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  1. Kintobor

    MOC: Railroad Crossing

    I just notice I messed up on the pavement markings on the one side of the tracks. Going to have to fix that when I get the time to do so.
  2. Kintobor

    MOC: Railroad Crossing

    I thought I'd show off a bit of what I've been working on recently. This is part of a small portable switching layout that I've been working on for the past few years, and this part of the layout is the most recent section to be added: a Railroad Crossing. A bunch of the model railroaders I hung out with suggested I put a railroad crossing in, and eventually, after a bit of tearing apart scenery and track I'd installed, I managed to get what I hope is a convincing scene. Both of the vehicles and the camper trailer were inspired by builds I saw online, and I tried to reverse engineer them while still adding a bit of my own flourish to them, such as the police car and the fact that the camper and the sedan were initially two separate MOCs that I decided looked nice together with their white colour scheme so I added the hitch to the back of the sedan. Ignore Hera Syndulla, I'm currently trying to find a place for her elsewhere. Here's a picture with a boxcar on the track to give the scene a bit of scale. I specifically decided to go with four wide for the cars to make the train more of the focal point of the layout. I initially built the boxcar with a Toronto Hamilton Buffalo livery, but without any decals at the moment I put a printed tile on it for use as a railway company logo. You can also see the beech scene a little bit better, along with the sand castle some child has left. Here's a picture from the other side, and you can see that I decided to add some fencing to the beach scene while I was photographing this. I also threw my station wagon, another MOD of a MOC I found online that I thought would look good, on the layout instead of the police car, just to see how it'd look. \ The big reason I went through with tearing up this section of the layout was realizing that the new x-shaped tile pieces actually made it possible to easily do the crossbucks for the crossing. From there it was building up the scenery so I could get the road up to a point where a car could feasibly cross over it without someone spilling a drink in their lap. The crossing also helps transition between two scenes on opposite ends of it. To the right of the white sedan in the first photo is a harbour scene that was heavily influenced by michealozzie1's Ghent Harbour MOC over on Flickr. To the left of the white sedan is a beach scene with a lighthouse that ends with a tunnel for the train to go through. I wanted to use the crossing as a means to help differentiate the two scenes, but also help set the era in which my MOC is set in: the late 1980's. The cars I chose were done so on the basis that they would've been seen at the end of the decade, specifically 1989, as it's the last year Canadian Pacific operated with cabooses. Any comments or criticisms would appreciated, as I hope this addition will be displayed for the public at some point. Hopefully I can show off more of the layout in the future, as it's come quite a ways from when I first showed it off to the public two years ago. Thanks for taking the time to look at my MOC!
  3. Kintobor

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Karie lowered her brow and stubbornly squinted her eyes at the sailor. "Fine." Karie cursed under her breath as she left the sailors on the outer wall and descended to the Harbour via the stairs. She'd seen enough people leaping from the ramparts to come to the conclusion that a potential sprained ankle wasn't worth it. She considered talking to Dyric or Arthur, but the two seemed busy. Reluctantly, she approached Lawrence, coughing to get his attention. She spoke to him in a quieter tone, trying to not grab the attention of anyone else. "Look, Lawrence, I'm happy this whole negotiation thing's going smoothly, but we've got a problem. The Bonaparte fleet's on their way here, and they're not going to receive the negotiations in a positive manner. We need to get the Bonapartes to stand down. Do we still need the Magpie? I can take a small group to go and tell the Bonaparte's to hold position." Karie turned around to examine the condition of the Magpie and ensure it was still seaworthy.
  4. Kintobor

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Guilty as charged. There was a letter? I never got a letter. Karie would've known if she got a letter from Arthur.
  5. Kintobor

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Karie sighed in relief as the sailors put their weapons away. As the sailor pointed to the approaching ships, Karie groaned. "Great, more complications!" She turned to the sailors, hoping they'd have an answer to help her. "Do you have some kind of means of telling the ships not to attack? You guys typically use flags or something for communication, right? They'll probably come in and storm the beaches since they don't know what's going on." Karie moved to the other side of the walls, questioning whether or not to inform the others immediately. She looked at the negotiations and back out to sea, knowing that what was about to happen could end all of this.
  6. Kintobor

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Ho boy. We mainly came up with it on the fly, but me and Endgame did PM each other a lot over what we thought was appropriate for the characters in terms of motivations and we did RP some scenes that did get posted in the hall. Ultimately a lot of it was on the fly RP between the two of us. When it came to Masson being on quests, it was strictly on the fly, but when it wasn't on a quest we did do some back and forth PMs about what we thought the two would be up to, including the proposal, the wedding, and a few other scene which I might drag out after all this is over.
  7. Kintobor

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Karie watches in awe as energy swirls around the battlefield, surging into the bodies of the dead. As the sailors come to and the Miracle Worker calls out for the fighting to stop, Karie looks at the ex-Bonaparte sailors positioned on the wall before her. She put her guitar away. "Drop your weapons." Karie proclaims diplomatically to the sailors on the wall. "You heard the Miracle Worker. You drop your weapons and we'll follow suit. There's been enough violence for one day, and I think we all have a desire to go back home to our families and loved ones once this is over, wherever they might be."
  8. There's generally roles that are consistent throughout most games. You'll be given a role at random at the start of each game that's either Town or Mafia. Some games have a third party role, such as the Serial Killer. This is a great starting place to learn Mafia. They have an extensive list of roles as well that you'll typically see in Mafia.
  9. Kintobor

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    "Just go do what you have to do, Atramor. Myself and everyone else up here will make sure this wall's cleared." Karie replies, watching as he drops down into the harbour as well.
  10. Good to hear that there's some interest still in Mafia games! No need to worry. At this point I don't think anyone's really picky about who has and hasn't finished a Mafia School game. My advice would be to read a game or two of Mafia School and see how the game is played, as well as doing some research into the game's roles and how it's played if you haven't done your own investigating already..
  11. Kintobor

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Karie watched as Lawrence dropped down into the harbour with Eric. She grimaced at the sight of the Founders, and then returned focus on action above. With their group leader having effectively left, Karie felt a tide of responsibility well inside her. She wanted a shot at the Veterans, but she was needed here. "Clear out these sailors! We need to clear the ramparts! We can get behind the Veterans and pincer them in their megablocks!" Karie looked out to sea to see what the Bonaparte fleet is up to. Karie plays a Rapid March from the back row.
  12. Where's that tumbleweed gif when you need it? I'm thinking of running something in October, and I'm leaning heavily on an unofficial sequel to def's Cosplay Mafia School called Kintobor's Cosplay Mafia: The Unofficial Sequel. It'll be pretty light in plot similar to the last game I ran and the theme is more or less dressing for actual Mafia shenanigans. Anyone around here still interested in playing a game of Mafia?
  13. This is some fantastic work! The gazebo on the bank of the river is spectacular in its own right, but the entirety of it is coming along wonderful! Awesome stuff!
  14. Kintobor

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    As her vision clears up, Karie prepares to play another song from the one she had been playing before. She grins, knowing what she is about to unleash. "Alright, heads up, we're going on the offensive. You're going to get some pep in your step, so don't hold back. Feel free to put me high in the battle order so I can affect as many people as I can. I'd prefer not getting hit while I'm playing, so spread out with your attacks." Karie plays a Rapid March from the back row.
  15. Kintobor

    Heroica MOC - Draida

    Oh, this is awkward. Nobody here that I know of actually plays the officially Heroica game Lego released. The game that's run here is loosely, and I mean incredibly loosely, based off it. Our home-brewed rules completely ditches the board used, as well as the miniatures, dice and rules. We're actually in the middle of wrapping up seven years of adventuring, with over 100 quests completed. If you browse through a quest, you'll see the difference between the two games. Needlessly to say, this is a well put together MOC. The ship in particular is very cool, and the castle ruins are a lot more interesting than what Lego offered. The use of elevation is also really well done. Well done!