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  1. Kintobor

    [MOC] Modular: Adventure Cottage

    Beautiful stuff! I love the exteriors of both of the buildings, and the little details on the gamer's house such as the dragons above the door and the pieces used on the front of the converted church are simply stunning! I think my favourite detail is all the junk stored under the first floor staircase int he gamer's house. I'm curious to see what all is crammed back in there, because I see a dragon on top of a chest, but I know there's more back in there! I love it, great stuff!
  2. Kintobor

    LEGO Overwatch - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    It's been said before in this thread but I'll mention it again: Castle Eichenwalde. Include the battering ram, the front gate, complete with destroyable front doors and a portcullis, a sniper's perch outside, and some interior detailing, and have it act more as a facade, similarly to the Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion set. Include the throne at the end of the map as a separate build, as well as some crumbling features for play, such as breakable walls. For figures, I'd include Ana (so you have someone to use in the sniper's perch), Zarya, Brigitte, Zenyatta, and Baldrich, so you can sit him on the throne. A controversial idea might be Blizzard World. I know the map's considered one of the game's weaker ones, but if memory recalls, Blizzard's been wanting Lego World of Warcraft sets for ages. Perhaps a Blizzard World set might be the way to get around it?
  3. Kintobor

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Cool knowing what Mercy could've looked like if Lego had maybe done a second layering of their flesh tone, as I assume that's the issue here.
  4. Let me get this straight: you decided to hop onto a bandwagon to quickly not get penalized? You believed Lewis to be town, though, and nowhere in your most recent statement is there anything about you being suspicious of Lewis, so why not just vote for Bob? It comes off as just you trying to hide in a bandwagon. Agreed. People who don't vote at this point in time are withholding their vote for a reason. Speaking of... Vote: Benson (LegoMonorailFan) The recent contradiction you made regarding your opinion on Lewis is something I'm more than curious of. Most of your statements felt off, but not enough for me to fully consider you lynch-worthy. With your statement yesterday regarding Lewis being town but hopping onto a bandwagon for him, I can't help but finger you as the person who's going to be given my vote.
  5. I might have found a contradiction from yesterday, and it involves Benson. Out of everyone who jumped on the Lewis bandwagon, Benson's vote here seems more than a little lacking in substance. It seemed to slip under the radar yesterday, but the non-comital attitude taken here raises my eyebrow, especially after he stated this: So, if you believed Lewis was town, why did you inevitably vote for him, Benson?
  6. Kintobor

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    There'll probably wind up being a hedge market of people making Mercy heads that don't look like she's actually a vampire. I managed to get Tracer vs. Widowmaker, and holy heck was it hard to find. Wound up going all over town trying to find a Lego set. The build's solid and the mini figure's are top notch. I'm going to have to find a way to put these guys on my train layout.
  7. Benson at the time was the only person with votes on him. When Wilson brought up a triple lynch, I assumed he was referring to Benson.
  8. Advocating for a triple lynch? I don't think that's possible, but could you give us a reason why you believe Benson and Agent Moore should be lynched?
  9. You're basing your evidence though on meta-theory, something that isn't reliable. I'm basing my evidence on what's happening in the here and now. When you said you believed Kristel to be town based on his past behaviour, it was done so under your own collection of evidence. Why should I believe what you're putting in front of me unless it's a quote from events happening in this building? Because it's a waste of time. We can all go around in a circle and everyone can say "I'm pro-town" or "I'm CTU Loyal" or "I'm vanilla town" in some combination of those words and we'd get nowhere, because scum can easily claim such a thing this early in the game. We will eventually run out of time. We need to capture and eliminate the moles before that happens, and going around telling everyone to declare a pro-town label is time consuming and unproductive. Also, caught you using "town" in the third person as well, Lewis. Because he dropped on my list of suspects. I still don't entirely trust him. I know you called me out on this. I explained full well why I voted for him: his initial vote for Zip was scummy. It read as anti-town to me. I voted for him and said that although I saw his actions as suspicious, I didn't believe the vote would stick. It did. I had my suspicions during the last hour, but Greene was still the person I felt was the most eligible for a vote by the end of it. You failed to include the reasoning for why I voted for the senator in my quote that you used. You decided to take me to task over something I already explained the reasoning for in my initial post where I voted for him. Also, I never made a claim to be aggressive, Lewis, that's all you. I don't trust Senator Greene. I don't trust you. I don't trust Barry. I don't trust Benson. Yesterday, Greene was who I was most suspicious of. I haven't defended Greene at all, so your claim that I'd be "mindlessly defending him" comes off as incredibly off. Today, you top my list. I'm still keeping an eye on Greene, but your statements today and yesterday far outweigh my opinion on Greene.
  10. You didn't need to make a vote, though, and that's where I don't see your line of argument working. You clearly had people you found suspicious, I simply asked you who you would vote for if I forced you to do such a thing, and you didn't respond. You dodged my question and answered Lewis's. That's why I found you suspect, and I still do. You can repeat it as often as you like, I still find what you did scummy. Speaking of Lewis, Vote: Lewis (jamesn) I've made it pretty clear why I think Lewis is scum, but claiming to be aggressive, only to flounder on Barry during the first hour seems suspect in my eyes, and your support of mass claiming comes of as something to distract the town. Also, defending Barry through "meta-gaming" seems like a weird defence, and one that to me feels desperate. I just get a weird vibe from Lewis, and for the reasons above he's on the top of my scum list.
  11. Not at all. I'm fine with being on that list, even if you initially mistook for what reason. In fact, I'll reiterate it here: I'm on a Day One suspicion list from Barry, with the reasoning being a "gut feeling". I didn't want to know who was on your suspicion list, though: that was Lewis. What I asked you about was who you would vote for if forced to, and you dodged that question at every opportunity, both from me and Dr. James. My point against you still holds that you didn't answer my question, and when you answered Lewis's you disappeared from the conversation until the end of the day when you voted for Dr. James and justified your vote. I get incredibly weird vibes off of you, Barry, and your claim that you were taking a "look and see" approach and your inability to say who you would vote for came off as being non-comital, waiting for a bandwagon to happen. Also, Lewis, your meta-analysis is the reason why you believe he isn't scum? That seems like a convenient excuse to dodge my question, especially since Barry had only responded twice before you asked him.
  12. I'm currently going over some discussions from earlier today and yesterday, as there's a couple things that stand out now that I've got a chance to view it all as a play-by-play. Sorry for being slightly less active. Barry's lack of conviction towards voting was something I pushed him on yesterday and he didn't answer my question of who he'd vote for, even if he didn't want to vote. Dr. James pushed this on him as well, and he dodged the doctor's question then as well. I find it weird though that he answered Lewis's question regarding his top suspects. Hey, Lewis. Mind telling me why you didn't go on the offensive when it came to Barry and why you let him get away with that?
  13. And yet people have voted. Waiting for a bandwagon to form? If you had to vote right now, Barry, who'd you vote for?
  14. And you'd prefer us to do what, exactly, senator? Sit on our hands and let the scum run the clock out? Zip's move wasn't particularly scummy. Pressure voting is a tactic I fully endorse, so the fact that you're seemingly trying to silence it comes off as suspect. If you had to vote for someone right now, who'd you vote for, Alfred? For now, I'm going to Vote: Senator Greene (Khscarymovie4), but this vote probably won't stick. Out of all the actions that have occurred, the Senator's feels the most suspicious, but that's not saying much.
  15. Can't say I disagree with the sentiment of my colleagues. Moles will be terminated in a highly comedic fashion.