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Found 6 results

  1. wallyjarek

    Square Heads Project

    Let me start by saying that the idea for this project came quite by accident, I looked through my drawer with printed bricks and noticed a brick 1x1 with printed eyelets. I have a handful of them and I started to put my hair, caps, etc. on them. I found them very funny and made me play with them positively. I've been working on them for the past few weeks. Superman Surfer Geisha Lone Island Football game Airplain Kill Bill On the road Wedding More pictures
  2. LegoMcBoss2004

    Lego Heads

    With Cebelicamya making a thread for the hair pieces produced by TLG so why not do one for the heads. Yes I know, there are hundreds upon hundreds but why not it will help people out. Here we go: Yellow Male Both Eyes Clean Shavin' No Face Accessories Wow that is a lot of Lego Heads and that's just the first wave of them. I will keep posting from the Firestar Toys website and once done with those, start on Bricklink and the newer heads that have not been posted on the sites. For instance heads from Summer City sets and so on and so forth, happy building!
  3. Ok I have been looking everywhere on the excellent http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=12324 and I may have missed it if it's not already posted somewhere but I'm in need of some numbers. Specifically the HxW dimensions of certain decalable pieces. So far I have only the Torso measurements. The measurements I am looking for are for the minifigure head, minfig arms, Minfig Waists, Minfig legs, 2x2 tile, 1x2 tile, 2x4 tile, 2x2 round tile (not just for Pizzas and Waffles ), 1x1tile both square and round and a 8x16 tile. Geh thats all I can remember for sure tonight. I'll post more tomorrow if Lux or anyone else nasn't pointed me to a proper index. Anyway Take care everyone. If your going to Brick 2015 have a great time and get as many customs as you can. Never know when a idea may strike and you may not want to wait for the post.
  4. Ok got a bit of a odd one here. But everyone has helped me figure out the other things I needed advice on so why not. Anyway I was thinking of some minifigures I want to make for my Collection (and possibly offer as commissions if I get good at it. Who knows?) and I thought of a couple from a old video game The Neverhood. Now decals for these characters couldn't be more simple if they were classic Town designs from the 80s. No that ain't my problem. The problem lies in their head shapes. The game was designed by Douglas Tenaple and one quirk his characters have if they aren't human is their conical head shapes. Now most of you would read that and say a cone of some type in place of the head would do. Well I'll let Klaymen here explain. (sorry can't post the image for some reason) As you can see it's more of a upside down cone. Now for my question. Does anyone by chance know of any custom parts or normal part that would work? I may have to go the sculpty route but I want it to be as Lego as possible and sculpty just isn't plastic enough. Any ideas or tips?
  5. I've been wanting to recreate Generation 1 characters in CCBS for a while. The main problem was that I wanted to use the old Mata heads (so I could fit both old masks and krana), but conventional methods of attaching said head to a CCBS torso looked ridiculous. Solution? Build a new torso. First up is Bingzak Kongu, displaying the Matoran build: I partially used the Mask of Light movie as a guide when building these; it mostly influences the neck and the shape of the arms. Full skeleton in the first picture. The second shows where the chest plate attachment and neck socket fit. The black bracket piece doesn't connect to the socket directly but it keeps it from jiggling around much. Can't say I care for the back much, but it's not an eyesore. Next up is Narmoto Vakama with the Turaga build: The Turaga are a bit more broad and wide than the Matoran to accommodate the sockets for the legs. Vakama features his stole from Mask of Light. Full skeleton along with a better shot of how the front and neck joint connect to the rest of the torso, similar to the Matoran build. Shot of the back. This is the biggest problem with the Turaga build: it's very boxy. Adding the stole (connected by the four exposed studs) helps somewhat. The light bley pieces will be changed to black once I get ahold of some. "Back! Back you foul creature! One more step or I'll--" (Wrong villain, I know, but ssshhh. ) You can really see how the back sticks out here. Again, not a fan, but I don't currently have a solution. Bonus: Turaga Korgot Whenua! Giving him his hunch was as easy as connecting the neck to the back of the head instead of the eyestalk. He needs Dark Bluish Gray hands but those will have to wait until I get some. Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques are highly appreciated.
  6. On a dusty almost forgotten road in Kaliphan Sergio and his men moved there wagon at a slow pace to not tax the horses, the cargo they carried meant to be gifts to DaMaximus, a man Sergio had never met and only heard a bit about. In his head he scoffed at the idea of calling any man Lord, it was a word plain and simple something to indicate land or supposed power. Sergio muttered to himself, "We're all equal in death." Thomas, the man guarding the treasure in the back, laughed knowing exactly what Sergio was thinking. He'd often thought the same but never acted on it, he couldn't afford to not serve a house and therefore had to play the game of titles. Sergio saw it from a kilometer away sprouting from the ground a blood red eye sore and he knew exactly what it meant. He yelled back to Thomas, "We have an infestation! Prepare yourself!" As they approached the citadel,the top of a building and an entrance into the underdark, the Dark Elves got into a position stupidly thinking they'd surprise the caravan. Sergio could only keep heading forward until they decided to make their move. The dark elves finally made their move the leader swiftly raced up and cut the horses harnass freeing them from the wagon. The horses quickly raced away from the danger as the wagon halted to a stop in the middle of the road. The Dark elves quickly surrounded the wagon spitting threats of enslavement upon the men and speaking in a ghoulish tongue. Sergios face went from calm to pure disgust as he saw this ... thing trying to talk to him, over the months he'd been working with Dugal his Hatred for certain things had tappered he'd learn to come to respect some Orcs even though they may be dead now he would never forget the ferocity and skill he'd fought with, but that did not extend to these ugly creatures and their ways. The discourse started quickly, with the Dark elf saying something in an incomprehensible tongue. Sergio was quick to reply: "I don't speak in demon tongues she-beast.", he insulted. "If you want to make demands you best do it in a real language." The Dark elf bitterly replied, "You'll soon learn to respect your new master slave, come quietly and you'll keep all your body parts." "You're worth so much more in one peice, at least as a worker", she cockily continued. "Although the mages might have use for a sacrifice." Sergio could only laugh as this thing made ridiculous demands of him. "The mole womens going to enslave us Thomas!" he yelled back laughing. Thomas laughing said, "This one looks like he's already been cut it half!". "He must be half a meter shorter than me!" laughed Thomas. The dark elf leader quickly shouted, "You dare insult me! You will not live to see another day!" As she finished her sentence the wagon started rumbling. "You're already dead she-beast.", said Sergio calmly. Right at that moment the stairs were pushed out. As they unlocked the stairs quickly flew out smashing the first dark elf into the ground leaving a dark smear on the stairs and embedding the despicable creature into the ground. Thomas laughed as he saw the wretched thing twitch knowing what it had planned to do was still running through its head as it drew it's final breath. The men quickly surrounded the second one giving it no time to react and one of them slit it's throat. Watching as it dropped to the ground without a single word as it's eyes fell back into it's head. The men stabbed it in the back for good measure and for a slight bit of pleasure knowing they were adding insult to injury. As they finished half the men came to the front of the wagon and surrounded the leader. She shouted, "The Matriach will hear of this you wont keep me prisoner long!" Sergio laughed, "You think I'm a noble!" All the men laughed as the dark elf looked around. "You will pay for my imprisonment!", the dark elf said. The men laughed again. "Someday your matriarch may come looking for you, someday they may try to make me pay, but it wont be for your imprisonment." "And if they ever do come I'll do the same thing to them as what is about to happen to you." said Sergio coldly. "Behead Her!", he yelled As the ax came down a scream echoed through the waste and quickly cut off and the air was silent. As one of the men lifted the head he asked, "What do we do with this?" Sergio smiled, "Put it in the chest for DaMaximus, we'll give it to him as a gift." Thomas laughed, "You heard the man haul out the chest and put it dead center." He chuckled a bit. As they opened the chest to reveal sapphires, rubies, and emeralds the size of fists they neatly set them aside and put the head in the middle of the box. "Right men back in the wagon it is quite a bit of travel to get to Mpya Stedor and we have to get there before the celebration dies down." "And Thomas make sure he gets our offering last we're going to need the time for the plan" With that they packed up, gathered the horses and Sergio started heading to Mypa Stedor at double pace. (Sorry for any misspellings, bad grammar, or awkward phrasing I missed still, I'm still recovering from a horrible plane ride.)