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    MOC: [LDD] Sailor Moon Brickheadz

    My Fiancé would love these! Nice MOC!
  2. With Canada fast approaching I decided to pay homage to Canada's Capital by designing an Architecture Skyline style of Ottawa. This model features Parliament Hill, The National Gallery of Canada (with Maman), and a tiny local bus to top it off! Designed in LDD and rendered with Bluerender. Thanks for checking it out! And if you'd like to see more MOCs in the future be sure to follow me on various social media: -ARTOBRIX

    Hello! ARTOBRIX Here!

    Thanks for having me

    [MOC] Modular Antique Shop - Updated

    I really like the details on the interior. The exterior is quite interesting too but I would have to agree with peedeejay about the arch on the upper floor. I think this MOC would benefit from a more interesting roof line, something similar to the ones in Detective's Office. Very cool MOC though! I love antique shop idea! I'm working on a museum modular that will showcase minifig items as exhibit pieces and might use some of your antiques as inspiration!

    [MOC] Basement Hideout

    My first real MOC. Started off trying to build a decent looking computer chair and it eventually evolved into an entire room: The display shelf is my favourite part of this MOC and I was inspired to use the Star Wars helmets as display pieces from another MOC I saw a few weeks back. I wish I had a link to the builder to give him credit but alas, I couldn't recall exactly where I saw it. The dresser drawers on the right of the computer desk actually open and can be used to store items inside. I'd have to build it with actual bricks to see how well it works though but I'm happy with how it turned out. If you'd like to hear more about the build, I made a video about it here: Thanks for taking the time to check out my MOC. If you like it or have any suggestions/criticisms please let me know! -ARTOBRIX

    [MOC] Modular - Bar and Townhouse

    Hi Eurobricks! I'm relatively new to MOC making and this is the first Modular building MOC that I dub, Bar and Townhouse. I wanted to build something that would look nice along side my Modular collection and I think this design turned out well! Please forgive me if LDD Renders aren't allowed but here goes: Just like official Modular building sets, each floor can be lifted to reveal the internal design. I have furniture inside the bar and first floor of the town house but need to flesh out the second and top floor still. For a peak inside, please checkout my video on this MOC: I hope to refine it bit before I take the plunge and buy the bricks for it (hopefully bricks come in the colours I chose). Constructive criticism is definitely welcome as I am still just starting out with designing with LDD. Thanks for your time! -ARTOBRIX

    Hello! ARTOBRIX Here!

    Hello Everyone, My name is ARTOBRIX and I would like to introduce myself. I am an AFOL, MOC maker, Collector, and YouTuber who has been collecting LEGO for about 4 years now. I only just started getting into MOC making and would like to share with you my creations and hopefully get some constructive criticism. I'll leave that for a different thread though. I've also just recently started a YouTube channel documenting my future LEGO endeavours ranging from MOCs to set reviews. If I do anything LEGO related, it will be on there. You can find me by searching ARTOBRIX on YouTube but I'll also provide a direct link to my channel at the end of this post. I look forward to contributing to this forum and hope to find some new and interesting LEGO related content! Thanks for your time! -ARTOBRIX LINKS: YT: Twitter: Instagram: