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  1. Emoji Movie

    The film was apparently made with a cheap budget, more than likely thanks to endorsement deals made by the companies behind Candy Crush, Just Dance, the guy that did the Pen-Apple-Pineapple-Pen song, Twitter, etc. It'll probably make a profit, which should horrify us all.
  2. Karie plays a Lucky Chant from the back row. "Focus on the plants. If any one of you strikes the dogs, I will drop another smoke bomb!" Battle Order Karie Kiray Siercon Cedric
  3. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    You're all going to trust Audrey, someone who has been quiet, unresponsive, and now that she had herself under the hammer she's going to role claim and shove me into the crosshairs? Nice one Audrey. Really clever. No one is questioning why of all times Audrey has suddenly perked up? She finds herself under the hammer, needs an alibi, and susses me out because I'm the next best lynch candidate. Audrey's done nothing but lurk and sit in the sidelines. Her sudden shot of energy comes off as scum trying to save face. She apparently had the ability to come and discuss this with us the whole time, but now that she's here, suddenly she seems trustworthy to all of you?
  4. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    I don't see why I'd believe Audrey. She now suddenly comes out and claims she's the blocker when the heats on her, after four days of inactivity and bandwagoning? She throws my name into a claim, at a moment where both her name and mine are on the table for a lynch, making her look pro-town. I'm not buying it. There's too much surrounding Audrey that makes me doubt the claim.
  5. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Uh... what? Okay, so your defence for yourself is as follows: if I defend myself, I look scummy? So this is your attempt to disappear back into your trailer and not show up for the rest of the day? And now you're fishing for role claims openly in the public, a move that would only hinder the town. If you honestly had any desire to help the town, you'd of done so already. Your claim to want to hear some kind of defence yesterday fell on deaf ears as, like always, you show up, cast your vote, then storm off into your little trailer. If a defence was made, why didn't you post a response? Accusations were thrown around yesterday rather freely, and yet you had nothing to say to any of that. Your statements have all looked pro-town, but your actions, or rather lack of action, has painted a different picture. Vote: Audrey Hepbrick (Dragonator)
  6. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    I feel I'm in your boat, Reagan. Personally, I find Affleck a fine lynch, since he's really done nothing to make me regret not voting for him: showing up and disappearing once he's cast his vote. He hasn't said anything within the first 24 hours as well, which is suspicious. Studcille's pretty scummy as well, it's merely that Affleck's outburst yesterday towards Glenn, especially after what he said on Day Three, left a bad taste in my mouth. Audrey's also been incredibly scummy, only coming in once a day to post and vote. Here comment yesterday about "being interested in hearing defences" comes off as odd, as she doesn't post anything else for the rest of the day, especially since there was roughly 48 hours remaining. It's also easy to say you've been listening into the conversation, and another to actually get involved.
  7. BRICKYWOOD - Day 5

    Why Studcille over Brick Affleck, or anyone else for that matter?
  8. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    Alright, so I did some digging around through yesterday's discussion and something really weird popped up in correlation to the current dialogue. It begins with Glen explaining to the town that the town block has cleared another person, when Affleck says this: Ben goes fishing, in public no less, for the identity of the cleared townie. Glen's response is as such: Glen basically tells Affleck that she will not indulge this information in order to keep the identity of the investigated townie a secret. To release this information would basically paint a giant target on the investigated person's back, and limit the number of potential people in the town block. Affleck's response is: So, you seemingly had no issue yesterday with Glen when she told you to stop fishing in public and let the town block try and do it's thing, but today you're issue with Glen is because "she's in a position to lead". That's not the only thing that I find interesting. You were called out by Nash as being the third person to go fishing for results. This was your response: You could've looked through the discussion to see who said person potentially was! Why exactly did you ask to know whose name was revealed when you could've simply went back and looked? This to me looks like a cover up to save face and not look as scummy. Day Two, your only comment was on how you had no idea what was going on, and didn't even vote, let alone for confirmed scum Ari. That added with what you've said today leads me to do this. Vote: Brick Affleck (Actor Builder)
  9. BRICKYWOOD - Day 4

    I'd like to see what others feel about Studcille. His inactivity is suspicious. We have next to nothing to go off of him with, other than he's joined every bandwagon started, and he did express his opinion towards Rosamund in regards of her fishing for William Plastic's target, just before voting for her. Gopher, Studcille's made some comments against you as well. What's your thoughts on the allegations made towards you?
  10. "If everyone's ready, I say we try the Pumpkin Patch one more time. Stay back from the Barghests. They're less threatening when they're hitting us when we don't target them then when we actively put pressure on them. We might trigger their bark again, and that's the last thing we need to happen." "Focus on the plants first, then I'll back you guys up with a tune when we fight the barghests."
  11. Voltron & Ship in Bottle IDEAS approved

    I don't see the appeal in Ship in a Bottle, but I'm glad others do. I would've bought the Diner or the Tram in a heartbeat, but hey, you can't always get what you want. Voltron, on the other hand! I just started watching the Netflix reboot, and it's pretty good! I definitely have my eyes on the Voltron set.
  12. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    Vote: Legonardo Brickaprio (Umbra-Manis) I hope I'm not the only one who's noticed you've been awfully quiet as well today, which I find strange. You seemed rather enthusiastic yesterday, theorizing as to what might of happened during Night One, but once the theorizing ended, rightfully so, you seemed to clamp up. You're suspicions of Audrey yesterday due to her lack of involvement is looking a little hypocritical, if you ask me, and then you leapt onto the Ari bandwagon as it was pulling out of the station. What, precisely, does this add to our search for Burpamount agents? Really? It adds nothing. It doesn't point us towards a suspicion against any one person, or even a group of people. We know that there's a block forming. We know Brickie is dead and we know Burpamount was probably behind it. We could sit here theorizing as to why Brickie was the hit Burpamount decided on last night, and we'd get nowhere today. Who, Legonardo, would you vote for right now?
  13. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    Not in every circumstance, no, I'll admit you are correct. A cop withholding his investigations can be helpful in building a town block, as well as finding out who scum are. However, the cop is unlikely to openly state he's the cop until he's gathered enough info and declares himself the cop. Let's assume for a moment I told you that I'm voting for Gopher, and the reason why I'm voting for Gopher is... um, well, you don't need to know why. I have information that I'm not telling anyone else about. Would you not find that suspicious? What do I claim to know something about the person I'm voting for, and why am I withholding it? In my eyes, it's just a way to jump over having a reason to vote for someone, and is incredibly sheepish. It looks productive, but it's ultimately hollow. I find this somewhat curious. I'd like to hear more from Rosamund about what happened last night. Also, you claim your nightly prowl was fruitless. Does this mean you were blocked, or that you simply didn't get a positive result? I want to know just for clarification.
  14. BRICKYWOOD - Day 3

    You speak my name, and I shall appear. I'll be honest, I didn't initially think Ari was scum. We didn't have much to go on Day Two, and he seemed to be acting level headed. For me, Clutch was the most suspicious person of Day Two until she made clear why she initially voted for Ari. Her crypticness and unwillingness to come out and speak what she had learned felt like she was intentionally withholding information, as well as her initial sheepish reasoning for voting for Ari.
  15. Karie grumbles as she downs two grand potions as quickly as she can, reviling at the bitter taste. She then forces down two grand tonics. "I've got tons of these, drink up if you need one, or two, or three. That's why I bought them."