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[Esl - FB3 Apr] : A shipyard and a payment

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A Shipyard and a payment :

While the Doctor is preparing his expedition, Felipe de la Manzana received some news from his Ténotclaxcan friend Pinya.

She taught Felipe the Ténotclaxcans managed to catch an Oleon ship when they repeled them at sea...

The ship was not in good status but was still seaworthy and with some repairs could be a good warship.

The ship name was "La Vaillante"

So Pinya gave the ship in order to pay Felipe the service he is offering to the tribe by sending them the doctor.

Felipe was surprised and managed to build rapidly a shipyard for Elysabethtown to make the repairs on "La Vaillante".

Felipe visited the new shipyard at work just when the men, helped by some natives, began to work. So much work to do ! The mast had to be rebuilt; the sails were totally lost, and that awful yellow paint has to go ! thought Felipe when he saw the vessel remnants.



Some men were not so found at work than others and prefered to enjoy good apples...


The new paint had to be green ! According to Felipe : a bright green !


Once the masts rebuilt and the new rigging and sails are ready, Felipe returned with Pinya admire the work.


Once again, it seemed that a man (the same ??) prefered to play with a monkey instead of working...

I hope you will like this shipyard.

C&C's are always welcome.

The ship will be seen in a dedicated topic when ready (soon !)

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Very nice ship and shipyard, Faladrin, and yes, that horrid yellow stripe looks way better in green! pirate_laugh_new.gif The rigging on your vessel looks quite good as well, looking forward to more pictures of that soon! default_excited.gif And I can't blame that guy for preferring one of Felipe's apples to his job! default_rofl.gif

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Great looking little dockyard, Faladrin - there is so much activity going on, and I like how we can see the ship progressing towards being finished. I am looking forward to seeing the vessel in itself!

Well done! pirate_blush.gif

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great job! I like the use of these ladders, and IT should indeed be painted! :wink:

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