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  1. Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    Love the idea of this project! LEGO makes a Movie Making Kit that has a nice little build for a phone stand. You could easily build something similar for your "tripod".
  2. Getting started and strategy for the process

    For me personally, I have a decent collection of parts from my childhood but I mostly build virtually. I will use my collection to prototype sections and techniques. Then I will complete the build in Lego Digital Designer, LDraw, or I will then use that file to create a BrickLink wanted list and use the tools on BrickLink to buy the parts at a decent price. I noticed you want to maybe build at a very large scale. It will be EXPENSIVE to build that large. An example is this Mini-Fig (1/40 ish) scale Star Wars AT-AT. It's 17.5 inches high, about 17.5 inches long and 6 inches wide. It also has 2500 parts and ordering all of those parts will run north of $250 after shipping for multiple orders. I just ordered 300 pieces to complete a MOC and its $30 before shipping from 3 different sellers. It will be about $40 all in for that one. For a very large ship I would recommend surfing craigslist/offer-up/ebay for large bulk sales that you can pickup for less than $7-9 per pound. Then figure out a away to sort them into a usable arrangement so that you can make the sub-structure from a rainbow of color but have the correct colors sorted for the hull, deck, and super-structure details. This will be very time consuming but you can get the price per part down to a reasonable amount but a couple hundred thousand parts will still run over $5k and thats before you invest time in cleaning/sorting/storing. That also is all before you can start even building. I know this all sounds discouraging but this sounds like your first MOC and a very ambitious one at that. I would hate for you to start just ordering parts en masse without some experience under your belt. That alone can cost tons of wasted money and time. I would honestly recommend that you work on a small project or 2 just to get yourself familiar with the MOC process of Design, Prototype, Re-Design, Order Parts, Build, Re-Build, Re-Order, etc..... Then once you are feeling good about how to navigate the process, dive in on this super cool monster.
  3. This is a great tool @SylvainLS! Do you happen to know, is there any way to have LDD export the groups as submodels in LDraw using this xml converter?
  4. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    I mostly agree with this but I think that R56 and R72 should be the next 2 curve geometries offered. I have a double loop and I want R56 for the outside loop to keep it tidy. Its been debated a few times but anything smaller than R104 for switches doesnt work very well. so its R40 and then R104 then R200 then R328.
  5. Let me try again. I will see if I can get it on Flickr to have no compression.
  6. Here is a 4K Render done in Blue Render Its huge so you will need to visit it directly.
  7. [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    That looks great! Please do a full write up when you have the interior completed!
  8. Haha I am not sure I could even use the computer with out right/2-finger click. I use it all the time.
  9. Have you tried using 2 finger click? It works for me on a Mid 2012 MacBook Pro
  10. TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor

    I would be in for a bomber for sure!
  11. Allan's vehicle and building creations ... photo updates.

    Love the City Pizza stickers and the pizza by the slice. So cool!
  12. [MOC] WIP - Sandcrawler

    Thats quite ambiguous. Can you give overall dimensions to compare to the data on Wookie-pedia?
  13. [MOC] WIP - Sandcrawler

    What scale will this be built at?
  14. Boogie Instructions

    I build them in LDD and then use that file to upload into a bricklink wanted list.