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  1. CP5670

    [MOC] BT-33 Cobra

    I've been getting back into it this year due to the pandemic, Lego is one of the best activities for these times. Thanks! I would be happy if we just got those old color schemes again somewhere, like the black/white with trans-neon green. It's what made these themes so memorable to me. Good point! The tri-wing shape has appeared in quite a few Star Wars ships, the TIE defender and droid fighter are a bit like it too.
  2. CP5670

    [MOC] BT-33 Cobra

    Thanks everyone! The shape is actually based on an old Blacktron II moc I made many years ago, but much smaller and with modern parts and detailing. Good point, the Blacktron II guys always looked a little too nice and friendly for the evil-doers they were. I find that an edgy and angular look goes well with Blacktron, both I and II. The octagon panels and bubble cockpits were iconic of Blacktron II, so I always like to have them in mocs like this, and modern parts let you include more details in that space. And yes, the landing gear can fold inward when you swoosh it around. I used the click hinge joints (from e.g. exo-force), which have the right angles to make this work. I like to spread out models in 3 dimensions when possible, which the old Blacktron II sets also did to some extent. I wish those 2x2 tiles were easier to come by. It's a non-production part that I only have one of. I used a few other parts like that in this model, like the small antennas and spears on the minifig jetpack.
  3. CP5670

    [MOC] BT-33 Cobra

    More pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141514326@N04/albums/72157715933569563 Blacktron II gunship with three plasma cannon banks that strafes around larger targets in space. The jetpack minifig takes on a covering position to provide extra fire support.
  4. CP5670

    Joint Transport Facility

    Thanks, I've kept the stations around over the years, and put together the layout whenever I have some new ideas for it.
  5. CP5670

    Joint Transport Facility

    Bumping this old thread. I added one more station to this layout after many years, the monorail service complex, and updated the original post.
  6. CP5670

    1980 Something Space

    Fantastic site. It's like Technicopedia for classic space. I like how you took the descriptions of themes from the boxes, catalogs and other sources. It might be possible to get the descriptions of some individual sets as well, from the larger shop at home catalogs at the time.
  7. CP5670

    [MOC] Zephyrus Fuel Miner

    Thanks all! The colors are based on one of the unreleased Lego space concepts. I've been imagining what Classic Space would have been like if they had some additional color schemes beyond the 5 or so schemes we actually got in sets.
  8. CP5670


    It's great to see you're still around and working on Technicopedia. As someone said earlier, it's the best museum on the internet and I've also ended up buying or building several models after first learning about them on there. There is a lot of coverage on youtube of current sets but nowhere else is the older era of Technic (before 2003 or so) explained in such detail. Modern Technic sets are generally more complex and realistic, but some of the old sets had unique mechanisms or functions that we have never seen again, and Technicopedia is the best place to learn about them. I do more space and sci-fi stuff these days (I find I can build space mocs much faster than Technic ones in whatever time I have for Lego) but like to incorporate Technic functions in them whenever I can.
  9. CP5670

    [MOC] Zephyrus Fuel Miner

    A space mining vessel that collects atmospheric hydrogen from gas giants and transports it inside internal storage tanks. The colors are based on one of the unreleased Lego space concepts. More pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141514326@N04/albums/72157714599941017
  10. CP5670

    [MOC] A-83 Exploration Base (Neo-Classic Space)

    Awesome base. I especially like how the main building looks like it was built into the mountain. The gunship and white storage tanks are also really nice.
  11. CP5670

    Officially not a toy anymore

    I've noticed that Lego as an adult hobby has become way more popular and mainstream over the last 5-10 years. I think the fan events as well as models people posted online have gotten a lot of people into it, and there are lots of sets now that are obviously marketed towards adults. If you look at the modular buildings and big Technic sets on the Lego website, they even show adults building them. I agree, some of the classic Technic sets still have mechanisms we have never seen again. In fact I just built that robot arm again a few days ago, and the 8888 idea book comes to mind as well. The current sets are very complex and realistic, but the core mechanisms are not that innovative anymore and often similar to previous sets we've had.
  12. CP5670

    [MOC] SP-55 Vigilance

    Thanks! It's meant to be an upgraded, modern take on the old Mission Commander.
  13. CP5670

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    I love the look of this set. However, if the functionality is the same as the Chiron, I'll pass on it as I have that already. It's hard to do much more in a car than what that already has. These car sets are definitely designed to appeal to a different audience than the mainstream Technic sets, but can still be very well designed (at least the Chiron was, not so much the 911).
  14. CP5670

    [MOC] SP-55 Vigilance

    Space Police frigate and mobile command unit for defeating and capturing dangerous galactic terrorists. The police captain directs the crew from the command room (front), the prisoner containment area (middle) houses two Space Lock-Up jail cells, and a cell transport truck sits in the cargo bay (rear). Classic 9V lighting is used to light up the wings and interior, and is controlled by an antenna in the back. The panels in the wings contain minifig weapons for boarding hostile ships. More pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141514326@N04/albums/72157714401272241/with/49920584083/
  15. CP5670

    A couple of Blacktron I MOCs

    Great models with a nice mix of old and new parts. I especially like the Silent Hunter and its cat-like look. Looks maneuverable but aggressive.