Settlement: Port Wilks, Isla Phillipe, Eslandola

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Settlement Name: Port Wilks

Ownership: ETWC

Location: Isla Phillipe

Mayor: TBD (@Garmadon)

Who can own property in Port Wilks: Anyone, from any faction (subject to any Eslandolan laws or ETWC decisions which may apply).

Who can freebuild in Port Wilks: Anyone, from any faction.

Fortifications: Currently, none.

Troops: There are currently no troops stationed in Port Wilks.

Please post any free-builds that take place in Port Wilks in this thread.

If you want to license a piece of property in Port Wilks, post in this thread and fill out the web form.

Island description: 

Name: Isla Phillipe
Nickname: The Pig
Geographical Features: Named after the King of Oleon (for obvious reasons), this island is about thirty-five miles across, with good soft shore beaches. The elevation is high enough for farming. It has no natural cove or bay, and waters are shallow surrounding the island for a few miles.
Rumors: As its nickname suggests, Isla Phillipe is practically haunted by wild boars. It is unknown if there are natives on the island. The soil is a bit rocky, but likely can produce common foodstuffs like wheat. Silver flakes were found in one of the streams.

Map of Isla Phillipe:


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