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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, finally after almost 10 months I can present my new MOC. This time I decided to make a risky choice and wanted to recreate a "mighty and bad" vehicle that when I saw Episode IX immediately reminded me of a snowmobile. I spent a lot of time designing the two troopers. I wanted to recreate the right anatomy and I wanted to capture the right details. Little is seen in the film but this too is a medium that deserved a UCS version. To give you an idea, the "Driver Trooper" helmet is made up of 137 bricks and the "Jet Trooper" helmet is made up of 141 bricks. Here are some info on the MOC: - 5956 bricks and 2 minifigs - lenght 80,0 cm - width 25,2 cm - height 35,2 cm Here is a small presentation teaser I really hope you like it!
  2. This is the start of a very ambitious project for me - I intend to bricklink all of the UCS sets, buying all new parts. However, since every UCS set has at least one unique part/colour combination and many key parts in the older UCS sets are long out of production, I intend to “refresh” each one in the same way Lego did when they updated and rereleased the 10188/75159 Death Star playset. My goal is to change as little as possible on each model, preserve the original design and construction techniques, but replace all the hard-to-get parts with more readily available (and cheaper!) ones. I’ve been working in Lego Digital Designer, and the first set on my list is now complete: 10134 Y-wing Attack Starfighter The original model had over a dozen unique or rare pieces which have been replaced with parts that have featured in sets released within the last two years. Minor changes include replacing the unique copper hoses with reddish brown 6L and 4L bars and recolouring the dark orange parts to bright orange (the 1x2 brick with handle is now a 1x2 plate with handle sandwiched between two 1x2 plates). More major changes include the 6x6x3 domes on the front of the engine struts, which only appeared in white in one other set, and have been replaced with a set of 3x3x2 white round corner bricks mounted on white 6x6 plates and held in place using concealed SNOT bricks. The original engine pylons were constructed from technic axles covered with 7mm ribbed hoses that are now insanely expensive, so I’ve rebuilt the whole assembly using the 3L driving ring axle connector and white pin connectors (the current version has a slot in it, which is annoying but can’t really be helped). The overall length of the starfighter remains the same, but the sizes of the axles used have been altered. One part which perhaps should have been replaced is the 30359b “Bar 1 x 8 with Brick 1 x 2 Curved Top End”, which only appeared in white in 2 sets but is relatively plentiful on bricklink (I was surprised to find one German seller with over 1500 of them in stock). However, the most significant change to the model is the replacement of the white wheels forming the engine nozzle (part 32077, unique to the set) with a brick built structure that adds some extra detail Here, some bricks have been removed to better show off it’s construction: I made it as lightweight as I could, but it is still twice the weight of the original wheels . I suspect it will cause the pylons to droop over time, and I’m worried it might be enough to throw the model off balance on its stand. I also hate the way it’s mounted on a single axle, allowing it to spin almost freely, but the distance to the central turbine is 3 technic half-bushes so a pin is incompatible. I'd be curious to hear suggestions for a better version. Full details of the part changes under the spoiler tag. I've got LDD and LDraw files prepared, you can access them on bricksafe. You can also view the model on mecabricks here. Any comments on the model, my CGI images, or suggestions for improvements would be much appreciated! Edit 9/7/17: Migrated all photos from photobucket to bricksafe. I am never using photobucket again...
  3. NathanR

    7194 UCS Yoda refresh

    I have a long term project of “refreshing” all of the UCS sets, so that any unique or rare parts are replaced with modern and readily available alternatives. I initially dismissed 7194 as impossible due to the use of sand green bricks for Yoda’s skin. Many parts were virtually unique to the set, and the much sought-after 3450 Statue of Liberty (the only other major sand green parts pack) had driven the prices of even used bricks to an insane high. I tried changing the skin to Olive Green but the limited parts selection and the lack of snot bricks made this impossible. I was about to give up entirely, when I saw the beautiful 70612 Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon. Featuring sand green 2x2, 2x3 and 2x6 plates, and with other 1x4, 1x3 and 1x2 plates available from various sets released in the last couple of years, I thought I might just be able to pull this off. I did. The original set was released in 2002 and contained 1075 parts. Unusually for a UCS set, there was no formal "ultimate collector series" name on the box, and no plaque to accompany the model. My update preserves the look of the original and weighs in at 1202 pieces. The head has been completely redesigned - it is visually identical to the original, but it uses a completely different selection of pieces drawn from the current palette of sand green parts. A few rare sand green parts have unfortunately had to be left in: 1x1 plates haven’t been seen in sand green since 2004, but I got the number down from 33 to 11, 2x2 corner plates, last seen in 2011, I got the number down from 78 to 4. The remaining ones serve a structural purpose and cannot be removed. I also had to leave in the 2x2 plates with rails to preserve Yoda’s ridged noise and mouth. These were last seen in the 2014 set 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E, which is a collectible set but the part is at least relatively easy to get. The body is largely unchanged, except that the dark orange bricks have been replaced with more readily available bricks (mainly 1x2 and 1x6). To allow these changes, the model introduces a few extra structural parts (shown here in bright yellow). These are not visible from the outside and any available colour can be used; my preference is for dark bluish grey. It should also be noted that the old greys used in this set have been updated to the modern bluish greys, and the old brown used for Yoda’s walking stick has been changed to the modern reddish brown. You can view this model on mecabricks, and download the LDD file from bricksafe. I haven't made an instruction manual since these brick built sculptures don't seem to be very popular amongst the fans, but Ill put one together if there's enough interest. Disclaimer: This is a digital MOC/MOD of the 7194, and has not been tested in real life with real bricks. While every effort has been made to ensure that the bricks would interlock securely, this may not always be the case and the final assembly may turn out to be very fragile.
  4. I’ve been working on updating the 10019 Rebel Blockade Runner, which so far has gone quite smoothly apart from the engine block on the back - I could really use some ideas for part substitutions. The original model has many rare parts on each engine: 33211 spoked wheel (long out of production), 2515 Wheel in Light gray (can be recoloured to pearl dark grey), 2903 wheel in dark red (unique), 3961 8x8 dish in light bluish gray (never made), 3934/3933 Wing 4x8 in white (hard to get in bulk). There were also stickers across multiple pieces to provide some additional detailing on the cylinder shells. I’m struggling with rebuilding this, and my attempts so far are shown below: Firstly, replacing the dark red wheel is a nightmare because of the limited number of parts available in that colour. I tried using 1x3 curved slopes (left) to build a circle, but the circle works out at something like 8.2 studs and you can’t sit the engine cylinders next to each other. I also experimented with a pentagon/circle technique I found online (middle) which kind of works but it’s awkward to mount on the cylinder, and I’m not sure how strongly I can attach the 2515 large wheel that forms the engine nozzle. My current preference (right) is for 4x4 round corner plates to build up the red stripe, but I don’t see how to mount the large wheel securely - any ideas? I’d also like to avoid the stickers on multiple pieces, by rotating the 8x8 cylinder 45 degrees - that way, the sticker should fit on just one shell. Problem is, all the turntables seem to spin freely - is there any compact way to lock lego bricks at a 45 degree angle?
  5. Continuing with my project to update and refresh all of the UCS sets to use modern and readily available parts, I’ve adopted a more systematic approach and am now working through the sets in order of release. The first UCS sets were of course the 7181 Tie Interceptor and 7191 X-Wing, but the Tie Interceptor requires so many changes that it would essentially become a MOC and the X-Wing was already updated as 10240 Red Five. I’ve therefore skipped these sets, and moved on to the oldest UCS set included on the UCS 10th Anniversary Poster: 10018 Darth Maul. (Rendered with Blender via Mecabricks) Released in 2001 as a retail exclusive, the model has an interesting build though the two-tone colour scheme gets a little dull and repetitive. The instruction manual was rather unusual, using a top-down view throughout and having the model built up one layer at a time. (Rendered with Blender via Mecabricks) Being a brick-built sculpture, pretty much every part is still in production and I didn’t have to do too much work here. The most visible change is in the cylindrical block that supports the whole model, which I recoloured from black to dark bluish grey - the main component is 30562 Cylinder Quarter 4x4x6, which only appeared in black in one other set. Some of the other parts used in the original model took me by surprise, as I’ve only rarely encountered 4x6 and 4x10 bricks and I never knew 4x18 bricks even existed. These bricks have all had to be replaced with smaller bricks or combinations of other plates. One lovely touch on the original was a chrome silver antenna to represent Darth Maul’s small silver earring. Since Lego don’t do chromed parts any more, I’ve sadly had to replace it with a 4L bar in light bluish grey - though I’d advise anyone actually building this model to get a custom chrome-plated part so that the detail could be done properly. Summary of all changes to the set: You can view the model on mecabricks, and download the LDD file here. I’ve not prepared an LDraw file, because so little has changed with this refresh that the instruction manual for the original can still be used. Please note that I’ve not built this model in real bricks yet, and probably never will. Darth Maul is just a little bit too creepy for my tastes…
  6. Hello, my question is about the height/high of the set 10019 UCS Blockblade Runner (Tantive IV). I don't have this Set, for that is my question. In centimeters, and including the bases (or supports). Thanks for your help. LEGO 10019 High v2 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr