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  1. TeriXeri

    Ideas for new City sets

    Exception would be 60265: Ocean Exploration Base which is still sold until the end of this year at LEGO.com.
  2. TeriXeri

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    I hope it's something like the old Town Hotrod garage, doesn't need to be a big car to be good, to me, a nice building (at least 2 side walls and some(sliding) garage door , and a good selection of tools is more important then a big vehicle. Could either be some 4-wide "hotrod" type of car seen from 60276: Police Prisoner Transport , or maybe one of those "muscle car" style cars from 60305: Car Transporter or 60319: Fire Rescue & Police Chase Especially the car in 60319: Fire Rescue & Police Chase is one of my favorite City cars :
  3. TeriXeri

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    There is a "Pirate" themed Stuntz set with an airplane Bike, so anything can happen at this point. Ok, sure the figure has a pilot hat and leather jacket, I don't know the full background from LEGO City adventures. 60342: The Shark Attack Stunt Challenge Then again, the combination of Pilot / Tropical Island has been done before in a 3-in-1 set (31064: Island Adventures 2017). Some stuntz figs might probably show up in other 2023 set, as they did in 2022 Hospital and others.
  4. I don't think that's a reason why there could not be a space set, Space is a very wide subject doesn't have to be a Spaceship similar to 10497. 3-in-1 Pirate Ship released after Barracuda Bay. (same year) 3-in-1 Viking Ship released after Marvel Goat Boat (same year) 3-in-1 Castle co-exists with Icons Castle and Blacksmith. I'm interested to see what this new €10 2023 Space Shuttle will be, 144 pieces you would think microscale but LEGO has done small sets like 31111: Cyber Drone as well. Even while 31117: Space Shuttle Adventure is retiring, there's still a chance it can be some other ship design, at the very least in the alternate build. As for other sets : White Rabbit - 2023 is Year of the Rabbit for Chinese New Year, so the January release makes sense for that like the 2022 Tiger, LEGO recently had a few spring bunny sets in 2021/2022 but more variants will be nice to see, especially 3-in-1. Motorcycle 31114: Superbike is retiring, so a new "oldtimer" variant sounds nice, Technic recently had a small chopper set as well 42132: Chopper Then a whole bunch of animals Exotic Parrot and the Dogs set sound like brick built animals, LEGO did recently have 30578: German Shepherd / 30581: Tropical Parrot as polybags. Unicorn compliments the Owl/Fantasy Creature set. Summer sets usually have more focus on Minifig sets, and so far the Pirate, Castle, Viking sets were the summer sets so a Space-themed set then could still happen, June 2023 would be almost a year since the 10497 released also.
  5. Very good news that there's a House again. Hopefully it follows the style of previous House builds with slope brick roofs.
  6. TeriXeri

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    There's a famous tram in Switzerland. Riffelalp is a hamlet in the municipality of Zermatt in the canton of Valais. It is located at a height of 2,222 metres (7,290 ft) above sea level, just above the tree line, approximately halfway between the town of Zermatt and the Gornergrat mountain. Once the site of the prestigious Riffelalp Grand Hotel, today Riffelalp mainly consists of a large hotel complex, the Riffelalp Resort 2222m, and a chapel.
  7. TeriXeri

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    Netherlands / Belgium, LEGO Masters Season 3, 2022.
  8. TeriXeri

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    I do hope the White Horse is returning, and City seems a logical place based on multiple factors, like Horse Trailer & others.
  9. TeriXeri

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    I remember the reviews of the 2022 police station calling out the parking booth at the back being useless and leading to nowhere, now hopefully with the police academy, I wonder if it'll at least have some road plate in front to attach to the back of the Police station. And then there's a Mobile Dog Training smaller set, which would also make sense with the small dog training ground in front of the 2022 police station theme, maybe it's a vehicle with some obstacles and a dog cage included , which then can be deployed and played with. And the Police Station Breakout set, hopefully is focused around a cell block expansion to the side of the station. It's not the first time, multiple City sets are meant to fit together (optionally). Most recently would be the structures in 2021 60281: Fire Rescue Helicopter and 60282: Fire Command Unit resembling some type of LEGO-fied nuclear reactor with some strange glowing green material.
  10. TeriXeri

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    Brown horses were available for order last week, but now sold out (Europe)
  11. Blue wizard hats were in production for a 2018 80th year anniversary set (10404: Ocean's Bottom) but yes, that's still a set that has been retired 3+ years since. Not sure why the blue hat isn't listed on Brickset inventory on 10404.
  12. Can also combine the Black Monarch Ghost theory on to the Evil Knight, as if he went crazy, turned into a ghost, then possessed the knight that became Evil Knight. Nothing official but fun to make up stories, altho the 1988 Black Monarch Castle and 1990, Black Monarch's Ghost and King's Mountain Fortress have some "official" localized names in the US catalog I posted on previous post : https://images.brickset.com/library/view/?f=catalogues/c90usm2 , which mentions the Black Monarch's Ghost is the same "person" in the 2 1990 sets.
  13. Maybe they mean the Black Monarch, who might've turned into a Ghost ? At least in the US version of the set names and catalog : https://images.brickset.com/library/view/?f=catalogues/c90usm2 6085: Black Monarch's Castle released 1988, in 1990 there's 6034: Black Monarch's Ghost The catalog also says the same "Black Monarch's Ghost" is the ghost in the 6081: King's Mountain Fortress as well.
  14. TeriXeri

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    The more I think about the rescue headquarters, maybe it's something like 6479: Emergency Response Center from Res-Q , but then in the Yellow-Red color scheme from the 2018 Snow Helicopter, 2019 Ski medical vehicles, or 2021 Beach rescue set, and even the 2022 60328: Beach Lifeguard Station had red and orange-yellow colors to stand out compared to the Fire neon yellow colors.
  15. I don't think there's an official list and I also don't think there needs to be an end-all canon as it gets so complicated with regional differences in catalogs/descriptions/set names, Forestmen being named Robin Hood for example , or Lion Knights named Crusaders/Lionheart knights referencing to Richard Lionheart / Lion symbol of England. Also there are similarities , or even overlap between a couple factions: Black Knights / 1993 Dragon Knights using similar headdress , oval shield emblems or flag symbols , same with the yellow lion head emblem of 1995 vs 2000 Knights with a different background color, even some Black Falcons have overlap with the earlier Black Monarch figure designs , even in the 2012 Joust, the "Black Knight" had falcon shields. Especially since the old classic sets had multiple sets with boats, it adds to the imagination that maybe there was new land found across a sea and then a kingdom split off (especially Black Falcon into Black Monarch, or Black Knights finding a strange land with Dragons while keeping a similar shield emblem/helm style) And then even within factions, you could sub-divide knights by shield emblem or torsos, for example some Lion knights having Axes on their torsos, or something simpler as yellow or blue background lion shields could be split into divisions or regions (think something like West / East part of a Kingdom) or ranks.