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The Empire of Eslandola: Sign-Up and Discussion, Era II

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The Empire of Eslandola 
Nicknames: Cash Empire, Eslandrama
Colors: Green, Gold
Flag: Although this is the official flag, you are welcome to create your own variations or stick with purist flags.



Eslandola Summarized: Compared to the other nations, Eslandola boasts the best merchants, the most heavily laden treasure ships, and - they will contend - the largest and richest colonial possessions.  Eslandolans hold hard to their individualism and profit making, and those have not let them down!  They are adventurers and explorers, business folk, merchant sailors, agriculturalists, and artists.

Membership: Fancy yourself as a tradesperson and want to join a trading company to extend our wealth? Or aspire to make a name for yourself in New Terra and explore the islands and start a colony to expand our empire? Want to pick up arms and join the army or navy to expand our control? We welcome anybody who will be loyal to the cause. For gold and country!

Good Eslandolans strive to show their pride by including one or more of the nation’s colors in each build, but if they slip up, certainly no one will track them down.

If you choose to be a member, there is a lot in store for you! Your first task will be to create your signature figure (sig-fig) and sign up in this thread with an intro post. Your intro post should include a picture of your sigfig and a bit of a description and background as well. Your sigfig will represent your character throughout your MOCs within Brethren of the Brick Seas. (That does not mean that your sigfig has to be in every MOC you make.) There are some simple instructions here that sum up the sign-up process.

Eslandola currently has three main trading companies. If you'd like, you are quite welcome to affiliate yourself with one of them. This affiliation may be changed at any time, but you are responsible to make sure leaders are notified of any changes. You are not required to join one of the trade groups and may even start your own; however, there are a few economic benefits which come with joining a Trade Company. More information about the trade groups can be found under point 5 below.

Eslandola has a republican system of government, with a figurehead monarchy.  More information about the government can be found under points 1 and 2 below.

Did you get that far? If so, you’ve read all that you really need to know. The rest is just icing on the cake, so take it at your leisure, and enjoy the MOCs!

A Detailed Look at the Empire of Eslandola (government, geography, military, history): (below)
Trade Companies: (second post)
Colonies: (third post)
Members: (fourth post)

A Detailed Look at the Empire of Eslandola
1 – Leadership

King Fernando - Augusto VII (NPC)
Thanks to the independent minded merchants of Eslandola, the realm is fairly decentralized.  The real power lies in the hands of the Continental Council and its daughter council, the Colonial Council. King Fernando used to command the empire through a High Council, but a bad political move led to his power being curtailed with the signing of the Magna Charta.  Since then, he's been variously reported as begging in the backstreets, throwing nightcaps, gormandizing, or plotting a dramatic revenge...

Continental Council
The Continental Council consists of the leaders of Eslandola.  The Continental Council grants charters, signs treaties, and supervises elections.  Honorary members are members that have previously served in the Continental Council, but now take no part in its usual deliberations.

Governor Willem Guilder (@Capt Wolf) and the Merchant's Colonial Trading Company (MCTC)


Willem Guilder is a career member of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, rising from dock agent to regional manager to mayor of the MCTC’s Weelond settlement to governor of the island of An Holli. With the retirement of Guy Wyndzon, Guilder now takes over as director of the MCTC. Guilder has continually sought ways to expand the MCTC’s trading base and influence, forging new trade relationships and aggressively defending Eslandolan (and the MCTC’s) interests across the seas. Quick to join the push to get the king to sign the Magna Charta, Guilder hopes to help lead the MCTC (and thus Eslandola) to new heights in this blossoming era of colonial power!


Captain Jerome Monezterrell (@Legostone) and the Mpya-Stedor All-Encompassing Science, Trade & Resources Organisation (MAESTRO)


Captain Jerome Monezterrell grew up in a community of merchants, and, since joining the at the time newly-formed MAESTRO trade company, has risen to the rank of accountant and second-in-lead of the trade company, as well as Governor of Eslandola's recently conquered Isla de la Victoria.  Influential in the founding of the settlement of Fuerte Unido and famous as the owner of the splendid Monezterrell shipyards, Captain Jerome's focus on a strong national and private navy has also resulted in his promotion to Secretary of the Navy in Eslandola.  On entering Era II, his goals are to further propel his nation and trade company on to victory!


Viceroy Renato Filamento (@kabel) and the Royal Colonies


After his fortunate discovery of the island of Nelissa, Renato Filamento was knighted by King Fernando and proceeded to construct Nova Terreli as a royal colony. Sir Renato was kept home in Eslandola for some time, and earned the King’s trust.  Now, he has been made Viceroy of all the royal colonies and is supposed to do his best to bring down the East Trade-Wind Company. Unfortunately for him, the ETWC capitalized on his discoveries and now controls the rest of the east coast of Nelissa. Sir Renato, even after all the recent occurrences, still deeply respects King Fernando and wants to carry out his job well, but he is forced to comply with many of ETWC’s demands. His exasperation with the state of affairs leads him to take frequent therapeutic jungle expeditions, and he spends a good deal of his time lost in the woods.  Since the king's fall in public favor, little has been heard of his viceroy...

Honorary Members: 

Sir Edward Thomas Wilkinson de Chauncourtois (@Garmadon) and the East Trade-Wind Company (ETWC)


Sir E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois has headed the East Trade-Wind Company for, well, just about forever!  Under his leadership, the elite trade company has greatly consolidated power, and ever since the colonizing move to the New World, it has had a virtual monopoly in Eslandola proper.  Although it made an early start on the island of Nelissa, after it got a good hold there, the ETWC began to lay back and became somewhat complacent about New World expansion.  In Era I it has fallen somewhat behind the other two large companies in Nova Terra, but now, while Wilkinson still enjoys more-or-less ignoring his competitors, it is said that plans are afoot that will propel the ETWC back into its place as the number one trading company.


Guy K. Wyndzon (@Kai NRG) of the MCTC


After the death of his wealthy father, young Guy took over leadership of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company’s Board. Energetic and sometimes a little too reckless, he often has trouble getting the other merchants to agree with his expansionistic schemes and would have been deposed long ago but for the influence of his Uncle. Under Guy’s leadership, the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company stopped playing its losing game on the mainland with the ETWC and started planting dozens of new colonies in the New World.  However, when Guy's Uncle took a voyage to who knows where, Guy decided that being leader of the MCTC was too much for him and stepped down.  Well, that was his given reason, but rumor has it that he found a secret treasure map.

2 – Colonial Council

Background: After the King's erratic temperament got him into trouble with Eslandola's powerful trade companies, the powerhouse of Eslandola was moved from the monarchy - now pretty much nothing but a figurehead - to the Continental Council and its newly formed Colonial counterpart. Update: After the Colonial Council was usurped by Count Lewisham, King Fernando returned to power in September 622 and dissolved the Colonial Council.

Council Hall, Weelond:

A republican body elected by the members of Eslandola, this latter consists of eight members - three appointed by the Trade Companies, three elected regionally, one elected by members not affiliated with a Trade Company, and one, the Admius Legistrad, elected by Eslandola at large. The Colonial Council handles just about all the day-to-day decisions of Eslandola, and makes sure that everything runs smoothly and to the liking of the people.  More information on all the particulars of how the Colonial Council and Eslandolan government works can be found here (first post only).

Eslandola Colonial Council - First Cycle, 617, In Session

Eslandola Colonial Council - Second Cycle, 618, In Session

Eslandola Colonial Council - 620, In Session

Eslandola Colonial Council - 621, In Session

3 – Geography
The Southeastern Coast: Major Ports and Capital

This is where Eslandola's capital, Terreli, is located. This is the wealthiest region of the world, thus giving it the nickname Diamond Coast. It boasts the world's largest ports, with Terreli being the biggest. Most people live in the ports and towns, but some reside in the beautiful isolated countryside. The southeastern coast of Eslandola is the most populated region of with most citizens being traders, merchants, sailors, or nobles. Terreli is also the headquarters of the East Trade-Wind Company. Generally, buildings resemble Mediterranean and Western European styles. Eslandians generally prefer mud, brick, or rock structures over wood.

The Northwestern Coast: Smaller Ports and Coastal Towns

The northwestern coast is a quite different place. With the royal government and both trade companies focusing their effort on the eastern coast and the colonies, the western coast has been historically neglected – making it a hot spot for smugglers and the occasional pirate. Every man on the northwestern coast fends for himself, as the army's presence is virtually nil.

The Colonies


Since the signing of the Magna Charta, the colonies have been mostly left to govern themselves with the Colonial Council.  The largest city in the New World, Nova Terreli, was established as a crown colony but took a leading part in dethroning the King.  In size, it rivals most of the ports of the Old World.  Its mayor sides with the MCTC and in good MCTC tradition is always ready to expand influence on the island, but the ETWC controls its own settlement here too.  A couple other islands are in the hands of MAESTRO, but the majority are settled by the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company.

Adventurers head for the colonies to find income through trade and commerce or resource factories such as plantations, mining, or tanneries.  Given the diverse backgrounds of settlers, just about every architectural style has been allowed to flourish in the colonies, with preference being given to those that are the simplest and quickest to build.

4 – Military
Continental Army
These men are directly loyal to the Councils and have no affiliation with the trade companies. Some regiments and commanding officers still wear armor, which they believe is a symbol of might, and it is not a rarity to see officers on horseback. The standard uniform color is green.

The majority of the troops of Eslandola are militia, financed and trained by the trade companies or local leaders. Their uniforms are usually quite diverse and depend mainly on the region they are in and their leader - though green is generally used as it is one of the official colors.

East Trade-Wind Company
These elite, elusive troops are fielded by the ETWC whenever the need arises - which it doesn't happen very often.  By the law of the land, they are not a standing army, but they've still helped the nation out various times in a pinch.  Among other things, they were sent out in the battles against Mardier on Isla de Victoria, and were instrumental in taking down the enemy forts on the island. Their colors are green and dark green.

Nova Terreli
The Golden Nellisei are elite troops and Román Fontonajo's personal guard unit in Nova Terreli


MAESTRO maintains several militia units. Here are Royal MAESTRO Engineers under the command of General Whitedragon.

Merchant's Colonial Trading Company (MCTC)
White Glove Order

The White Glove Order, headquartered in the MCTC settlement of Bardo, maintains its own troops. Here they are seen marching into Nova Malto.

The Governor's Musketeers
Willem Guilder, director of the MCTC and governor of An Holli, maintains an elite unit of musketeers, capable with musket and sword, on horse and on foot. Here they are seen on parade in front of Weelond's local militia unit.

There are many other militia units in Eslandola. As you can see, some of these units can be very individualistic.

Navy (Grande y Felicísima Armada Eslandola)
While the trade companies maintain a few heavily armed ships for escort duty, the majority of Eslandola's warships are owned and operated by the Councils. These ships have been used most often in the past for escort duty with large merchant convoys. Eslandola's navy currently consists of the following ships (ownership, if by someone other than the faction, in parentheses):

Active un-MOC'd ships:
Argenta - Class 5
El Dorado - Class 5
Verde Oro - Class 5

Active MOC'd ships:
Pride of Pontelli - Class 8
La Comete III - Class 7
White Rabbit - Class 7
Oscuridad IV - Class 6
La Raya Venenosa III - Class 6
Golden Grasshopper - Class 6
Sleeping Siren II - Class 5 (Weelond)
Asesino II - Class 4 (Nova Terreli)
Midas Touch II - Class 4 (Nova Terreli)
Blood Diamond - Class 4 (Weelond)
Long Beard IV - Class 4 (Puerto Desafio)
Clearance - Class 4 (Salida Este)

Auxiliary MOC'd ships:
Princesse Margot - Class 8 (Maxim I)
Margot - Class 7 (Trador)
Beluga - Class 5 (Maxim I)

Lost MOC'd ships eligible to be sistershipped:
Thunderer - Class 6
Firefly - Class 5 [also, name to be changed]
The Gallant - Class 4 (Bardo)
Victoria II - Class 4 (Fuerte Unido)
Peregrine II - Class 4 (Fuerte Unido)
La Salamandra - Class 3

Inactive / licenses only:
Logan's Nightmare - Class 5
Thor's Anvil - Class 5
HMS Pegasus - Class 5
Plump Patty - Class 4
Hades' Hangman - Class 4

5 – History and Foreign Relations
Eslandola before Era I
Almost all Eslandians like having a monarch, but they don’t like him bothering them. They are individualistic, and, especially in the colonies, they have always tended to ignore royal orders. However, when the nation needs to defend itself, its large sprawling noble class is eager to respond, along with the powerful trade lords and privateers, who are always looking for somewhere to use their expertise. Honor is found in both war and business – but business is preferred.

Fifty years ago the East Trade Wind Company foreclosed on much of the royal possessions due to excessive debt levels.  To get them off his back, the King established Renato Filamento, a newly knighted explorer, as Viceroy of all the royal ports.  Renato arrived and had to try to curb the ETWC’s power, no easy task!  The ETWC dominated the High Council, and the aims of the empire were divided between the monarch’s ambitions and desires of those who control the purse strings.  Recently, however, the fairly conservative and slow-to-expand ETWC has been challenged by the rapidly exploding Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, which has also managed to grab several seats in the council.  For this reason, much of the foreign policy of Eslandola has been to acquire as many new territories in the resource rich New World as possible.  Despite the large trading companies, smuggling is rampant and small competition abounds.

The Eslandians are a romantic and freedom loving people, cherishing long and winding stories.  Nobility still loves to dress in armor, even though the days of its practicality are over.  The horse is also a useful tool, especially when dealing with natives, and most Eslandians know how to ride a horse and shoot at the same time.  Eslandola has no state religion, but leaves such matters entirely to the desires of its people.

Eslandola in Era I
Right with the onset of Era I, Eslandola burst out in rapid expansion and development in the New World, using its valuable island of Nelissa as a launching pad for operations in the newly discovered islands to the east.  Soon after the discovery of the island of Berelli by the famed Eslandolan explorer, Ivo Fortesque, MAESTRO's settlement of Elysabethtown was founded there, where the new trade company was not only instrumental in keeping the island from falling completely into the hands of the redcoats, but almost managed to keep up a good relationship with Corrington and the natives of the island as well.  Although the ETWC mostly concentrated on consolidating its power on Nelissa's east coast and building up its settlement of Pontelli, the poor viceroy, Renato Filamento, was nevertheless not particularly successful in his mission on behalf of the king - just how not-particularly-successful future events would show - and he often solaced himself with long expeditions into the jungle, where he would disappear for weeks or months at a time.  Rumors that the good viceroy had gone mad were sometimes to be heard whispered in the large city of Nova Terelli...  

At any rate, things seemed to be progressing fairly normal - the MCTC building settlements and expanding like nobody's business, MAESTRO, and especially Mr. Jerome Monezterell's shipyard, providing both the crown and the trade company with an abundance of ships, and Nova Terelli bustling with the trade of the nations under its new mayor, Román Esteban Fontonajo - when it suddenly occurred to the good old king that a convoy of treasure ships bringing the newfound gold of the colonies to Eslandola's Old World capital would be the very thing to set him up for life.  This turned out to be not the greatest idea, though, for while some ships' escorts managed to defend their charges from assault, a considerable number were lost to pirates and other villains of the high seas, despite the ingenuity of the Eslandolans in defense of their gold.  Some time ago King Stéphan II of Oleon had died and been succeeded by his younger brother, the new King Philip I, but Eslandola's King Fernando Augusto VII had always pondered how it was that that brother should become the new king instead of himself, the old king's cousin.  At any rate, he figured he had a fine claim to the throne of Oleon, and for some time previously, curious affairs had been going on under the surface...

Meanwhile, however, other things were also going on in Eslandola!  An outrageous and unwarranted attack on Eslandola's shipping by the nation of Mardier brought on a court case, and after the infamous travesty which resulted in the supposed vindication of the privateer, l'Ollius, Eslandola's declaration of war.  This did not result in much action, however, until Operation KMA and the Eslandolan attack on Isla de Victoria, a strategic piece of land which Mardier had claimed under the name of "Isla del Medio," located right between two of Eslandola's newest acquisitions.  This daring action put all doubts about Eslandola's intention to see to the safety and protection of its citizens from foreign attacks at rest forever.  

It was just now, however, that the king also saw fit to put into action the plan which he had been concocting ever since the death of his unfortunate cousin in Granoleon.  The king's battle plan, codenamed, En Contra Oleon put the relation between that nation and Eslandola very much on edge - but worse, for him, it practically signaled the knell for his active rule as monarch of Eslandola.  Popular outrage was everywhere.  The leaders in the colonies decided that something must be done.  The result?  Well, poor King Fernando was forced to very peacefully decided to sign away all his powers in the Eslandolan Magna Charta, and by the resulting Constitution, a Colonial Council - the counterpart of the also newly formed Continental one - was formed, and became, de facto, the ruling force in Eslandola's colonies.  

What was going on with the war against Mardier all this time, you ask?  Well, Eslandola issued a Letter of Marque against all Mardierian warships to counter a similar offer from their enemy, and the war proceeded both on the Isla and on the seas!  After a gruelingly long war, during which Eslandola formed a league with the nation of Garvey, helped in the succession and independence of Terraversa from its mother country, wrested fort after fort and position after position from Mardier on Isla de Victoria, though unfortunately at the price of many courageous members of the heroic Brickwall family, devastated its enemy's shipping, and chased them to the fabled kingdom of gold, Eslandola ended up in sole possession of the contested island, and forced Mardier to come to fair terms.  Although it has looked askance on the Sea Rats ever since their devious attack on Eslandolan ships in the Battle of the Five Fleets, it embarks upon this next era at peace with all the other nations, and looking to trade and exploration for the future glory of the nation!

The jungle calls! - for gold and country, for Eslandola!

Foreign Relations
Eslandola has cordial relationships with other nations both because it provides big trading partners and because it is not militaristic. After Operation Pax Corlandia and the subsequent Malto Peace Talks, it kept a wary eye on Corrington. More recently, Oleon's secretive nature and semi-closed port policies has caused Eslandola to be wary of them as well.
(Note: Relationships are judged on a 1 to 5 scale; Very Friendly, Friendly, Indifferent, Unfriendly, Very Unfriendly)

Eslandola's relationship with...
Sea Rats: Indifferent
Corrington: Indifferent
Oleon: Unfriendly
Mardier (NPC): Very Unfriendly
Garvey (NPC): Very Friendly

Other nation’s relationship with Eslandola...
Sea Rats: Indifferent
Corrington: Indifferent
Oleon: Unfriendly
Mardier (NPC): Very Unfriendly
Garvey (NPC): Very Friendly

Ready to expand Eslandola’s land and extend Eslandola’s wealth? Go ahead, let’s get bricking!


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6 – Trading Companies

East Trade-Wind Company (ETWC)
Leader: Sir Edward Thomas Wilkinson de Chauncourtois
Location: The Southeastern Coast and the East Coast of Nelissa
Colors: Green and Dark Green
General Discussion
Originally the ETWC was the most powerful trading company of Eslandola, with the MCTC and MAESTRO only recently rising to a place where they might be able to challenge its position. It controls almost all the major Eslandian Old World ports and Wilkinson saw to it that most of the High Council seats were filled with its members.  Although not currently the strongest trade company in New Eslandola, the ETWC is now looking for ways to expand and regain its position as number one in the New World, which it has always had in the Old.
Monopolies: The ETWC holds a monopoly on copper, wheat, and oats. What does that mean? Although any player is welcome to build a copper mine, wheat plantation, or oat plantation, ETWC members will receive a special bonus if they are participating in the Economic Game System. More information on that can be found in the Economic Game System thread.

Merchant's Colonial Trading Company (MCTC)
Leader: Governor Willem Guilder
Location: A few ports on the Southeastern Coast and most of New Eslandola
Colors: Green and Black
General Discussion
When Guy K. Wyndzon’s father got a royal charter to found the Merchant's Colonial Trading Company, he did so because he was tired of the delays it took for ETWC to organize colonial expeditions. However, he had no plans to seriously rival the ETWC, and it was not until his death that MCTC really began to expand. Although fairly young, Guy already had years of experience in the business and with the help of his rich Uncle, managed to convince the rest of the board members to allow him to lead. Colonization boomed and dozens of New World ports are already under MCTC control. Guy passed off the lead to Governor Guilder, who plans to continue expansion and to extend MCTC influence right up into the Colonial Council.
Monopolies: The MCTC holds a monopoly on iron, textiles, and cotton. What does that mean? Although any player is welcome to build an iron mine, textile factory, or cotton plantation, MCTC members will receive a special bonus if they are participating in the Economic Game System. More information on that can be found in the Economic Game System thread.

Mpya-Stedor All-Encompassing Science, Trade & Resources Organisation (MAESTRO)
Leader: Lord Maximilian Damaximus
Location: Mpya Stedor, with a presence throughout New Eslandola, particularly Berreli and the Prio Seas
General Discussion
Recently established by Lord Maximilian Damaximus, Governor of Stedor, MAESTRO has quickly garnered support among small traders eager to make their own way. This player created Trade Company has expansive projects and is constantly looking for ways to further development. It has also taken the novel step of reaching out to non-Eslandians with its Corringtonian branch, and it currently boasts the largest Eslandian navy under that of the crown. Time will tell whether this new threat will spur MCTC and the ETWC on to greater activity!
Monopolies: MAESTRO has a monopoly on apple plantations. What does that mean? Although any player is welcome to build an apple plantation, MAESTRO members will receive a special bonus if they are participating in the Economic Game System. More information on that can be found in the Economic Game System thread.

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7 - Eslandian Islands
The Empire of Eslandola controls the following islands:

An Holli
General Description: Discovered in 560, An Holli (along with An Toli) is the oldest colonial possession of Eslandola. It is a long, narrow island that barely rises out of the sea. It is home to many cotton and sugar farmers, and a significant fishing industry. Originally exclusive to the MCTC, it now is open to all and has become the main stepping stone in the Sea of Storms for Eslandolan ships heading to Nellisa and points east. As such, it is home to seamen of all types.
Geographical Features: An Holli is less than 90 miles long from north to south, and less than 40 miles across at its widest point. The island can easily be broken into thirds. The southern portion of the island is marked by coastal dunes, and cotton grows easily in plantations along the Weelond River. The Bay of Weelond is not only a fine anchorage, but is a bountiful fishing area as well. The middle section of the island is marked by hills and tropical forest. The northern portion of the island sports fertile soil for sugarcane along the Motelli River, but the coast is rocky, especially at the northern tip.
Famous Structures: Eslandola’s royal textile factory is in Weelond, taking advantage of the many cotton plantations on the southern third of the island. Colonial Hall, previously a lecture hall in Weelond, served as the first home of Eslandola’s Colonial Council, the first democratically elected governing body in the Brick Seas. The rocky northern coast is home to the King’s Lighthouse.
Rumors: The western coast of the island has many shoals and is dangerous to navigate. There are several stories of ghost ships being seen in the area.
Settlements: Weelond

An Toli
Geographical Features: An Toli has a diverse geology and fauna. The climate is mostly warm, and wet, but there have been periods of drought. The middle of the island is surrounded by several mountains, that catch a lot of low rainclouds, making the forest dense and humid. The lakes in Bardine Creek and in the mountain are the main source of freshwater on the island. There are a variety of fruits growing wild on the island, the rivers are full of fish and the occasional crocodile.
Famous Features: An Toli and the settlement of Bardo was the home of Eslandola's Musician Talent Fair, as well as the site of the MCTC's royal cotton plantation.  It is also the headquarters of the White Glove Order.
Settlements: Bardo

Chiquara (New Haven Sea island #1)
Nickname: Isle of the Forked Tongue
Geographical Features: Named for the shape of the protruding peninsula at the southern end of the landmass, this island features luscious vegetation and a hilly interior, with a number of natural bays and available anchorages, especially on the eastern side.  Hot springs abound in the pristine jungle.
Rumors: The natives of the island are said to be entirely blind, using their acute sense of hearing to survive and build up their civilisation – which, as a matter of fact, is characterised primarily by the fact that all the habitations of the islanders have been built up in the boughs of the island’s many trees.  Just inside the tropical climate zone of the New Haven seas, the island is teeming with banana and breadfruit trees, lizards and frogs.
Settlements: Chiquita

Eileanne neh Luithhr (aka Luther Islands) (New Haven Sea island #9)
Nickname: The Volcano
Geographical Features: A group of small islands, the largest of which is dominated by an enormous active volcano. Vegetation is sparse on the main island with no permanent source of freshwater available. The second largest island; however, contains a small freshwater lake and a large natural harbour that explorers have observed could easily be fortified to make a formidable anchorage.
Rumors: Geologists speculate that the volcanic nature of these islands probably contain significant mineral wealth, most likely with larger levels of iron, copper and mercury.
Settlements: Ceniza Bajo

Ferro Azure
Nickname: Far Island
Geographical Features: Fifty miles long, good coves and plenty of natural bays. Most likely a strategic location, but the climate is good for tropical crops.
Rumors: Some say that this island is perfect for indigo, others that it is most likely inhabited by natives. Rumor has it that iron can be found on this island fairly easily.
Famous Features: Besides hosting Eslandola's famed detective, Rhys Thomson, Ferro Azure has a huge cotton plantation on a small island just beyond the settlement, and also boasts the site of the first Indigo Dye factory in the New World.
Famous structures: Royal Naval Academy
Settlements: Salida Este

Isla de Victoria
Nickname: Isla de la Many Names, Skaford Heights
Geographical Features: The scene of the recent battles between Eslandola and its rival, Mardier, this island is mostly jungle on the inside, but boasts an excellent natural bay on its south side at the island's thinnest point.  The north-east coast, however is very shallow, and rife with sandbars.  The south-west coasts are rocky, but host naturally occurring groves of citrus fruit.  In the center of the island towers a tall volcano that occasionally shakes the land.
Rumors: The natives of this island fear the deeper waters to the south.  While they are more than happy to sail their catamarans in the northern shallow water, they refuse to do so on the southern coast.
Strategic Locations: Fort of Fuerte Unido, Fortified Farm, Ex-Mardierian Fort.
Settlements: Fuerte Unido, Fortaleza Victoria, La Puebloto, Nova Malto, Puerto Desafio, Lakor, Mehit

Isla Phillipe
Nickname: The Pig
Geographical Features: Named after the King of Oleon (for obvious reasons), this island is about thirty-five miles across, with good soft shore beaches. The elevation is high enough for farming. It has no natural cove or bay, and waters are shallow surrounding the island for a few miles.
Rumors: As its nickname suggests, Isla Phillipe is practically haunted by wild boars. It is unknown if there are natives on the island. The soil is a bit rocky, but likely can produce common foodstuffs like wheat. Silver flakes were found in one of the streams.
Settlements: Port Wilks

La Sombra
Nickname: The Shadow (#13)
Geographical Features: This island has a natural bay ideal for a trading post. It is well guarded by steep rocky coasts on most sides, and the water is deep.
Rumors: More than one sailor has independently reported seeing a massive black shadow in the sea circling around the island. The more suspicious of sailors suspect this is a sea monster, or sea monsters, lurking beneath the foam to swallow their ships whole, while the more academic postulate this could be a school of fish, indicating good fishing waters, or even a pod of whales, drawn to this island for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, sailors, and the natives, have avoided this island.
Famous Structures: Truachesh neh Triuri Altar, Merchant's Quay.
Settlements: Trador

Nickname: ---
Geographical Features: One of the largest islands discovered by Madrician explorers so far, the northern coast of this island has a more temperate climate likely influenced by weather of the great northern sea. The mountain range that forms an east-west spine along the island contains the highest mountains yet seen in the new world, the peaks of which are covered in an almost permanent mist. This range shelters the southern portion of the island from the moderating effects of the northern winds and a more tropical climate prevails here. 
Rumors: Several native tribes inhabit the island, and their relations with each other shift periodically, like rival siblings. They have been quick to trade with the new settlers, but the natives are protective of their lands. It is rumored that an ancient civilisation once worked numerous rich gold mines on this island and that these mines could be reactivated with minimal effort. The peaks of the mountains are said to be covered in snow where unusual creatures live such as a "snow jaguar."
Famous Structures: Fort Janszen
Settlements: Interlagos, Punto Sur

General Description: The flat island has an almost circular shape with a diameter of about 80 miles. With almost 20 years of age Nellisa is one of the oldest islands in the colonies. There are two major settlements: The colourful Nova Terreli on the west coast, and Pontelli, the pride of the ETWC, on the east coast (also called the Company Coast). The newly founded settlement of Montario in the north is the seat of the island's governor, and some other minor settlements are distributed over Nellisa. A well-maintained road leads all the way from Nova Terreli to Pontelli.
Geographical Features: The shores are soft, and the island is mostly flat. The Terreli Hills with a maximum height of no more than 350 metres elevate east of Nova Terreli. On the Kings Coast in the southwest, where many crops are grown, another minor ridge can be found. There is a swampy region in the northeast and three main rivers, all emerging from a deep jungle in the centre of the island.
Famous Structures: Castillo de Nova Terreli (Royal Fortress), Governor's Palace in Montario, Grand Road of Nellisa, and the River Port.
Rumors: In 605 AE it was rumored that gold had been found on Nellisa - but huge deposits have yet to be discovered. Crops (like oat and cotton) have proven to grow decently, but not extraordinarily. The jungle in the centre has yet to reveal its secrets.
Settlements: Nova Terreli, MontarioPontelli

Nickname: The Autumn Isle (#8)
Geographical Features: This forested island earned its nickname from a unique species of tree only found here that has dark red foliage year-round, resembling a deciduous tree in fall. It is an old volcano, long since dormant.
Rumors: The tree color may indicate strange metals in the soil. It is suspected that this island holds rare earth elements.
Settlements: Hojaroja

Torrach Bonn
Nickname: Moon Island
Geographical Features: This island has a very high elevation compared to the surrounding islands. It has a mix of dense jungles, plains, and small mountains. While there is no great harbor on Torrach Bonn, there are many safe anchorages. It possesses a good water supply, good soil, and a hardwood that rivals the old world in quality.
Rumors: This island is inhabited, but it is so large, that there probably is plenty of land for everyone!
Settlements: Puerto Alijo

The Empire of Eslandola claims but does not control the following island:
Important Enterprises: Weapon FactoryApple Cider Brewery, Shipyard.
Settlements: Elysabethtown

8 – Settlements
Eslandola has the following settlements:

Name: Bardo
Ownership: MCTC
Location: An Toli
Mayor: Colonel Oystrigde - @Sir Stig
Who can own property in Bardo: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Bardo: Anyone.
Bardo Thread

Name: Ceniza Bajo
Ownership: Crown
Location: Eileanne neh Luithhr (New Haven island #9)
Mayor: TBD
Who can own property in Ceniza Bajo: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Ceniza Bajo: Anyone.
Ceniza Bajo Thread

Name: Chiquita
Ownership: MCTC
Location: Chiquara (New Haven island #1)
Mayor: TBD
Who can own property in Chiquita: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Chiquita: Anyone.
Chiquita Thread

Name: Damaborg
Ownership: MAESTRO
Location: The Lowers
Mayor: TBD
Who can own property in Damaborg: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Damaborg: Anyone.
Damaborg Thread

Name: Elysabethtown
Ownership: MAESTRO
Location: Berelli
Mayor: @TitusV
Who can own property in Weelond: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Weelond: Anyone.
Elysabethtown Thread

Name: Fortaleza Victoria
Ownership: Crown
Location: Isla de Victoria
Mayor: None
Who can own property in Fortaleza Victoria: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Fortaleza Victoria: Anyone.
Unique Status: Fort Only
Fortaleza Victoria Thread

Name: Fuerte Unido
Ownership: Crown
Location: Isla de Victoria
Mayor: Jerome Monezterell - @Legostone
Who can own property in Fuerte Unido: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Fuerte Unido: Anyone.
Fuerte Unido Thread

Name: Hojaroja
Ownership: MCTC
Location: Otoño
Mayor: TBD
Who can own property in Hojaroja: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Hojaroja: Anyone.
Hojaroja Thread

Name: Interlagos
Ownership: Crown
Location: Maldria
Mayor: Pip Janszen - @Capt Wolf
Who can own property in Interlagos: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Interlagos: Anyone.
Interlagos thread

Name: Lakor
Ownership: The Azclaxcan Tribe, under protection of Eslandola
Location: Isla de Victoria
Mayor: King Azte Nek
Who can own property in Lakor: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Lakor: Anyone.
Lakor Thread

Name: La Puebloto
Ownership: TBD
Location: Isla de Victoria
Mayor: TBD
Who can own property in La Puebloto: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in La Puebloto: Anyone.
La Puebloto Thread

Name: Mehit
Ownership: The Mehuatajir, native tribe under protection of Eslandola
Location: Isla de Victoria
Mayor: TBD - @Faladrin
Who can own property in Mehit: Any friend of the natives; permission is needed.
Who can freebuild in Mehit: Anyone friendly to the natives.
Mehit Thread

Name: Montario
Ownership: Crown
Location: Nelissa
Mayor: None
Who can own property in Montario: Anyone
Who can freebuild in Montario: Anyone
Montario Thread

Name: Nova Malto
Ownership: Crown
Location: Isla de Victoria
Mayor: TBD
Who can own property in Nova Malto: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Nova Malto: Anyone.
Nova Malto Thread

Name: Nova Terreli
Ownership: Crown
Location: Nellisa
Mayor: Román Esteban Fontonajo - @Elostirion
Who can own property in Nova Terreli: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Nova Terreli: Anyone.
Nova Terreli Thread

Name: Pontelli
Ownership: ETWC
Location: Nellisa
Mayor: Lady Asma April - @Captain Braunsfeld
Who can own property in Pontelli: Anyone
Who can freebuild in Pontelli: Anyone.
Pontelli Thread

Name: Port Wilks
Ownership: ETWC
Location: Isla Phillipe
Mayor: TBD (@Garmadon)
Who can own property in Port Wilks: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Port Wilks: Anyone.
Port Wilks Thread

Name: Puerto Alijo
Ownership: TBD
Location: Torrach Bonn
Mayor: TBD
Who can own property in Puerto Alijo: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Puerto Alijo: Anyone.
Puerto Alijo Thread

Name: Puerto Desafio
Ownership: Crown
Location: Isla de Victoria
Mayor: Marquis Alkurda - @Sir Stig
Who can own property in Puerto Desafio: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Puerto Desafio: Anyone.
Puerto Desafio Thread

Name: Punto Sur
Ownership: Crown
Location: Maldria
Mayor: TBD
Who can own property in Punto Sur: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Punto Sur: Anyone.
Punto Sur Thread

Name: Salida Este
Ownership: MCTC
Location: Ferro Azure
Mayor: Revon de Crocodil - @Umbra-Manis
Who can own property in Salida Este: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Salida Este: Anyone.
Salida Este Thread

Name: Trador
Ownership: MAESTRO
Location: La Sombra
Mayor: TBD - @Maxim I
Who can own property in Trador: Anyone
Who can freebuild in Trador: Anyone
Trador Thread

Name: Weelond
Ownership: MCTC
Location: An Holli
Mayor: Willem Guilder - @Capt Wolf
Who can own property in Weelond: Anyone.
Who can freebuild in Weelond: Anyone.
Weelond Thread

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5465 posts


@A_Goodman - Captain Hernan Orellana
@Alfadas - Alfonso di Dubloniere - ETWC Member
@Aventador - Kenway Cuervo - MCTC Member
@Captain Braunsfeld - Colonel William Oswald Brickinson - ETWC Member
@Captain Green Hair - Captain Green Hair - MAESTRO Member
@Capt Wolf - Philip "Pip" Janszen - MCTC Leader, Mayor of Weelond
@Elostirion - Román Esteban Fontonajo - MCTC Member
@Faladrin - Felipe De La Manzana - MAESTRO Member
@Garmadon - Myles Bowditch - ETWC Leader
@gedren_y - Dearji the Windsong
@kabel - Renato Filamento - Viceroy of New Eslandola
@Kai NRG - Guy Wyndzon - Former MCTC Leader
@Legostone - Jerome Monezterell - MAESTRO Member, Mayor of Fuerte Unido
@Maxim I - Governor Damaximus - MAESTRO Leader
@Phadeout - Alejandro de la Calle - MCTC Member
@Sir Iron - Francisco Iron of Ironia - MCTC Member
@Sir Stig - Victor Servadac - MCTC Member, Mayor of Bardo
@SkyPie - Lyell Lucerna
@Stash2Sixx - Atticus Cuervo - MCTC Member
@The Neighborhood Merchant - Arthur Williams - MAESTRO member
@Tiddlymouthwash - Jim Cuervo - MCTC Member
@TitusV - Lady Elysabeth of the House of Drondil - MAESTRO Member, Mayor of Elysabethtown
@Tuben - Ulrich von Koehler - MCTC Member
@Umbra-Manis - Revon de Crocodil - MCTC Member
@Windusky - Sir Windar Baerbald - ETWC Member


To sign up as a citizen of Eslandola, post a picture of your signature figure (sigfig) in this thread. Please include a bit of a description as well. Your sigfig will represent your character throughout your MOCs within Brethren of the Brick Seas. (That does not mean that your sigfig has to be in every MOC you make.)

Within BoBS there are many possibilities. Build your own story – for example, your sigfig could start out as a carpenter that decides to work on a ship. Via battle experiences he ends up getting his own ship, eventually becoming a merchant captain, etc.

For those still uncertain of what faction to chose or how to sign up in a minute, we have some simple instructions here, which pretty much sum up everything.

For those looking for the character introductions from Era I, the old sign-up thread can be found here.

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5385 posts

Yes!!! :grin:  

Though we nearly went over and defected to Oleon now for Era II (not! :laugh: :tongue:), here's Myles Bowditch (mathematician, navigator, and Captain of the Fog-Breaker), signing up for Eslandola and the East Trade Wind Company!  And dragging Captain Whiffo and Co. along with him, of course! :pir_laugh2:  For gold, country, and the ETWC! :pir-sweet:


(Are we still meaning to do new signups?  I hope so, but whether we are or not, here I am in Eslandola for Era II! :pir-wink: :pir-sweet:)

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28 minutes ago, Garmadon said:

Are we still meaning to do new signups?

Nope, no need to re-signup. The old faction page is still out there. But there's no harm done in re-introducing prominent characters if you feel like it.

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I, Lord Maximilian Damaximus, Duke of Stedor, Prince of Garvey, Governor of La Sombra, Prince-in-law of Eslandola, President of MAESTRO, hereby confirm my allegiance to the glorious nation of Eslandola.

I will keep serving the citizens of my beloved nation and will keep acting in the interest of a better Eslandola. As son-in-law of King Fernando Augusto, I will defend the Crown and watch over its existence.

As president of MAESTRO, I will keep expanding the Eslandolan trade influence in the new world.

As Prince of Garvey, I will keep investing in our alliance with Garvey. I will also strive to secure our relations with Prio, a good friend of MAESTRO since our help in their war for Independency.

I hereby will sum you up some of the characters that can cross your path someday...


My beloved wife, Princess Margot of Eslandola, daughter of King Fernando Augusto. She lives together with me at our Royal Palace in Trador. She is very active in the social life of Trador and one of the driving forces behind the many events in Trador. One of the most popular princesses of Eslandola.


Jan Zwartbaard, MAESTRO explorer, diplomat and treasure hunter. Some would call him a spy as well as he is famous for being on the right spot on the right time. One of the most loyal people I ever met. It was Jan Zwartbaard who discovered the raided village of Lakor and who managed to make friends with the Azclaxcans.

His brother, Bart Zwartbaard, is the captain of the "Prince of Stedor"


General Samu "the Whitedragon", MAESTRO General in the Prio Seas. One of the heroes during our war with Mardier and during the Prio Wars. His tactical choices are genius.


General Reinart Whisximus, MAESTRO General in the Sea of Storms. Made fame as Mercenary Officer during the many Oleon-Corrington wars and is a hero in Terraversa for his role in their rebellion. Now he is stationed in Elysabethtown in the more peacefull Sea of Thieves.


Admiral Adrian Bostoximus, commander of "the Margot", the first ship of the line in New Terra. Mostly busy with pirate hunting in the Old World, but rumours say he finally received orders to sail "the Margot" to the Sea of Storms. I can't confirm nor deny this information. Wears an Ancient helmet to cover the back of his head as he was once almost fatally wounded there, but he miraculously survived.


Commodore Matt Lenoir, commander of the "Purple Reign". Given command of the small Xebec "Purple Rain", he managed to transfer wares at a pace and quantity many traders only could dream off. Due his proven commandship, he received the title of Commodore of the Anti Blockade Squad. He commanded the biggest fleet of warships ever sailed in New Terra, with no less than 16 warships. Being betrayed by the Sea Rats who took over a part of his fleet while sleeping, he saw most of his vessels being destroyed by them. His flagship, the "Purple Reign" being one of them. Still he managed to sink the "Queen Annetta's Revenge", the most notorious pirate vessel at that point in history and recapture one of the lost vessels. His role in the "Battle of the 5 fleets" made him legendary allover the known world.


Sir Yohannes Ethiximus, mayor of Trador. As mayor of Trador, he managed to make Trador the first Large Town in the Prio Seas and it will only be a matter of weeks before Trador reaches City status!

Edited by Maxim I

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10248 posts

My main character is young Guy K. Wyndzon, former MCTC leader.


Other notable/active characters of mine are, Guy's irascible (and nameless) Uncle:


Guy's Uncle's wife, Elaine:


The slightly crazy Captain Argentum, who is a good friend and partisan of King Fernando, and a good enemy of Oleon, Corrington, the Sea Rats, and anyone else who King Fernado wants to offend:


And Captain Argentum's Terraversean fiancee (who hasn't done much... yet):


Looking forward to getting some good storytelling done in Era II!  Until then, I think I've got a bit of rule reading to catch up on...

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You’ve already been introduced above to my most active character, Governor Willem Guilder. But my sigfig is actually another character, Philip “Pip” Janszen.


Captain Janszen was born in Oleon, but his family fled “The Faith” and moved to Eslandola when Pip was very young. Orphaned at the age of 10, he was taken under the wing of MCTC merchant captain Cornelius Reyngout. Janszen got his first merchant command with the Lady of Madrice and later the Far Horizon. He is also a member of the Colonial Council as a member of the MCTC delegation. [Edit: No longer on the Colonial Council, he is currently leading an expedition exploring the New Haven Sea.]

Other characters you may see from time to time:


Aaron van der Meede was fresh out of law school when a task for his employer sent him to An Holli; Aaron fell in love with the island and never went back to the mainland. He put out his shingle and eventually became a civil servant in Weelond. He has become the de facto mayor of the city as Governor Guilder attends to other matters. He also serves in the Colonial Council as a member of the MCTC delegation.



Thaddeus Calvo is an adventurer – somewhat well known in certain social circles – and a sometimes spy. He almost found the fountain of youth, discovered that Mardier had settled the Skaford Heights in the South Prio Sea, and dueled his nemesis to prevent Mardier from finding the lost city of gold. When not in the jungles, he can often be found socializing with his lady friend, Madame Marian Villeneuve, an Oleander widow. [Edit: Calvo is currently part of the New Haven Sea expedition.]



General Alonzo is a former officer of the Royal Eslandola Army (and he still wears the golden armor and morion of his royal command), subsequently hired by the MCTC for its militia. After setting up the initial defenses for the new settlement of Salida Este on the island of Ferro Azure, Alonzo was sent to the Prio Seas to oversee the fortification of Fuerte Unido and command all MCTC troops in operation KMA.



Cornelius Reyngout is captain of the MCTC ship Prince Fernando. [Edit: He and the Prince Fernando were both lost at sea. RIP.] He was previously tasked with command of the Prince Fernando’s sister ship, the Heart of Eslandia, which was lost to the pirate Bloody Bill. Captain Reyngout mentored Pip Janszen in Pip’s youth.



Captain Jack Merker is the former captain of Lady’s Revenge, Wolf, and Wolf II, all lost at sea in one form or another, including service in the Pirate Purge of 616 and the Battle of the Five Fleets. He is currently without assignment in the MCTC fleet. [Edit: He now captains the brigantine Nightwing as part of the New Haven expedition, and secretly seeks Itasca's lost treasure.]

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The East Trade-Wind Company has just received a Royal Charter to start a new settlement on Isla Phillipe.  Check out more info on Port Wilks here!

New map of Isla Phillipe too :wink:  Heavily based on Ska's designs and style for BoBS maps, obviously (though not quite as good :grin:)!


First build for it to come soon!

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853 posts

I just built 3 residences in Puerto Desafio. Now all the town needs is show a little more of the culture (Art&Culture), and Puerto Desafio will be recognized as a large town in the region. If inspiration comes. We'll see.

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1823 posts

Hi, um, where is Stedor on the map? I cannot for the life of me find it. It's not on any of the world maps, as far as I can tell. I was told it was on mainland Eslandola, but I'm really not sure.

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1823 posts

Hey, is there an official lego flag for Eslandola? I know there's one for Corrington, and a similar one for Oleon, but I can't seem to find an Eslandolan one. If so, can someone link me the Bricklink page?

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I printed mine, as you can see here. I don't think there is any better official flag than the green square, or green-yellow-green in the classical lego flags.


@Capt Wolf: I feel we should add Garvey (5) and Mardier (1) to foreign relations?

Edited by Elostirion

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20 hours ago, Mesabi said:

Hey, is there an official lego flag for Eslandola? I know there's one for Corrington, and a similar one for Oleon, but I can't seem to find an Eslandolan one. If so, can someone link me the Bricklink page?

The official flag is at the top of this thread in the first post. It is not derived from any official Lego flag (although the crossed anchors and barrel logo is taken from the small ship in the Imperial Trading Post set). I frequently use a green-yellow-green tricolor that can be represented with Lego flag/pennants, as Elostirion pointed out. I've also printed a tricolor that includes the logo:


18 hours ago, Elostirion said:

I feel we should add Garvey (5) and Mardier (1) to foreign relations


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6838 posts


Lady Asma April is the current Mayor of Pontelli.


Scientist Alberto da Pontelli (together with his monkey friend George da Pontelli) was the former Mayor of Pontelli.
He is now focussing on science and has vowed to keep out of politics in the future.


Colonel William Oswald Brickinson has gone through several strange adventures that have brought him wealth and fame.

He is a skilled football player too, yet his team came fourth in the last tournament.


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54 posts

Whew, I finally got around to getting a decent photograph. 

Anyway, here's Keenan Reid, To-Be Captain of the ship Aguila (I'm chartering a ship the second I get 120db) 

Because this is technically my 7th-ish build on any Lego-posting website I have a long way to go, but I'm rather exited to get into BOBS. It's gonna be fun. 

Also, as I have more information, I will edit this post with more about Keenan... If that's even possible. 

Keenan Reid Edited.jpg

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5465 posts

Welcome to BoBS and Eslandola, TheCubbScout and Keenan Reid! We're glad you've taken the plunge! I like the remnants of armor on your sigfig. Eslandola still appreciates the old ways. :pir-grin:

19 minutes ago, TheCubbScout said:

the ship Aguila (I'm chartering a ship the second I get 120db) 

If the Aguila is class 2 or smaller, the license is free! Each player gets one free license for a class 2 or smaller ship.

20 minutes ago, TheCubbScout said:

Also, as I have more information, I will edit this post with more about Keenan... If that's even possible.

Yes, you can edit your own posts. And if you have trouble, just ask.

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54 posts

Just now, Capt Wolf said:

If the Aguila is class 2 or smaller, the license is free! Each player gets one free license for a class 2 or smaller ship.

Oh awesome! Yep, I plan for the Aguila to be rather similar to @Captain Genaro's Pride of Poseidon

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5465 posts

Just now, TheCubbScout said:

Oh awesome! Yep, I plan for the Aguila to be rather similar to @Captain Genaro's Pride of Poseidon

Very good. The Pride of Poseidon is a good example of a class 2 ship!

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2863 posts

Welcome to Eurobricks and BoBS, @TheCubbScout! It's great to see some new faces joining up. :excited: Love that sigfig too. Oh, and before some smart@$$ tries to tell you that you joined the "wrong faction": the "best" faction is whichever faction you decide to join. :pir-wink:

2 hours ago, TheCubbScout said:

Because this is technically my 7th-ish build on any Lego-posting website I have a long way to go, but I'm rather exited to get into BOBS.

Technically... I think I've posted 7 builds on Eurobricks... :look:

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