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  1. I am well aware haha! I would love to learn or at lease get some pointers. I have a basic understanding of coding but no real specific knowledge and would like to learn more but I feel lost in the vast amount of material available and how that would apply to this.
  2. This is amazing. Could you give a course on this stuff? I would love to get more procedural generated roads and cities and other terrain types.
  3. supertruper1988

    New York Central 19000 Series Caboose

    I hadnt considered this but that may be worth a shot. I already used the brick line on the coopla side windows
  4. supertruper1988

    New York Central 19000 Series Caboose

    thank you!
  5. supertruper1988

    New York Central 19000 Series Caboose

    I am going to be doing decals for the windows. I am also not sold on these yes because the prototypes are so inset. I may do some kind of grill tiles to hold one of the glass parts from part 60592. That would also get a sticker. Thanks for the suggestion! Also yes when boxcars got taller, they were not very useful. these were designed in the era of wood sided boxcars what were ~8 feet tall on the inside. I have a design for one to match this caboose but I havent had the time to build it in the brick. I will get a picture and some video of it running when I display with my club in november. I have been on a building rampage to get ready haha! My LEGO room is a mess which is why you only see the clean end of the loop of track I have on the floor haha!
  6. supertruper1988

    New York Central 19000 Series Caboose

    Huge thank you to @Freezingvettes99 for gifting me with this New York Central Caboose it is the perfect compliment to my USRA 0-6-0. I am glad to have a caboose and I can definitely see the appeal this is the first of many cabeese I will have, I am sure. I need to add a few details once I get some hose in. Also need to get an email off to get some decals. The Prototype for this is interestingly shaped because of their low cupola, required by the NYC's low (15'-3") loading gauge. The NYC owned hundreds of these cars in the steam era, and many survived into the late 1960s. First up a couple pics of the prototype: On to the model!
  7. This is exactly perfect! This tip helped a lot. I did a very high number of the main color and then lower fo the accent colors. It can be tweaked and improved but I really like the result!
  8. One more suggestion should you want to keep on down this path. Foe the multiple colors on the wall, can you make it an option ti be color variation through out the wall vs layers of color?
  9. supertruper1988

    [MOC] Simple Tank Car

    I was more saying that instead of using the 1x8 door rails for strength, you can use 1x2 door rails instead which are more common in more colors. and the 2x2 slopes are the same so it opens up your color options quite a bit.
  10. supertruper1988

    [MOC] Simple Tank Car

    After looking at your thread, you could easily use 2x2 slopes with long 2xn plates to provide the support you need to get rid of the 1x8 door rails the 2x2 slopes are also available in many more colors as well
  11. That is great! Thanks @SylvainLS!
  12. Oh okay if its too much bother then I can use it as is. Thanks for your work!
  13. @SylvainLS Did you see the added comment about two colors for the cliffs?
  14. This doesnt work on chrome on mac but it does in Safari just an FYI Also would it be possible to choose 2 colors for the rock and assign a weight to one one color over the other? I am thinking for Dark Blue Gray and Light Blue Gray but I want more Dark than light gray
  15. supertruper1988

    Bigger Train Wheels

    There are also Big Ben's Bricks wheels. Shupps are also sold on Brick Train Depot as well for less than shapeways.