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  1. CP5670

    Brickworld 2024

    I'm at this event, send me a pm if you're up for getting together sometime on sat or sun.
  2. CP5670

    HA Bricks in Legal Troubles

    This is true but the rules have never really been enforced, I have seen many people use clone bricks at Brickfair and Brickworld. The problem is a lot of the big shows are supported by TLG in the form of free sets, which would go away if clones were explicitly allowed. But they have removed many other types of support over the years (they used to have big discounts at local Lego stores for show exhibitors back in the day) and I could see this disappearing anyway. In the long run it's much better for fans to not be so dependent on TLG.
  3. CP5670

    HA Bricks in Legal Troubles

    I've had this view for a long time. Some of the clones have just as good quality as Lego if not better, and Lego quality is not what it once used to be. It would be healthier for fans if Lego had a serious competitor on a global scale (none of the current clones are) and fans used different bricks in their creations. I still use 99% Lego in my creations because my existing collection is all Lego and it's easiest for me to buy Lego bricks from the usual sources (bricklink, PAB walls, etc.), but I do occasionally use clones and custom parts, especially for bricks that don't exist or are long discontinued in Lego form.
  4. CP5670

    Yellowing in MISB sets

    They are specific white bricks in sets from about 1988-2000, treated with some different chemical mixture. They yellow just as fast in a pitch dark room as in the light, while other white bricks on the same models look perfect. The only way to distinguish them is to leave them on a built model for many years. I have such bricks in the 8880 Super Car, several Explorien and Futuron sets. I'm just redoing the treatment on some of them, but will probably replace them with newer white bricks. But some are rare printed parts that are long out of production.
  5. CP5670

    Yellowing in MISB sets

    Update on this after two years, most of the retro-brite treated bricks still look great and like new. However, some specific bricks from early to mid 1990s sets (the "oxygen sensitive" white bricks) have become yellowed again and reverted back to how they were before the treatment. It only happens with these specific bricks and it's very obvious because other bricks from the same sets are fine. I'm redoing the treatment with these parts since there aren't that many of them, will see how long it lasts.
  6. CP5670

    History of the Blacktron 1 minifig

    You can also see the differences in the head prints, the old figures have smaller eyes and mouths and it gives them a different facial expression. There are also at least three collectible minifigs that are great additions to the theme too.
  7. CP5670

    Lunar Tokamak

    Thanks everyone! I got the idea for a plasma ball moc from a friend in my local lug. I wanted to have some kind of trans panel or glass inside the pentagons but nothing really fit well, so I just left it open. The colors are a bit haphazard but Galaxy Squad had many different color schemes. The teal hose made for a nice accent on the catwalk.
  8. CP5670

    Lunar Tokamak

    Galaxy Squad fusion reactor built around a plasma ball. Technicians monitor the power output from an array of consoles. https://www.flickr.com/photos/141514326@N04/albums
  9. Looks gorgeous! I wish we had that windscreen in trans green though.
  10. CP5670

    Is It Possible To Reintroduce Old Sets?

    The anti violence thing was never really taken seriously by the set designers though, especially with space sets. They even said later on that the ships had weapons in their minds (and in the minds of kids who played with the sets), even though they were not allowed to call them that. Some sets like 6940 are obviously SW inspired.
  11. CP5670

    Affordable place to buy old technic stuff?

    Stick to used sets, most of the non-flagship classic Technic sets are actually reasonable on Bricklink. I think most people like me already got the sets we wanted in the early 2000s when ebay became mainstream, so the prices are not rising that much anymore. Technic sets also contain less in the way of unique parts or minifigs compared to system sets, which props up the prices of the latter. MISB sets are a different matter and have ballooned in value. At one time the difference between used and MISB was not nearly so big.
  12. CP5670

    Is It Possible To Reintroduce Old Sets?

    This is a good point. I actually think even in the 80s/90s TLG would have made licensed sets if they had the licenses, and we would have grown up loving those sets instead of classic space. Everything consists of tie-ins across different types of media these days (movies, games, books, TV, toys, etc. all based on the same franchise), that is what sells to both kids and adults. My main issue with the licensed sets is the lack of sharp, high contrast color schemes with colored transparent canopies like we saw in classic space.
  13. He had a huge impact on so many of us worldwide. I used to spend hours staring at these sets in the catalogs as a kid and picked them up on ebay in the late 90s.
  14. I'm doing well, thanks! Yeah I have used Brasso to remove scratches in the past but it leaves a cloudy look on the parts afterwards. I also have a car headlight cleaning fluid that does a decent job without leaving the cloudy look, but it might not be strong enough to remove printing.
  15. CP5670

    Arachne Outpost

    Thanks, there is an ebay store called Brickstand that sells those. The print quality is very nice.