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  1. Commander Aufik

    [P17 – Trigalis - TT] Planning in the dark

    Great build! Really love the lighting, it takes this moc to the next level. I hope we will see this story continue!
  2. Commander Aufik

    [O10 - Gorse - TT] A grand Promotion

    This is a nice moc, i personally like the one with civilians more, I think it feels more imperial...
  3. Commander Aufik

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] Bounty Hunter Bright

    I love the door way, the plants part Is very nice! The building looks like it has been trough a lot!
  4. Commander Aufik

    [P9 - Uyter - CE] Ring of Bright Water

    Nice Blue build, I like the jumping fish!
  5. Commander Aufik

    Help please!

    I wont be a knight any time soon, is there any other way?
  6. Commander Aufik

    [R4 - Lur - CE] The bright side of the road

    Nice vehicle, i like the tire tracks too!
  7. Commander Aufik

    Help please!

    Hello there, I just realised that I need to change my name, because its my Real name, but I can't change it. Could someone tell me what to do, or, if possible change it for me please?
  8. Commander Aufik

    HELP! ! !

    Could some kind mod or admin change my name? Im not happy with the Aufik part. Could I be Commander Ten please?
  9. Commander Aufik

    [M13 - Devaron - CS] A Day in the Life of a Black Sun Agent

    The floor And figures Are great. Where Is the green twilek hair piece from?
  10. Commander Aufik

    [O17-Naboo-TT] Not jedi life

    *Your entry has earned 6 XP* In the plains of Naboo, there is a way going to a small memorial of an old unknown jedi. Many Followers of the force come here every day, to meditate. Some other, like Eera and Killio, bring here jedi artifacts they find on their travels. Many of them wonder who this jedi once was... From left to right: Reif, a human farmer. Eera, a human archeologist and traveller. Killio, an ovissian explorer. Zeu, a bith bartender. Unknown jedi and Eera. ---------- My only entry to the Ltc, hope you liked it.
  11. Commander Aufik

    [O17-Naboo-TT] Once Imperial

    Im probably with fixing it next time. The thing about the dialogue is actually very interesting. Hope it will help me next time. Thanks!
  12. Commander Aufik

    [O17-Naboo-TT] Once Imperial

    Thank you! Thanks! Sadly, I have to agree with you on the story. It just feels bad. Do you think I should change it in this post, or try to fix it next time?
  13. Commander Aufik

    [O17-Naboo-TT] Once Imperial

    Lemrik and his commander entered a small room, where they should meet the man. He looked more like a smuggler, than an officer. Looks like his years as New republick man changed him. Man: Greetings gentlemen, I am Mel Wespa. May I offer you a drink? Irfew: No, thank you. You have a very nice castle, Is it yours? Wespa: Not really, it is New republicks, we are just stationed here. Irfew: Interesting. I will now give you an offer. I offer you to join the Triumvirate, and make the galaxy great again. You once were a powerfull commander, are you in? Wespa says no without a hesitation, and pulled out a Blaster. Lemrik wanted to grab his, but Wespa shouted that he will shoot. Wespa: You are under arrest, both of you. Transport should be here any minute. Irfew: You can't do this. We are diplomats. Wespa: You would have done the same. Also, you are Imps, and I don't care that I once was an Imp too. Good bye, "diplomats".
  14. Commander Aufik

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] Securing Devaron

    Very cool! Love the computer, also I like the minifig posing.
  15. Commander Aufik

    [M13-devaron-TT] An old wreckage

    Thanks! Thank you!