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  1. CP5670

    Restoring a 6990 Monorail

    I have two copies of the set and the specific pieces you mentioned are definitely more yellow than the others (which still look white). The soft plastic they are made of seems to be more prone to yellowing. Those 1-height 9V wires are indeed fragile, which is probably why they were replaced after a few years. On mine, the plastic on top of the studs is coming off, but the plate edges are holding together. Later versions of the set (1990 onward) actually had the regular 2-height 9V wires, which fit in just fine. There are 8 large supports but you don't really need all of them, especially on the curves.
  2. This might have been better as a regular, non-licensed set at a (much) lower price. The Porsche license seems to be the main reason for the cost and it doesn't really have a premium feel otherwise, with the missing/broken functions (and TLG's response on that is just baffling) and lack of printed parts. Even the box packaging, while great by today's standards, is identical to what 8448 had back in the day. It does look fantastic, one of the best looking Technic models I can think of, but as others said it would have looked even better as a studded Creator model. Excellent review though, very thorough and unbiased, much better than the set itself. I think the 16+ label is just marketing and doesn't reflect the difficulty of the build. They're clearly targeting a different sort of audience with this set and want to give an impression that this is a serious model for adult collectors and Porsche fans, not just a toy.
  3. Great review, this is still among my favorite Technic sets ever. It was not well advertised in the US (doesn't appear in any of the mini-catalogs here) and I only found out about it many years later, but got two of them immediately at that point. The B model is also very good and its functionality has never been seen in Technic again since then. I like the old instructions much better (although this set was pretty tame compared to say, 8865), as well as the premium boxes we had back then. The compressor is not well designed though, locking up quickly and not going through the full stroke of the piston.
  4. CP5670

    42043 on Amazon USA 188.54

    I picked up one at the $188 price, but it's fallen a bit lower to $181 now.
  5. CP5670

    [MOC] Blacktron BT-70 Intimidator

    The crew is on the large side, but I wanted to include a few of each type of the Blacktron minifigs. I think Blacktron 1 is the only classic theme for which we have multiple modern versions of the minifig torsos. Those Blacktron tiles look amazing. Where did you get them done? I was thinking of getting some done by Brick Engraver, but felt the model didn't have enough places for tiles to justify the fixed price they ask for. I might still do that though. Thanks for the blog post, that's a cool blog I hadn't seen before. It's definitely heavy on the trans-yellow, mainly to have more places for the lighting to be visible. I'm also a sucker for the trans colors in general, and they were always the defining aspect of the old space themes to me.
  6. CP5670

    Where can you buy trans-yellow windscreens/windows?

    I think I've seen those glass panels on ebay as well. They look great, but most of them are designed for the older window frames that are expensive these days. It would be good if he made some for the current windows.
  7. CP5670

    Blacktron landing pad

    I love how this matches the style of the landing pad baseplate, as well as the brick-built Blacktron logo in the middle. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.
  8. CP5670

    [MOC] Space Police Ship

    Excellent model. The spring-loaded wing is really clever, does it fold down? I especially like the flower pattern in the wheel as well. The engine's gray color is a little out of place with the rest of the ship, but I see why you did that as many of those pieces don't exist in black or blue.
  9. CP5670

    [MOC] Blacktron BT-70 Intimidator

    Good to see you in here, and thanks a lot. I'm not entirely happy with the front either (looks good from the top but not the side), but couldn't find other pieces with the same kind of angle. I definitely wanted to use some printed Blacktron pieces but we never got more generic pieces like 2x2 tiles or 2x3 slopes with the logo, unlike most of the other space themes, although I wouldn't be surprised if you have some. Maybe I should add some stickers of the logo. It's not the same but would still look good.
  10. CP5670

    [MOC] Blacktron BT-70 Intimidator

    I really appreciate the comments from all of you. I think that diamond pattern turned out well, especially since it doesn't use any special techniques and is just made of plates. I'll see if I can get a few more pictures of the interior. I found it hard to get good ones of the cargo area, especially with the lighting.
  11. CP5670

    [MOC] Blacktron BT-70 Intimidator

    Thanks for all the compliments! The front section and wings are indeed modular, but are just meant to make it easier to transport to shows. I had originally made the middle and rear part split into three smaller sections, but it was making the model too flimsy so I changed it.
  12. CP5670

    [Anthology]- Small- Finding The Dark Side

    The water effects are great, and I like how you planned out the lighting. It's often hard to get interior lighting to look right through transparent bricks.
  13. CP5670

    [MOC] Blacktron BT-70 Intimidator

    Thank you everyone. The roof slopes turn out to fit together nicely in that thatch pattern, although I wasn't able to fully cover the space up to the edges of the wings. The model does have a bit of the 40k ship style. I actually had in mind the Shivan ships from Freespace when building it, if anyone is familiar with that series.
  14. CP5670

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    That's true. We had an exchange about the trans-neon windscreen a while ago. I was a bit reluctant to let it go but had no specific use for it and would rather see it in used in MOCs. You have a fantastic collection of these parts. I especially like the trans-blue faceted panels in the first picture. That piece is pretty rare as it is, even in other colors. It's interesting how many of these pieces seem to be in transparent colors (and not just trans-clear either). I wonder if there is a reason for that.
  15. CP5670

    [MOC] Blacktron BT-70 Intimidator

    Thanks all. This model was actually inspired by that trans-yellow canopy (from Benny's Spaceship). It was the first time in about 25 years that we got a fairly big piece in that color and made me think, what could I do with several of them? This is what came out of it. I wanted to make it look sleek but also evil, like the old Blacktron sets. I believe the Blacktron logo with the triangle signs is a fairly common technique, but it still fits in nicely here.