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  1. "300 credits, that's-" "500, you gotta be kidding me here, you-" "400 credits?! That's - well, less than 500, actually, but I feel like I've never even made 400 credits total in my lifetime." Decker takes a step back and turns to his party. "Well, friends, I dunno about you, but I'm thinking a few things. One, this hero business is overrated, and we should definitely just become sled guides on this planet. We'd make a killing. Second of all, I'm not too sure if we even have 100 credits to our name combined. I currently got... carry the two... zero." Decker remarks glumly. "Think they'll take the feathers?"
  2. Endgame

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    A transmission comes in, and from the console behind the jobs board, a small printout is churned out, the ink still fresh and smudgy. Current Sign-Ups For Mission Six Varen (KotZ) Felix (Khorne) Valesia (WBD) Maximilian (Alix) Sign Ups close in 3 days.
  3. Decker nods. "Ah, definitely not one of your... stature?" The man says, trying not to be rude. "Cut me some slack here, I'm really sorry. I thought just seeing snow for the first time today would be the craziest thing." "Although, hold on, hallucinations? What causes those? Disorientation I get, getting spun around with all that wind whipping here n' there makes perfect sense but.... Well, damn. Between you and Aysu I'm learning there are worse places than the desert. As for cutting losses, well, that wouldn't include us now, would it?"
  4. Decker double takes when what he thought was a housecat addresses him. He had forgotten what planet he was on. "Oh! You... You talk," he stammers out. "Ah. Of course you talk, heh. Why wouldn't ya. Anyway, yeah, not too bad of scrap. Just a flock of frost hawks. You must be a guide, right? You're probably all sorts of familiar with them then. Anything else you think we should be on the lookout for in particular?"
  5. Decker wrings the frost out of his gloves again, grateful for a chance to return to the warmth. His nose scrunches up at the smell of the stable. Eurgh, not all new sensations were good. The desert-goer walks over to what was seemingly a house cat in a fluffy parka and reaches out to pet it, not yet realizing what species he may actually be dealing with. "Hey bud, dealing with the cold okay?"
  6. Decker knew he didn't really have any expertise here, but he watched with a combination of interest and... mild disgust. "Is Heroica work normally this, ah... gutsy?"
  7. "Food usually isn't in surplus in climates this... gnarly," Decker says, tracing a line in the snow with his boot. The snow and wind soon hide the mark. "I come from the heat, but I feel like the same kinda thing applies. Something is wrong here if those birds were so overstuffed. Food ain't easy pickings." Decker drummed his fingers on his sheathed pistol. "Unless we wanna cut one of these guys open and see what they've been snacking on, we ought to go see the guides, no?"
  8. Decker steps back and watches as Ronin's katana shreds through the last frost hawk. He nods in approval and then casually steps over the corpse of the Frost Hawk he felled. "Would you look at that," he says morosely, holstering his pistol. "Not bad at all fellas. Not bad at all." Decker thinks for a moment on Enson's words. "Or maybe they are just that ornery? These things had an attitude on 'em," Decker shrugs, watching his team members pluck the birds dry. "Or maybe something got them all riled up. Displaced by setting up the track, maybe. Or worse... Something bigger and nastier than these critters."
  9. (Went to a concert last night! Things got hectic.) Decker takes another swing, this time glancing the skull of the Frost Hawk. It was enough to ground the beast, a plenty large enough window for Decker to swing again and deliver a decisive mode. Rolling out his shoulder, Decker runs to F3 and rallies Polaris. "C'mon, you can do this! Show 'em what you got."
  10. Decker grunts in frustration as his wild swing misses its mark, but when the puff of snow clears he sees that his compatriots Ronin and Aysu felled their targets. "Ronin! Aysu! That's how you do it." Decker throws a thumbs up before grabbing his pistol and taking another savage swing towards the head of Frost Hawk F.
  11. Decker glances over, flips up the visor of his helmet to reveal his face, smirks, and waves. His visage was... that of a 24 year old man's. Not the most secretive thing in the world, one supposes, not that the scrapper seemed like one for too many secrets. "Hey, don't want to expose too much do the elements, aye?" Decker re-evaluates and realizes he ought to be standing his ground. He plants his feet and still swings at Hawk F.
  12. Endgame

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Pistol whipping for life!
  13. Decker double takes as he sees winged shadows descend over the snow. "Aw, hell, guys, these things look quick!" He unholsters his gun, levels it at the nearest Frost Hawk, and then remembers. "...Aw, right." Decker moves to H4 and takes a swing at Frost Hawk F.
  14. Decker let out a low whistle. "And I thought me and ma had a rough time being scrappers on Akharif. At least there was an atmosphere around us when we worked.. I guess you gotta be thankful for what you got, huh?" Decker flipped up his mask to take a sip of the coffee, shuddering a bit. "Oh. Oh yeah. That's the stuff." "I'm good with Enson's plan too. Although I'd say we ought to run it past the guides? If they give us the thumbs up I'd say we're golden." "Mervin, any gut feeling on who you think we ought to be bringing along? Noted on the Geomi thing, although I gotta tell ya, I probably feel the same way he does sometimes."
  15. "I'll have to take the strong coffee," Decker says. He wasn't quite certain that anything that could get him boozed up on a new planet was the brightest idea. "So the guides. They know how to protect themselves? Their help will be much appreciated, but if we encounter anything gnarly I want to know if they know how to defend themselves."