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  1. GeneralWashington420

    IDEAS 21308 Adventure Time Figures Discussion

    I wish it was Steven Universe, but this looks great
  2. GeneralWashington420

    Mini MOC - Death Star Trench Run

    I put my images in links because they are too big to put on this thread.
  3. GeneralWashington420

    Mini MOC - Death Star Trench Run

    Link to the images!
  4. GeneralWashington420

    MOC - Clone Wars Yavin Battle

    A Turbo Tank running over clankers on Yavin! Link to images: Your thoughts?
  5. GeneralWashington420

    VIDEO Review: 6276 Eldorado Fortress

    I wish we got a fort like this one this year. I dont want to pay 500+ dollars on Ebay for an old Eldorado Fortress :(
  6. GeneralWashington420

    Mini Moc - Robot Pirate Island

    A band of imperial soldiers find Robot Pirate Island! bNA9H4Y 5knJNGR DJgWNdC YJFFmfT FonUZNb
  7. GeneralWashington420

    Lego Napoleonic Wars Stopmotion

    These were done well!
  8. GeneralWashington420

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I picked up a 212th Battlepack and an Imperial Troop Transport.
  9. GeneralWashington420

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Now I too would REALLY love to see a new A-Wing or Rebel Corvette from Seige of Lothal and future Rebel vehicles. Including imperial ones.
  10. GeneralWashington420

    MOC - The Imperial Canal

    The Imperial Army has built a canal passing through a larger island. The exit and entrances are guarded by Military outposts with few soldiers stationed in them. It's not the best, but I thought it turned out nice. Enjoy!
  11. GeneralWashington420

    MOC: my Eldorado Fortress!

    Ohhh boy!
  12. GeneralWashington420

    [MOD] 70413 The Brick Bounty in Imperial Bluecoat

    Looks like a neat ship, I look forward to getting the Brick Bounty.
  13. GeneralWashington420

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    The Bluecoat soldiers of course are the absolute best!