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  1. Endgame

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    Decker blinks behind his visor and looks up, noting the first person to regard him in his new line of work. "Sorry, lost in my own head for a second there. Do we have business?" Decker asks, twirling the gun by the trigger around his finger. "I dig the shades." More interesting characters. If Decker had any prejudice against Chimerans, he didn't show it at first glance. The young mechanic lets his gaze linger on Miles as he talks. "This is Heroica, ain't it?" Decker picks up his gun and gently whacks it against the edge of the table, the pistol making a dull thud with each contact. "And I think my gun will do just fine. It's not useless, just... Repurposed." "Most people introduce themselves before offering to go ammo shopping." Decker stretches out a gloved hand, unsure if the Chimeran or robot would take it. "Decker. Pleased to meet ya."
  2. Endgame

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    Two Years And Some Change Ago The Bucyria-288 was one of the most impressive strip mining machines on Akharif... about a decade ago. Alas, even the mightiest terraforming machine could do nothing but weep and rust as it was pushed into obsolescence. The Bucyria-293, the Cogwheel, the Sandripper - newer, sexier models replaced the old brute. And so, the mining corporations were forced to figure out what to do with their old toys. Some of the 288s were broken down for parts. Others were melted down for scrap. One particularly lucky one was being shipped across the cosmos to go in a museum. But most were simply left to rot in the desert, and rot they did, gems creeping up their plating as they sank further down into the sand. In one remote little corner of Akharif, a young man huddled for safety in the corpse of one such retired mining titan. Outside he could hear electricity crackling, grains of sand roaring, air becoming ire. Electric sandstorms - only on Akharif. The young man was not particularly concerned for his safety. Why should he be, when his chosen shelter was designed to withstand a hundred thousand electric sandstorms? No. He was much more concerned that the winds and bolts outside were messing with his signal. He adjusted the antenna on his radio, intently trying to decipher the message through the static. Something about the upcoming passion project of one Laserie Ablis... Something about "Heroica...?" Now The doors swing open and Decker DaCabe enters Heroica Hall for the first time. Looking around at the other patrons, he simply grabs a stool and does what he always did - go through the checklist in his head. "In the right place, yep. Registration, done. Gun, check. Wrench, check. No need to be worried." He was right. The last two were all he ever needed to get this far in life.But something was nagging at him... Decker's blaster felt a little... light? He took out the magazine and inspected it. Ammo. Not check. "Oh, dammit..." Decker DaCabe has joined Heroica!
  3. Endgame

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Hey, that wasn't a planned thing. The fact that undead exist in this universe tempts to reprise Cyber Sorrow, but... Nah. In terms of canon-ness of Mission Zero, I'm with WBD on this one. The events as you saw them (minus maybe the part with Lord Metatron at the end... although nobody 'saw' that) generally happened, but I would keep mentions of it relatively vague. I wouldn't go a-speculatin' about what Ophaniel Jezero's deal is, for example, because I don't know what Jezero's deal is, and I don't know if I'm ever gonna figure it out. I hope to get back into Mission Master-ing one day, but I've started a new job, so... we shall see. I ought to have my character introduced by this evening.
  4. Endgame

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Hey - poking my head in to say that you guys did an incredible job with all of this. I haven't gotten the chance to dig deep yet, but I'm super impressed with the world that you've built. You might just see a character of mine in the Hall soon. I wasn't part of the development Discord - I'm guessing Quest Zero has been de-canonized, right?
  5. Thank you all for your input! I have been reading it and keeping tabs, but COVID-19 has currently smashed some plans of mine like a wrecking ball (myself or nobody I know has it, thank goodness), so it might not be until tomorrow I can sit down and do my full debriefing... along with a final loot update for you folks. I apologize for this one last delay, but thankfully, the stakes aren't as high anymore.
  6. And there it is! Final loot update coming when I get more than an hour or two at my laptop. But there's the end! And there's a certain build I mentioned. Thank you everyone for joining me on this ride. I know it was a little bumpy at times, but I hope everyone enjoyed and is eager to explore more of this brand new galaxy.
  7. The little chirps of the strange reptilian as it is hoisted up indicate that is indeed exactly what it wanted. The little creature seemed unafraid of the unmasked Igaz. Instead, it just tilted its beak up to him. "Kree! Kree krolllll..." Gibberish? Chirps of gratitude? Sounds of comprehension? Who could ever really say for sure. But it was here - alive, safe. Extant, not extinct. That is what mattered. "Eh, what the hell, I could use a hand. Why kill the good vibe and say no?" An extra set of hands and a little know how was exactly what Kayarr needed, and his socket is popped back into place. The servos start ticking again as some function is reclaimed. "Ahhh... Yep. Much better! Let's get you guys back to home base shall we? You and the critter." Kayarr wheels back to the cockpit, and the ship, sfa efrom any further threats, resumes its cruise through space. The occupied planet shrinks down into nothingness, the sound of bells being pushed out by the cawwing and kreening of the newborn Sabrillo. A much more pleasant sound, to be sure. There was a chance the known universe would never get to hear that noise again, and yet, the seven aboard the Initium were lucky enough to be audience to it. The ship lands in the loading dock at Heroica Station, and just outside the landing dock a certain someone was waiting for them. Spiky hair, slimmish-build, not too tall, it was likely this was the party's very own... "Kyler Vannoy? In the flesh?" "Indeed. This is what I looklike when the holo-crystals are working." He chuckles. The GLESP representative walks to Enson, the baby in his arms, and gently takes hold of it. The little being startles for a moment, but not sensing any agitation from those around it, quickly settles back into contentment. What an easy going reptile it was. Kyler looked down at the creature in his arms, looking like he was in wonderment. "So healthy and so well-natured... Surprising, considering how much bouncing around its down across the galaxy. But a good surprise. Agents? I can't thank you enough for this. You've done GLESP, and the galaxy, and especially this little Sabrillo a world of good today. Literally, for the last one." "Kreee!" "I'm happy to declare this mission an absolute success. Kayarr, do you have their reward?" "Sure do. 200 credits a pop, right?" The droid opens a compartment in its chassis, producing 1,200 credits worth of reward payment. 200 for each agent, as promised in the posting. "I'd pay double for it if I could. Thank you, agents... Your organization is true to name. You really are heroes." And with its safety assured, the little sabrillo closes its eyes, and falls asleep... And back at home base, their objective now alive and well after so much doubt and fear, the agents knew that THE MISSION WAS A SUCCESS! "You folks all take care now, you here? This is where we part ways... and you ready yourselves for the next daring adventure." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Elsewhere... Galactic Time 21:23 Stardate 05-008-6099 Location: ??? The Iconoclast cut through the atmosphere of Gnorra and began the next leg of its journey. Having officially inaugurated Gnorra into the Collective, the ship's commander - Ophaniel Jezero himself - retires from the bridge, confident that his captains could man the ship in his temporary absence. The day had been long. But overall a success. One that had to be reported to The Great Sovereign, of course. Ophaniel carried himself with something of an imperious aura. Tall, lean, almost domineering if he wanted to be. It was enough to make the subordinates he passed through the corridors of his flagship freeze. The Knight of Cydonia, although fair, did have a reputation for being ruthlessly efficient. One unit of Captains cease their chatter as he makes his way by. "At ease, friends. We did good work today." "...Yes, Adjudicator." Ophaniel continued his walk, inputting his keycode into one door, his fingerprint to the other, saying his passcode to the soldiers posted deep within the flagship. This particular wing was for him and his fellow Knights only... They didn't even appear in the plans for the Iconoclast. Such was the secrecy - the sacredness! - of this chamber. It didn't look like much. Large, cylindrical, dim. A massive holo-crystal sitting in the center of the room. Everything here was jammed. Only one single may enter, and only one may leave. This room was meant to commune with one very specific individual. Ophaniel bowed down respectfully as the holo-crystal began to glow, and the shape of his Sovereign took form above him. "Lord Metatron," he began. He wasn't sure why he stuck with formalities, but here he was. He looked up, stepping backward and craning his neck to take in the sight of his leader. "We have much to discuss." "Then let us begin."
  8. Mild family emergency that has been sorted out... and rendering problems. The Mission is virtually over, so if anyone wants to start post-mortem discussions, feel more than free. Getting the very last picture ready now, and I might be able to get it up within the next hour, so stay tuned. If not... tonight. Sorry for the delay! I appreciate the concern.
  9. Ah, I see where you mean now. I tend to agree on both of those assessments. That being said, I would not be able to make a hard ruling at this stage - I wouldn't be opposed for two players combining similar proficiencies in a single check, but I think there needs to be some math behind it, simply because... Two players getting Tech to 5: (1+2+3+4+5)*2 = 10 * 2 = 30 exp One player getting Tech to 10: (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10) = 55 exp So it needs some evaluating.
  10. As far as I can tell, it is confined to two specific actions: Rally and Defend, which make use of Skill and Smarts to determine how many dice get added to the pool. Also, well, that's just about it for Mission Zero, Mission Zero'ers! Tomorrow will be the full ending, but you can pat yourselves on the backs and call it a job well done for now.
  11. The little Sabrillo studies back, wriggling its tail and staring up at the Ornithun. Perhaps spotting the fact that both creatures had beaks, its starts to click his own together, seemingly content... and perhaps impressing itself upon the avian scholar. "Aww, it likes you! Miracle of life, huh?" "Kree! Kree kree! MMmmmmrrrreeem." And when Enson sits down, the infant hops on over to him instead, nearly jumping into his arms - but contenting itself to stay just in front of him, staring up with tiny, beady eyes. "Kree mlem kree..." A quick check of the little one showed that he was doing quite fine - no bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, or any sign of wear. The little critter was plenty healthy and plenty content. "Well, isn't this heartwarming. The thing is acting like a newborn craterhound. I think we can chalk this one up as a mission success. You promised an egg, and are coming back with a lil' sabrillo... I'd say that's pretty damn good! I have the reward credits in the glove. I can grab them for you when we land, or right now, if you'd prefer." MM Note: We are just about wrapped up here; full ending coming tomorrow.
  12. The Captain's helmet, already broken beyond repair, cracks in half from the last couple of rounds. Kayarr winces. "Goodness. And, I think I'll be fine for the return trip, but if you could help me stick this damn shoulder actuator back in when we land, I'd appreciate it." "Badass is right. And I never want to see those faceless mugs again, too." A cursory glance at the carnage reveals that most of their personal effects, clothing, and armor was destroyed. In terms of biomass, that was almost completely gone too. In terms of evidence of an attack, all there was was some busted up pieces of armor, and a single weapon.. a weapon with no branding, no serial number, and no prints. It was an imperfect solution, but much of the evidence was quite gone. The cloaking device worked as follows: Cloaking Generator: Grants one successful stealth or pickpocket check. "My scans said they're good as gone, but then again they stowed away in the first place. So maybe a good idea. Regardless, I'm feeling pretty safe right now! Mostly 'cause you folks clearly know what you're doing." The spoils of a hard fought battle divided, Tester-Three and the rest of the agents move to the back of the Initum, returning to the cargo hold. They freeze, as they realize that the incubator was empty! There was no egg, only discarded shards of a... Wait. Discarded egg shell? From behind the incubator, a small creature emerges. It was almost tadpole-esque, with a large tail and tiny legs. What set it apart was the size, the scales, the carapace, the beak... the taste, supposedly. But there it was, in the flesh, having emerged from its egg and out into the world. The very last Sabrillo. "Kree... Kree..." The infant lumbers around curiously, taking in its surroundings. "Well would you look at that... little guy popped open the incubator lid by himself. Smart little fella isn't he?"
  13. Memory lapse is indeed the correct answer. There will indeed be some form of marketplace - has to be a palce to spend their credits. This particular game is way better suited to an Arena, because almost every battle is PVP anyway. That being said, running these side things is hard, because they still require a lot of time and effort from mission masters. We'll see how things shape up.
  14. "We fight til' the end, ornithun." the captain hisses. "The time for talk ended long ago." Boss Fight, Round Four Agent Turn: >Kleeck versus Cydonian Captain: (1/1 proficiency successes + 2 weapon mod) + (0/1 skill successes + 0 armor) = (3 - 0) = 3 damage to the Cydonian Captain - the Captain falls! >Igaz moves to D2 >Yelana versus Cydonian Cloak Trooper B: (1/2 proficiency successes + 1 weapon mod) - (0/1 skill successes + 0 armor) = (2 - 0) = 2 damage. >Enson casts Healing Light on Kleeck: (1/2 proficiency successes) - (DC 1) = 0 HP restored. >Tester-Three moves to B2 >Dunola crushes an Energy Cell and attacks Cydonian Cloak Trooper B: (1/1 proficiency successes + (1*2)=2 weapon mod) + (1/1 skill successes + 0 armor) = (3 - 1) = 2 damage - just enough to end it. Kleeck dons the gazerbeam, and with one last decisive shot, does just enough to down the Captain. "Wait... No..." She says, as she hears the (anti-)life support features of her suit kick on. "I can still fight... I can... I ca-" And with that, she draws her last breath. The suit detects her vitals flatlining, and she too is vaporized - joined by her subordinate not soon after, as all three Cydonian troopers meet their end. All agents gain two experience for winning the battle! Please distribute the loot: Energy Cell x2 Nanite Philter x3 Plasma Potion x3 60 credits Insignia Armor (+1 Elemental Defense) Cloaking Generator The Agents: Igaz (Goliath) 4 EXP / 6 EXP Career 300 Cycle, Male Undead Vitality: 6/7 Strength: 2 Skill: 2 (+1 from the Samba Stalk) Smarts: 1 Spirit: 1/1 Proficiencies: Athletics 1, Intimidation 2, Melee Weapons 2, Short Range Weapons 1 Credits: 5 Equipment: Samba Stalk (+1 Melee Kinetic Weapon, +1 Skill) Standard Plate Armor (+1 Kinetic Armor), Warding Bond (Spell) Inventory: Plasma Potion, Standard Vibrolance (+1, Melee Kinetic Weapon), Emerald Blaster (+1, Short Range Elemental Weapon, 3 credits gained per kill), Standard Plasma Blaster (+1, Short Range Energy Weapon) Tinted Visor (+1 Energy Armor) Kleeck (KotZ) 3 EXP / 6 EXP Career 35 cycle old, male Ornithun Vitality: 2/5 Strength: 1 Skill: 3 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 1/1 Spells: Proficiencies: Persuasion 2, Culture 1, Short Range Weapons 1, Insight 2, Deception 1, Nature 1 Credits: 60 Equipment: Gazerbeam (+2, Short Range Energy Weapon), Translator Cube, Summon Spirit Ally (Spell) Inventory: Nanite Filter Ensonvilterayquis (Enson) (Lord Duvors) 2 EXP / 6 EXP Career 60 cycle old, Male Quo’ri Vitality: 6/6 Strength: 2 Skill: 2 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 1/3 Proficiencies: Melee Weapons 2, Medicine 1, Religion 2 Credits: 35 Equipment: Standard Void Star Hammer (+1, Melee Elemental Weapon), Healing Light (Spell), Purging Font (Spell), Quantum Transposition (Spell) Inventory: Nanite Filter Dunola (Kintobor) 2 EXP / 6 EXP Career 125 cycle old, Female Dwarf Vitality: 5/5 Strength: 1 Skill: 1 Smarts: 1 Spirit: 0/3 Proficiencies: Arcana 4, Culture 1, Short Range Weapons 1, Engineering 1 Credits: 20 Equipment: Standard Flame Thrower (+1, Short Range Elemental Weapon), Holo-Scroll (Currently used for: Warding Bond), Tinted Visor (+1 Energy Armor) Elemental Evocation (Spell), Obfuscate (Spell), Transmutate Matter (Spell), Warding Bond (Spell) Inventory: Energy Cell, Super Potion? x3 Tester-Three (samurai-turtle) 3 EXP / 6 EXP Career One Cycle Old, Genderless, War Bot {Robotic} Vitality: 4/6 Strength: 2 Skill: 1 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 1/1 Proficiencies: Technology 2, Long Range Weapons 3, Piloting 1, Perception 1, Engineering 1, Credits: 40 Equipment: Standard Arm Cannon (+1, Long Range Energy Weapon), Standard Metallic Exoskeleton (+1 Kinetic Armor), Purging Font (Spell) Inventory: Shield Booster Yelana Fennix (Classic_Spaceman) 2 EXP / 6 EXP Career Unknown Age Human Female Vitality: 4/6 Strength: 2 Skill: 2 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 1/1 Proficiencies: Deception 2, Long Range Weapons 2, Technology 2, Perception 1, Stealth 1 Credits: 20 Equipment: Dual-Mode Sniper Rifle E (+1, Long-Range Energy Weapon), Tinted Visor (+1 Energy Armor) Obfuscate (Spell) Inventory: Cloaking Generator, Hacking Chip, Nanite Filter, Plasma Potion, Depleted Artifact, Dual-Mode Sniper Rifle K (+1, Long-Range Kinetic Weapon) --- The dust settles. The battle, and it seemed the mission, was over. From the cockpit, the sound of clanking machinery can be heard, a damaged navigational droid rolling out to survey the battle scene. There were no bodies, and minimal evidence of a scuffle, but the sound of blaster fire and swinging plasma pikes was enough to let him know what went down. "So... that was that?" Kayarr had mended his arm with some jury-rigging. "You guys are something else, you know that? Those were some tough customers... But you made it through in one piece! You guys mind checking the cargo hold, making sure the egg is safe and sound? I did a scan and couldn't detect any more Cydonians, so I think we're free of stowaways."
  15. MM Note: This goes back to the whole thing of "I can't really let you guys invent powers on the spot/perform feats without the proper proficiency check." I know it keeps coming up, but I'm afraid you folks need to build yourself into space badasses, you can't necessarily start as one. I simply can't condone having access to not-acquired-in-game recording/projecting technology (especially psychic field detecting one) because it gives an innate advantage others just don't have. That being said, there's an easy write-around for this one... The captain seems angered by whatever image Yelana was attempting to project. "I will not bother with the lies of a heretic." she hisses.