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  1. BAA-humbug! I don't like it! Not enough gold!!
  2. Lovely facade. It has a certain storybook quality about it, and the interior looks great as well. Those colors work well together. And of course the story is again entertaining.
  3. Captain Dee

    [MOC] Onward Into The Sierras

    No issues from me. I think the build fits the real story well. First thing I thought when I saw them! Do you live in the mountains in CO? The Blue Ridge Mountains dominate the western skyline where I live.
  4. Captain Dee

    [MOC] Onward Into The Sierras

    Beautiful scene of a macabre setting. Those covered wagons look incredible! And you managed to produce some of the steep and rugged terrain. I really like the colors as well. I'm not entirely sold on the clip hands as horses/oxen, but at this tiny scale I don't know how you could do better - maybe the 1.5 stud long modified round plate with handle? And to think the real trail was supposed to be a "shortcut" through the desert and mountains that had never even been tested by wagons, and proved exceedingly difficult and caused many delays, hence the party being trapped there during the fateful winter...
  5. Captain Dee

    [MOC] Mini Redcoats

    @evancelt The headlight brick would be rather large for a shako at this scale. How would the antenna base look atop a 1x1 round black plate for a shako? As for heads, you could use tan instead of yellow for a flesh look, if you have them.
  6. Captain Dee

    [COR - FB] Fortifications at Neustadt

    I love that palisade and that's a good design for their soldiers. The cannons are also neat.
  7. Captain Dee

    [MOC] Mini Redcoats

    Just recently I was contemplating something like this, using that same piece for tricorn hats! I hadn't come up with a suitable torso part, but these certainly work. The legs look a little short, but otherwise it's pretty cool. And that horse is nice. Will you be using these in a micro build?
  8. Excellent build as always and the heavy use of earth tones is really good. The soldiers look great and that ladder is really smooth for such a simple design.
  9. Captain Dee

    [SR - FB] Galleon Cartagena

    Beautiful galleon. It's a fantastic addition to the rest of the scene, which was a very nice build by itself.
  10. Captain Dee

    [SR - MRCA Result 2] Trade Exchange

    That's quite a story. And those ostrich carts are clever.
  11. Captain Dee

    [COR-FB] a long forgotten ambush

    Neat build, and excellent job with the focus in the pictures. It gives the impression of a larger number of soldiers on both sides.
  12. Magnificent vessel. The whole thing looks great but the rigging is incredible. And those first couple of photos are really well presented. Excellent work.
  13. Neat little scene. I really like the drooping tree in the foreground and you did a really good job posing the new-style rigid monkey. And your approach to saddles looks far more realistic than the actual saddle pieces, even if the latter are handy. Brickleton is in the front, right? Who is riding the other horse?
  14. Captain Dee

    [OL - FB] Fishing on the Bayou

    All that vegetation looks fantastic and foreboding. I like the build, but Sir Dee hates crocs and has no patience for fishing, and wishes these brave enterprising souls well in their endeavors.
  15. Captain Dee

    [COR-FB] A Game of Fetch, Altonia

    Beautiful scene, excellent snowscape and good job with the different types of trees. The dark orange earth reminds me of the red clays in my area, and it looks great. Those minifigs are really good too, and I'm impressed with the sharp focus. And I agree with your take on the horse!