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  1. AstroNutz

    Raffle: Making a Monster!

    Cute Little Devil - Tail and Trident Dragon Suit Guy - Lower Part Evil Wizard - Beard Viking - Helmet Nexo Knights - Upper Part and Mini Head Transparent Wings from Mindstorm Set Generic Black Wings, Tooth x2, and Ring x2 Back plate and 1x1 with holder x2 x2
  2. AstroNutz

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I just discovered that Zan minifigure comes with a Flat Tile 1X1, Round transparent (6214265) that actually has a face in it. Just spent a half hour trying to find that piece. Finally found it.
  3. Can anyone explain why Kai seems to be in almost every set? The Ninjago movie was about Lloyd. Here's Lady Iron Dragon, a.k.a. Loyds mom, in a set. And again there's Kai. Not a complaint just seems odd that the main character of the story wasn't in more sets, especially this one.
  4. AstroNutz

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    To bad. With Dimensions gone and no additional CMFS, we probably lost the chance to see some of the licensed characters. Based on LEGO Ideas terms, we can't see any of these license sets, like Wizard of Oz or Gremlins.
  5. AstroNutz

    40177 City Jungle Explorer Kit

    Does anyone know when 40177 City Jungle Explorer Kit was released or will be released? It's listed as a 2017 set but I haven't seen it anywhere. I've been to LEGOLAND and watched the calendars so I don't think I've missed it. Been trying to get a LEGO set for the past few years that includes a tent. I'd hate to spend money on eBay for one and then finally see it sold in stores.
  6. AstroNutz

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Could there be a chance that there will be a third series? After watching the movie again, I realized that there could have been other Phantom Zone characters, like gremlins other than Spike and the Mr. Smiths. Or even another Flying Monkey variant. I miss when the CMF included minifigures that could be used for "army" building. Would be fun to have a bunch of gremlins.
  7. Has anyone else been keeping their fingers crossed for a LEGO Batman Movie Advent Calendar? Obviously behind the final door would be Krampus Bat. That would leave six or seven other minifigures, for various Rouges or a Batgirl variations. Possibly Arctic Bat. That leave sixteen slots for various items. The required holiday scenery could recreate the Winter Gala from the movie. I wonder if there could be bat gadgets or components to make some of the other bat suits. Like (Nexo Knights) Lavaria's wing an Magpie's armor to create the Winged Avenger.
  8. I'd like to see one of those crazy traps that we could only see Batman and Robin get to "See what happens next week. Same Bat time. Same Bat channel.
  9. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another '66 set as well. The LEGO set was part of the 50th Anniversary of the TV series. I did some research and found that Adam West and Burt Ward also did the voice over for Batman: Return of the Cape Crusader which was a '66 style new Batman cartoon released in November. Rotten Tomato gave it an 89%. An interview with Adam West stated that William Shatner has signed up to voice Two-Face in the next installment. It could mean another 66 set, if only in much smaller form. Which would be fine. I'm also hoping that we're able to visit the '66 Batcave through either a Delorian or Tardis gateway on LEGO Dimensions.
  10. AstroNutz

    Any sign of Target Cube 2017? - Saturn Girl?

    Thanks. I tried to do a search and wasn't finding much. I saw some clone Saturn Girls and thought maybe there was more to an official LEGO minifigure.
  11. Has anyone heard anything about a Target Minifigure Cube this year? There was one in 2014 with Superboy and 2015 with Lightning Lad. I was really hoping to see a 2016 set with Saturn Girl.
  12. Just got home from Legoland Florida's Star Wars Weekend. They did a great job with their give aways. All season pass holders got an A-Wing Fighter Pilot Purchases of $30 or more got you a 1st Order General. Probably the best was on Saturday, your family got a silver C3P0 for completing a scavenger hunt in miniland. We only really got one as one bag was open and was empty. I was seeing kids throwing them up in air. Getting home those sames sets are selling on E-Bay for $50. They also had the 501st Legion on hand in full costumes. Among who you would expect, main character wise, there was Wookie Royalty and two women Sandpeople. This is the first time I've seen minifigures as a park giveaway.
  13. AstroNutz

    CMF Series 17 Guessing Game

    I'd like to see a set for mostly mass collecting or "army building". Each would have slight variations in between. Like two different faces or a different accessory. I have tons of cops, robbers, and construction people. Would like to see other ones. In 16 the set only ones that fit that was the Rogue, Scallywag Pirate, and Desert Warrior. I would still throw in some individual ones for fun. For instance: For LEGO City 1) Paramedic with a stretcher 2) Parking meeter attendant with a parking ticket 3) Bicycle delivery person with satchel and helmet For LEGO City (outdoors) 4) Park Ranger man (two different faces) with a wolf 5) Park Ranger woman (two different faces) with another animal 6) Bird watcher woman (two different faces) with a bird For LEGO Space 7) Alien Defense Unit solider (normal and possessed face) 8) Space alien with a space pet/ symbiot For LEGO Kingdom and Pirates 9) Peasant farmer with pitchfork and duck 10) Peasant woman with washboard and second different upper part For LEGO Holiday Sets 11) Pilgrim woman 12) Pilgrim man Adding my vote 13) Blacksmith 14) Guy in a pizza suit My fun addition 15) UFO conspiracy theorist with a foil hat and antenna For my own reasons :) 16) Guy in a hippo suit
  14. AstroNutz

    [MOC] EV3 Catching a Ball in Mid-Air

    Simply wow! To think that LEGO robotics can be pushed to this level is impressive.
  15. AstroNutz

    LEGO Olympic Set Comment

    I wouldn't expect them to be global release. DFB was not. LEGO already does super exclusive releases too. Look at ComicCom with Atom and Hydra Captain America this year. I feel like the Olympic series would have their own draw and the draw of regular Olympic memorabilia collectors. I just don't see buy another Olympic mascot set. Especially one that uses stickers rather than custom pieces.