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  1. I see one useful new piece in this series. The printed cheese slope. Otherwise, Yawn
  2. Captain Dee

    CDC1 Tower: Saibankan

    Wow. Now that is some composition. Excellent design and use of color. The tree trunk, the treetop structure, the staircase, it's all really cool. Fantastic.
  3. Captain Dee

    [MOC] The treasure..

    Whoa. That's phenomenal. Fantastic details. I love it. And yes, the crown looks real. Wow.
  4. Stunning layout! Each component looks great and together it's a thing of beauty. Of course, I always did like the combination of white, red, and gold... The rocky coastline looks really cool, especially considering the relative simplicity of the rockwork, which looks great at this scale. Excellent work. Dolce and Bananas Do they sell A Bread Crumb & Fish?
  5. Captain Dee

    [SR - FB1] Sugarcane Plantation

    Excellent. The olive green ground is beautiful and the sugar cane design looks really good to me. The whole scene looks fantastic with the angled road and buildings and the windmill. Great work.
  6. Your digital designs have all been really good, but it's still fun to see something done with real bricks. That's a very convincing fort with a cool classic look. The sloped walls are nicely done and that's an impressive amount of firepower.
  7. Captain Dee

    [COR Troop] Raising the Block Watch

    Fun little build. The custom minifigs look cool and I like the tent design.
  8. Captain Dee

    [COR-ATTACK] Over The Hills And Far Away

    That is a really cool arrangement. The marching columns of soldiers fits the varied terrain perfectly. The tree is well built and I like the variety and detail of the soldiers. Also, good job with the storytelling and links.
  9. Captain Dee

    [OL - FB1] Beauchamp Residence - Eltina

    Ok, I want to see this, in person, built in real bricks. The design is classic, and the dark red and grey look really good with white windows and the dark blue roof. The landscape details are cool and I really like the central fountain. Beautiful.
  10. Captain Dee

    [OL - FB2] Drydock, Beauchamp Shipyard

    The whole design is really good but that drydock is just superb. There are plenty of good details to study in this one. Keep it up.
  11. Captain Dee

    [SR - MAR 621 - FB] More drydocks for Tortuga

    That is unmistakably a dry dock, and it turned out quite well for such a small scale. I like the various details like the piles of shipbuilding timbers.
  12. Captain Dee

    On the road to Pamu [Collab - part 1]

    I thought I commented on this... apparently not. The whole build is nice, and that roof technique is fantastic. I like the base and the bridge looks cool. The water wheel design is pretty good too -- is it possible to make a complete wheel this way? Of course, it doesn't really matter if part is submerged/out of sight anyway, but I'm curious. Good continuation of the story.
  13. Captain Dee

    [COR FB] Customs Post, Jameston

    Beautiful tower, beautiful base, beautiful build. Love that monkey climbing up the side.
  14. Yet another beautiful build. The design of the facilities is nice and those colors really stand out in a good way. And that base looks fantastic. This is a good continuation of the original project.