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  1. Great trailer! Now can't wait for new minifigures with reused heads, inaccurate torsos, no new molds, and no leg printing!
  2. EdWebhead

    The Lego Batman Movie 2

    This is great! The first movie was really good. I think a sequel should play with the Batman's history a bit more. They hinted to his past in the first one, but I think it would be a lot of fun if he met different versions of himself (60's Bat, Keaton Bat, Dark Knight, etc.) and do some crazy adventure with them. It looks like we're already seeing different versions of characters in TLM 2 (Suicide Squad Harley, etc.) so it wouldn't be much of a stretch. Can't wait to see what they come up with!
  3. Yeah, this set doesn't have much going for it. It's an easy pass, especially since Carol will most definitely be in the A4 sets.
  4. EdWebhead

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    New trailer tomorrow.
  5. EdWebhead

    Shrek Reboot

    I don't think it's gonna be a hard reboot like everyone is thinking. Most likely a soft reboot, meaning same continuity and cast, but a fresh start for the new generation since it's been a while since the last film.
  6. EdWebhead


    Sorcerer Mickey Minnie (Blue Dress) Goofy Mary Poppins Snow White Dopey Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket Pooh Tigger Mulan Belle Beast Mike Wazowski Sully Merida Anna Elsa
  7. This is very exciting! I've been waiting for this for a long time. If we do get a D2C to go with this, my guess would be Main Street or the Disney Railroad, if they want to keep going with the Disney World theme. Either would go well with the castle. Can't wait to see what we get!
  8. EdWebhead

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Just some thoughts on the movie.
  9. EdWebhead

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    I don't understand all the hate for this movie. Yes, it's different, but what were they expecting? If they were going to stick to the exact same character designs, voice actors, art style, etc. then there would be no point in making the movie. The TV series is not going anywhere and will keep going strong, even after the movie is released. Just like how Batman has had various iterations throughout history, Ninjago is getting a new iteration. It's part of the evolution of the property. Personally, I'm very excited for this. It's great to see a brand new take on the characters but in the LEGO Movie Universe, a nice change from what we have come to know in the series. I don't really have anything to say for the designs as I have yet to see them in action to get a feel for their new look, but I appreciate the variety of new hair pieces! Very excited for the full trailer and definitely will be seeing it as soon it comes out!
  10. EdWebhead

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    That's true, but it's still lacking in the films. It's interesting to me how they've made the effort on television to make it ethnically diverse, while the movies still have quite a ways to go.
  11. EdWebhead

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I'm actually very happy with the casting. We've seen MJ on-screen before, so I don't mind them shaking it up (no pun intended). I don't think MJ's race is entirely important to the character, as long as she plays the character well. If she's MJ, I'm sure the red hair will come in time (hair dye exists!) as it looks like they're going the "ugly duckling" route with the character if set photos and descriptions are to be believed. She definitely would not be a good choice for White Tiger, as WT is a one of the few Latina heroes in the Marvel universe. In that case, her race is important to the character as she represents a minority that gets very little representation (we still don't have a Latino/Latina superhero on-screen yet). Besides, Marvel hasn't screwed up with casting in the MCU. I've lost count of how many times there has been an uproar of an actor cast in a role only to be beloved by fans once they actually see them in the film.
  12. EdWebhead

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    There are plenty of properties in Dimensions that otherwise would never get Toys To Life games (Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, ET, etc.). I personally would love Star Wars and Marvel to cross over with all of the other brands, especially Marvel and DC together. If you don't want them, it's fine, nobody is forcing you to buy packs you don't like. Just because you don't want to see them in the game doesn't mean other people share the same opinion. The beauty of Dimensions is that it combines so many IPs in a single game that otherwise would never interact, therefore you have many different fanbases colliding as they all share a unique experience. Adding Marvel and Star Wars to the game would only enhance the experience, especially die-hard fans like me. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen.
  13. EdWebhead

    Sonic the Hedgehog 25th anniversary

    They just showed a small clip of what's going to be a big game. I'm sure it's there. I'm personally really excited for Sonic 2017. I really enjoyed Generations and I'm hoping this will be at the same quality. Honestly I wish Classic Sonic wasn't in this as he was already in Generarions and his inclusion here makes it feel like a gimmick. I'll wait and see how this game turns out.
  14. EdWebhead

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Pics! Looks really nice, hate the choice of the ring piece though.
  15. EdWebhead

    Ghostbusters 2016 Reboot discussion

    Saw it yesterday and I thought it was great! Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth were standouts for me, being the best parts of the movie. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig were good too, doing their usual thing. Kate McKinnon was funny at times, but I felt her character was a bit random and not well-defined. The villain was alright, he was pretty much there just so they could have an antagonist. The effects were amazing in my opinion, being some of the best 3D I've seen in a while. While not every joke lands, it still made me chuckle and had a few laugh-out-loud moments. It just really bothers me that this was a complete reboot rather than a "passing the torch" to the new female cast, and since they pretty much had most of the original cast do cameos, it honestly wouldn't have been that hard (they could have done so through Ernie Hudson's relation to Patty). Also, I've noticed that some see this movie as sexist pointing out that every male character is non-intelligent or (for lack of a better word) an a-hole to the Ghostbusters, however I see this as noticeable among every character that is not a Ghostbuster, male and female. Society is pushing against what the Ghostbusters are trying to accomplish, and the Ghostbuseters are fighting back, proving themselves. Cecily Strong's character is an example of a female character who is against the Ghostbusters, making this point clear. Sure, the crotch shot at the end of the battle is questionable, but honestly not a big deal as it only lasted a few seconds. I would say this film is on the same level as Jurassic World, being a re-introduction to an old franchise that offers a lot of familiarity story-wise. While it's not as good as the original (which, honestly, Ghostbusters 2 couldn't even accomplish), I believe it is a worthy entry to this new Ghostbusters franchise that is being built. I do recommend it, and is definitely a movie that should be seen in 3D.