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  1. Commander Aufik

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] A familiar face (Interim build)

    Gotta say, love the build, love the story. I like cyborg Farantros's design.
  2. Commander Aufik

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Sunset over Iridonia

    Great build! Love the floor patern, and all the different people, it's awesome to see Vakál again, even though he's just in background.
  3. Commander Aufik

    [Factions Ep. 9 - Category C][K16 - Kowak - TT] Green Violence

    Really good vegetation and the platform looks great too! The monkey is a nice touch. Is Cpt. Grim a reappearing character or?
  4. Commander Aufik

    [J7-Iridonia-TT] Capturing the commander

    *This entry has earned 5 XP* Cpt. Lemrik's log: This time the the orders were straight from the top. Our target was Iridonia. An interesting planet to be sure, but occupied by our enemy. That means only one thing, we have to get rid of the enemy. Cpt. Lemrik's log, continued: I, accompanied by two veteran deathtroopers was deployed near a small settlement, that served as a base operations for the local resistance. Our intel suggested that a valuable commander is present. And the intel was not wrong. I have given the order to attack. Some time later... Cpt. Lemrik: ,,Miss Jandi. It is nice to finally meet you. I see that your plan didn't work out as planned..." Jandi: ,,You bastard! You'll pay for this!" *Cpt. Lemrik turns to one of his troops* Cpt. Lemrik: ,,Very well. Trooper, contact the commander, that we captured our target." Dt-732: ,,Yes sir!" /I'm quite happy with how this turned out, c&c welcomed as always/ A few extra shots bellow. Cpt. Lemrik sneaking on the enemy... Death from the shadows... This one won't be going anywhere anytime soon...
  5. Commander Aufik

    [Factions Ep. 9 - Cat A][S16 - Kowak - TT] Family

    Nice little entry, but I'm not sure the water works...
  6. *This entry has earned 5 XP* Stormtrooper cpt. Hunk's log: We have been deployed to Kowak with a simple mission. Eliminate any rebel forces and capture their officers. Triumvirate Flame marines were deployed with us. The jungles on Kowak were thick, and rebel forces strong, but we managed to capture an enemy camp. __________________________________ C&C welcomed as always, credit for Flame marines goes to Simulterious.
  7. Commander Aufik

    [J21 - Imynusoph - CFS] Perilous Tales V | Fight and Flight

    This is really nice! I love the "pirate" mod done to the hauler. And the nod to Raiders of the lost ark with the plane is great. I think I saw that Tie somewhere? Maybe on the discord server? The idea of rogue/pirate imperials is great, I may "borrow" that someday.
  8. Commander Aufik

    LEGO Palm Tree Tutorial

    Really good! Thanks for sharing! Cool
  9. Commander Aufik

    [L7 - Yout - TT] Searching Yout

    Thank you! Glad you liked it!
  10. Commander Aufik

    [L7 - Yout - TT] Searching Yout

    Thank you very much!
  11. Commander Aufik

    [L7 - Yout - TT] Searching Yout

    *Your entry has earned 4 xp* Tk-1276's log: Yout is planet of many moons. I was deployed here a few months ago, as a part of operation Moonshine. I, with a few other scouts, was supposed to find places for new outposts and bases. Im running low on my stocks, but I found a nearby village. I will head there next.
  12. Commander Aufik

    [K10-Widek-CS] Watching over the abandoned temple

    Nice brickwork, And the little tree!
  13. Commander Aufik

    [K18-Hoth-TT]Give back to the Emperor what is the Emperor

    Great build! The freeform works nicely. The figure posing Is good too, your sig fig is?
  14. Commander Aufik

    [K4 - Muunilist - PA] Landing at Point Bad Alpha

    Nice moc! Great speeder. I understand that the text Is a nod to the Clone wars opening narration?
  15. Commander Aufik

    [O6 - Dathomir - TT] Dusk on Dathomir

    This Is very nice! Really has that Jedi Fallen order Dathomir look.