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  1. TeriXeri

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Great post . Interesting that some torsos are different due to lack of back printing. I was just in a LEGO store today for the first time ever so didn't pay that much attention to each torso, but did see some of those. There also were a lot of blue skis everywhere so seeing accessories was kinda hard. I didn't make figures myself yet but will return.
  2. TeriXeri

    Any old Lego store display photos?

    Those top pictures certainly capture a different era, before Licensed and oversized boxes. Many different vehicles being sold as single small boxes , many Town Buildings on shelves. Basic being just that, really basic about mostly a few colors, but very useful to expand on other themes. Castle and Space using different backgrounds makes them immediately noticable as well, the yellow sky for Castle and the black Space. I do see those sets which were new in 1986 : 1987 introduced Futuron and Blacktron and Forestmen , based on not seeing those it most likely is 1986.
  3. TeriXeri

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Even within Europe there are different publishers for the UK, German and Dutch, and I think there's a Polish version as well In NL we get just 1 miniset per magazine, but I remember getting cards for something once via a non-Ninjago magazine, maybe that was just a 1-time promo. But I've seen pictures of other European version of magazines that come with 2 minisets (maybe they get less frequent magazines?) Also packaging varies between country, seen in the Legacy version of the Magazine : Polybag style : Blister pack Style :
  4. TeriXeri

    BAM Pieces

    The red/white pirate torso. They also had the striped torso from the Fun Fair but that has thinner stripes and white arms.
  5. Even if this happens, I'm not gonna be mad , rumors are just that, and some gaming rumours lasted years if not decades by now for some franchises and never happened . Gaming also taught me not to be hyped until actual critical reviews AFTER the product comes out, and also not to be hyped about quotes like "game launch was bad but we'll fix it"
  6. Well, they mention Creator so hopefully some news about more 3-in-1 Buildings. Of course LEAF has more anticipation for me, especially if it involves potential Castle/Pirates.
  7. TeriXeri

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Did see some sets like the Mail Plane, Police Box, Safari Jeep in the LEGO Amsterdam store, but so far they aren't sold in other retailers it seems (other 2020 City sets are already available at ~15-20% off online) Police Box is nice but still think €45 is too much when other sets could potentially reach 35-40% off, sometimes even a bit more for Police Station.
  8. TeriXeri

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Was in the Amsterdam Store today. No cats or dogs , lots of rats, some bats and lobsters, and lots and lots of blue skis filling that accesoires section. I also saw some of those knights Crusader shields but those were part of the more expensive custom minifig station, I don't know the policy on that , but it's pretty much right next to the BAM towers. But I will come back more often in the future, having a store fairly close (45 minute) isn't bad at all compared to how it used to be before when the nearest store was Belgium or Germany.
  9. TeriXeri

    BAM Pieces

    Also saw that red/white striped torso in the Amsterdam BAM today.
  10. TeriXeri

    Ideas for new City sets

    True. So thinking of the 1990 Safari Off-Roader release in 2020 been looking at some early 90s sets : The big stand-out would be a restaurant, but Friends released this one very recently in Summer 2019 : That said the 1990 airplane does look timeless next to the mailplane. 1990 also was the year of those Racers : Now trying to find sets that we Don't have now , going beyond just 1990 certainly would be sets like this : Harbors (both 1991) , also 9 years since the last one in 2011 , as said before, potential good use for the magnet piece. Marina (we have a Diving yacht and a 2020 race boat but no marina to go with it) , also 9 years since the last one in 2011 , 2011 also had a Race Boat on a truck. Surf Shack (1993) , many surfboards in sets recently, but only 1 surfer with sail in the 2017 People Pack, the logo is still used on 2017 figure in that color, and 2019 figure in a more "Miami Vice" pink variant.
  11. TeriXeri

    Ideas for new City sets

    At this point I'm more likely to get like multiples of 3-in-1 sets like Toy Store on sale, and then make a street with that template, depending on summer 2020 sets. Even LEGO seems to encourage that with their technic-pin holes between each build. Even the alternate builds have those double pin-holes in the same slot, and both 2019/2020 3-in-1 sets are 12-deep even with all the alternate builds. At least it's an alternative to the Expert Modulars in the way the connect and form a street (if you don't mind open-backs), and with some modification also could connect to sets like Corner Deli.
  12. TeriXeri

    Custom Lego city NO MODULARS: Soltown

    Love this scale , not that I dislike the modular sets, they are just too big for my shelves so I have mostly 3-in-1 buildings. Nice custom builds as well for sure.
  13. TeriXeri

    Ballabreek 2020

    I don't have a wide layout myself, mostly just shelves, so this looks good. But I just built the New Years sets as well and I love them, especially the temple "buildings" look great, fit right in with 3-in-1 scale buildings to look pretty impressive next to it, the Temple building being 32 wide.
  14. Nice Review, this was my first Speed Champion set (for use in City/3-in-1 scale), along with the white 911, main thing that attracted me was them being sold as single cars and using actual headlight pieces instead of stickers. I mainly wanted 2 sports car that could be seen at the road as well. As for 8-wides, I think they are a bit too large next to City / 3-in-1 scale, but they do look better shaped, but that comes also at an increased cost.
  15. TeriXeri

    LEGO Creator 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Predictions for 3-in-1 : - Likely some return of a Beach House (last one from 2017 retired) - Hopefully a Family House (all standalone House sets from 2017-2018 retired) We got a Cabin in 2019, and the 2018 Tree House isn't Retired yet. Maybe some Holiday related set (think of 2016 Vacation Getaways, which could be turned into a House and Boat as well, and the 2018 Cruising Adventures Yacht/House/Helipad)