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  1. I'm looking to build a multi level base / fort about the size of a large gray base plate. Not sure of exact shape, but it won't be a perfect square or rectangle, maybe a L shape. From what I've seen from other mocs it appears the 1x is most popular wall option, (makes sense, takes up less space and cheaper). I was curious if one size is preferred over the other. I was thinking of using mostly 1x4 and 1x6 for cost and availability / versatility reasons( just guessing on the cost part). Finding some of the more unique parts could be a challenge so I figured I'd just stock up and the common parts from places I find the unique parts in hopes of minimizing orders. So if you have any wall building suggestions or suggestions on ways to save when ordering it would be greatly appreciated. On a side note I hope to start a build thread here soon to show the process.
  2. murtaughf3

    [MOC] Large Fire Engine

    Very nicely done. Fire trucks have always been one of my favorite things to see created in Lego and you did a great job. Thanks for sharing.
  3. murtaughf3

    [moc] Final Fantasy Cloud Finrir

    Very nicely done.
  4. Short summary, I started a bricklink store to make some extra cash and I did, not a lot but some and looking back I doubt I broke even. I currently have about 40k pieces listed with about 60k more waiting to be parted out. Due to a car accident and excelling at my job I’m in a much better financial situation and don’t need the extra cash from the store. And I can actually have a monthly LEGO budget for new stuff. I’m contemplating closing the store in favor of becoming a builder. I know my girls are in favor because, well what kid wouldn’t want an extra 100k bricks in their collection. So here’s my questions. Since im mostly interested in Friends( I have 2 girls), Technic and Space related series( Classic, MTron, both Blacktron), do I pull parts and colors related to these and keep the rest in the store to sell eventually ? I realize this won’t leave much in the store but if I’m likely not to use it, I rather have it sit in the store and maybe someone will buy it eventually. Plus items will be gradually added back and if I sell a few times a year great. Last question, should I add back log to bricklink and have it in stock room status in case I sell some later it’s already added, vs adding parts back piece by piece later ? Am I crazy ?
  5. murtaughf3

    [MOC] M-tron & Ice Planet FOXX mobile suits

    Now those are cool. Very nicely done.
  6. murtaughf3

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I was lucky enough to score some walmart clearance. 4, 75167 Bounty Hunter Speed Bike Battle Packs for $6 2, 75177 First Order Heavy Scout Walkers for $10 1, 75178 Jakku Quadjumper for $10 and a damaged box Arrowhead ship from the Lego store and the last day of double VIP. I have a strong feeling my concentration is going to be shifting to primary Star Wars, it's time I stop fighting it and just let nature takes it course.
  7. murtaughf3

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I've decided to start building a clone army, as part one of a long term project ( most likely related to the clone wars era). I know there is currently only one battle back with " clone troopers" but there are a couple with first order and imperial troopers. Would it be bad or make a big difference if I add those as well ? I know it's ultimately all up to me but I'm curious what some others might do. Thanks in advance.
  8. So I’m wanting to start a project. I’m thinking something along the lines of a navy battleship / aircraft carrier, or a classic space outpost. That being said a lot of mixed grey pieces are in my future. I’m wondering if buying sets with mostly grey colored pieces would be better than ording all from bricklink. My thought is by purchasing sets with mostly shades of grey pieces and selling off the minifigs and unwanted pieces on bricklink I can slowly help offset the expense. As far as project size is concerned I’m thinking something in the several feet range if a navy ship or something like Jangbricks layout just all classic space related. I’m fulling expecting this project to be never ending, but at least I’ll have a goal and direction moving forward. I figure this might help cut down the number of bricklink orders not to mention improve my building skills by forcing myself to concentrate on building with pieces I have on hand. So what do you think, is my thought process on the right track? Thanks in advance.
  9. murtaughf3

    [MOC] Cafe Havana (modular)

    Great use of colors, really feels islandy and beachy.
  10. murtaughf3

    [MOC] Mini Cooper

    Nicely done, and thanks for the pic with all the pieces, might have to try and make one now.
  11. I realize this is an old thread but this thing is awesome.
  12. murtaughf3

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Awesome thank you.
  13. murtaughf3

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Are those the akro mills drawers? I see several people have issue when ordering the stack on ones and them arriving broken, just wondering if the akro mills would be any better.
  14. I'd say my wife is pretty neutral for the most part. Once in a blue moon she will want to build something. I love building but do it rarely simply because I have very limited space, I've got a small shelf to display, enough room for VW Bus, the new creator surfside bus and a couple mini figures. However we have agreed that when we buy a house(currently renting), I can have a room for my toys. In the mean time I will continue to buy the sets I like and stack them in the closet, under the bed, or wherever else I can squeeze them.
  15. I've got to use some points by the end of the year and I'm considering putting them towards the Bus, or the Beetle. I really like the bus but I'm not crazy about the red. I'm curious if anyone knows if there is list of color options I could swap out. Or if going to brickset to see if the color I'd like is available in all the pieces. I'm wanting to replace the red with lime green or a shade of blue. So my options are buy the bus and bricklink the color pieces i want to change(I probably have a good portion of them). Or buy the beetle and then bricklink the entire bus( of which I currently have about half or a little more of the pieces in my bricklink store) So what would you do if you were in my shoes.