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  1. Searching through pockets of Xander's body with the time she has, Polaris pulls out a holopad and a belt lined with daggers. A few of the daggers are missing. Bers begins to chase after the shady duo, moving through the crowd. As he gets to the edge of the crowd a familiar face steps between them. "Something catch your eye, Bers?" Cassandra stood between him and the fleeing duo. Her fingers danced on the pommel of her sword, a frustrated frown grimacing at the adamite. "Today has gone from boring to hostile since you and your friends arrived. Is there something you know that I should be made aware of?"
  2. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Alright, updating the mission tomorrow and streamlining us to the ending. Sorry for the delays. I was not expecting the current situation I'm in to rear its ugly head, but I'm hopefully out of it.
  3. "... I do not see what good trying to resuscitate a man with no heart beat will do, but if you wish to try, then so be it." Istifer allows Polaris to see the corpse. "I do not know where the other medical professionals are currently, but the mayor has much to answer for if my brother has gone missing and only when I go looking for him does he show up dead." There is a wince of pain, of remorse in the priest's words as he lets go of his brother to allow Polaris to see the corpse. A brief handling of the corpse reveals that Istifer is correct: the body has no pulse and is dead. Polaris Medical Check (DC: 2/3): (2,3,5,6 +1 Success) Three Successes Looking over the body Polaris can determine Xander has been dead for a few days, perhaps a week at the latest. His skin is pale and his body stiff. The cause of death is obvious: a slash across the chest, cutting through to his heart and lungs. Polaris' medical examination proceeds well enough that she finds an opportunity to parse through Xander's bloodstained cloak and pockets should she wish. Bers Perception Check (DC: 2): (1,4,6) Two Successes Peering through the crowd Bers notices two individuals slink off into the night, slipping behind the bleachers set up to accommodate the crowd during the competition. They match the two individuals the party saw earlier in the market acting fidgety and defensive.
  4. Polaris Perception Check (DC: 2): (2,3,6) One Success Polaris has MILES scan the crowd to see if anyone present is trying to leave. However, the crowd is too dense to notice whether or not anyone is slipping away from the crowd, and without a good vantage point it would be hard to tell. Polaris pushes her way to the front with the assistance of MILES. They reach Istifer in the center of the crowd cradling a body. The corpse's hair is brown and dirty, their clothes stained with blood and mud. "Polaris? I'm... surprised to see you. I... wish we could see each other under better circumstances. I do not think a medical triage will do much for Xander at this point... the life has left his eyes..." A triage on Xander would do little help at this point, but perhaps an autopsy might reveal evidence on the corpse.
  5. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Understandable. I’ve been shuffling plot beats in an effort to hurry things along so we can wrap up sooner, but I understand that my hope to involve everyone has dragged some of you along behind. My sincerest apologies. I’ll have an update later tonight. I’m currently at work and when I get home I’ll be cooking dinner.
  6. "I think murdering the innocent is not the best look for your organization, Bers." Avgustus replies sharply. "We should maybe push through the crowd and get a better look, no? That was the chap on the bus with us when we came into Knothole, correct?"
  7. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    While I agree with Duvors suggestion that you don't need to comment on everything, if you're not in the right headspace than roleplaying can be pretty tiring trying to stay in character. I would like to see you keep playing as part of the reason for waiting was to see Yelana respond to Polaris based on conversation you and I had. Not everything needs a response. Sometimes letting a conversation drop is fine.
  8. The group hurries through the streets of Knothole, the streets quiet and empty. Approaching the greenspace where the marksmanship contest is taking place, the group can see a large crowd has made its way onto the greenery and out of the bleachers. The crowd is in a nervous frenzy, as they each person present tries to get a clear view of what's happening on the pitch. Members of the town watch hold the crowd back as Mayor Cassandra's voice booms over the crowd. "Citizens of Knothole, please remain calm!" "I can't see! Is it true?!" "Oh boy... this doesn't look good..." "Ugh, this is exactly the kind of thing one can expect to happen when out of towners get involved with local festivities. How unfortunate..." "I would've had that winning shot... if only..." Roaring over the crowd a familiar voice rings out, louder than even Cassandra's. His tone is aggressive and exhausted. "My brother is dead- murdered, and this is what you all do? Grovel and gawk and gossip?! Outrageous- unthinkable!" Istifer, although not visible from the heroes' current position, shouts to the crowd. "Where is Knothole's boldness? Your sense of justice? There is a murderer in our midst and you all gawk at the sight of a corpse!"
  9. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Sorry for the delay, I've been preoccupied with other tasks and haven't had the chance to finish up a set for the mission. We'll proceed tomorrow.
  10. "...I don't think so." Polaris Perception Check (DC: 2): (1,4,5) Two Successes Listening in the direction of the crowd, Polaris can hear the sounds of the crowd. From her position, the crowd sounds aggressive and angered. About what she isn't sure. She's too far to tell.
  11. "Hmm..." Avgustus ponders on the subject before he stops in his tracks, a look of grim curiosity dawning across him. "Do you hear that? Rather, the lack of sound? The rifles have stopped firing." The rhythmic firing of long arms had ceased, but the sound of the crowd hadn't.
  12. Kintobor

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Sorry to hear that, Dutch. Generally speaking I've never met a landlord I actually liked. It's not uncommon to refer to them as "slum lords" from where I'm from. I hope your situation improves in the future.
  13. Polaris Insight Check (DC: 2): (3,4,5) Two Successes "I do not remember how I got this scar. Then again I have bumps, bruises, and cuts all over me from years of welding and working with tools. Why do you ask?" Polaris gets the impression that Fix-It believes what he tells her in this moment, even if his memory is foggy. "If you three are heading out, be careful! It seems there are dangerous individuals about if what you said is true." As Fix-It waves the group goodbye and Meerabeau motions them with her fingers pointing towards her eyes and then in the direction of the party in an "I'm watching you" gesture, the doors to the workshop close. Making their way to the contest grounds in the cold, the town of Knothole is quiet and lonely as few people linger on the streets, most of the town favouring the excitement of the marksmanship contest. Shots of blaster and kinetic rifles rhythmically cut through the quiet, followed by cheers and howlers. "You said someone wants information on whether Fix-It's a former pirate, Polaris?" Avgustus inquires. "Curious. Mind sharing who?"
  14. "You dare accuse Fix-It of being a pirate?" Meerabeau points an accusatory finger at Polaris. "You have some nerve coming in here and-" "That's enough!" Fix-It uncharacteristically shouts at Meerabeau, the dwarf quickly shrinking in her posture. Realizing his outburst he lowers his voice and calmly continues to speak in a more familiar tone. "Meerabeau, there's no need for hostility. Please watch your tone amongst our guests." Meerabeau quietly nods as she avoids eye-contact with both Fix-It and the heroes. Fix-It turns to Polaris. "I have no idea what you mean to say when you claim I was a "pirate", but I have no recollection of any such actions in my lifetime. Why... I can't even imagine doing such a heinous thing! The good people of Knothole are my family: I look after them, and they look after me. Fix-It Land is my gift to them, as a token of appreciation." "It is alright, lad. My only hope is that it does leave an impression on those I did build it for." "I think you all know my stance on this: we should try and stick together. If we're heading to the marksmanship contest, we should go together."
  15. "I suppose there is such a thing as a bad surprise, but how can you be so salty about such a thing as Fix-It Land?" The tinkerer throws his hands up in exasperation. "And just what do you claim to know about Fix-It's past, hm?" Meerabeau asks pointedly.