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  1. Thanks, Duvors! I had an awesome time. I'll be sure to get my thoughts put together in the Mission Master's lounge.
  2. Lock me in for the scanner in that case, then!
  3. "That's fine by me, sir," Decker says, rooting around his person until he finds the notebook, passing it to the masked man. "He was a damn good notetaker, if some schmuck like me could pull off an exorcism with jus' what he wrote." Decker strokes his chin, perusing the selection of tools on display. "Hmmm... I don't s'ose you'd mind parting with that structural scanner? As long as you weren't eyeballin' that one, Ronin, of course."
  4. "Dead, wouldn't ya know it." Decker says, casting his eyes down. "We were too late for him. They captured him when he was hot on the trail and used his blood for the ritual. He's in the same secret room that the Helldiver an' the sewer plans are... We can show you to him if you'd like, I s'pose. I imagine he'd want to be buried and such..."
  5. "So his hair DID used to match his beard," Decker muses aloud. He had wanted to ask about it, but it felt kind of rude, considering the circumstances. "Ah, well, it's kind of a helluva story. I'd be curious to see if this lines up with what your society knows, Szizekh, maybe y'can fill in some blanks for us too. The long and short of it is, well, the sewer plans were missin' because they got nabbed. A group of cultists, led by some sort of... specter of a fella named Avery Mann, were conducting their business through the sewers. Avery had business with, or maybe enthralled, a local gangster and contraband dealer named Flatfoot Thompson. They smuggled a bunch of tech and occult whatsits into the sewer, enough to build some sort of horrible machine called a Helldiver." "Our guess is that Greg got bonked on the head during his work, got dragged off and hooked into the helldiver, where they did some sort of... awful ritual to channel some sorta demon into Greg. However, we recovered the belongings of an investigator, going by Machen, and were able to use his stuff to conduct an exorcism and get our boy Smiles here back in one piece, albeit with a new hair color." "As for us, we've uh... waded through a lot of sewage. A lot. And I think Ronin got punched in the face like, at least four times? It was... uh, unclear. Otherwise, though, the situation got resolved, without us having to fire a single bullet." Decker pats the gun on his back. Unless I see Avery Mann. Then that might change. "Oh! And there is actually a meat blob down there. Lots of eyes. Uh, you may wanna kill th' thing with fire." "Am I leaving anything out Ronin?"
  6. "Oh, he was tellin' the truth alright. It's real and it's big and, well, supposedly it's weak to fire, but we never tested that..." Decker realizes that he was probably blaming the blob for more than it really did, but, the alternative was that... well, there was a chance that it was whatever was possessing Greg, Decker realized. Then again, there was a lot of stabbing going on with those killings, and whatever they just banished seemed more apt to just cave people's heads in with a knuckle sandwich. Decker bit his lip and kept his theories to himself. On the chance that Greg did kill those people under the spirit's influence, he didn't need that guilt... "Nobody can remember much about Avery, so don't kick yourself. There may very well be some loose ends for us agents to tie up, but what do you say we get you back to Arno first? In case we go back into th' sewers I'm guessin' you aren't eager for another jaunt down there so soon."
  7. "Decker DaCabe. We're both agents from Heroica, sent to find you. You've uh, well, sounds like you've been through a lot. We're just relieved to find you in one piece, really relieved. We found the room that you were hooked up to a machine in... damn thing was called a Helldiver, in case you had any doubts about whether or not those people were sketchy. As for he hooded disciples... yes, we found them dead, as my friend Ronin just described. And that blob of meat in the sewers is now the size of a small elephant, so, uh, tell Arno to not send any more men back there, seeing as the meatblob could've very well been the culprit." "Do the names Avery Mann or Flatfoot mean anything to ya, friend? They were very much involved with you, well, becomin' a vessel for a horrible punchy demon."
  8. Sorry for not being able to hop on to clarify - I got slammed with work related stuff yesterday. Decker similarly had to shield his eyes as the candle grew as bright as the sun. He was honestly shocked the maneuver worked; he had never really had to throw an object of such weight and shape before and it was kind of a clumsy toss. Still, he could hear the bell chime, and it was perhaps the sweetest sound he ever heard. Beneath his visor, Decker was grinning. The light cleared, and he looks around, for any trace of the strange demon remaining. Only an indent in the rolling door and one very shaken up sewer worker. He runs over to the man's side, holding his hand up to Ronin for a high five as he passes his comrade, before kneeling down besides Smiles. "Hey, hey, you back with us?" Decker says, reaching into his bag and uncorking a plasma potion. He holds it up to the man. "It's yours if ya want it, bud. You've kinda been through the wringer is my guess. Can you stand?"
  9. "Ronin, my blessing means that I can't get close to this guy. Whatever whackadoo power he has, we all go teleportin' if we try to make him move his feet. But if he moves his arm... If he moves his arm, he moves his hand. Which means the bell rings. Which means this guy can't budge that arm for a little bit or he'll exorcise himself." Decker reached into a holster he kept on his hip and pulls out the unloaded pistol. His very first blunder when he joined Heroica, and not his last, but maybe it'd be good for something... "Hey, buddy! Catch!" Hoping to whatever god was out there that his theory was right, that the apparition literally couldn't dodge without destroying itself, Decker steps forward into C4 to close the distance and throws his unloaded pistol towards the hand clutching the Ghanta.
  10. Does the book need to be used specifically for the exorcism in order to count as part of the ritual? "Did you hear that, Ronin? I think we got the bell to ring, I think we nearly got him!" Decker levels his shotgun at the creature, but then thinks on it. "Nah, y'know what?" he says, lowering the barrel of it. "That's not what has ya scared. You WISH I'd use that on you, wouldn't you? You body stealing prick!" He wasn't all bravado, though. He turns to Ronin, concerned. "You've been taking the brunt of it... how many more shots do you think you can take before the blessin' expires?" Decker asks, not in tune enough to realize that the protective barrier had already expired.
  11. I can't get close to him now to rip the Ghanta away! And I already started the ritual. "In for a penny, in for a pound, eh, Ronin?! I hope what you're trying works!" I have to read from it. Right? I can't shoot him! The candle's lit! But maybe there's some way to assist... Decker reads from Machen's Notebook and directs his attention towards the apparition, hoping that the arcane chant would somehow further destabilize it and aid Ronin.
  12. Noted! And if I move into melee range of ???, because I'm protected by the candle, it would kick in at that point, right?
  13. Gah, knew it wouldn't be that easy! Why did Spatial Incoherence kick in when the candle was lit? ??? was not in the immediate range of it, so it wouldn't push him away or kick in the "moved against their will" clause, and it doesn't inflict Restrained, either. Human beings have some sort of instinctual response to feel repulsed by certain things. Things that carry disease, sickness. Dead things, rotting things. And whatever Decker saw, writhing beneath the veil of black shadows surrounding Gregory, sickened him to his core, more than anything else did. "Pretty pissed off, huh, aren'tcha?" Decker spits as he staggers to his feet on the shipping crate. "What's your deal, man? D'ya have one? Or are you just waiting for someone to let you outta here so you can go on a killing spree? Sounds like your kinda thingl."
  14. Understood on the Warded bit! "Ronin, get next to me!" Decker lights a Holy Candle. "Did he take a swing at you or not...? I coulda sworn he did, then, I coulda sworn he didn't..."
  15. @Yzalirk Decker nearly trips and falls as space shifts around him. But wait, this wasn't... How did... Decker shakes his head. Get your head in the game, guy, he scolds himself. "Whatever the hell this thing is, it looks like it has a mean left hook. I sure as hell don't wanna square up with this thing," Decker says, pumping his shotgun, before better judgment casts over him. He shouldn't need to fire a single shot to end this... "Let's banish this thing back, Ronin!" Decker hollers. "But I'm going to need your help. Get over to me!" That plan sounds pretty good! I think throwing might be risky, because I'm assuming that'd be a proficiency check and if we drop the Ghanta we may end up toast. I think this sequence should be good enough to pull off the exorcism? Turn 1: Ronin moves to D3 and hurls the sleeping capsule at ???. That'll debuff him in some way. Decker moves to D4 and passes Ronin the Ghanta. ??? will get a hit or two off, depending on what the sleep capsule does to him, but he'd have to roll perfect and we'd have to roll like complete crap for him to KO one of us. It's pretty low risk. Turn 2: Ronin equips the Ghanta while Decker lights a Holy Candle. Since Decker and Ronin are occupying a bottle neck, when the holy candle is lit, we'll have 3 rounds where ?? can't even get close enough to us to land a punch. But we'll only need 1, because... Turn 3: From the safety of their positions, Decker reads the notebook and Ronin chimes the ghanta. That ought to complete the exorcism and banish ???. What does Warded mean, out of curiosity?