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  1. That cliff is beautiful, especially as shown in the angled overview. The layout leads the eye throughout which is always a good feature. The mining depiction is good and I like the use of the ice cream scoop pieces at the base of the falls to show the splashing water.
  2. Captain Dee

    [ESL-sistership] Lumberjacks on Ferro Azure

    Neat scene. I really like the tree roots growing out of the base of the build. The canopies look really good, and I think the trunks are reasonable. They are generally rounded after all. The super-detailed trunk techniques just never really look that much more like tree trunks, in my opinion. I love the scowl and posture of the man with the axe, and the wedge cut and wood chips are a good addition.
  3. Under New Management -- Liquidation "Sale" Neat design.
  4. Captain Dee

    [OL - FB1] Eltina, Gros Rouge Smith

    Neat design with the tall windmill by the forge. I like anything related to metalworking and this is an interesting layout. The rows of finished pieces definitely make it stand out. Using the windmill to power the bellows is a good idea. Is there an actual drop hammer present?
  5. Captain Dee

    [OKT - SR] Punto Sur Biergarten

    That's a beautiful arrangement. The layout encourages the eye to wander and the overhanging stage is a neat feature. I'm trying to figure out how you built that tuba for, uh, some reason. Judging from the contents of their table, do those 3 redcoats even know what *hic* month it is by now? I've never done anything digitally but I'll take you for your word regarding posing the minifigs; at any rate it turned out well.
  6. Captain Dee

    Hills Run Red

    Your usual creativity and crisp photography are on display again. Pardon my ignorance, but what does this refer to?
  7. Captain Dee

    [GoC] Cavalry Stables, Port Woodhouse

    Beautiful. The layout is excellent and the overall building design is superb. The various minifigs look great and I appreciate the realism of the man cleaning up the horse manure. I also really like the larger size of the build. Great work.
  8. Captain Dee

    What would your reaction be?

    It sounds like you've been ripped off regardless of whether or not money was involved. You said "I've copied techniques" but realistically we all have. That's how we improve as builders. What you're describing sounds more like plagiarism. Ethically, it's probably wrong if it's a close copy without any reference to the original. With individual techniques, there's not nearly as great a need for that acknowledgement; in fact, it can be quite difficult to remember who pioneered what, and besides, a technique is just one small part of what makes a full build anyway. People who get upset that others don't give them credit for a technique are often attention seekers anyway. But when you've put the effort into making a full build only to have someone make a close copy and pass it off as their own without proper recognition, your work is basically being stolen.
  9. Interesting story, and wow what a beautiful build. The different layers look great, especially the underwater portion with all the colorful marine life. This would make a great display piece. Nice work.
  10. Captain Dee

    [SR - FB - JUN 620] Nuts for the sails

    Unfortunately I am afraid my attempts at golfing would be something like "The Return of Happy Gilmore." Minus the long drives.
  11. Captain Dee

    Book 3 Challenge V Category C: Aftermath

    Dude. I love this white-gold-tan color scheme, and the design of the staircase is beautiful. It looks like the curved fence pieces are landings for the spirals? Lovely. And Bob's ongoing story is a great bit of humor. Even if it doesn't all quite fit the time period. FYI, the story reads best as spoken by Epic Voice Guy over at Screen Junkies/Honest Trailers.
  12. Captain Dee

    [SR - FB - JUN 620] Nuts for the sails

    This plantation makes me want to go golfing. And I don't even golf.
  13. Captain Dee

    [MOC] Vintage racing motorbike 1907

    When I saw your profile pic and the title, my first thought was "Tourist Trophy!" Cool model. I think you did quite well at that scale. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the last cancellation of the races (2000?) due to foot-and-mouth disease? Kinda like now... I'll just have to watch "The Greatest Show on Earth" again.
  14. Captain Dee

    New LEGO Pirate Emoji Ideas

    I just had to use them!! @Brickander Brickumnus It's definitely the . The is an old one.
  15. Captain Dee

    Captain Cookie’s Pirate Training [Part 6]

    Ha! Fun progression of the minifigs. I had to look closely to spot the differences in their clothing. #epicbeards