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    LEGO, Blade Runner (in all), other movies, books, maps, plaques (champagne and so on), sands (of world), dices, Victorinox knives, compasses, slide rules, and many other stuff for collection


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  1. HI Andy! Link to file seems broken. Can you re-share this one please? Thank you!!
  2. jfuste

    MOC: Soldiers react to my brickarms order!

    Nice vignette, and your complete Flickr gallery is awesome! Will steal some ideas for my new big MOC... :D
  3. jfuste

    '[LDD Contest] It's All Fantabulous With Lego!

    Awesome results and great detail! I'm just working with some ideas for castles and LDD is a great tool... But some legal constructions in LDD cannot be replied in real... as brick bending to put a 1x2 brick between 2 hinges in angle (12ยบ at most). But... anyway LDD is great!!! Good job sir!!
  4. jfuste

    A new brick on the block from Spain!

    Thank you! Thanks!!! Hehe, yep, I love to have all the parts for my MOC. Not easy. Seems like some parts are ever missing! :D Will post some pics in a while when all be ordered and sorted. The "noisy" part... haha! Temple of Atlantis is a nice project... I've seen some official sets images. Are you planning your own Temple? Regards!
  5. Thanks for sharing! Very useful chart!
  6. Tom, your LEGO posts in your blog are awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Very useful tips about measuring bricks, sorting and so on. :)
  7. Hi! I'm Joan from Barcelona, Spain. Collector (many subjects, from Blade Runner movie to sans of the world, and of course, LEGO -sets and bricks-). I'm addict to LDD to build my ideas. Sometimes I put them into real world with bricks. Despite the other subjects in my collection of collections, LEGO is my "new" hobby now, exiting the Dark Ages at 51!!! Wow... When I was kid never has a LEGO set to play. Only a couple of EXIN castles (a toy very popular in this time in Spain), building castles and some other tiny buildings. Now, it's time to do something better. My interest for castles is still here, and LEGO bricks are a nice way to be back to my child time! Apart, I'm a fan of SW Falcon Millenium in any form. From very tiny replicas in solid materials (metal, plastic, whatever) to the LEGO models (from keyring to UCS big one). So... I'm collecting all available sets in this theme. UCS is very expensive now so I'm collecting parts anytime I can (when ordering parts for a MOC or so, I add parts for the UCS 10179 "vault" till I have all the parts to build it). Also, I have some official sets, like the newest Simpsons, Mini Modulars, Microfighters, etc. For now interested in SNOT and SNIR techniques and circular walls (to build nice towers!). In fact, I have interest in all LEGO related stuff, from books to Technics, from castles to cities... AFOL at all! Glad to be here to share and learn!!