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  1. Both of these ideas sound pretty intriguing, even though I somehow never really got into Power Miners back then. I agree on this. Personally, I'm fine with LEGO keeping their own themes brighter than the licensed ones anyway.
  2. Nexo Knights caught my interest for it's healthy dose of interesting constraction monsters, mechs and the blend of space and medieval themes, giving many characters a Space Marine vibe which I really like. As a MOCist, I liked the sets I got for the unique and interesting parts that got produced for the series, but aside from that, I'm okay with the series ending.
  3. Nexo Knight Exosuit MOC

    Oh, I need to check if I happen to have those pieces as well. I think I could apply it to some of my Transformers MOCs. And I must once again say that I love the bulky feel of this Exosuit. Really makes me want to mod the ones I got in a similiar fashion.
  4. It's great to see more MOCists who try to make LEGO Transformers... which reminds me that I need to start working on my MOCs again so I can upload them here. Have you tried to recreate this design with actual bricks? I'd be curious to find out how stable it is.
  5. Are the mistika really that bad?

    I missed out on half of the Mistika sets (I got Onua and two of the Makuta, the green and yellow one IIRC), but my only real gripe with the Mistika were their canisters, which are frustratingly hard to open. They were interesting in terms of design, though I do remember that I missed the fire motif on Tahu a bit.
  6. Constraction custom parts

    Oh, that's some awesome custom there. I wish TLG would revisit G1 Bonkles again just to add all those neat little details, so we could get all six Toa with this kind of stuff as official sets.
  7. Nexo Knight Exosuit MOC

    Really cool MOC! I particulary love the new ankle joints. Would you care to provide some pics on how they are built?
  8. Future Constraction Lines

    Yes, yes and also yes. I'll admit I mostly want these because they would also expand my options for building Transformers MOCs who are in-scale with actual TF figures, but yeah, others will certainly find also uses for these. I also hope that TLG will make something like this as soon as possible, as I'm somewhat of a purist when it comes to MOCing. Those Shapeways parts are tempting though.
  9. Future Constraction Lines

    I think I already stated that in this thread at some point, but I'd be happy if we would actually get parts that would allow for an easier incorporation of Mixel joints into TECHNIC/Constraction Builds. We have already ball joints that work well with that, but no real sockets. Having another size of joints available without the need to incorporate brick-built structures would certainly open up a plethora of interesting options, both for new sets and MOCing.
  10. Future Constraction Lines

    Considering that we'll get more SW Constraction sets, it's arguably not too surprising that we won't get any new original Constraction line alongside it. Regardless, it would be still a shame if that's really going to be the case.
  11. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    As long as we get those hands from the Mr. Freezer Mech in more colors, I don't care if Nexo Knights continues or gets replaced. But yeah, I'd hold my breath for now, I think it's still too early to be absolutely certain about this.
  12. I'd prefer a regular Battle Droid over the Super variant, but I'm nonetheless happy that we get another droid build in the theme. Also, I wonder what kind of blue the set will use - I can never have enough blue parts.
  13. Damn, and I thought I'd be able to resist updating Vader, but that picture alone makes me want him even more.
  14. Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    I got only a few Ben 10 sets relatively late on sale (2 IIRC, Big Chill and Spidermonkey), and while I like the claw piece they came with, I hadn't really gotten around to utilize the other parts of the theme. I remember that I was initially turned off by them due to the limb pieces being one solid piece, as it clashed with the visuals of the then-current Bionicle sets. To be honest, I often actually forget that I own them in the first place, even though I'm pretty sure I could get some pretty nifty MOCs out of them if I mix them with CCBS.
  15. Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    I seem to recall white powdery marks from some of my late Bionicle sets (Glatorian), but no issues with the recent joints.