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  1. stiggy07

    Swing Ride

    The LDD file would be great , would love to build it to go with a few other fairground rides I have. Thanks in advance
  2. stiggy07

    [LDD MOC] Vehicles for my city

    The vehicles look great , would love a copy of the lxf files when they become available
  3. stiggy07

    Scania 143M Torpedo 6x4 Australian truck

    I am sorry to say but I have just tried to get on the site nychase and I am still getting all the malware warnings
  4. stiggy07

    Scania 143M Torpedo 6x4 Australian truck

    Does anyone have any idea when the site will be back up and running as I have plans purchased and want to start building . Cheers
  5. stiggy07

    ERF C10 / Scania MOC

    yes it sure is , it makes a good mudguard
  6. stiggy07

    MOC Caravan

    going to leave the wheels as is , it just sits better behind the vehicles and also it is nicely balanced .
  7. stiggy07

    DAF heavy haulage MOC

    Looks brilliant keep on trucking
  8. stiggy07

    ERF C10 / Scania MOC

    Hi , here are a few pictures of my new trucks hope you all like them. The ERF has a fairground generator at the rear The Scania is WIP its still waiting for a hi-ab Enjoy, comments are always welcome . Thanks
  9. stiggy07

    Fairground ride

    HI, I have started to build my own fairground rides to go with the lego twister ride , what to you thing ?
  10. stiggy07

    Compact double level track layout

    Love the layout, may have to do something similar myself
  11. stiggy07

    MOC Caravan

    Thanks for the comments I will have a look at the wheels, and as for the interior, it does not have any YET - but watch this space
  12. stiggy07

    MOC Caravan

    I tried larger wheels but it didn't sit right
  13. stiggy07

    MOC Caravan

    This is my MOC of a twin axle caravan , would make a nice traveller or fairground addition. Comments welcome- Thanks
  14. Cheers Philo I will try that