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  1. Huh. Well hopefully it's just some flukes from the updates. Everything else seems to be working.
  2. Well I finally managed to sign in after about a dozen failed attempts. Every time I clicked the button that says "Sign In" the page would refresh and the Username and Password text boxes would go blank. I posted a comment as a guest, and it allowed me to sign in afterward. Anyone else have this problem? I almost quit EB after last September's big update because I couldn't post anything, anywhere. Only after getting a new phone could I post again (I don't have useful internet for my computer). And yes, the mobile version is looking kinda funny with overlapping words and stuff. I appreciate the efforts of everyone working to keep things going... these updates can be Edit: when I tried posting this I got a message saying my connection isn't private and hackers might be trying to steal my info. Never seen that before on EB, and it took multiple tries just to post the original content here. What's happening?
  3. Money among the stones

    After posting that it allowed me to sign in. What the...? These updates... Anyway, sorry to go off track on your nice little build here.
  4. An Unsuccessful Treasure Quest

    Fantastic creation. It looks wonderful. The colors and build techniques are very nice, and this will be an excellent underwater build for future reference. The central portion of the water in particular looks perfect. One tip: you might want to check your tags on Flickr - specifically the second one. Excellent work.
  5. CMF King & Queen visit the Royal Garden [MOC]

    First of all, welcome to Eurobricks!! And thanks for commenting. The ground coverage is supposed to be something like cobblestone, but it isn't entirely realistic. Random placement may have been better, but to look good I think it would require more parts, and I think this pattern looks decent. Solid coverage would be best (mixed with some 2x2 round tiles) but I fear that many gold parts would overwhelm the rest of the build. Thanks. As for the tiles, placing them really isn't bad, it just takes patience. Removing them during deconstruction is a different story. I learned the hard way not to press them all the way down, and they'll come up much easier. A plain tan plate base is tolerable, but the tiles really enhance the look, so I was happy to use them.
  6. Custom Black Pearl

    Fantastic ship. It looks much better to my eyes than the official set. And you did manage to get a lot of guns onboard. Also, good job with the base, which adds a lot to the overall presentation. @RocketSeason that hat/hair combo piece came with the lady pirate in 70411 Pirate's Treasure Island from 2015.
  7. MOC Medieval Sawmill

    Fantastic layout. It's beautifully detailed and nicely colored. Overall it's a very good arrangement. Perhaps the waterwheel could be bigger, and the water may be a little plain, but otherwise it's an excellent build. And I like sawmills, so that's a bonus. Good work.
  8. CMF King & Queen visit the Royal Garden [MOC]

    Thanks. Yeah, there's something pleasing about symmetry. And it dates a formal garden to a specific time period. Thanks. Many Castle-theme subjects have been built countless times, but gardens are somewhat rare, hence my interest. Building symmetric is fun, but also challenging, since any mistake will show badly in photos. I had to retake an entire series of pics in the Majestic Gardens due to some annoyingly misplaced pieces... You can never have too much vegetation. Or gold pieces!
  9. [MOC] Liebherr R 926 Compact Litronic

    Outstanding model! It looks just about perfect, and the packaging is incredible. It's cool seeing it work in the dirt. And I didn't even know a triple-boom design existed, but it does make sense... Excellent work.
  10. [MOC] John Deere 9560R + Vaderstad RDA 800C

    Absolutely fantastic! I'm a farmer, so the 9R series Deere is instantly recognizable, and extremely well done. Yeah, the wheels & tires are a little small, but not your fault, so no big deal. (We can assume they're a set of 710/70R38s when they should be 710/70R42s, or even bigger ) Anyway, good job with all the technical elements, and the seeder turned out really nice as well. Keep it up.
  11. Greetings Eurobricks Historic Themes! As part of my ongoing quest to explore unique subject matter, I present to you the CMF King (from series 13) and Queen (from series 15) paying a visit to the Royal Garden. It is a symmetric formal garden featuring hedges on the perimeter, a large central flower bed, and multiple fountains. Build dimensions are 80x80 studs. Enjoy! The 2 CMFs are lovely. I applaud LEGO for producing them. I really like the King's crown/hair combo piece and the Queen's dress piece. And those matching capes are too cute. I fell in love with formal gardens after seeing several beautiful arrangements in a large-format book on castles, palaces, chateaus etc. I've wanted to build a LEGO formal garden ever since. I'm very happy with how this turned out, although the photos sadly don't do it justice. I hope you like it... ...and if you're interested in seeing several more unique LEGO garden arrangements, then I invite you to pay a visit to the Majestic Gardens. (topic is pic-heavy ) Thanks for viewing. I welcome your input.
  12. I just want to clarify something. Speaking of OOC drama, when I said: I was referring to BoBS in general, not Eslandola specifically. This being Eslandola's topic, I understand that it could be interpreted that way which is not what I meant at all. I should have been more specific.
  13. Operation Pax Crablandia

    Nice MOC(K). It's great to see Operation Pax Corlunacy inspire others to contribute to the situation in Supernova Malto. Next time they should add a grapefruit to their grapeshot. Being citrus, it should help fight the stains.
  14. For Time the Bells Doth Toll...

    Thanks. My builds often start with a single component and then grow from there. It can be a fun process, though perhaps not the most efficient process! I experimented with several different cross-brace designs, but I was running low on certain parts and couldn't quite finish it out that way. I wanted a more open appearance and this provided it, even if it isn't entirely realistic. As I said previously, I question whether or not this structure could have been built during that time period, but this is a fictitious world after all... Thanks. I suppose most of the small details consist of gold elements. And it's nice to get some input from outside the world of BoBS as well. Thanks. I can't claim credit for the concept, but my primary goal was a unique design. And time will tell regarding King's Harbour... Thanks. I surprised myself with this project, which is always fun. I acquired a large number of the prefab arch-column pieces and wanted to use them for this, and of course pearl gold (bronze) seemed like a natural accent color. The garden and fountains were a late addition to fill out the ground area. The building is symmetric and orderly, and a garden with those same attributes seemed natural. And I'll try to keep up the building pace!
  15. BoBS is a Role Playing Game. And I'm not participating beyond an occasional freebuild. Not participating in the economic game or the MCRA. I just wanted to build, but a game requires more, which is why I say I don't belong. The MOC forum would be more suitable. Again, I'm here because of prior commitments. Extravagant builds? Pssh. I'm a novice. Expertise? Ha. Where have all the signees gone, and more importantly, why? Corrington is down to 4-5 players. It's a disturbing trend. Perhaps the game wasn't for them, either? Apologies to Eslandola for clogging up your faction sign-up thread. Over and out.