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  1. "I am ready to head out whenever. I have a feeling Linda knows more about the current situation, and I would very much like to have a word with her." Zaria states intensely.
  2. "Mmm... well... okay, then." Clover skittishly remains behind the door, clearly not fully trustful of Bers yet. Cassandra smirks as she turns to see the young dragon and then back to Bers. "How about the loser buys drinks? I'm pretty sure ten credits would buy us both a cider from one of the festival vendors." Cassandra prepares with a more traditional fencing stance, lowering her sword in a preparation to respond. "Let us begin. En garde!" PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!! The Hero Designation: B3R5 - 3rk (Dutch Thriceman) Age: Unknown, Gender: Mechanical, Race: Adamite Character Points: 0 / 14 Vitality: 6 / 6 Velocity: 2 Strength: 3 Skill: 2 Smarts: 1 Spirit: 1 Proficiencies: Melee Weapons 2, Intimidation 2, Athletics 2 Known Spells: None Credits: 85 Equipment: Chain-Greatsword (Standard Kinetic Weapon) Mecha-Plate (Standard Kinetic Armour) Inventory: Shield Booster, Energy Cell, Nanite Elixer, 2 Plasma Potions, Sawn-Off Shotgun (Standard Short Range Kinetic Weapon) The "Enemy" Mayor Cassandra Skyreach Vitality: 6 Velocity: 3 Strength: 3 Skill: 3 Smarts: 2 Proficiencies: Piloting 2, Insight 2, Persuasion 2, Melee Weapons 2 Spirit: --- Equipment: Captain's Power Rapier (Precision Kinetic Melee Weapon), Protective Leather Coat (Standard Energy Armour), Utility Belt (+1 success on Medicine and Engineering checks) Inventory: Essence of Precaution Credits: 220 Special Rule: Sparring Match- When a character hits zero vitality, they are not considered unstable. Combat ends when either character hits zero vitality. Health will be restored to full at the end of combat.
  3. "We are making it back to the hall." Zaria replies to Merei, smiling wearily. "Things may be bleak, but that is no reason to get complacent on me." "Well, the Hydra being contained to the cargo section no longer seems to be the case. Do you know anything about the whereabouts of Doctor Linda Greenlaw?" Zaria asked the dwarf.
  4. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Rules & FAQ

    What if we limited the amount of times Meditate could be used? As in you can only meditate once per mission?
  5. "Oh, I didn't mean to sound offended, dearie." The dwarven woman replies. "I can't say I know much about chimera culture, or the cultures of many other species, but I think it's important to have an open mind when dealing with strangers. It tends to bring in more profits." The dwarven woman giggles to herself. "Are you here for the festivities? Or are you here to see Mr. Fix-It? We get so many visitors nowadays ever since he moved in." -Meanwhile...- Cassandra leads Bers towards the far end of Knothole, through the crowds and merriment-making to a rustic looking manor house on a hill. The house was painted a muddy red, with gardens surround the grounds. Frost-bitten flora sprinkle the white, snowy ground with pinks, whites, oranges and purples. Like most of the town, the manor house is adorn with Harvest Week decorations: garland, branches of holly and sprig, and other bushels of fragrant spice plants accentuate the home's pillars and balconies. A large sun room extends from the house, full of tropical plants and bushes. As the two approach the front door, it opens to reveal a small, purple winged lizard. "Cassandra! You're home!" The dragon wyrmling pipes up, it's wings flapping excitedly. The dragon recoils at the sight of Bers. "Wh-who's your... um..." "It's alright, Clover. This is Bers. He wishes to duel to me." The dragon's nervousness increases, as he steps back to hide behind the door. "... you're going to fight him?" "Well, no. We're going to spar." Cassandra swiftly draws her rapier, levelling it towards Bers. "Alright, we need to lay down some rules. We are not fighting to the death. First to fall over loses. No preparation prior. Just your skill with your sword and your wits. No ranged weapons. Do these terms sound fair to you? Perhaps you'd like to make a wager?" Cassandra smirks, enjoying the excitement as Clover peers out from behind the door, equally curious as he is terrified.
  6. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Rules & FAQ

    Perhaps meditate can only restore half of a PCs Spirit and always activates at the end of combat? So you always get back at least half your spirit at the end of combat instead of meditating?
  7. Zaria holds a hand out to help the dwarf up. "It's time to get you to safety. My name is Zaria, and I am a priestess of Varuth. We've been sent to help you. Mind giving me your name?" Zaria asks the dwarf. She knew she looked weary from all this death surrounding her, but she knew if there was one person who needed protection, she had an obligation to help.
  8. Zaria makes an attempt to wake up the dwarf. She kneels down and begins to speak to him, shaking him if need be. "Are you alright? It is not safe and we need to get you out of here. Varuth's guidance will be with us, friend."
  9. Yelana Insight Check (DC:2): (1,2,4,6) Two Successes Yelana comes to the conclusion that likely what the mayor is interested in is Bers combat prowess, and less so a desire to flirt with the adamite. Yelana Stealth Check (DC: 2): (1,4,6,6 +1 Success) Four Successes Yelana Persuasion Check (DC: 5): (1,4,5 +1 Success) Three Successes Yelana successfully sneaks up behind the two humans in the crowd, but does little to deescalate the situation. Upon speaking, the man jumps in surprise. "GAH! What the- who the hell just sneaks up behind people?!" "Are you trying to agitate my brother, girl?" The woman asks Yelana bitingly. "Don't give me that lip! I saw you eavesdropping on my sister and I! Didn't your mum ever tell you it's rude to stare?" As the man begins working himself up into a furor, the woman puts a hand on the man's shoulder. "C'mon, let's move along, Toby. There's no reason to start a scene." Toby turns from his sister back to the two heroes and exhales sharply, snorting as he does so. "I'm keeping my eyes on you two. You're both a bunch of sneak thieves if you ask me." Toby responds, pointing to himself with two fingers and then throwing them back at Yelana and Polaris. The two humans walk away from the stall and into the crowd. "I have no idea what was up with those two, but how about a cookie to get your mind off of that bit of nastiness, eh?" The chocolate chip cookies are soft and warm, the chocolate chips inside gooey and rich, while not being too sweet to become overpowering. The cookie was close to divine. "My husband does all the cookies and pastries while I knead and bake all the breads and pretzels we sell. Traditionally dwarves would use a family forge for many purposes: the word hearth and forge are same in the dwarven language. You bake with the forge, you heat iron and metal in the forge: it is a place of creation and community. Families come together and pass down their skills and traditions around the forge."
  10. Zaria stands up and moves to the other person on the floor, looking them over to see if they're injured.
  11. "Well, let's be off then, Blader." Mayor Cassandra leads Bers through the crowd towards her home. MM Note: I'll be giving you an update soon regarding what happens next. "I would hope most of our contestants would be understand how to handle a firearm responsibly, but if something happens I will remember your offer. We do have some medics on site, but so long as you know what you're doing I won't step between you and someone who's injured." The baked goods stall had signage advertising the pastries sold: Stonehearth Bakery. A dwarven man steps forward, bundled up in a orange coat. The sounds of a cooing infant strapped to his back interrupt him occasionally as they laugh and blow raspberries. "Are you interested in any of our baked goods, their ma'am? All are made with hand-kneaded dough and baked in an authentic dwarven forge. Here, try one our cookies!" He holds out a tray of cookies for Polaris, grinning as he does so. The dwarven woman working the stall readjusts her thick, round glasses as she plainly addresses Polaris. "We sell bread, pies, cookies, tarts, cakes, pretzels, and... yeah, that's just about it. Anything pique your interest?" -Stonehearth Bakery- Ancient Grains Bread - 5 Credits Salted Pretzels - 5 Credits Fluffy Croissant - 5 Credits Vanilla Creme Pie - 10 Credits Black Forest Cake - 15 Credits Polaris Perception Check (DC: 3): (4,4,4) Three Successes While speaking to the dwarves, Polaris manages to overhear the two humans speaking to one another in a hushed tone. The male side eyes his partner as he browses the baked goods. "There's a lot of guns coming into town." "You're way too paranoid. Calm down, dude." "Paranoid?! I-I'm not paranoid!" The man raises his voice as he addresses his partner, looking around to see if anyone notices him. He looks at Polaris, squinting his eyes. "What are you looking at, furball, huhl?"
  12. Zaria frowns in dismay at the state of the woman as she examines her. So much death, and for what? "I feel like we should at least speak to him before we do anything hasty." Zaria points to the man on the floor. "I would prefer not being jettisoned out into space."
  13. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    I've been enjoying myself a lot, Legonater! I have lots to say once we wrap up, but engagement is not an issue on my end.
  14. Zaria takes a moment to clean her blade of the muck staining it. She looks to Varen and nods in approval. "Well aimed, Varen. We all did well. Varuth's guidance is with us, surely." She looked to the corpse of the larger Hydra. A challenging foe had been vanquished by her blade. She calmly cleaved the claw from the creature and latched it to her belt as a trophy for later. "<Varuth, guide on the Great Path, accept this trophy as a token of my devotion to you; that you may give me strength and wisdom to lead my friends and I to safety, no matter the perils.>" She turns to attention to the injured woman on the floor and examines her, looking for injuries.
  15. Yelana Insight Check (DC: 2): (1,3,4,5) Two Successes Although Yelana can't quite tell if Teclion's disappearance has anything to do with it, the mayor does look stressed. She looks tense in her shoulders and there is clearly makeup hiding dark circles underneath her eyes. Despite her greeting being amicable, Yelana also feels as if the mayor is suspicious of the party, her voice and consistent looking over of the heroes' gear and weapons suggesting such.