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  1. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Are those printed or stamped? they look awesome!
  2. How to connect parts

    If were to hazard a guess they are using a bar and not an axle like this piece:{}
  3. Could this be moved to the scifi forum? I feel it would get more traction and such there.
  4. ( MOC ) Toyshop

    Ahh ok with such an american looking building i didnt even think to see if you were located elsewhere in the world. This is a very nice build!
  5. ( MOC ) Toyshop

    I like this concept! Very cool use of sets as props and a lot of great detail! The only critique I have is that the truck loading should be on the back side.
  6. Assembling Bricksburg

    Hey pal, you obviously do not respect his decision to hold these because you are accusing him of not being truthful. It was/is his time and effort to make all of these files. He does not have to share them, nor are you entitled to them. Please drop it. It makes the whole thing awkward and it may cause him to post less. Just celebrate that he has done great work. If you really are a designer and animator, you should be able to understand the value of the work to make these files. Maybe contact him in a private message and offer real money for his time to make these. As a creator yourself you would not expect me to ask for your work for free or to be "shared" for little to no money. You want to get paid and I am sure that he values his time like you do.
  7. Speed Champions Alternates

    I really like these @ER0L!
  8. Custom LEGO Coast Guard Car

    I really like your Mocs! Thank you for sharing them. Have you considered putting them on so that others can easily gather the parts lists and place orders for missing pieces?
  9. [Software] LDD Manager

    You can do this now with****USER****/lists/ just put your user name there. It is also under the "My LEGO" drop down as My Custom Lists.
  10. Hey @Lowa I did some googling to see if I can find these folks but all of my searches turn up either TLG or 4DBrix. I tried these searches: Lego Train Track Lego Train Switch Track Lego modular track Lego Modular switch track I am interested in who is copying these as well if you wouldn't mind sharing in a PM.
  11. Hey @BennyT19! You can do all of that. Be sure to have the latest version and then you can right click on the page to move steps, add pages, and you can drag elements around the page. For the submodels, if they are only a few steps, you can right click and use the "treat model as call out" feature to just have a couple steps shown on the page next to the model instead of a full page. @msx80 I was wondering if it might be possible to generate data with BluePrint to have BlueRender render the steps? then it could be placed in a video or GIF like the video in this thread.
  12. [MOC] Lego Aston Martin Vulcan

    No they are new pieces from the speed champions line this year 29119 & 29120
  13. A custom train build in ldd

    Hello and welcome! You will need to use a 3rd part like brickshelf or bricksafe to host your picture in order to display it here.
  14. Custom town vehicles MOCs (working photo's)

    These look great! Love the ATV and the TV Van. The widened airport shuttle is very cool too!
  15. Custom town vehicles MOCs (working photo's)

    Hey man you will want to move all your pics over to brickshelf or bricksafe. Photobucket no longer allows hosting pics for use on 3rd party websites unless you pay $400/year.