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  1. My thoughts exactly. Same for the green 911 they made for 2018 in my view. If I wanted a single car, with minimal stickers I'd certainly prefer something like the F40.
  2. TeriXeri

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Playable Piano reached 10000 now as well, while original, it's 2800 pieces, then again, it took less then 2 months to get up to 10000 (added October 19 2018). Queen Victoria Cruise Ship seems more reasonable at 2061 parts and more likely as a set. Food Stand Diners still remains my favorite out of all 5 Achieved sets so far.
  3. TeriXeri

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    The Xtra theme was a small step forward in that regard, however it's still nowhere near the scale from the parts packs the old "Service" Catalogs showed. My country has no Pick a Brick stores either, so no massing single parts as of now.
  4. Batman just got a Mech set in 2019 set 76117. However this was revealed as far back as June 2018 so might have gone under the radar lately. 76117 – Batman™ Mech vs. Poison Ivy™ Mech https://batman-news.com/2018/06/26/exclusive-lego-batman-mech-vs-poison-ivy-mech/
  5. TeriXeri

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Interesting data for sure. I mostly based my years data on Brickset's City subtheme division, and didn't think of the groups of subthemes and that's for sure a nice analysis.
  6. TeriXeri

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Yeah ok, I imagine, sold out is still better then completely hidden. I figure, eventually 2018 parts will show up on the official menu to replace the 2013/2014 system.
  7. TeriXeri

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    As far as Shop@home goes, I just see the older Power Functions parts there. (example is the Power functions motor set 88002, which is as old as 2013) The only 2018 directly sold part is a LED light kit. You mean bricks and pieces? (Closed atm) I see the 2018 powered up motor on Bricks and pieces as sold out (MOTOR, NO. 4 , element 6214559, design 28740)
  8. TeriXeri

    I can't Pick a Brick!

    I really hope they'll add a LEGO store to my country at some point, mainly for the pick-a-brick walls and events. Traveling to Belgium, Germany or UK is just too much, even while I do realize distances in the US are much bigger and Asia(beside Shanghai)/Africa/South America/Oceania have no stores either. Never figured out why there hasn't been one added to one of the bigger cities here.
  9. TeriXeri

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    So I've been thinking about Sub-themes for Summer 2019. - Airport was 2010, 2013 , 2016, that makes 2019 very viable. - Spaceport was 2011, 2015, a 4 year cycle could make 2019 viable. (and LEGO movie 2 being space oriented as well) Fire was on a clear 3 year cycle since 2007,2010,2013,2016 and now 2019. Trains have been on a 4 year cycle since 2006,2010,2014,2018. Regular City Police seems to be on a 3 year cycle (2008,2011,2014,2017), so the sets staying around for now. Farm would be 10 years since the last theme but we got the harvester transport already. I don't expect a big Construction wave either since there's a crane/unfinished building in the Downtown Fire Brigage set, and a smaller Construction Loader set. Harbour hasn't had sets for a long time as well, I see the new Fire Station has a small dock you could attach the Dock Side fire set to with technic pins, but that's no indication.
  10. TeriXeri

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    I figure City sets (where the Trains currently sold are in), are just being sold as a whole for ease. Even big playsets like Capital City kinda fall into that all-in-one style. But I do think they did move too far away from small sets on some aspects of City. (no starter packs for winter 2019 is strange) While themes like Xtra remedy some of it, that theme is still really new and limited right now. It's been literally forever since they sold any small Train sets , pretty much the My Own train series was still during the 9V era, and limited retail. I suppose the biggest plus at least is that the Train motors and rails remained compatible (brick wise) from the 9V times. They just don't sell the Powered up parts seperate yet. Not sure if the lack of a proper 2018 station is affected by the 2016/2017 Winter Train/Station. Or even Harry Potter. I have no experience with Power functions or Powered up, but at least they did make a new Train this year after 4 years, and still seem to follow the cycle of City-Trains in 2006-2010-2014-2018. As for Creator Expert trains, looking back (from a 2001-2015 Dark Age perspective) the Horizon Express looked pretty cool, but even if it was still sold now, still would need 2 of them to look good imo, and the Emerald Night/Maersk trains could certainly have used some extra seperate train cars.
  11. TeriXeri

    Lego vs Zuru

    I don't directly mind "fake" lookalike brands (I don't buy it), but I do hate low quality of some of the stuff even if it's their own designs. LEGO shouldn't be mentioned on any of the packaging/instructions however.
  12. I can see where he's coming from, as I like many parts of sets too, but would have prefered it, if some sets were split into smaller sets instead. I'm not talking about price per piece. Example for me: - Speed champion sets that come with 1 good and 1 bad vehicle in my opinion. (like the green porsche looks good, or the 67 Mini Cooper, but the sets come with much more then that) - Or even the Sky Police Headquarters, the fairly small building could have been a seperate set, but there's a huge airplane included. - Sky Police Diamond Heist has a great armored truck, but I care much less about the criminal helicopter thing. - Huge sets like 60200 Capital City (€140) have a lot of different buildings/vehicles that could have been sold seperately, even if the price per part isn't the worst, it's mostly a Shop@Home exclusive however, so no big discounts expected. Even Jangbricks talks about it as seperate sets in his review. As a difficult to sell set as not everyone wants everything from it. As for Emmet's House, I think that set is fair for €65 (my country shop@home), likely for less on discounts shortly after. Going back to more TLM2 set discussion, that D2C probably is €230-€250 or so with the piece/minifig count. (Ninjago Docks is €250 locally)
  13. TeriXeri

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I only signed up to Ideas a few days before that change. I think it's fine that the questionnare is removed as it could be confusing for people new to LEGO (pricing/age groups etc), and more of an annoyance as well.
  14. TeriXeri

    Modern Retro LEGO

    The 60th anniversary sets came with standard minifigure heads, and unprinted torso's. But since those sets also include newer colors of torso/legs and many more modern accesoires and hairpieces it sort of is modern-retro. https://brickset.com/sets/theme-Classic/subtheme-Building-Bigger-Thinking - I mean this line of sets. I think the upcoming Pink Spaceman is modern retro too.
  15. TeriXeri

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    There only has been a handful of City sets with food shops in it and 2017 Pizza Van has been the only one that wasn't part of a larger set: City Corner 2009 - Pizzeria ~€55 at the time Town Square 2013 - Pizzeria €100 City Square 2015 - Hot Dog Cart/ Coffee Stand €170 Capital City 2018 - Hot Dog Stand €130 Burger Bar + Firetruck. (2019) There's been a few more polybags or sets with hot-dog stands. (2016 Fun in the Park / 2016 Fire Station / 2018 hot dog stand polybag promo) At least there seems to be a trend toward more food sets in recent years, including Creator's 2016 Corner Deli, and 2018 Sweets shop. I consider Friends set as a different category entirely. I guess we won't even know if this set makes it through the reviews until like mid 2019, so even so, we won't see this set until at least 2020.