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  1. Section of ballroom floor. Please forgive the use of gold jumpers, rather than tiles -- I will need lots of attachment points for dancing minifigs.
  2. That's quite a collection of minifigs and a very busy scene. The buildings are nice, and I like the interiors, but that beautiful wall is probably my favorite detail.
  3. Captain Dee

    [COR - Ship Level Increase] The time has come...

    I really like the decor in this room. Both the curtains and swords on the wall look cool. All these builds to increase ship limits... what's going on...
  4. Captain Dee

    The EB Glossary

    I picked up on what it meant after having seen a few, but I have to agree with you regarding what it sounds like. I mean, there wasn't any better way to describe it?? C'mon now. @Classic_Spaceman That's perfect!
  5. Captain Dee

    Comment about this forum

    @GREG998 I think it has to do with past news topics in that sub forum being overrun with non-news, nonsense, baseless speculations, dumb arguments etc to the point that the real news was lost and buried; and that this (drastic) approach was deemed necessary to make the news topic useful, especially when there are "discussion" topics for all that other chatter; and considering that it seems nice warnings just weren't working anymore? At least that's the impression I get. As for the OP, I never get logged out that I can tell, but then I tend to log out if I'm going to be off for a while...
  6. Nooooooo. If it appears that your invitation to the Great Ball originally read "Great Fall," then it's because, um, well, it's because there was a... a... a typo! Yeah, that's what it was. Next!!
  7. Captain Dee


    He's obviously just preparing to take a saltwater bath, and taking his ducky along. Y'know, to test for sharks. Another fun little build. Perhaps the height of the dock is a result of, like, low tide? Did you intentionally leave out the typical brown from among the goods? It sure creates a stark contrast to the dock that way. And what piece is the wine bottle (goblet) resting on? Is it just resting on a tile? Ah yes, the typical Eslandolanican outlook on the world.
  8. Captain Dee

    Rising through the ranks

    Nice build and excellent figure posing. And the faces on those noblemen are perfect! Good job with the story too. It sounds as if adventure awaits.
  9. Captain Dee

    Take that Corrington!

    Crossed cannons as wall decor... that's a new one on me. I like your use of the black heads in the barrels; too bad you have to break up the curves with the blocky parts which I assume are necessary to mount them to the wall? I like the figure posing and broken section of wall, particularly the way Captain Argentum is rushing out over top of it. But for a newly promoted Commodore, he sure does spend a lot of time reading the classifieds! If you consider mowing grass artistic, then yep. Oh wait. That's the upper case kind. Oops. Hehe. No, seriously, this illustrates the story well enough.
  10. Captain Dee

    [ESL-Sistership] Third time's the charm

    Nice interior presentation, and creative way to complete the required build. I love the gleam on those cannonballs; it's a pity those pieces aren't small enough to actually fit into the cannons. On the subject of lighting, I would've swapped the position of the captain and the sailor he's talking to, just to get him out of that shadow where we could see him better!
  11. @merc Perfect! I've seen it numerous times but never knew the source. LotR has provided lots of good minifig parts, torsos in particular. Thanks.
  12. Absolutely! Could you perhaps ID Lyle's torso?
  13. The big one will go in the ballroom, and multiples of the small one will be in the dining hall (and perhaps elsewhere). I haven't decided about the mid-size one just yet...
  14. "Where is the Big Chandelier?" Sir Dee wondered.