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  1. Tube Map Central

    [MOC] Botanical Gardens Station

    Thanks for kind words all round, life seems strangely empty now that this is finished and the Bricklink deliveries have come to an end. This is very much a station where I would like the trains to be late, I could sit in it for hours. I had a look around to find the most appropriate trains to call at this station, and I think these ones fit the bill nicely ...
  2. Tube Map Central

    [MOC] Botanical Gardens Station

    Oh, I hate arcane technical problems. All photos here
  3. Tube Map Central

    [MOC] Botanical Gardens Station

    Thanks! Have now edited post as suggested, so that the images are inline, much better
  4. Tube Map Central

    [MOC] Botanical Gardens Station

    Had to share this. I've long enjoyed Art Nouveau architecture, and implementing it well in Lego has stretched many minds. Lego's plant pieces give the easiest route and I decided to exploit this.Botanical Gardens station is a then-innovative steel-framed building designed to be airy and spacious and let in as much light as possible. It features a glass first floor and roof, and plenty of electric lights. There are ticket windows, a small buffet and upstairs is a restaurant (the Rose Garden) and railway office.The interior is inspired by the adjacent botanical gardens, with the steelwork inside exposed but lavishly decorated.The inspiration is the Brussels Comic Strip Museum, designed by Victor Horta, and a small but lavish church in the Essex, UK suburb of Brentwood.Enjoy. [Apologies for zero photography skills]
  5. Tube Map Central

    Attaching a small pin to a hollow stud

    Those are nice suggestions, those pin-holes sneak into all sorts of places. I wanted to attach to the three-leaf plate, Plate, Round 1 x 1 with 3 Leaves&category=[Plant]#T=C but unfortunately I couldn't see a compact method, so the solution was to change to a different flower. Lego produces some lovely flowers, and also some rather clunky ones, the nicer the flower, the rarer it seems to be.
  6. Tube Map Central

    Old fashioned flicker flame light bulb

    Thanks for the suggestion, I was wondering about that, or the clear version, but would that be possible to fix down?
  7. I'm wondering if there might be a way to enclose the candle flame part somehow so that it looks like an old fashioned flicker flame light bulb. I can trim down the part with a Stanley knife and put it in a clear minifigure head, but that is not quite in the spirit of Lego. Solution must be no wider than a minifigure head.
  8. Hello, first post ... I want to attach parts with a small pin - such as the Friends flower hair accessories - to a hollow stud. One obvious way to do this is to use an ink well piece, but that takes up a lot of space, is there a legal way that won't make the flower stick out so much?