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  1. Future Constraction Lines

    That's a good point. Star Wars Constraction has to compete with a lot of other Star Wars-related merchandising, not only LEGO products, but action figures as well. As a fan of both Star Wars and constraction, I had no qualms getting 2 versions of Vader, Boba Fett and a Stormie right away (plus two more sets on sale). But as someone who isn't as big on constraction as I am, action figures or minifigis of these characters would suffice as well.
  2. Little Set Tweaks

    Same here, though I ususally keep this change to my MOCs. I seldom keep actual sets to mod them.
  3. Future Constraction Lines

    Whoops, you're right there of course. The fact that I have Boba Fett (still in his box though) makes this extra-awkward.
  4. [Galidor Category B] Jens

    I see. I did figure out you were using Mixel Joint sockets, but I was curious wether you found a way to attach a ball joint that still allows for more poseability or alternatively sacrificed some poseability for the sake of stability.
  5. [Galidor Category B] Jens

    Looks very cool! How did you built the knee joints though? I can't really figure out how they work, assuming that the knee can bend at a 90° angle...
  6. Jayko, Eagle of Talonjay

    Ah, Knight's Kingdom... too bad that I passed on most of its sets. Anyway, this rendition of Jayko is pretty amazing. My only nitpick would be the feet, as I feel they wouldn't fit a human foot. Then again, they play nicely into the eagle motive, for which I also appreciate this detail. ;)
  7. Future Constraction Lines

    That makes sense, of course, considering that only the first wave had a real focus on legacy characters IIRC - the only exceptions to this were the Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper on Speederbike and the new Darth Vader. Everybody else released tied with the new movies if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Future Constraction Lines

    Judging by how Obi-Wan looked, I think the Clone Wars style would lend itself to decent-looking constraction sets, which made me wonder why not more sets used its design.
  9. Thanks for the video reviews. I think the Range Trooper will be a good parts pack for me, depending on the price (maybe I'll wait until I can get it in a sale).
  10. Future Constraction Lines

    I'd prefer something akin to Zoids, Gundams, Transformers and the like - a robotic, but not skeletal look.
  11. Great review approach here to compare both sets altogether. While the new one looks pretty impressive (I like how its hips and feet look more massive), I'm fine with the old Hulkbuster I already got. I might modify it though to match its successor a bit.
  12. Nice MOC! The Chocobo in particular looks pretty good, and I also like the Buster Sword. However, Cloud's head leaves something to be desired - the single cyclops eye looks a bit off, and I think his hair spikes could be a bit larger. But other than that, this MOC is on par with your rendition of Barret.
  13. Future Constraction Lines

    I wouldn't call the Bonkles Vibe Giger-esque, but I get what you mean. optimus-convoy's idea sounds also pretty good, and I can agree with his sentiment to 100% - as long as the pricing is right, I'm rather flexible when it comes to the actual set designs.
  14. Future Constraction Lines

    Lego Zoids would be certainly a cool thing to happen. I'm not really familiar with Zoids, but I've seen various MOCs based on it, and it looks pretty cool.
  15. Toa Mata Revamps

    Great work on these guys, I love how they are instantly recognizable.