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Found 16 results

  1. I recently updated my "James Bond Parachute"-MOC and put new, digital instructions to Rebrickable (free download). I also built the MOC with real bricks, although I didn't have enough white string-parts, so I used the long black ones instead: Hope you like it! :)
  2. The LEGO Agents have a new vehicle for their fight against Dr. Inferno! The Turbo Pursuit Vehicle is high powered and high speed. Ready to take to the streets and chase down the criminal element. Finally built some more Agents, I loved this theme when it came out and bought a lot of the sets. I built this a while ago and while there is nothing wrong with it, it is not what I was aiming for with the original idea. So I took a photo before I took it apart and started a new thing.
  3. Hey Everybody, I want to show you a Review of the LEGO 8634 Agents Mission 5 Turbocar Chase Helicopter:
  4. When I was making this creation I was thinking about nanotechnology, and I decided to make this spy car really small and compact, so I took an inspiration from nanotechnologies. The spy car is solved from 3 parts, each part doesn't depend on other parts very much, you can remove any part you want, without breaking the car structure. The 4 main parts are 1) main body part which contains a battery box 2) motor part with a gearbox 3) upper body structure which holds the receiver 4) Camera = GoPro HERO Session. I built a special remote controller for this car with an iPhone holder, so I can drive the car and see on the phone, what the car does. that makes this car a real spy car. the remote controller
  5. The Head Quarters for all elite operatives. Mission Briefings, After Action Reports and Planned Operations are all indexed here. Tags Reviews: - Alpha Team Reviews - Agents Reviews - Ultra Agents Reviews MOCs: - Vehicle MOCs - Structures and Scenes
  6. Count Sepulchure

    [MOC] Agents: the Glowfish

    Hello everyone! My quick entry into this year's Bio-Cup miraculously granted me a pass into the first round. I finished 70 out of 81 in the Preliminaries and in the first round was to compete against two other builders, including, ahem, the leader of the preliminary match. So I decided to give it my best shot. The theme was Agents/UltraAgents/AlphaTeam, and luckily found a link to the beautiful glowing octopus from set 8636, the one that also features my favourite minifigure, the Slime Face. The link allowed me to bring forth all of my glow-in-the-dark pieces (I do not own much Bionicle or CCBS otherwise, so this was a life-saver) - 40 "marbled" ones in total. This was also my very first figure-building experience, so keep that in mind please. Thank you! Much like the Octopus, the Glowfish is not intended as an antagonist, despite its, well, creepy mouth. The tails (tentacles?) are fully flexible, although only in one plane, but the foremost pair can also hinge up and down slightly at the base. I think it complements the set nicely, adds immense playability and overall serves as a good tribute to the glowing Octopus. The "glow shot" was a must and I think it turned out passable. Thanks for viewing, I really enjoyed building this!
  7. While waiting for more building materials for Inferno HQ we decided that it was time the Agents of Godwins Hollow upgraded their vehicles. The first two are some basic MODs/repaints to vehicles from existing sets but the third is a MOC dropship allowing the Agents to get significant numbers of personnel into the fray quickly. The 4x4 All Terrain Attack Vehicle Agents of Godwins Hollow - Vehicles Agents of Godwins Hollow - Vehicles The 'Spyder' Assault Speedster WP_20170603_22_25_59_Pro WP_20170603_22_25_26_Pro WP_20170603_22_22_51_Pro WP_20170603_22_20_13_Pro WP_20170603_22_19_53_Pro WP_20170603_22_16_43_Pro The 'Bulldog' Armored Personnel Dropship WP_20170603_22_11_22_Pro WP_20170603_22_07_44_Pro WP_20170603_21_51_06_Pro WP_20170603_21_51_03_Pro WP_20170603_21_49_49_Pro WP_20170603_21_49_44_Pro WP_20170603_21_49_37_Pro WP_20170603_21_47_51_Pro WP_20170603_21_44_46_Pro WP_20170603_21_44_36_Pro WP_20170603_15_56_11_Pro Everybody all together... WP_20170603_22_15_55_Pro WP_20170603_22_14_13_Pro by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr There are more pics on Flickr if you're interested and always, your comments are appreciated. Thanks for taking a look.
  8. So this has been a REALLY long-term project of ours but we're finally making some progress. Godwins Hollow was originally conceived as the place that the LEGO Agents would defend from the menacing henchmen of INFERNO! All respectable evil-doers need a secret lair and this is the start of theirs! Once it's completed we're hoping to have two full levels underneath the mountain, trap doors revealing weapon systems, launch bays, and all of the other despicable stuff an Inferno HQ should have. Once you scroll thru the pics below you'll be able to see we've made some significant progress on the base level both inside and out. The main hover jeep garage, mountain exit, and repair bay are all in place. There is a personnel elevator to take you to the command center and eventually on to the next underground level, and two mech bays for the Inferno mechs. So please take a look at what we've done so far and feel free to leave any feedback you'd like. Enjoy! As always, there are more pics on our Flickr page and over on MOC Pages. Thanks for checking it out.
  9. tfcrafter

    SHIELD Quinjet MOC

    This is a pretty old MOC of the Quinjet from the Avengers movie and Agents of SHIELD. Cockpit has seating for 2 minifigs, and there's a lot of room for storage on the inside.
  10. So yeah, been thinking and working on some ideas for some cool Agents themed sets... Warning: contains spoliers. SPOILERS! SPOILEEERS. Possible ideas that popped up in my mind: "S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV Pursuit" A Shield Black SUV, a Hydra soldier, agent May or a shield agent as the minifigs. Kinda of a small, $15/$20 set. "Attack on the Fridge Tower." Inspired by the scene where Grant Ward, John Garrett and HYDRA raid the Shield prison known as "The Fridge", and are attacked by a SHIELD helicopter. A Black S.H.I.E.L.D. attack helicopter with flick-missiles or stud shooters, a section of a building meant to represent the Fridge. A Hydra agent, Grant Ward (not in SHIELD uniform), Garrett and a SHIELD pilot/agent would be included in the scene. Helicopter could be similar to the one from the Jurassic World set, but a bit bigger and with weapons. Average set, around $30/40. "Vanchat's Arrest." Inspired from the part in AoS's premiere where Ward arrests criminal Vanchat, would include a SHIELD Helicopter, bigger than the one in the set above, kinda like a Huey or Black Hawk, two SHIELD agents, Vanchat, Grant Ward in SHIELD outfit with a logo on the chest or shoulder, and Victoria Hand. A $40/50 set. "Attack on the Playground" This would be the biggest set, including FitzSimmons's science/medical lab, a hangar, a Quinjet and a landing hangar for the Quinjet itself, and a SHIELD SUV. Minifigures would include Fitz, Simmons, Coulson, a SHIELD pilot, and Calvin Zabo (Skye's father). This is the biggest set of them all, and would depict the scene where Calvin Zabo takes the "Super-soldier" serum given to him by Jiaying, and attempts to kill Coulson. "Mojave Desert Incursion" Includes Skye, Raina, May (if she's not included in the SUV set), Coulson, a desert building with Raina's mind-reading machine and some control panels, two soldiers working for the Centipede, a small/damaged desert building, SHIELD unmarked car. Meant to resemble a scene where Coulson's team attack the Centipede's facility where Coulson is held prisoner. What do you guys think? I have built the SHIELD helicopter which could be similar to the one in Vanchat's arrest, built the SHIELD SUV. Will update with pics soon.
  11. RoxYourBlox

    MOC: Spy Spire

    Spy Spire by RedCoKid, on Flickr
  12. I've recently acquired quite a few of the old (2008/9) Agents sets and wanted to build a lair for the baddies. For my last display I just had an old shack and a boathouse, surrounded by all the Agents water vehicles and a couple of the jets. I have since also acquired the helicopter and the Mobile Command Centre so thought I would create a bigger base for the baddies. IMG_9866 by Ade-27, on Flickr The final plan is to have the lair sitting atop a cliff face, with an opening rock wall revealing a cave for the boat dock, but the cave will have to wait for now. For now, the lair will sit atop a cliff face, overlooking the water battle below similar to the above. I wanted something curved, rather than the usual square buildings and after seeing a wonderful build using train tracks for the curve, I thought I'd give that a go. So I grabbed my 6 wide tracks and came up with the following. IMG_0273 by Ade-27, on Flickr IMG_0275 by Ade-27, on Flickr IMG_0274 by Ade-27, on Flickr IMG_0277 by Ade-27, on Flickr This is very much a WIP and any helpful advice is greatly appreciated. It will eventually be finished with grass and pacing around the building, with a road leading up to the rollerdoor on the side. There will also be a train track running along the back of the building as there is a train that runs around the outside of the city displays this forms a part of. One of my questions is do you think the awning (made out of the brick separators) should be wide, either another two or three on either side. The next section is 6 wide.
  13. Hi everyone! It's my first post in this forum, though this build is probably one of the oldest that I have. Basically, it is a rather heavily modified 4x4 from the 2008 Gold Hunt set. I went for larger wheels and added a few bricks at the back as well as a machine gun. I also tried to make the color scheme a bit more serious, which means that I probably used a couple of pieces that don't exist in those colors. Anyway, I hope you like it, comments and critique are also welcome. If you wish to have an .lxf file, you can get it here.
  14. So there's been a lot of chatter about whether the beloved Ultra Agents will receive a second wave. If we did get a wave two, what sets would you like to see? Toxic Temple Takedown: set includes Toxikita, x2 new toxic henchmen, x2 new Ultra Agents. Set comes with a futuristic, double-bladed helicopter for the good guys, but the main part of the set is a lime green toxic temple with a river of acid running through, leading to a throne. The weaponry of the temple is four towers with gatling goo guns that can all rotate in unison by turning a knob on the back. Play features include trapdoors, hidden compartment hiding the power crystal, and a prison with a breakout feature. Retail: £49.99 What's your ideas?
  15. Building Drive: Secret Agents Contest Entry Villain Vehicle: Jaw’s Chomp-er Blofeld wants to get rid of James Bond! So it's time to call in some mucscle to take care of him--Jaws--and his amazing Chomp-er! When having one set of steel teeth is not enough, Jaw's uses his Chomp-er, a vehicle with large razor sharp teeth to bide down on rival vehicles or the rivals themselves! CHOMP! CHOMP! ~Nemo
  16. 101Wheeler

    Spy Theme

    Hello. Me (101Wheeler) and my friend (commodore_legolas) were building this hovercraft the other day, and we decided to post it on EuroBricks. It has twin Turbo Thrusters in the back, a laser gun mount in the front, super speed, and a cool design. It was really fun to make. Oh, by the way, this project is on cuusoo, "Spy Theme" by 101Wheeler. Here is the link: We also have another project. Check both of them out!