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  1. Zusammengebaut

    21306: The Beatles Yellow Submarine (LEGO Ideas)

    This is my review. I am a Beatles Fan and an AFOL - so it is Christmas. Also, you can find many images over at Zusammengebaut. Have a great sunday!
  2. Zusammengebaut

    LEGO Toys"R"Us Bricktober Minifigure Collections 2016

    I have to say, I like the first four minifigs!
  3. Zusammengebaut

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    What a great build! This is my review with sunny images of the LEGO Disney Castle.
  4. Zusammengebaut

    Creator Expert 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    Hello, these are my videos of the VW Käfer. Comparison with Volkswagen T1 Campingbus (10220) & Mini Copper (10242) - in German And the german review video:
  5. Zusammengebaut

    [VIDEO] Big Ben Review (10253)

    Two more Big Ben videos! LEGO Creator Big Ben (10253) and Tower Bridge (10214) on display! LEGO Creator 10253 and Architecture 21013 Big Ben: Comparison!
  6. Zusammengebaut

    [VIDEO] Big Ben Review (10253)

    Hello, this is my rievew of the new LEGO Creator Expert Big Ben (10253) - with sunny images. Such an awesome build with so many details! Have a nice day Andres
  7. Zusammengebaut

    [PRESS RELEASE] Announcing 10253 Big Ben

    Hello, this is my unboxing video of the new LEGO Creator Expert Big Ben (10253). And a good thing: The amazing Tower Bridge will be around for awhile, too. There is an image of 10214 in the Big Ben building instruction. Next step: Review. Best wishes Andres
  8. Jim is a real technic expert, as I said before: Very nice AFOL review. This is my "sunny family" review, I like this build. And it is good looking - and big! Everybody is really impressed.
  9. Same with mine, Jim. ""Invalid code, please try again. The code should have 8 digits (xxxxxxxx). Please note that your code can only be used twice." But I guess, this isn't a big deal. No power functions support for free.
  10. Box 3, assemble the body - I like, how different the building steps are (at least 1, 2 and 3 + 4)!
  11. Very nice review, Jim. And fine images! Drivetrain and finally the marriage - that is the fun part of it!
  12. Unboxing and buiding instruction (quik look)
  13. Zusammengebaut

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    This is my review of 'Fun in the Park' - what an amazing set! So many great colours and minifigs. And the baby, the wheelchair...
  14. Zusammengebaut

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    City Volcano Heavy-Lift (60125): Limited - box-video. Seen in the Legoland Billund Shop today. 150 Euro
  15. Zusammengebaut

    2016 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I was surprised, to find the new Friends Heartlake Performance School in the Legoland Billund Shop today. Set 41134 - reminds me of the Heartlake Hotel of last year.