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    Not much to say other than I'm a sprite comic artist, (I consider Sprite comics a form of art) a Claymation Animator, A writer and a friend for life to any who become my friend.

    I've been a fan of LEGO since 1996 at least and I'm trying to rebuild my collection. (It was lost not by choice.)

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  1. Plokman

    Back with a bang!

    Hey sorry for the delay. Ah I see my friend thank you very much for the info. I'll work out a good post ASAP for the boards you linked. I'm not sure if I'll have time to post it as busy as I am at the moment. I am to be going on a family trip to Florida very soon and I'm trying to get all my stuff I'm taking sorted. While I will be visiting Disney World I am also going to Lego Land and thanks to the most recent issue of the Zine I got a cupon for my baby niece or cousin (What is the proper term for daughter of a cousin in relation to me I think it's Niece but I'm way off track.) she gets a free ticket. Glad I got it it's the perfect excuse to make sure I get to go ta Legoland. That and a Arcade I've seen not but a short hope from Epcot.
  2. May I just say that I love the Avatar you've picked. Lego brand in the style of Autobrand and Deceptibrand. (The in universe name for the faction logos.) You know I just had a crazy idea Toa Mata Tahu's Hau in this style. May have to do it.

    1. LegoTFGuy


      Heh, thanks. It was a personal logo I made based on my sigfig awhile ago. And yeah, an Autobrand-style Hau would look awesome!

  3. Hello all you happy lego people! I know I've been away for ages and I do hope I am remembering all the proper rules here so let me know if I screw up and I'll fix it or get rid of it. Sorry to inconvenience anyone just throwing that out. Anyway I have been in the process of casting new custom pieces such as weapons, accessorys, Kits you get it and not gonna lie I do intend to bricklink I know advertisement is a absolute no no on this forum. I am not wanting to break that rule so while I indeed have plans nothing apart from certain projects will be mentioned here not even the name of what I speak of will be on this or any other thread I make. By the nature of this project being mentioned it tiptoes that fine line as is so please do not think I intend to advertise I will do that where it is appropriate I swear. Ok a couple of my projects for this is to have a fellow create some new parts to actually bring some my kits to life. I am makijg rough design sketches for him but I need to know a few parameters of blocks already out there. First up is Pins and their brick plugs. I know that to ensure the pins like on the Astromech body the holes have a slightly thinner inside that opens up to a little larger section to allow the pin to lock in place till you pull them out. My first question is a common one I'm sure but what is the diameter of the two sections of the socket the pin goes into. Next up deals again with the pegs and socket parts but this time in a lateral setup. How close together can a double pin tube like the one on the astromech for it's legs to peg in be with out interference on the pin next to it? Well that covers the most pressing things I need for a sketch. I'll likely have much more soon. Can anyone direct me to a handy place to find the dimensions of bricks, Pins and such? I have some calipers but I trust them mostly with finding diameter of objects I think can fit into a Lego claw. So that's about it for the moment. I do hope this isn't against the rules I mean I have seen custom brick and weapon threads before but I'm not 100% if this falls into that category as these are for 3D printed prototypes That I'll touch up and use resin for. Like I said if I made a mess let me know I'll clean it up ASAP. On the fact Everything is Awesome I do not post anything breaking the rules of the forum. It's against the instructions but we all slip once in a while. Thank you for the time and hope to hear some good feedback if this is indeed the right way to ask. All of you take care and build tomorrow's masterpieces, Plokman
  4. Hey thanks. Yeah I noticed a lot of 80s themes coming in. I think that BttF got that fact on the 80s right. It's the cool thing like the 50s were in the 80s and 90s. The truck had to be a bitt over scale sadly. The bots just wouldn't fit in anything smaller and the point of the truck was to be a mobile repair center for Johnny and his Brothers as well as transport. I toyed with adding Stephanie's van too but the set would of been too big and I couldn't get my head around the fitting Johnny in the driver seat part. If you think you can handel it I'd be glad to send you the Bot's LDD file so you could submit it as a sister project to this. Just offering you know. Thank you again for the support. May I ask your Lego Ideas screenname so I can follow you there?
  5. Plokman

    Plokman's Decals

    Hey all, Been busy earning some extra cash. I'm sorry to be double posting as it is so my next update will be a edit to this post. Anyway will hopefully have some custom decals that are PD for you all soon.
  6. Hey thanks very much. I'm glad you like the set. The feel of the source material and applying it to the Lego Universe is what I think is the most difficult aspect of the set design. It's nice to know I got that feel right for someone.
  7. Hey all, Just finished a design in LDD and rendered it with Bluerender and thought I'd show it off to you guys. Lets take a trip back to 1986 and visit a lovable little living robot. Thats right I'm talking about Johnny 5. It is quite funny over the years I've seen many MOCs based off Johnny even one that was published in a very old issue of the old Lego Mania Magazine (Back when the Lego Mainac was a kid in a green t-shirt and a pair of red shorts.) and always thought he would fit in as a Lego set. But one odd thing was in common with those MOCs. They were built out of Technic parts from lift arms to cams. They were never Minifig sized. That is Till now: The Nova Robotics Truck was a key piece in the movie and so were the characters like Ben Jahveri, Stephanie Speck, Newton Crosby, Johnny 5, Number 1 his brother, and Captain Skroeder. Ruh roh it's the bad guy For me the hardest part of this MOC was making the S.A.I.N.T robots like Johnny and Number 1 in scale for Minifigure but I think I managed it quite well. But remember Rule number 1 for Johnny. Never ever try to hurt his friends. Oops almost forgot to post the up close shots of the Human Figs too. XD If you couldn't tell I never really liked Captain Skroeder. He played his role as a villain very well and his disregaurd for those who knew better and for life was a major put off to me. The one thing I wanted to do for this was actually have a Nova Robotics logo on the trucks' side like in the movie. But I'm not much a programmer and could only get the Minifigure's decals on right. Well except for Captain Skroeder's hat it's missing the logo too. I was able to make a Mock-up of the design though. Even Legoified it. So what does everyone think? I really hope it fits the source material. I watch the movies quite a lot during my production. I submitted it to for voting on a project site. Hope that goes well and so far so good. Now I need to collect the parts to build Johnny for my collection IRL. Hmm gonna have to repaint a pair of white arms to the right grey.
  8. Indeed. I never meant to put your program down. Thank you for the work.
  9. If so I do hope it works the way I described two posts above. I want to be able to get most of my parts from one shop since multiple stores would include shipping as well and I mainly only wish to pay for shipping once and know how much in parts I'm buying.
  10. Plokman

    Fictional Lego Companies

    We I'd rather not use any company Lego doesn't have the rights too fully. They may not always have The simpsons sets so those are right out and Shell was replaced by Octan since it was a license.
  11. Would this be able to pick a store with the most of my wishlist on it? Like narrow down the stores on bricklink to only those that had the parts I'm looking for or the ones with the most common to the list?
  12. Thank you kindly my good friend. I am embarrassed a bit though. I tried many differnt ways to put my decals for the Truck side and the one hat into the render but my skills with coding need work. Oh well all the other stuff came out great and I have the raw files for my submission so it should all work out. Hopefully I'll learn it for my next project If not well I could always have a friend of mine take a crack at it.
  13. I have just finished rendering some models and I thought I'd share a few of em to you guys. Had some trouble getting the Textures for the van to render but everything else came out. I just submitted this for something awesome too. Not gonna advertise it Just saying I hope it works.