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  1. Beautiful gunboat. I especially like the form as seen in the last, elevated pic. I can live with the baseplate in the pics, if only to demonstrate just how big she really is! The variety amongst the crew somehow doesn't do it for me, but that's perhaps a matter of taste. Overall good work.
  2. Captain Dee

    [COR - FB] Charming the Locals

    Well now... what have we here hear? Excellent action scene, and I love the use of lime green (or whatever it's "officially" called) as the base for the jungle. That alone enhances the build, methinks.
  3. Apart from the gables being lower than the roof, this is a lovely build. The scale is quite believable for a colonial workshop, and I am especially impressed with the fact that you have so nearly perfectly captured what I call the "Colonial Williamsburg look" with the interior pics. I feel like I could step into the room.
  4. Captain Dee

    [GoC - Sloops for the RN] Class 3 Cutter

    I see @Bregir has already given some very good input, so I will cut to the chase and give my approval. I particularly like the fact that you made this in real bricks, even if your collection is somewhat limiting. Good work.
  5. Captain Dee

    [GoC - Gunboats for the RN] Class 2 Gunboat

    Aha... we have here a realistic version of that classic set, "Harbor Sentry." And a very good design at that. The panels work surprisingly good here. Keep it up.
  6. Captain Dee

    [GoC] WTC Offices, Stormhaven

    Nice office. I like the basic arrangement, the building design is creative, and the mangroves technique turned out well. The siding looks intense, but I suppose if ya got 'em, flaunt 'em, eh? I like that water technique too. All we lack is a good interior of some kind. Am I correct in assuming the boxes* of explosives are for clearing more such building sites, or fishing, or maybe just entertainment?
  7. Captain Dee

    [GoC] Gunboat

    Very nice gunboat. It's a creative design, well thought out and built, and certainly well-armed. Your vessels are never really lacking for hull or rigging designs, and this one absolutely fulfills the purposes of the free-build challenge. And I appreciate the effort you put into the guns, especially the big one. Approved
  8. Captain Dee

    [GoC - FB2 - COR] University of Quinnsville

    Very nice. I like the architecture and color scheme; the tan and grey with white columns go very well together. I particularly like the work you've done around the windows and that elaborate fence is neat. But I can't quite make out the design of the roof railing. This makes for a very nice university build; pity we can't see the interior. Approved for GoC.
  9. Captain Dee

    [ MOC] American School Bus

    Ah, the days of ridin' the ol' Cheese Wagon! Let's see, there was No. 78, and then 102... Richard Smith and "The Beast" as drivers. Oh yeah. The good ol' days! Looks like a great start. Keep it up.
  10. This is either madness or brilliant. And I'm envious you got to run it. But will it dig? I assume it would, although you might need a camera to see what you're doing. Oh, and it will always be an "R Ninety-eight hundred" to me! (Kinda like New Holland insisting that my T8.390 tractor is a "T 8 dot 390.")
  11. Captain Dee

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Aha. Understood! 20 or 30 years... hmm... we started in '92... The bin still looks decent. And I still hate flex augers.
  12. Captain Dee

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    @Maxim I Looks great. @LM71Blackbird Ah, blue, my favorite color. I must confess I never particularly liked the Sunfire, but you have this one looking nice. But those doors... I can feel my scalp hitting those doors just looking at the pics! What's in the background? Still functional?
  13. Captain Dee

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    The Pirate Bay looks fabulous, and hopefully will remain so as a set. I think a (MOCed / MODed) version would be great for the Sea Rats, yes. And any other poor unfortunate (shipwrecked?) souls. But... I'm disappointed. I was hoping we'd get "Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole..."
  14. "I weren't a-feared o' him alive, and I ain't a-feared o' him dead, by thunder!"
  15. People actually call each other downright crazy on this forum? That's absolutely ridiculous. They must be out of their minds. Hmm, "MTTFGA" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue... but it might make a good license plate!