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  1. Such hogwash! " attempt by Corrington to reassert perceived naval supremacy of ages past..." Good write-up.
  2. Captain Dee

    Armour foundry

    Very nice addition to your prior "process" builds, both inside and out. The bellows are really good, and the trans-orange tiles as heated iron were made specifically for this, as far as I'm concerned. Good job showing the whole process, especially in a build this size. I like it.
  3. Captain Dee

    [WTC FB] Praise be for food and beer!

    I'm surprised a horse statue isn't somehow featured here... And I wonder when they'll enlarge it to include a (beer) fountain...
  4. Captain Dee

    [WTC FB] A small gift for Weelond

    Neat. Wonder what that statue would look like with some white headgear...
  5. Captain Dee

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 8: Peddler

    Neat build, and a cool concept, but methinks it could prove to be a handful in anything more than a light breeze! I think having a second wheel up front for stability would be more believable, but I do appreciate the effort that went into this. He certainly looks like a serious peddler with all that stuff. Something about the way this is worded:
  6. Captain Dee

    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    Beautiful, beautiful. One of my favorite buildings in GoH, for sure. The symmetry, architectural elements, use of color, etc are excellent. And I always like big domes; the number here is quite impressive. The central tower is fantastic. And the minor details - the fountain, tree roots, the assembled crowd - are all excellent as well. When you first posted the teaser pic of the dome being repaired, I wasn't convinced that it would really look that good in a build of your usual caliber. Ha!! I should've known better. With all the other domes, I think it enhances the build, and of course you can (and did) rotate it out of sight for certain views. I would love a copy of this.
  7. Captain Dee

    Harburg Kitchen

    Beautiful kitchen! And I love those arches. I agree with Henjin regarding the fact that the columns and arches somewhat obstruct the view on screen, but methinks the overall scale is better this way. Great work incorporating all the detailed elements. It looks rather inviting.
  8. Captain Dee

    [W-OKT] Drama over a dress

    Nice house. The exterior design is good, and I'm impressed by the interior. I wouldn't have noticed the clock if it hadn't been pointed out, but... 3.25 hours to get dressed/dolled up?! No wonder he started hitting the bottle! But it's great to see a well-dressed lady, er, couple. Speaking of which... Answering "no" is a double-negative which is another way of saying "Of course blue is acceptable!"
  9. Captain Dee

    6279 Skull Island Micro

    Marvelous as always, and instantly recognizable! Keep 'em coming. (More Pirates, of course! )
  10. Captain Dee

    [AoM]: Patman's Stable

    Well this is different than what I expected... but still a good build, and certainly understandable with regards to the diorama. It looks like a properly dirty environment, even if some of the open areas are a bit plain. And the lady looks like she is, how you say, "put together well." Speaking of which, That printed slope dress piece is from the princess in 7093 Skeleton Tower (and maybe the Fantasy Era chess set?) The torso piece looks pretty good matched to it.
  11. Tournament of Retribution: BoBS edition!! (With 4 sides, instead of just Red vs Blue.)
  12. Captain Dee

    Freebuild - Avalonian timber mill

    The swords as saw blades are nice. I have a few, and I need to try it out. Yes, those are my wheels. I meant to have each featured in a MOC by now, but real life prevented that from happening. The trick in building them is making a workable section, including the center spoke, and then replicating it... Technically the upper-left wheel is supposed to be easily converted to a treadwheel, with lots of room for minifigs to walk inside, which is why it looks so different. Your shipyard WIP is looking great, too.
  13. Captain Dee

    A quick comment on spam

    NO!!!! Dirty mangy slimy spammers... Online traffic jammers... Can we hit them all with hammers? At least the forums have been mostly clean this past week. I was taken by surprise by the security question, but something needed to be done, for sure. They were replicating like chopped-up starfish. And they smell about as bad, too.
  14. Nice builds! And your "somewhat sketchy" story was a good read from my perspective. The snowscape is very nicely detailed throughout. I quite like the spikes on the tower - sure they're "orcish" but they really stand out to the point of being a defining characteristic that separates this from other similar snowy builds. They definitely fulfill their intended purpose! But that interior is absolutely exquisite. I would rank it amongst my favorite GoH interior builds, ever. Wow. The colors, patterns, everything... It's beautiful. I just want to keep looking at it! Keep it up - both the builds and the story.
  15. Captain Dee

    The Henri Sinks!

    Nicely detailed vignette, particularly the foamy water. It looks lovely. Of course what it represents has to be a little painful, but such is life on the Brick Seas, eh? The cannon atop the waves strikes me as, well, a little odd. Considering their density, they'd probably be the first things to sink once the ship was broken up... Kinda what I was thinking. And for some reason the classic monkeys always look like they're smiling/laughing!