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Found 16 results

  1. Fugazi

    HELP! ! !

    Ask any membership and forum-related questions here. From the Eurobricks FAQ, here are the answers to some of the common questions: Why can’t I see my profile, or other members’ profiles? New members’ accounts have a few restrictions in place to keep spammers and bots from abusing the site. Most noticeably, members can’t view personal profiles (including their own) until they have achieved 10 posts. This restriction is lifted automatically when your post count reaches 10. I can’t view member profiles – this is where all such queries end up. Why can’t I use my Personal Messenger? New members can’t use the Personal Messenger to send or receive messages until they have reached 10 posts. Members with the rank of Knight (500 posts) and above can start group PM conversations. The specifics can be found in the User groups and tags reference thread. Eurobricks user groups and tags - PM restrictions Personal Messenger Issues Why am I unable to post in specific forums? As an anti-spam measure, new members are denied posting rights in selected forums until they have reached a number of posts. Can't post until reaching 10 posts: LEGO Mafia and Role-Play Games Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds The Bazaar Can't start a topic until reaching 10 posts: Community Culture and Multimedia Can't start a topic until reaching 100 posts: Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds The Bazaar Where can I find help with the new board features? If you have trouble finding your way around the new board, head to the EB Visual User Guide for help with all the new (and old) features. Alternatively, you can also have a look at the integrated board help feature. Eurobricks: A Visual User Guide Help Topics
  2. Hello everyone, I noticed many of our new and regular members have some parts or sets identification issues? Example, like where is this part comes from? I bought this lot from the garage sales but I don't know where these parts come from? So, come on and drop all of your questions in here and our helpful Eurobricks Community will be able to answer those questions for you. Thanks. WhiteFang
  3. OK, so recently the 5 millionth topic was opened about storage. Let's keep it all to one sub-forum and one topic. How do you sort your LEGO? How do you store your LEGO? Discuss...
  4. I'm very new here, so sorry for the obvious. There are ALOT of categories and themes on Eurobricks so I'm wondering where to post images of my mocs correctly without messing up. I have alot of fantasy castle mocs that also include dragons, so I don't know if I should upload them in Historic Themes (which sounds historic, right?) or Scifi. Also I'm curious which themes do these go in: Pokemon, Military, Non-Castle Creatures, and Mecha. Thank you.
  5. Firstly I have done a search on building techniques and although I found lots of helpful information I couldn’t find what I was looking for. After years of wanting to make my own Hoth base I have finally taken the plunge and bought a load of loose bricks. I have built lots of sets over the last three years, from various themes (40+ at least) I am yet to make my own creation though. I am going to purchase a 7666 Hoth base to give me the foundations, the plan is to modify it and, in the future, add the Echo base control room. My question isn’t straight forward- I really don’t know where to start on the build, I have bought several lots of bricks: 2X Also found some ice pieces (and a load of trans light blue 1x1 tiles) in this lot: My quandary is, do I build the base to a set size of base plate or build it to the vehicles I want to place inside? I was thinking about going 48 x 20 outside. I am hoping this will give enough room to place the blast doors and end wall on and for some trenches and gun turrets etc. I haven’t given the inside much though as of yet, probably to include an x wing and two snowspeeders. My idea to make is different to any others I have seen it to put mezzanine floor at the rear of the set. I am hoping this will give the dio a bit more texture and not be quite so linear. Made up of these: http://www.bricklink...86&itemID=64904 To summarise, I would love to hear some advice on the planning stage- I don’t want to spend a fortune on buying base boards (aren’t they expensive?!) and find they aren’t the right size for my build. Maybe sketching out my idea is the way forward? Thanks in advance, Edbrick
  6. Hi guys: I am not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this topic, the admin ppl can move this wherever they see fit... The title says it all... how do you keep your lego sets clean? I hv dozens and dozens (in yr cases, i suspect a lot of you hv hundreds and hundreds) of lego set sitting on top of my bookshelves, TV sets, fridge, wardrobes etc etc.... it doesn't usually take long for them to be covered by dust... Who needs to create snow effects when the city airport or the castles are covered by dust? The most horrible experience i hv had is to hv an uninvited creature "constructing" spider web all over the two masts of my Black Seas Barracuda (i don't hv monkey jumping across the masts, i had real spider "travel" across them :oo I used to use wiper to clean the dust off my lego sets.... needless to say it's time-consuming and highly ineffective.... lately i hv been using my turbo hairdryer to blow the dust off the lego sets.... it's a lot faster (suit lazy ppl like me) n the result is a bit better any genius or expert ideas out there? thx guys ;)
  7. There seems to be a flood of "What should I buy" type topics lately. The problem with these topics is that if everyone made one over ever purchase the forum would become unreadable. Thus to solve this problem this topic has been created to be the new home for all such questions. Ask away!
  8. How does one edit the sub heading thing for a post, i made a thread a few days ago in the media/games section and said that the republic heroes star wars game was rumoured, but today i posted in the link is been confirmed, so how to i change it so the sub heading says confirmed. Reporting it didnt seem right, and i didnt see anywhere to change it.
  9. I am getting to the point where I need to store some LEGO sets (opened/assembled, and unopened) in a storage shed. Although I live in a fairly temperate spot (SoCal), the temperature in the shed typically ranges from about low 50s to high 90s degree fahrenheit (10 degree Celsius to about 32 degree) from, say, April through October. What kind of effect can this have on the LEGO bricks and other components? I'd imagine some parts are more susceptible to heat damage than others (for example, the elastic bands and sticker adhesives). I'd appreciate any comments and experiences. Thank you.
  10. VaderFan2187

    What Minifigure is This?

    Hi all! Use to this topic to ask people to help you to identify minifigures It happens I have one today! A while back the minifigures from the UCS Snowspeeder were leaked. But I was wondering, who is the brown+green minifigure on the left of this picture? Could it be an upcoming figure, or have we seen a similar one released already? Thanks!
  11. I'm trying to make a slightly larger model of the Big Ben architecture set, to allow me to not have the clock face sticking out. But I've run into trouble with the roof. Seems that Lego don't make any 75 degree corner pieces. This seems odd, as they have a 75 degree slope, and a roof 'cap' but no corners. So any suggestions how to work around this? I was thinking to use the smallest wedge pieces, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to hinge them at an angle to form a roof. I've tried the standard 45 degree slopes and they just look wrong. I need the roof to be four studs wide at the bottom, two studs wide at the top and about a brick high, maybe 4 studs. Plus I need to be able to build on top of it, so I need to be able to get something through from underneath - even if it's just a pole
  12. I made this thread on order to help anyone who is having trouble finding discontinued sets. Does anyone know where to find the Ninja DB X in the UK? it's still easily available in America, but the set was released three months earlier in the UK, which means that it gets discontinued three months earlier.
  13. I went to Amazon looking for Brasso. (I wanted to try defacing fixing a minifig head by removing a couple small details.) The thing is, many of the American customers were complaining that the Brasso formula has been changed and that it's not as strong. According to the reviews, the old formula is still for sale in the UK, but can't be sold in the US. Has anybody bought the new US formula? And was it any good for removing Lego printing? If Brasso isn't an option I have some acetone I can dilute and try.
  14. Hi! It seems that whenever i search for somehing i never get that even when I know the full name of the topic. I checked options but nothing helped.What am i doing wrong? Example:I searched for the How open are you about your lego passion topic but ended up with everything from the Epic scenes contest to Hi Eurobricks topics but even when I look on very many pages I can´t find the topic! I´m getting really annoyed at this! (sorry if one of these threads exist but the search engine ain´t helping me) Minxter Edit: fixed spelling
  15. I am about to buy supplies at the lego store to make a train, but what do i need? I am going to buy the the 8866 Train Motor but i know of nothing else. I have a limit of about 70 dollars and at the store i might also purchase a PAB cup and pack of streight and curved rails so i can complete my circuit leaving me with 40 dollars. Anyone who knows their trains, please help me i dont want to mess up
  16. I've recently finished building the Emerald night train and it has left me thinking whats next. I have narrowed it down to 2 options. 1) Buy a second Emerald night. Use the second carriage as a second class and the tender will either be a second tender (like below) or merge the 2 tenders to make it a bit bigger, and also add PF to it. The second option I am considering is a bit more complex. 2) Buying both the Toy Story Western Chase and the New Hogwarts Express. The small carriage from the TS train I would mod to be a guard carriage to brake tender or something similar on the end of Emerald Night. The cash carriage from TS would be modded and used with 1 of my cargo trains. The final step would be to take both the HP and the TS engines and make 1 nice looking engine out of the both of them and have it pull the HP tender and carriage and the TS caboose, hopefully with PF. (I hope that made sense) I know option 2 is twice the price of option one but I hope to make some of it back by selling all the HP and TS figures on E-Bay. If I go for option one I play to buy 10193 Medieval Market Village any way so the total cost will nearly the same. Every time I think I've made my mind up and go to order something always pops up to change my mind. I need some help or maybe a new idea. Thanks