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  1. Good info. So... some NPCs are kinda player/non-player... We're in the twilight zone!
  2. Captain Dee

    [SR- Micro] Quayside Church, Hellion

    The Technic pieces are perfect for micro church windows. Looks great for something that size.
  3. Captain Dee

    [OL-FB] Large Wooden Fort in Tarlor

    You have really been churning out some great designs. This is fantastic. The sloped walls and central bastion in particular are superb. It would make a really good set.
  4. Another great design. I especially like the top overview pic without the roofs, which really shows the whole scene well. Lots of good details here.
  5. That's a beautiful and unique fort design. The curved wall technique works well here and the classic colors look cool to me. I really like the design of the magazines and I'm impressed at the sight of so many cannons. This would be a fun play set.
  6. Captain Dee

    [GOC-FB-COR] Fort Stockton, Wullham

    Beautiful scene. The beaches, the grassy knolls, the rocks, it all looks very fitting for the island. And of course the batteries and fort look great, especially with all the ornamentation on the latter. That staircase is beautiful flanked with the curved slope pieces. And finally, that is one huge base area. I'm impressed with your WIP shots and the relative speed that you're building. Approved for the Glory of Corrington!
  7. Captain Dee

    Queen's bedroom

    I also found the mirrors on Bricklink.
  8. Captain Dee

    Queen's bedroom

    Wow, that is beautiful! Fit for a queen! Splendid design, lovely use of color, lots of great details and techniques. I'm impressed with your collection of the wallpapered pieces, and the DUPLO mirror is just a fantastic addition to the scene. Excellent work.
  9. Captain Dee

    [MOC] Scriptorium Mokotovum

    Fantastic library. So many great details to study. Great work on the spiral staircase in particular and I like those chandeliers. This would make an incredible display piece.
  10. Captain Dee

    [COR FB] Arrival in Wullham

    Beautiful build again. The house fits the settlement style perfectly; I never would've thought to use the lavender on my own and it looks great. The scattered green parts on the base are also an interesting technique. And those sheep! *Insert rant about TLG not offering enough animals here*
  11. Captain Dee

    Don Cordoba's Chapel

    Beautiful. It would definitely make a cool set or display piece. The chapel and fountain look great, but the detail in the graveyard is simply superb with all the olive green plant pieces scattered around to make it look realistic. Also, the ship's wheel/helm piece really needs to be made in pearl gold, just for making chandeliers like this!
  12. Captain Dee

    [COR-FB] Rock of Cashel, Wullham

    Neat idea and well executed. I like it.
  13. Captain Dee

    [COR - FB] Joshua Farm and Tea Plantation

    Both builds look great. The buildings are nicely done and I really like the stone wall in each scene. The field also looks pretty good with all those plant pieces. Good work.
  14. That's a nice house design, and all those flowers out front are pretty. I never would've thought to use the wedges like that on the roof, and it looks better than I would've guessed. Too bad there's not an interior with the open back.
  15. Captain Dee

    [S4 - Cantonica - CE] Night Life in Canto Bight

    I'm not really into Star Wars but this is a neat build regardless. What is the big printed piece from? It's pretty cool and fits the build well.