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  1. Captain Dee

    [ESL - Ch IV - Cat A] Priorities!

    That is a really neat ballroom. Obviously the floor pattern is nice, and I really like all the other details like the window seats and the chandelier. And the gold elements. It's also a great idea for a build, and the smoky section being scrubbed looks convincing. The various workmen help to fill out the scene. I like it.
  2. Captain Dee

    [COR - ChIVB] Nola Mar Priory

    Excellent build yet again. The orange roofs look great with tan walls, and the wands in the railings are really neat. I have mixed feelings about the pillars being outside the base but it's a fine creation and a fine entry.
  3. Captain Dee

    [MOC] Great Coral Reef

    That is a beautiful reef! So many unique components and colors. It looks very realistic. Fantastic work.
  4. Captain Dee

    [REVIEW] 40516 - Everyone is Awesome

    No harm done. I thought that's what you meant.
  5. Captain Dee

    [REVIEW] 40516 - Everyone is Awesome

    I was just defining the use of "liberal" in this case, not offering any commentary. For some people this quickly becomes a political issue. I assume that "the statement" is a reference to the prior conversation? And yes, of course no one else from anywhere else is beholden to anything from the US. I wasn't suggesting that at all.
  6. Captain Dee

    [REVIEW] 40516 - Everyone is Awesome

    Politics. I see you're from the United Kingdom. In the United States "liberals" are typically Democrats and on the political left (think Joe Biden) and "conservatives" are typically Republicans and on the political right (think Donald Trump).
  7. Captain Dee

    How many users does Eurobricks have?

    Yes, that's what I see if I press "portal" or also the banner. I'm strictly viewing mobile and for me the member stats appear right below the list of who's online.
  8. Captain Dee

    How many users does Eurobricks have?

    Member Statistics at the bottom of the front page show the current number of Total Members to be 173626. That is registered accounts and not active users.
  9. I see one useful new piece in this series. The printed cheese slope. Otherwise, Yawn
  10. Captain Dee

    CDC1 Tower: Saibankan

    Wow. Now that is some composition. Excellent design and use of color. The tree trunk, the treetop structure, the staircase, it's all really cool. Fantastic.
  11. Captain Dee

    [MOC] The treasure..

    Whoa. That's phenomenal. Fantastic details. I love it. And yes, the crown looks real. Wow.
  12. Stunning layout! Each component looks great and together it's a thing of beauty. Of course, I always did like the combination of white, red, and gold... The rocky coastline looks really cool, especially considering the relative simplicity of the rockwork, which looks great at this scale. Excellent work. Dolce and Bananas Do they sell A Bread Crumb & Fish?
  13. Captain Dee

    [SR - FB1] Sugarcane Plantation

    Excellent. The olive green ground is beautiful and the sugar cane design looks really good to me. The whole scene looks fantastic with the angled road and buildings and the windmill. Great work.
  14. Your digital designs have all been really good, but it's still fun to see something done with real bricks. That's a very convincing fort with a cool classic look. The sloped walls are nicely done and that's an impressive amount of firepower.