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  1. “I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on machines,” Dunola comments to Tester Three, trying to inquisitively peer over his bulk to see the hardwiring in action, “but I wouldn’t say I’m a newbie, either. If you want a hand, let me know.” Dunola stares at Igaz wide-eyed. ”What’s on your face, Igaz?”
  2. "Looks like we've purged this ship of those vermin." Dunola holsters her flamethrower. "I'm fine with taking ten credits and that potion. A job well done, everyone!" "Now then, miss, why don't we step into the ship a little bit so we can discuss matters in private, eh?"
  3. “Blast!” Dunola was hoping for something more reactive than what she received, but was at least happy with some result. She switches back to her Flamethrower and burns the Oozling B again.
  4. "Stand aside," Dunola shouts as she holsters her flamethrower. Her eyes start emitting a glow like coals in a fire, her hands brimming with eldritch energy, "I've got one of em." Dunola blast Oozling B with an Elemental Evocation.
  5. “Egh, these are ugly little weirdos!” Dunola fires at Oozling C at F3.
  6. “Eh, it’s alright.” Dunola replies. “I can’t expect everyone to know everything about us dwarves. The universe is a big place, and I doubt anyone could see it all in one’s lifetime.” “Look, if you’re so keen on examining the little critters and getting up close to them, go ahead and take the front. I, for one, intend to roast any of these oozelings that come out of this ship!” Dunola slaps her flamethrower.
  7. OOC: I'm taking Elemental Evocation, Obfuscate, and Transmutate Matter. Dunola's eyes light up with excitement. "You- you don't know about dwarven clans?! Well, let me be the first to introduce you to the concept! See, like humans, dwarves are born into families, but those families are arranged into Clans. There are a number of clans, all with a noble and proud history, and Clan Matar is one which has prided itself on its arcane traditions for generations. Really any dwarf, or lifeform, for that matter, could join a dwarven clan, but the individual to make such a decision is the clan's Lodge Master, who is also in many ways the overseer off the clan. To hold such a title is an honour, one which is recorded for future generations. Sorry... might've gone off a little, but if only to help make sense of the rich culture us dwarves have."
  8. “I’m not entirely sure.” Dunola replied. “If she continues to force me to obey her, I might have to jot her name down in the family’s Book of Grudges.” “Tentacled little monsters? Those sound easily combustible! Greetings, m’dear! Dunola of Clan Matar, at your service!” She reaches out to shake her clients hand. “Lead the way, and my comrades and I will ensure you don’t have to worry about these gross Oozlings ever again!” Dunola joins Faeja. “Comms, what comms?” Dunola asked. “If we were supposed to pack a comms system, I didn’t receive any memo declaring such. I don’t think we should be so open about why we are here. I don’t want to attract more groups like the Cydonians to what we’re doing.””
  9. Dunola makes her way through the checkpoint, taking in the sights at the end of the tunnel. Out in the open, she tags a drag off her e-pipe. ”Well, we’re in! I hope one of us has a map? Maybe been here before and knows where we should head to first?”
  10. Dunola nods, scratching her beard in thought. She was worried about the crowd surrounding this egg and the auction. It sounded like the Umbra auction encompassed a broad criminal element. “Pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Dunola adds on. In the open air, she pulls out her e-pipe and fiddles with it. ”Nice dock you got here.”
  11. Dunola takes in the information being told, before jumping in. “ What other kind of... er, goods are being auctioned off? You said you have a list of the items being entered into the auction? Perhaps knowing what other items are being auctioned off will give us some insight as to what kind of criminal element we can expect.”
  12. Kintobor

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    I still think I need to pick my spells. I'll send that to you shortly, Endgame.
  13. Dunola raised an eyebrow at the Ornithun, remembering their sensitive noses. "Eh, fine, I suppose I can refrain smoking in here. Name's Dunola, Clan Matar. At your service." Dunola, nods. "Don't know why I was hired, then." Dunola responds, a hint of excitement in her voice. "Clan Matar are masters of things that go "kaboom", if you get where I'm going with this." She laughs heartily. Dunola gives a nod. It wasn't the answer she hoped for, but it made sense. "Understood. Thank you, anyways." Her eyes turn to notice Kyler when his hologram appears. She listens intently. With her question already asked, she waits to hear more.
  14. Dunola, having been quiet so far, takes a drag off of her e-pipe, blowing a cloud into the air, the faint aroma of fruit drifting through the cabin. ”Cydonnian occupation, eh? Kayarr, what else have the Cydonnian’s been up to? Are they known for planetary occupations?” OOG: Guess who’s back. Kinto’s back. Tell a friend.
  15. Kintobor

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Sorry for my own absence: getting into model war gaming and prepping for a LARP as one of their storytellers for the season has drawn my focus away from Eurobricks, but I’m here now and excited to get back into it!