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  1. In a game like this, violence is a core concept both in narrative and game play terms. Combat is a fairly frequent occurrence, and often times violent actions resolve issues. This isn't a negative or positive trait: it is just a part of the world. Also, beating up things in a fictional space is often times fun. Watching Indiana Jones punch nazis is thrilling. Luke Skywalker duelling Vader on Bespin is exhilarating. It's also a really good way to get you invested in your character and the others around you when death is a possibility. Your character should be okay with violence. Pacifists, while not unplayable, will be disappointed at how often they get forced into combat because I as the mission master prepared for some combats to happen and heaven so help me you're going to beat up these enemies I made stats for. Don't be worried about your action in throwing the grenade. While I do enjoy the concept that Kirwin was just on a space station that was empty, I'd be careful how long ago that was. Adamites are fairly new to the scene as a species, so I'd familiarize yourself with how old the species is and then work from there. I do like the character concept though: lots of mystery and intrigue to ponder on and for mission masters to poke and prod!
  2. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Feel free to sign up for both! Unless there's a mission you have no interest in joining, sign up for as many as you like.
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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    I remember that happening on a quest I was on and Sandy came down with a ban hammer. Poor KotZ, I’m pretty sure it was one of their first quests.
  4. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    I had this awful dream someone joined the game by just posting a comment in-character in a mission and it became very obvious very quickly that they were a troll just clogging up the thread.
  5. Thanks for the comment, Pie! I'll keep an auto pilot option in mind for the future. I feel like something like that would need some downside to activating, but it won't be awhile until I run another chase, but I'll remember this for later. A few NPCs here will definitely be showing up again. Maybe not immediately, but JanineXoX, Antony, and Gheyns and RKO are definitely in the "returning" category. Speaking of NPCs, I really pushed myself to get some LGBTQ+ representation in this mission. Antony's obviously gay with his relationship with Graham, and Gheyns is explicitly non-binary, using they/them for pronouns. I definitely drew a bit of inspiration in terms of Gheyns from Double Trouble from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and RKO's also got some fun stuff going on regarding her outlook on identity that I didn't get around to this mission but hope to in the future. I initially wanted RKO to be an adamite, but when my collection of parts wasn't giving me the look I initially had in my head I got a little creative and reworked her into who she is now. The swear filter was always there from the start, but I think the concept of someone who identifies more with the the mask they wear (in RKO's case, the protective bunker elf suit that covers her from head to toe) than the person underneath it has always been a concept I've found really, really interesting, and it's something I want to explore with her in the future. I am actually really proud of the Red Comet diner as a scene. There were a lot of NPCs present, and a lot of ways of getting to the greaser and dealing with that scenario. You could've sabotaged his speeder-cycle, went into the bathroom and jostled him out, persuade Flo into telling you where he was, I'm certain there were other ways that I didn't think of. You guys didn't even talk to the blue haired pilot or his cricet friend on the booster seat, but in the end I'm not really upset by that: you guys interacted with the things you wanted to, and I allowed you to do what you wanted to, within reason. Finding that jazz rendition of Johnny C. Bad from Final Fantasy 6 was such a pain. I remembered listening to it like a year or so ago and thought it'd be great for the diner fight and then just couldn't find the video. Had to click around and thankfully found it again. I actually should've allowed rallying and defend, and if you'd asked I probably would've allowed it. My thought process behind using items and attacking incurring a -1 penalty is that you're not focused on the road in front of you as your distracted, so you're more likely to have to swerve out of the way of something and give the opposing driver a better chance of taking the upper hand. It was super loosely based on the car chase mechanics from a James Bond roleplaying game from a number of years ago, and I figured a vehicle chase mechanic should reward players who invested in piloting as a skill. Mission 4 Character Thoughts: Kirwin (Karmajay) – Kirwin seeemed to start off like you were looking for a direction to take them, and then you seemed to find a stride midway through the mission, and that’s completely and totally valid as a player. I read Kirwin as almost child-like: eager to help but not always sure how, so they refer back to their knowledge listening and watching serialized dramas like Buck Rodgers and Flash Gordon. I really dug this character trait: it’s cute and wholesome but also believable that someone in this setting would just get inspired watching movies and serials and be like “I aspire to be that”. It’s these kinds of hooks that I as a game manager/mission master look out for, as it’s connections like this I tend to dig into and try and turn into content for players in the other RPGs I run, so maybe we’ll see something come of this part of Kirwin’s character. I wasn’t sure if you were going to try and put Sid’s severed hand in a proper fridge, but your commitment to keeping it in the washing machine might be my single favourite comedic moment throughout the entire mission, and your comment to the medical team that it was in there was just comic gold. I laughed for a good minute or two, so nice job! All in all, I really dug Kirwin and I can’t wait to see more of them! Bers (Dutch Thriceman) – Like Kirwin, Bers seemed to be an inquisitive, curious adamite making his first steps into a new and unfamiliar world, but where Kirwin seemed to be more innocent and basing his understanding off of media they consumed, Bers came off much more direct and intimidating. I was not expecting Bers to have an aggression mode when the first combat with the greaser started, but I’m down for it. His insistence on calling living things meatbags is rude, but in a funny, interesting kind of way. Not every character is going to be polite to others, so just referring to people as meatbags is both rude but also insight into Bers’ outlook on life. I got the feeling Bers doesn’t understand what he’s saying might be seen as offensive, but no one brought it up so on that trait will continue. I liked the difference in dialogue choice you and Kirwin made: where Kirwin seemed to talk in a sort of regular voice, Bers sounded a bit more like a traditional robot, speaking out your actions before you did them. Also, referring to yourself as “this unit” is a nice touch to differentiate him from others. You and Karmajay showed me how versatile adamites can get, and I liked seeing Bers in action. It seems you have found a rival in Gheyns, so hopefully we’ll see those two get into a fight again. Good stuff all around! I hope you enjoyed your first mission and that we see more of you around! Merei (Zepher) – Merei was competing with a lot of big personalities this mission, and I feel like that kind of helped her out in the long run as her more calm, thoughtful personality and oddly phrased sentences contrasted with the larger personalities of Yissam and Bers. I like that Merei’s just kind of weird, with the way she forms sentences having this clearly intentional emphasis on being way too calm and friendly in moments that do not reflect that: Merei’s reaction to Sid is a really good example of this. She comes off almost too pleasant, a little too friendly, and I like that sense that Merei only really operates in this sort of capacity. It’s a unique way of presenting a character, where even a threat feels uncomfortable because it’s being given like a friendly greeting. I enjoyed playing off of it. Merei’s probably the most initially nuanced member of the group, and I was interested to see what you’d bring to the table seeing how you and I have kind of a history from Heroica: Fantasy. Needless to say, I like Merei and I like the potential places she can go. I have this feeling there’s more to Merei under the surface, and I’m excited to learn more. It’s a fairly open space for her to explore character wise, and I’m curious to see what you want to explore with her now that the general conception is to let this game allow for more PC involvement in plot developments. Yissam (I can’t get the heart to show up, I’m really sorry ) (CMP) – Where do I even begin? I have the distinction of never hosting you in Heroica: Fantasy, so I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this. I knew you were regarded as a good role player, but I’ve never hosted you, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from Yissam. Less so in a way like Bers or Kirwin in the sense that I knew you had experience, I just wasn’t sure what to anticipate. I got a good taste with her introduction in the hall, I wasn’t sure just how larger than life Yissam was going to be and... yeah, she’s pretty larger than life. Which is good! In a lot of ways she reminds me of Karie, that showboating performer type, but where Karie’s whole concept was that she was never really as cool as she claimed to initially be, Yissam is everything Karie kind of wanted from the outset, which is a really good distinction. There’s this vanity, this obsession with looking her best, which is compounded by the fact that she’s always onscreen with the AV Rig, but also I dug that you took some of the hooks I threw out regarding things hosting websites typically tend to ban people over, such as swearing and violence, which was fun! Not everyone would’ve toyed with that, and it was a different perspective where Yissam is consistently worried about getting yanked for showing something she shouldn’t which, following some political streamers, is something I related to. JanineXoX was kind of a last minute concept, but I figured you’d enjoy a potential rival to play off of. I imagine we’ll see her again sooner than later. I also have no idea what HYPE is, and I was genuinely thrown off when you dropped the icon into chat. I was only a little unsettled, alright? I think Yissam is the kind of character we could only get in a setting built the way Glory Amongst the Stars’ setting is built, and I cannot wait to see where the character goes. Great stuff, CMP!
  6. EPILOGUE Deep in the bowels of Cosmopoli, two shadowed figures slink through back alleys and dimly lit streets, their footsteps muffled by the sounds of the city. The remaining bikers and Carvrac were long gone, but the mercenaries were in a very vast and dangerous world, and didn't know who was friend from foe at this moment. RKO grumbles, limply kicking a can down the sidewalk. "I should have worn the &$%#ing seat belt, I'm such a stupid #$%@ing moron. You almost had the briefcase in your hands." RKO mutters to herself, readjusting the large rifle slung over her back, followed by the fabric around her neck. Her voice was still scratchy and static-like, something she seemed almost comfortable with. Gheyns turns over to look at, worryingly. "Don't beat yourself up too hard. I didn't expect some upstarts to show up and hijack our job. I made the call to save your megablocks. I wasn't going to watch you fall out of that speeder if I could feasibly do something to save you." Gheyns deftly leaps over a large puddle as RKO trudges through it with her reinforced, sturdy boots, clearly in thought over her pale, stitched friends comment. The two meander through an alley, Gheyns peeling back a loose wire fence for RKO to slip through first, following her close behind. "They could've been from any blasted small time mercenary guild. Fairly nondescript, too. A celestial, two adamites, and-" "That stratitarian mentioned not to cuss in front of her camera." RKO responds, stopping in the alley and turning to her companion. "They had an AV Rig with them, didn't they?" Gheyns stops next to RKO, her eyes fluttering about as she recalls back to the fight, a large toothy grin growing across her face. "Huh. So they did." Gheyns nods her head, an idea forming in her mind. "Maybe we should do a little digging around and see if we can find that stream, eh?" RKO nods, their body language shifting. It was not apparent to any onlooker, but the masked sniper shared Gheyns' eager grin. The job wasn't salvageable, but at least they had a case to present to their employer.
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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    Zaria smiles, pleased by the outcome of her action. She returns to her seat and returns to her book.
  8. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    Zaria squints in frustration as the Mission Board updates, not seeing her name on the list. She takes her fist and lightly whacks the top of the machine, hoping to speed it up somehow and have her name appear as being signed up for mission 7.
  9. So, I’m currently on my phone and on break at work, but I do want to get some initial thoughts on Mission 4 out, mainly in that I had a lot of fun hosting it! The core concept started from wanting to try and device a system that allowed for vehicle chases that wasn’t overtly complicated and could easily be grafted onto our current combat system, and I think those mechanics worked well. I think it needs some fine tuning and some abilities the driver has are better than others, but I’m happy it at least works. From there I built up the rest of the plot using the motto “take the things you love and put them in your game”, so with the speeder chase put in place as the climax, early American rock and roll and electro-swing became the soundtrack, I included an American 50’s era diner since I have a soft spot for that aesthetic, and I added in some splashes of dry humour and ultra-violence when I felt it appropriate. I think it all worked together nicely, even if it felt a bit linear. I did try and ensure that no one thing would auto-fail the mission. Failing to grab the briefcase meant that you simply lost it to Gheyns and RKO, or Carvrac, or any of the other possible ways. The Dragoon hitting zero hit points means it’s banged up and beaten and you wouldn’t receive the bonus credits. Each scene led into the next, but I intentionally left things open ended in terms of how you approached the problems I threw at you. I imagine a different party would still come to this mission’s conclusion, just not in the way you four did. Combat was good, but I do have some self criticism. I think if I were to rerun the diner fight, I’d add an extra NPC. Someone to tie up melee combatants while another greaser tries to book it. I feel like the mechanic of the fight was good in trying to keep the greaser from escaping, but it could be tweaked to make it a bit more challenging, but for a first fight in the game, ever for you four, it wasn’t bad. The speeder chase fight I felt was a bit too long, but I also didn’t want to overwhelm you guys with what could’ve been six enemy combatants. Barricading the door bought you some time, and while I enjoy both halves of the fight individually, I think together it was a bit long. I think five to six rounds is the sweet spot for combat in this game, but I know in the future I’ll be breaking this rule for some of the wilder combat encounters I have in mind. It didn’t help I started a new job as the speeder chase fight was happening and I was adjusting to a new sleep schedule, but I thank you guys for keeping with me. I have more to say about you four as players, as well as some more specific comments about NPCs and things that happened, but I’m glad to hear you guys seem to have had fun, so I’m glad to hear that. Thanks for joining me for Mission 4, and hopefully I’ll be hosting some of you again soon.
  10. Fixed. I'd hate for you all to not get your credits.
  11. "Hm? Oh, yeah, I guess I did leave some stuff in here." Antony leans into the speeder and opens the glove compartment, grabbing and then slipping on his driving gloves, adjusting them at the cuff to fit them snugly around his hands. "I was so worried about the speeder I forgot about the stuff I left in here when Graham and I drove around." He laughs sheepishly at his response. "I think I'll enjoy the second hand experience and keep it there for now. Thanks, Kirwin, I appreciate the assist." Antony shoots Kirwin a "finger guns" gesture, winking at the adamite as he steps into the speeder. "So am I. I'll let my dad know that someone tried to steal his briefcase and, uh, omit a few details, if you catch my drift." Antony brings a finger to his lips as if to keep quiet. "You know, little white lies and nothing else." He fires an award winning smile back at Merei, his teeth practically glistening in the light. "Agreed." Antony revs the engine as the lights of the speeder come on, illuminating the shadowy parking lot, the hum of the engine filling the space with energy, a look of ecstatic excitement rushing over Antony as it does so. He looks practically giddy with excitement to have the speeder back. "Well, I can't thank you guys enough. I'll make sure to spread the word that your organization is the tops. Hopefully we can meet again under less stressful circumstances, yeah?" The mechanic's speeder begins to pull out of the parking lot, grabbing Antony's attention. "Well, I guess I better go deal with Izamok and the Mechanic's Guild, sort that whole scenario out. If you're in Cosmopoli again, don't be a stranger!" Antony adjusts the radio until he finds a station he likes, his head bobbing to the rhythm. Waving the party farewell, his speeder follows the mechanic's, and heads off into the night. Their mission complete, the heroes had little left to do in the City That Never Sleeps but make their way back to the terminal, a task made less arduous with the hefty weight of credits in their pockets. MISSION COMPLETE! THE HEROES: FINAL STATS Merei Teo Age 24 Female, Helioi-Touched Celestial (Born Menahi) Character Points: 4/14Vitality: 5/5Velocity: 2Strength: 1Skill: 2Smarts: 2Spirit: 3/3Proficiencies: Occult 1, Religion 1, Coding 1, Insight 1Known Spells: Healing Light, Solar Flare, Gravity SinkCredits: 130Equipment: Teo Family Pocket-Watch (Kinetic Weapon), Utility Belt (Grants +1 Engineering or Medicine Check Success) Inventory: Essence of Intellect, Wire-Wrapped Astroball Bat (Standard Kinetic Melee Weapon), Aetherbrew Designation: B3R5 - 3rk (Dutch Thriceman) Age: Unknown, Gender: Mechanical, Race: Adamite Character Points: 4 / 14 Vitality: 6 / 6 Velocity: 2 Strength: 3 Skill: 2 Smarts: 1 Spirit: 1 Proficiencies: Melee Weapons 2, Intimidation 1, Athletics 1 Known Spells: None Credits: 130 Equipment: Chain-Greatsword (Standard Kinetic Weapon) Mecha-Plate (Standard Kinetic Armour) Inventory: Shield Booster, Energy Cell, Sawn-Off Shotgun (Standard Short Range Kinetic Weapon) Kirwin (karmajay) *DRIVER*Age: Unknown, Gender: Unknown , Species: AdamiteCharacter Points: 5/14Vitality: 5/5Velocity: 1Strength: 1Skill: 1Smarts: 3Proficiencies: Coding 1, Culture 1, Engineering 2, Explosives 1, Technology 2 Credits: 120Equipment: Drone (Standard Long Range Elemental Weapon), Utility BeltInventory: Plasma Potion, Rusty Wrench (Standard Melee Kinetic Weapon), Road Leathers (Standard Kinetic Armour) Yissam♥ (CMP) 141-year-old feminine Stratitarian Character Points: 4/14 Vitality: 5/5 Velocity: 1 Strength: 1 Skill: 1 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 3/3 Proficiencies: Coding 1, Culture 2, Occult 1, Performance 1 Known Spells: Entropic Mending, Spirit Ally, Tongues Credits: 150 Equipment: Prism Gauntlet (Standard long-range elemental weapon), AV Rig Inventory: Essence of Intellect, Modified Laser Blaster (Standard Long Range Energy Weapon) One Point of Experience Gained for Completing the Mission MM Note: Thank you guys for joining me on Mission 4! I hope you guys had as much fun playing as I did hosting. I'll have more to say in the Mission Master's Lounge, but I had a blast hosting all four of you. Feel free to mingle in the parking lot, or head straight back to the hall, it's up to you. I'll have a prologue up in a bit, but for now, thanks again for playing! -Kintobor
  12. "Omitted details?" Antony confusingly looks to Kirwin and then to Merei as she raises the briefcase into the air. Antony's confusion persists. "Wait, my dad's briefcase was in the back of the speeder this whole time? Oh, jeez. I didn't even realize it was back there. My old man must've left it there on accident, as Graham and I didn't even see it." Antony grabs the briefcase, looking it over. "It's specifically my dad's work briefcase. He occasionally shows me some of the diagrams, but he's signed non-disclosure agreements and can't go too in depth with some of the stuff he works on. He can talk about the various components, but not the project as a whole, if that makes sense. I hope you guys didn't get too roughed trying to get it back I didn't ask you guys to grab it, but thanks for doing so." The mechanic steps back as Yissam♥'s casting of Enabling Reversal mends the various scratches of paint, dents, and broken glass in the speeder. The mechanic grumbles, understanding he won't be needed and turns to Antony expectantly. Antony groans. "Alright, yeah, yeah, you'll get your credits for coming out here. Sheesh." The mechanic throws his arms into the air in a huff and meanders through the lot to a red and white speeder with a winch on it's back. Antony turns to the heroes, fishing out his wallet. "Alright, so, fifty credits for each of you for getting the speeder back, another thirty credits for bringing it back in one piece makes that eighty..." Antony begins counting out physical credits and placing them on the mended hood of the Dragoon V4. He thumbs through his wallet, visibly thinking as he places extra credits on the hood. "How about another forty credits each for ensuring my dad's briefcase wasn't stolen and we agree never to talk about this ever again, okay? One hundred and twenty credits and I'll try and slip your organization's name in at the dinner table with my folks?" MM Note: I don't believe the loot was ever distributed. If one of you would like to hand it out, I'd appreciate it.
  13. Casting an incantation, Yissam♥ expends a point of Spirit to fix the scratches on the briefcase's lock, making it appear as if it had never been tampered with. --- It doesn't take long for Kirwin to pull into the drop off spot for the speeder. The parking lot is shadowed by an overpass above, light trickling into the space from the windows of a large commercial skyscraper, the silhouettes of office workers cutting through the light. Antony flags the heroes down approaching the vehicle with an enthusiastic grin, shocked to see the speeder. Next to him is a Ytaxxi in grease-stained coveralls, carrying a toolbox. "Holy hell you actually found it!" Antony approaches the Dragoon V4 and moves his hands over the hood of the speeder, noticing the damage dealt to it during the fight as thr Ytaxxi mechanic does the same but with a finer eye for detail, squinting at the burn marks and bullet holes in the side of the vehicle, and grimacing at the shatters and cracks in the windshield. "Looks like someone was beating up on the blue beauty. What happened to it?" Antony asks the heroes, his eyes shifting focus between the heroes and the speeder.
  14. Merei Culture Check (DC: 1): (1,3,6) One Success Merei's time on Tehanui and her knowledge of Haast leads her to believe that this is likely one of Ylani's many pet projects outside of the original purview of the company's main interest: namely commercial aerospace vehicles. Ylani has over the past few years put increased interest in pet projects and business ventures outside of the company's traditional market interests, and it's likely this is another such project, especially considering how far apart building development is from aerospace vehicle and speeder production. Ylani's known to abandon projects to obscurity, but a few, like a short lived commercially sold flamethrower, have left a lot to be desired from her personal flights of fancy. This project is likely fuelled by a desire for company interests over Tehanui interests, although it seems Ylani's land developers are taking precautions where other development companies in the past haven't in being mindful of natural coral reefs and fish habitats. Taking a few moments, Merei copies down the general concepts involved in the documents, storing them away on a personal device.
  15. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    I anticipated the possibility of people getting thrown off the speeders. Gheyns initially had Gravity Sink as a spell in their arsenal, and when I realized the implications I removed it. Initially it was to pull you guys closer to them, but throwing people off of the speeder felt a little too cruel from a game managing perspective, and I didn't want to just outright kill characters because they got targeted with a spell. I have a lot to say about Mission 4, but my outlook is that since you didn't drop any of the enemy combatants to zero vitality during the second wave, they didn't drop their loot.