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  1. TeriXeri

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    Paper remains the best way for owned sets imo. While there might not have been digital instructions in the 70s and 80s like now, finding old intact instructions to build old sets feels so satisifying. And the LEGO community even have gotten old instructions back online via people who scanned those old paper instructions and then hosted them. So I can imagine building a 2020 set in let's say the year 2070 will feel great as well still. Of course a digital version is still good in the sense of not having to print 500 pages, in case of manual being lost, or never having owned the set/paper manual.
  2. TeriXeri

    LEGO Creator 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    There's certainly some overlap of themes in the City magazines as well . Here are some examples of older retired sets shown in the 2019 comics, City Green Ship - Harbour (2011) Deep Sea Scuba Scooter (2015) Creator 3-in-1 Alternate Build of Lakeside Lodge (2016) Friends (no minidolls shown) Heartlake City Pool (2013) Heartlake Pizzeria (2017)
  3. TeriXeri

    LEGO Creator 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Hopefully some more info about the 3-in-1 sets soon (november/december?)
  4. TeriXeri

    LEGO Creator 2019 - Rumors, Discussion, and Speculation

    31098 Outback Cabin is kinda slow with dropping it's price compared to other 3-in-1's, with it's base price/part&volume rather high, this is definately not a €30/€35 set.
  5. TeriXeri

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    The F40 and white 911 sets aren't bad single car sets and I got both of those as my first SC sets this year, and can fit into a City setting, as somewhat "retro" street supercars.
  6. TeriXeri

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    It's more about the ratio of vehicles to buildings in sets. In comparison the 2016 vs the 2019 Fire Station, I greatly prefer the 2019 version, and added the seperately sold dockside dock and boat to it, as well as the Fire-Chief truck to have a larger ladder-wagon. I admit that Donut Shop set has some awesome vehicles, but the buildings are rather tiny in comparison to the total volume of the set. Similar for the Downtown Fire set, has some decent construction-site side builds but I'm not really interested in the huge firetruck when I have 2 fire cars already. Then compare recent 3-in-1 buildings have no to at most some tiny 4-wide vehicles that only take maybe 5-10% of parts.
  7. TeriXeri

    Is LEGO getting to inaffordable for kids?

    Certainly, also for Star Wars, biggest example being (2018) 75203: Hoth Medical Chamber 255 parts €50 in NL. Back to the Frozen II examples, it's not just currency dependant but also country. (Germany generally being lower) 41166: Elsa and the Reindeer Carriage - 116 parts €35 in NL 41164: Enchanted Tree House - 302 parts €60 in NL 41167: Arendelle Castle - 521 parts €90 in NL (€100 in Finland) But it's not just Disney, Harry Potter has had it's (regional) price hikes as well : 75951: Grindelwald's Escape (2017) 132 parts €30 in NL ($20 in US) Meanwhile opposite regional price differences exist where City is more expensive in the US. This is not meant as a complaint, as I personally don't collect those sets/themes, more as observation.
  8. TeriXeri

    Is LEGO getting to inaffordable for kids?

    Some themes are definately getting horrible price/volume ratios, especially those recent Frozen II sets.
  9. TeriXeri

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    I can fully understand wanting just extra rolling stock, or seperate rail packages instead of full train sets with yet another electronic component. That's how I feel about some of the buildings in the City sets. And again, I can fully understand the reason for LEGO selling large complete train or city playsets, as especially those are great to start out collections / playability context and shelf space on retailers. But that doesn't take away there are people that desire seperate traincars or buildings, but likely such a minority of customers that it's not viable to be created right now. That's why 3-in-1 is my go-to theme for most buildings, unless it's an exception set like the 2018 hospital or 2019 fire station.
  10. TeriXeri

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    I completely agree on that for most sets with multiple mixed vehicles+buildings, especially the capital city / donut shop / ski resort / downtown fire / sky police airbase, type sets of recent. Some of those sets contain a fair amount of "unwanted" content for me, which in the end I tend to not get such sets. Of course it's LEGO and the parts can be used for other builds but you'll still end up paying more then if they were a bit more seperated into smaller sets, but I can also understand reasoning of not having 100 new city sets in a given release season, due to packaging/distribution/shelf space.
  11. TeriXeri

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Depends how they do the fenders and wheels. The taxi in the Donut set using the older wheels looks a bit silly, meanwhile the Kayak Adventure car or the car in the Sky Police Airbase look a lot better. Meanwhile, the 2019 Police Car is using a different style and is only slightly smaller then a Speed Champion car, still looks great.
  12. TeriXeri

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    8 wide for regular "cars" is indeed very wide. I can understand somewhat for some larger 4-person passenger cars to seat 4 figures, but it wouldn't make sense for sports cars (like the upcoming Lamborghini or Ferrari sets). Of course the new chassis piece still allows to have 6 wide cars + tiles at the sides, so not all is lost.
  13. TeriXeri

    Future Castle Sets?

    Licensed to me have no "classic" theme factor, different skin color figures might seem insignificant on paper, but for some fans (including me) it can play a role on deciding if a theme is appealing or not. In house unlicensed might be more generic, but it also has room to be more original, not based on source material, and possible nostalgia factor bringing older fans back into LEGO. While pop culture licenses might as well bring people into LEGO of course, Star Wars and Harry Potter have shown long-lasting licenses, we also see many licenses with very short lifespans.
  14. TeriXeri

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    There's no industry standard for scale in LEGO sets, it changes all the time ,and varies heavily per theme and even sets within the same theme. Official sets (intended for minifigs, most with minifigs included) just are defined by parts use, parts count, and target theme/age ranges. We get anywhere from 4-8+ wide vehicles intended for minifigs each year, and the larger vehicles aren't all trucks/vans. 2020 Speed Champions having an 8-stud wide car model set (based on a real-life car) on a new chassis part, but nowhere near "realistic" scale to a minifig, it's purely that wide for the purpose to seat 4 minifigures. I'm talking sets here. I'm not speaking about predefined parts like doorframes, horses and bicyles, because those are pretty much defined by the mould and cannot be modified.
  15. TeriXeri

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    While fitting 4 figures in that Jaguar car is pretty nice, I hope the lamborghini set cars aren't 8 wide, and keep the similar scale to the F40 and 911.