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  1. Endgame

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Great figs! It makes me happy to see even more oldbies sticking around and having interest in the new game. I think droids in general will make excellent cannon fodder in this game... anyone with the money and buy them and direct them, after all. War Bots being Super Battle Droids only makes that easier. It takes time for everyone to learn. I was way worse back when I started. Two points of advice would be: Heroica, whether its medieval or in space, is a team game - so work with your team to get stuff done. And: Sometimes, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its a duck. Sometimes it isn't, but more often than not, it is. (What I'm saying is, you should exercise a healthy fear of your MM, but not everything is a trap out to get you. Sometimes I'm just worldbuilding. )
  2. "In all honesty, no. I never got a very good look at them, and the one remaining is cloaked. They seemed longer than they were wide? That's all I got for you. I dunno why you want to learn so much about those damn clangers anyway..."
  3. "You can sit on the one next to that box, that cargo is fragile," she explains, wiping some sweat off her brow, a bit winded from moving boxes around in the cramped space. "Full of questions, huh? I'm running out of answers for the most part, but I can tell you a little more about the occupation... Wasn't a fun time. Yes, five ships came, cannons pointed at us. The remaining dreadnought here right now was one of the smaller ones, but the big one, well. I think it belonged to one of the Knights of Cydonia. There was a standoff, but nobody fired. On day three, The Gnorran Royal Family went up to the big dreadnought to talk to their "Great Sovereign" or whatever his title is, and... that was that. Gnorra was theirs. Whatever kind of threat they promised, they must've shown they could deliver, and that we couldn't stop them." Faeja hangs her head. The memories clearly hurt. The party was free to move to Commerce Row, and chase whatever leads they had, if they were all set in the shiplot. MM Note: Which is MM speak that I will take you there tomorrow, but there is still a little bit more details to poke around at here if you want to find them.
  4. Enson pops open the trunk of the old Dart, and finds a machine in two pieces. The apparatus occupied the entirety of the back storage compartment. Hoisting them out and sticking them back together, an odd device was formed... The yellow dome was still a bit warm to the touch, and several heating elements were located within the glass half-sphere. Written on the side of the base was the phrase "Model 9 Incubator." Faeja was wrapped up in checking and labelling her cargo. "Yes?"
  5. The warbot gives a quick karate chop to the pack of the ship, the residue sparking and sending Tester-Three hurtling backwards with a resounding thud. A second thud soon follows, as a small chunk of the outer fuselage, rusted and rotten, finally detaches and hits the ground, scraping off some of the garish yellow paint with it. Somewhere, KR-88 felt oddly happy, although he didn't know why. Yelana goes to the cockpit, and sees that it was unlocked, a green light on the side signifying as much. It seemed that the ship droid was programmed to act as something as a key fob as well. Convenient, if you were the ship owner. A bit dour, if you were having your ship looked at illegally. Disastrous, if you yourself were a felon and a smuggler. The agent had access to the cockpit, and found that it was a rather dated system. A simple red leather seat, a bit worn and stained from food. Seems that Jek was particularly fond of Plenticon (TM) Stim-Cola, judging by the three empty cups gathering beneath the seat. The computer itself was incredibly simplistic, and only contained flight data from the most recent journey he had taken... a breakneck jaunt from the GLESP headquarters to the very docking spot they were in now. Inside the glove was a data tablet, apparently used for some sort of conversation between Jek and the recipient... known only in the contact list as 567086. If you were going to try to stay incognito, then numbers seemed as good a bet as any... I'm here. I made it. Can you finally tell me where to show? 567086: Yes. Couldn't do a long range transmission. Easier to intercept. I know. Out with it. You're wasting our time. It's been 15 minutes, are you going to tell me or not? I can't just loiter in my ship forever. 567086: Sorry, sorry, so sorry. Business came up. You know how it is. Commerce Row. Behind the visor kiosk, there's an alley. A left, a right, a left, and against the righthand side wall part of it merely a hologram. Step through, knock on the left four times. Wait a minute. Knock again. Follow these instructions precisely, Jek. See, that wasn't so hard. Why the wait before the fifth knock? 567086: Don't question that. Just show up as you promised. Destroy this data pad. But it's brand new. 567086: Sorry, sorry, so sorry, Jek. But you will be able to afford a new one shortly, yes? Fine. A glance at the ship showed two green lights, signifying the cockpit and the back cargo hold were both open. Using a little insight, the ornithun could tell that the bright yellow paint was obscuring a much older and more dinged up ship. Not even a new paint job could disguise the toll of time on this craft. Additionally, tapping into his own knowledge of culture, Kleek notices a four tiny red chevrons inscribed into one of the ship's engines, the texture of the paint made to mimic rust. Kleek knew that the rust chevrons were a popular symbol of a worker's rights movement that spanned a quarter of the galaxy about three deca-cycles ago. Some people still used it as a symbol of awareness, and sometimes, protest.
  6. Endgame

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    I hope you guys know I am not rolling for one PC reprogramming another.
  7. Enson shows the shipyard droid one design in particular... The droid, scared, confused, and conflicted, heaves an electronic sigh of relief when it sees the pattern. Something known, something certain. A firm anchor in reality. "...Pattern recognized. Ship dock open, ship unlocked. Have a sufficient day." The party each gains 1 EXP for making it in! The gate hisses as the magnetic lock unlatches, and swings open. The party steps inside, finally on the other side of the metal fence, the shipyarrd bot now happily un-hassled. Jek's E-11 Dart was much like Kayarr described. Two major points were of interest, now unlocked by the shiplot security... The cockpit, and... A very, very small (practically a trunk) cargo hold in the back.
  8. The three ring circus unfolds, and Faeja decides now would be an excellent time to sort out some cargo. The Red Droid looks on, darting between the colorful cast of characters, in abject confusion. Yelana's deception confused the shipyard bot long enough where it forgot about the previous failed try, earning the party another attempt. MM Note: You guys have 8 unknown squares at most, and I believe 8 tries... If you do this systematically you have a 100% chance of getting it right. If someone describes said system/process (don't overthink it), I can punch it all in and get things rolling on without the need of going back and forth for 8 attempts. Suffice to say, your initial guess, RPing, and proficiency checks have basically bought you the puzzle solution... Just gotta tell me how you use what you have, now, and then we can keep on rolling.
  9. Igaz's next attempt at intimidation is another partial success, with his threat of imbuing the droid with something as terribly painful as "emotions" somehow instilling some sense of dread into the bot. "...Negative, negative, negative, negative..." In its momentary panic, it lets the information leak that rows two and four of the very first pattern submitted were entirely correct. Seems that was all the information that could be wrung out from intimidation. Other pressure could be applied to make the Droid inadvertently spill more, but with plenty of info and a multitude of guesses to go, successfully spoofing the ID card was now an even more valid option. How would the party proceed? Faeja looks at the circus through the plume of smoke from Dunola's pipe, just shaking her head. "Good grief."
  10. The attempt at such an elaborate attempt of intimidation fails to work as Igaz hopes, his menacing aura not meaning much to a shipyard bot, apparently. It seems that without tightening up the disguise somehow, just becoming Jek was not sufficient. Intimidation could be useful for getting out other info, though... "Negative... I was not designed to fear termination." MM Note: Don't worry about it, sometimes this editor can be a real pain to deal with. The party takes something of a step back, with the new pattern yielding only nine correct. Likewise, this pattern only yielded nine. The party had seven more attempts to riddle this out.
  11. Endgame

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Hmmm... I will think of ways to implement "abilities." Part of me is tempted to make Spirit a more generic stat (Stamina?) and have Spells rebranded into abilities, where some of them are, from a lore perspective, still spells - others are physical feats and abilities, such as a Rushdown ability that allows you to make an Athletics check to charge at an opponent, for example. That's my first thought, anyway. That'd be a major upheaval though, so it needs ample thought to be put into it. Also, we now have our first example of a "nested" proficiency check, with Igaz's, ah, "disguise."
  12. "Not a lot of us carry holo-projectors in these parts, least of all me. Though I hear a bunch of them are rigged up for whatever ceremony is going on in center city? As for what the ship looked like. Big... Gray... Lots of cannons. They rolled up with five ships. One of them was absolutely enormous." Faeja narrows her eyes. "That what you're here for? That event is well past its glory days. I don't peddle whatever they do. It's all... oddities, rarities, things that are less than legal, so the rumor goes. It used to be talk of the planet. I've never been near it. Rumor has it it's soon, though." The shipyard droid leans in, as if squinting at the gooey disguise Igaz (somehow willingly) chose to smear all over his face. His deception turns out to be mostly succesful, but failed to be good enough for full access. Different bits of code fire off in its simplistic mechanical brain, with Tester-Three still having a link to the droid's database. "You are... You are... You are... Jek?" In this moment of hesitation, the warbot detects that the very first guess had 2 rows entirely correct. For reference, that guess was: Black is b (B) White is w (W) Wbbb Bbww Bwbw Bwwb The droid leans back into its neutral position, not entirely fooled but revealing very helpful info in its moment of uncertainty. "...Unable to fully verify... Access not granted."
  13. Tester-Three works his cybernetic magic. His proficiency test is a success, and the party earns back a try - his next submission will not count. (That being said, it's hard to imagine that trick working on the droid a second time...) "Security protocols... updated?" The new pattern submitted has nine correct squares. Nine attempts remain. Would the party submit more guesses, or resort to more (perhaps Oozeling remnant based) deception?
  14. "The dreadnought is definitely real. We even know its name. It's the Epigraph. It showed up in atmosphere alongside some other pieces of Cydonia's fleet - we saw it enter out atmosphere, but we never saw it leave, unlike some of the others. Plus, apparently it might have even fired a few days ago? I don't know how true that is." "Hm, not that I know of. A few years back I saw listings for cloaking devices that obscured you on digital recordings, but not to the naked eye - even those still ran you a couple hundred credits. If the real deal is floating around on Gnorra, I've never seen it and I wouldn't know where to find it. Then again, if the real deal was right in front of my face I still probably wouldn't see it."
  15. Faeja looks on in horrified silence, her face going just a bit green. "Igaz, you... You just... Eurgh, some of that looks like it's still burning a little bit! G-guess you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, huh?"