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  1. CP5670

    Varuna Amphibious ATV

    Thanks! The gearing is actually set up so that the rear wheels have a slightly lower steering angle than the front wheels, and the middle wheels turn very slightly to account for that. In practice it doesn't really make a difference either way due to the slack in the steering arms.
  2. CP5670

    Varuna Amphibious ATV

    Classic Space exploration vehicle for navigating toxic lakes and swamps on remote planets, with sonic cannons for breaking through underwater ice. It has drive, steering and independent suspension on all wheels (6x6x6) with a working retro-style engine. The color scheme is a reimagining of Seatron, a Lego space concept from the 1980s that was never released. More pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141514326@N04/albums/72157710845163583/with/48734489753/
  3. CP5670

    Old M:Tron commercial, and adventure video

    Great find. The reporter is actually a Futuron guy. I think his voice is just gibberish, as if it's supposed to just depict him saying something. Some of these scenes actually appear in the catalogs from that era, like the Futuron monorail coming out of the tunnel.
  4. Great find. The catalogs from that period show Spyrius assaulting the Unitron monorail and just tearing everything up, and are not very subtle about it.
  5. CP5670

    Do kids today like Classic Space?

    I think people are simply attached to whatever they liked growing up. For me it was the old space themes more than the original (before 1988) classic space, but I like classic space too. There is actually almost no difference between the final wave of classic space and Futuron, only the minifigs. I do think the dynamic, high contrast color schemes of all the old space themes really stand out, and we don't get much of that in modern themes like Star Wars, which are meant to look more realistic. I often take Blacktron MOCs to shows and kids love them because they think it's Batman, without knowing anything about the original themes, while adults have often commented on how the colors catch their eyes at a distance.
  6. CP5670

    Graveyard of the failed MOCs

    I partially built this big logging truck decades ago, which was supposed to have the same kind of functionality as the 42043 Arocs. It was becoming too heavy and many of the functions did not work well (like the suspension), so I scrapped the whole project.
  7. CP5670

    M-20 Neon Strider

    Thanks all! I went through several different choices for the wheels and settled on these. These are big enough for the model to stand upright on two feet (essential for the walking to work), but not so big that they look weird.
  8. CP5670

    M-20 Neon Strider

    M:Tron mech for prospecting ore fields in rough terrain. It walks forward automatically when filled with air pressure using a sequence of 8 pneumatic pistons (in trans neon green) and 14 switches. Inspired by Kevin Clague's walkers, various leg motions are synchronized and move in lock-step to keep the mech stable. This is a repost of a thread in the Technic section, I figured I would post it here too since the sci-fi forum attracts a different crowd. More pictures and video: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141514326@N04/albums/72157709337341107
  9. CP5670

    Preventing Figure Crack?

    A change in humidity or temperature would be the best explanation. I've seen these cracks on a few minifigs and cheese slopes, but it's pretty rare in my collection. A lot of other issues came up as a result of this, especially with the color consistency, and it's been like that ever since then. I've just come to accept that Lego quality is never going to be like it was back in the day. It hasn't affected their business, so they have no reason to go back.
  10. CP5670

    M-20 Neon Strider

    Thanks all! The trans neon green pneumatics are test-produced pieces that didn't appear in any set (see this thread) and were what originally inspired this model, although they did come in trans clear and trans light blue in a few Lego education sets. I just finished it and haven't posted it before, so it might be a good fit for that contest. The red looks kind of Martian anyway.
  11. M:Tron mech for prospecting ore fields in rough terrain. It walks forward automatically when filled with air pressure using a sequence of 8 pneumatic pistons (in trans neon green) and 14 switches. Inspired by Kevin Clague's walkers, various leg motions are synchronized and move in lock-step to keep the mech stable. I wasn't sure if this belonged here or the sci-fi section, mods feel free to move if needed. More pictures and video: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141514326@N04/albums/72157709337341107
  12. I never used these battery boxes much for Technic models due to the 7.4V output. They seem fine until you compare them with a full 9V source. I prefer to just run wires to an AC source instead, although that doesn't really work for trains or RC models. I have an old Radio Shack transformer with adjustable voltages and modular connectors with bare leads, which I soldered to some broken 9V wires. I also use the old 9V speed regulators and control centers for some things, but they have current limits that are easy to hit if you run multiple motors at once (or a single 9V RC motor).
  13. CP5670

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I like where they going with these sets that are clearly targeted towards AFOLs. I'll probably pass on this one though. Even aside from the sky high price, I prefer sets with interesting gearing and mechanics like 8043 as opposed to just having everything run off its own motor, which is what they seem to be doing here. The Control+ system looks really nice though, as do the long linear actuators.
  14. CP5670

    [MOC] Ice Station Aquarius

    Thanks. I find that many of the old space bases were too open and not well designed, which makes me want to try to do better with the same pieces.
  15. This looks great, just like genuine trans yellow in the pictures. I can always use more of these parts for Blacktron models and definitely have to try it out. Does the color stay like that though or wear out over time? I've seen custom trans yellow (as well as trans red and green) parts at various Lego conventions, but I think people used dyes to make them.