on the internet there bud? You revived a thread that hadnt been posted in for 4 years to ask for instructions. That is considered bad form. To go along with that, the original thread is 5 years old and the original person who posted hasnt visited these forums in 3 years. No one can email him for you. You will have to go on pictures alone. Hope this helps you learn about the way the internet works.
  4. supertruper1988

    Improving the 71044 Disney Train (WIP and Idea thread)

    Since you are a new member, I dont know if you can see a DM sent to you. I will DM you now. Please report back if you get it.
  5. I too am sorry, I looked at this and even tried my hand at self compiling a solution to no avail. What I did find was the if the rendered assembly image is large enough, it will still be cropped on a multi-step page. I proposed a solution to Trevor, but he mentioned he had handled it in a different way in 2.4.0 Here is the relevant git ticket
  6. supertruper1988

    blue brick software stopped working on my pc

    What kind of error? Blue Brick is a portable so if you are having an error, download it again and try to run it from the new download.
  7. supertruper1988

    Do you think lego will ever realese another space theme

    They are not "losing" anything. They are a business. They know kids want to build their favorite IP from movies. They sell a TON of IP related sets for this reason. The only people "losing" are the consumers who care about some perceived value based on the price per part ratio or the physical size or nostalgia or what ever else. LEGO is a toy company that sells to kids primarily. They know the numbers, they do loads of market research. If bringing back classic space was a wise financial move, they would. Instead, they choose to put their efforts on things that make them money. This whole thread is getting ridiculous IMO. Basic business 101 is make money selling goods/services. They arent a charity, they arent beholden to every consumer and them not making exactly what you (nebulous you not @Scene specifically) is not "wrong" or "bad" in any way. The beauty of LEGO is that its LEGO. There are INFINITE ways to put bricks together. Instead of ranting and raving about what they don't do, instead take your time, grab some bricks, and build what you want. - "But I can't build good MOCs" Guess what? Neither could anyone of us at first. There are TONs of MOC guides and technique breakdowns out there. Look at some, build some sets from LEGO, all of this will teach you some cool ways to put bricks together. take those skills and mash them together. The only way to get better at something is to practice it.
  8. supertruper1988

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    From what I remember R56 wasnt even in his plan until he showed up at BrickWorld with his presentation and Andy said, I sell 4 times as much R56 than any other size.
  9. supertruper1988

    [MOC] Large Excavator

    New render looks great! Im pretty sure that LDCad has that info if you click on the little "i" in the lower right of the build pane.
  10. supertruper1988

    [MOC] Large Excavator

    Oh I like that brick built bucket a lot! The styrene work in the original post is wonderful but there is also something about a good brick solution that appeals to me too.
  11. supertruper1988

    Trained Bricks' custom rods

    You want "Save target as" and then there are various youtube videos for bringing in parts to Part Designer.
  12. supertruper1988

    New 9v motor

    this right here. I dont care as much about batteries if I had a way to charge them easily. The PF LiPo was really rare and expensive. I have 2. One from LEGO and one I paid $100 for after the stopped making them. I have devoloped my own way to do track pickups but I still need to have track from FX Track before I can commit to converting my 11 9V motors and making my power pickups for my steamers.
  13. supertruper1988

    New 9v motor

    You will want to look at what FX Track is proposing. You will need a complete package. For anyone still on 9V they likely have motors and backups. Everyone else moved away around 2010 when LEGO stopped metal track production. As Coaster said, there is no real market for it.
  14. supertruper1988

    Keybrick One / Rechargeable battery pack for Powered Up

    I know you have the replacement base but would you also consider offering the earlier style of just the replacement battery cell? I have been integrating Powered Up in to my MOCs by making the top portion of the hub lift off and never using the screws. This allows me to have the base built into the build and then have the top section lift off (with some parts attached) saving me having to rebuild my model to get to the battery. I know you have "solved" this by making the charging port accessible but then there is the issue of how to clear enough space in some very small locomotives to make the charging port accessible. I also cant bury the hub in the frame of a locomotive to save me some vertical space for details.
  15. supertruper1988

    Keybrick One / Rechargeable battery pack for Powered Up

    This is interesting to me for sure! What kind of performance are we talking? mAh and voltage? I would assume you are running a 2S pack to get ~7.4V average to avoid damage to the LEGO components. As a side note, you will need to hotlink your pics from places like Flickr, BrickSafe, or your own website because the space here is only for your avatar and signature.