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  1. There was no official confirmation that this is coming, but since this is still Marvel, I think it is possible to see sets for Into the Spider-Verse in 2019. The movie itself comes out December 2018. Do you think we will see sets for this movie? Cuz I think there will be!
  2. kungfulegolover

    Re-released LEGO Sets

    Because the YouTuber LEGO Brick Dan promises to make a continuation to his series of Re-released LEGO Sets, I thought some users here on Eurobricks could help him out. For his third part, he most likely will put in the Taj Mahal and Lester polybag on there because those are two of the most recent re-releases. Now he needs more help. He said that whoever can help him can get credited for help in his video. And he wants only direct re-releases, no revised re-releases like the Death Star and Winter Toy Shop. What do you have to bring to the board?
  3. We did get Duplo circus sets, but I personally would love to see a sub-theme in a normal LEGO system set for either Friends or City with circus-themed sets including but not limited to: - Circus Cannon: a cannon and a "human-cannonball." - Circus Motor Stunts: ramps, two bikes, two drivers, and a generous employee - Circus Elephant Training: an elephant, a food pen, one animal tamer, one clown, and two employees - Circus Clown Car: a car with a clown face, some juggling pins, a unicycle, one child, and three clowns - Circus Train: a long locomotive in bright red, purple, and yellow, two cars for animals, one car for clowns, two tigers, an elephant, two clowns, a mime, an acrobat, an animal tamer, three employees, and a circus director - The Circus: a large circus tent, a tight rope, two rows of seats, a ticket booth, one tiger, two elephants, a tight-rope walker, three clowns, two acrobats, a circus director, a magician, two employees, an animal tamer, four children, and five parents - Circus Food Court (a retail exclusive): a hot dog booth, a pizza booth, a popcorn booth, a cotton candy booth, one clown, two employees, two children, and two parents I think it's possible for this to happen somewhere in the 2020s, or even 2019. Only time will tell. What do you think about these choices and what are yours? Warning: This is only a wishlist.
  4. kungfulegolover

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    From just2good, on his channel. Actually, 2019 has two LEGO Movies coming out which both have a series for each. Disney Series 2 might happen in either September 2019 or January 2020. Actually, the Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler was a UCS set.
  5. kungfulegolover

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I can't believe the Lord Vortech Fun Pack for Wave 10 was cancelled. Not only that, but the entire Wave 10 got cancelled.
  6. kungfulegolover

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    False! The 2018 list is Batman Series 2 for January, Series 18 for May, and then Disney Series 2 for September. Then, for 2019, The LEGO Movie Sequel Series for January, Billion Brick Race for May, and then Series 19 for September.
  7. kungfulegolover

    Predictions for LEGO BrickHeadz Series 2

  8. kungfulegolover

    Predictions for LEGO City 2018 sets

    I already mentioned desert or mountain stuff as possible choice for research and exploration next summer.
  9. kungfulegolover

    Predictions for LEGO BrickHeadz Series 2

    The build event has the only Wonder Woman BrickHead coming. According to just2good, Wonder Woman won't be in the Justice League wave of BrickHeadz. He says for the Justice League, there may be Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, and Superman, and for The Last Jedi, there may be Rey, Finn, Luke, and Kylo Ren.
  10. kungfulegolover

    Predictions for LEGO BrickHeadz Series 2

    Agreed. Every single thing about Doctor Who that you write is getting too repetitive.
  11. kungfulegolover

    Predictions for LEGO BrickHeadz Series 2

    Fixed it for you. LEGO will never make BrickHeadz based on a TV show like that because of the amount of sets Doctor Who only received: one Ideas set and two Dimensions packs. That's all. No more sets were made after the last set, the Cyberman Fun Pack. You forgot Sensei Wu and Cole for the Ninjago Movie, just2good. Don't wanna make you feel bad since you're my most favorite YouTuber and Instagramer.
  12. kungfulegolover

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I don't think the Cole Mech will be made in a set because it will have obvious stands to hold it up because it won't balance on one wheel...unless there are more unseen wheels on the mech in the movie. If there are, then yes, there are hopes of it being a set.
  13. kungfulegolover

    Predictions for LEGO BrickHeadz Series 2

    Actually, the Ninjago Movie is a license; it's not made by the LEGO Group, it's made by Warner Bros because the LEGO Cinematic Universe belongs to them.
  14. January 2018 is actually most likely to be Disney Series 2 which was rumored for a while..(also it was claimed by just2good in one of his just2mail YouTube videos)!
  15. kungfulegolover

    Predictions for LEGO BrickHeadz Series 2

    My top 3 guesses are: Marvel: - 1 Thor Ragnarok one with Thor - 1 Spider-Man Homecoming one with Spider-Man - 2 Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 ones: Groot and Rocket DC Comics: - 2 Wonder Woman ones: Wonder Woman and Ares - 2 Justice League ones: Cyborg and Flash Outside of Super Heroes stuff: - 4 The LEGO Ninjago Movie ones: Lloyd, Garmadon, Sensei Wu, and Kai