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Found 8 results

  1. I have never built an action figure with Lego before, but after tons of trial and error I'm happy how the legs came out so far. My only problem is I need to find a solution to keep the articulation the legs already have while adding the ability for the legs to rotate for even more dynamic poses. Photos from Studio are below, any advice would be very appreciated, I look forward to making many more figures in the future and I want the articulation to be accurate.
  2. The specs: - 12 legged walker - Driven by 2 Lego Technic Large angular motors - Powered by Buwizz 3.0 - 1 Technic L motor powers the deployable spinning Lego buzzsaw - 1 Technic S angular motor to power the Lego arrow shooter Sorry Lego purists, but I had to use some non-Lego parts in this design: - 4.7mm aluminum tubes front run the width of the robot providing lightweight articulation of the legs in lieu of plastic axles - Stainless steels axles are used throughout the driveshaft due to the inherent limitations of backlash and breakage caused by the Lego plastic axles - Small nuts are threaded onto the upper leg pivots to maintain the connection as Lego bushes simply cannot retain the axles given the duty cycles.
  3. MindBrick


    The AT-PT, fully known as the All terrain Personal Transport was a bipedal, all-terrain light infantry walker distinguished by its triple-jointed legs and one-pilot cabin. It's armed with two twin blasters located below the viewpoint. It's slightly armored to withstand small blaster fire.They were design before the start of the Clone Wars and utilized during the Galactic Civil War, a galaxy-wide conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.They stood only three meters tall, and were driven by AT-PT pilots.
  4. Were the legs of the Technic figures the first test of studless beams?
  5. Hi guys~ I'm trying to customize my legos. but I'm having trouble to find minifig's legs dimension. I just found front and side dimensions of legs. I'd like to apply decals to back part of legs. however, I can't get the dimension.. does anyone know about this? or is there another way of solving this decal issue..?
  6. Hidronax

    Faun legs?

    Hello everybody :) I have to say I was quite disappointed when I found out how little the new faun legs can bend towards. I think the angle could be increased modifying the wais piece, removing the part highlighted in purple in the image below. I still haven't tried myself, and I don't know if I will. Do you think this modification could produce undesired effects? Maybe loosen the legs since there is less friction?
  7. Ok I have been looking everywhere on the excellent http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=12324 and I may have missed it if it's not already posted somewhere but I'm in need of some numbers. Specifically the HxW dimensions of certain decalable pieces. So far I have only the Torso measurements. The measurements I am looking for are for the minifigure head, minfig arms, Minfig Waists, Minfig legs, 2x2 tile, 1x2 tile, 2x4 tile, 2x2 round tile (not just for Pizzas and Waffles ), 1x1tile both square and round and a 8x16 tile. Geh thats all I can remember for sure tonight. I'll post more tomorrow if Lux or anyone else nasn't pointed me to a proper index. Anyway Take care everyone. If your going to Brick 2015 have a great time and get as many customs as you can. Never know when a idea may strike and you may not want to wait for the post.
  8. Deathleech

    Uruk-Hai Army Changes

    A couple weeks ago I placed an order for the last six Uruk-hai Army sets I wanted. They have been sitting around for awhile so today I finally decided to open them all and build them. After doing so I noticed there seem to be a few changes with this set. Most notable was the change to Eomer's legs. Here is a comparison of the old (left) to the new ones (right): As you can see the old one had a brown belt/sash and a very dark red, almost brown colored part hanging down on front. Now the sash is all one red color and matches the torso's red almost identically. At first I thought maybe this was a misprint, but I checked and all six of my newer Uruk-hai Army sets have the same bright red sash as opposed to the brown one before. All my old ones (all 14) have the same brown so that wasn't a misprint either. It seems Lego decided to change the coloring a bit... Personally I have mixed feeling about this. While I think the new colors work much better with the Eomer torso, I feel like it doesn't really work with the Rohan soldier torso anymore: As you can see the red really stands out now and doesn't really work with the Rohan soldier's body like the old legs did. This seems to be a double edged sword. We get a better looking Eomer configuration, but no more mixing and matching Eomer/Rohan torsos and legs now when making them all look like basic grunts. What do you guys think? Do you like the new colors mode or no? Also, there seems to be a change with the head pegs. For anyone who remembers my thread back in July, the head stud change seems to be effecting more figures than just the Uruk-hai in the LotR line now: Doesn't look much different at first... but then.... BAM! Every single one of the flesh colored figures I have gotten up to this point had the filled stud design but now my Eomers (all six of them) have the 3 bar design seen on the left. Oddly enough the Rohan Soldiers all still had the same filled stud design seen on the right. Personally I hate the older 3 bar design because I don't feel like it looks as sturdy or good as the solid design. I hate it so much in fact I have used Bricklink to replace every 3 bar studded head I have gotten in the LotR line. I know, extremely OCD, but it bugs me all the same. Back on topic this doesn't seem to be a specific change to new sets, it just seems to be affecting more figures than just the Uruk-hai now. Apparently the filled design is newer and comes from new machines while the 3 bar is from older machines. I assume in a few more years the 3 bar stud design will be totally phased out. I just found it odd NONE of the flesh colored figures had the 3 bar design on their heads but now we are starting to see it out of the blue. Btw, sorry for the poor pictures, they were taken with my phone