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    Hybrid Technic/ninjago car

    Thanks for the hint! I wondered why I can only add 100KB and spent a bit of time to reduce the size around 50K. :) I will fix my other post too...
  2. I added internet connectivity to my old Futuron set 6990. I used three SBrick Plus and a Raspberry Pi to drive it. You can see the train with new PF cables and SBrick on the first picture. The two bases with the wedo 1.0 motion sensors can be seen on the other pics. I have created a video about the whole setup:
  3. My first MOC project. My goal was to create an as compact as possible Technic base which can carry a car-body made from standard LEGO bricks. Earlier, I have experimented with old Technic steering parts, but the results were always a kind of hack. So, finally I made this solution. It contains a standard LEGO servo and M motor, and the control is implemented with the help of SBrick. Any comment is welcome.