A Quick Start Guide to Brethren of the Brick Seas (BoBS)

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So you think you'd like to dive into the world of the Brick Seas, however there is so much to read and so many rules that you are not even sure where to start! Fear not, it's actually quite easy to get started and the community here is really friendly and will help you along each step of the way! Never be afraid to ask questions in the introduction thread or any of the faction threads (linked below). For now let's look at exactly what you need to do to sign up and get started in one post!

Step One: Choosing a Faction


The first step is also one of the most important - choosing the faction that your character will pledge allegiance to. While you are never limited to only building scenes within your faction's territory (in fact many challenges may require you to build in other factions), faction choice will impact your role in BoBS.

There are many things to consider, what style suits your current Lego collection, what interests you, which part of the game you wish to focus on etc. etc. Even the number of currently active players in each faction may influence your choice. The most important thing however, is to choose a faction that you are going to enjoy and be motivated to build for!

There are four playable factions in the game, let's have a brief look at each one to assist in your choice.



Primary Lego Influence: Imperial Guard (Red Coats)

Primary real world influences: Great Britain, Renaissance Sweden and enlightenment era Denmark-Norway

The Basics: Science and the enlightenment are main national characteristics for Corrington, and their main source of income is from their strong merchant fleet. A strong navy is required to protect their maritime mercantile interests and this tends to be their military focus. Corlander's strive to bring order and structure to the world.

Typical Quote: "That flower is beautiful. We must conserve it and bring it to the national museum."

If you see your sigfig crawling through the jungle to find a beautiful flower - join Corrington. 

Read more: Corrington thread



Primary Lego Influence: Imperial Armada

Primary real world influences: Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. Also some of the merchant republics such as Venice, Milan and Lübeck.

The Basics: Trade and profit are the main national characteristics for Eslandola. Although nominally ruled by a King, a trio of very powerful trade companies are the power brokers and have recently established a republic in the colonies. Their main source of income is through vast property holdings and they have developed a strong army and navy to protect and aggressively expand their interests.

Typical Quote: "Enough profit for the day? Don't make me laugh!"

If you see your sigfig crawling through the jungle to find a shiny city of gold - join Eslandola.

Read more: Eslandola thread



Primary Lego Influence: Imperial Soldiers (Bluecoats)

Primary real world influences: Pre-revolutionary France and Imperial Austria

The Basics: The main national characteristics of Oleon are deeply rooted in their strict adherence to the religion known as 'The Faith' which together with the strong aristocracy form strong bases of political power. A great love for art and culture as well as ancient artefacts is also a national characteristic together with their famous wine making skills. Like Corrington they have developed a strong merchant fleet and navy. Although historically Oleon and Corrington have been bitter rivals, relations have been improving of late.

Typical Quote: "May Zeus and Poseidon guide your journey."

If you see your sigfig crawling through the jungle to find a mystical artefact - join Oleon.

Read more: Oleon thread

Sea Rats


Primary Lego Influence: Pirates

Primary real world influences: Real world Pirates and free settlements such as Nassau.

The Basics: The Sea Rats are basically anyone in the new world who owe no allegiance to any of the old world empires. These men and women go their own way. Some are fierce pirate lords, making a living terrorising the Brick Seas, others are peaceful merchants who refuse to bend the knee to any King, and some settle down at a romantic place in the colonies. The Sea Rats are a loose confederation with no central authority, whose binding characteristic would probably be the fierce defence of their freedom to live life completely on their own terms.

Typical Quote: "What? You've never heard the tales of the reckless Benjamin Morgan?  Benjamin, brave and bold? Dread Pirate Captain Morgan, on his legendary ship, the Queen Annetta's Revenge? Morgan the Moray?"

If you see your sigfig crawling through the jungle... because it has an utter disregard for the rules - join the Sea Rats.

Read more: Sea Rats thread

Once you have chosen a faction, you are ready to move to step 2 and start building! (Next post)

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Step Two: Introductory Build and Sign Up

Your next step will be to introduce your primary character (also called sigfig), who you want to lead through the adventures of the Brick Seas. While faction choice has a big impact on the further progression of the game for you, the choice of your primary character does not. You can always introduce additional characters, and evolve your primary character. (Inspiration)

Let us assume you have chosen to be come a Sea Rat. How do you depict your main character? Should he or she be a fierce pirate captain, bringing fear to the Brick Seas? A free trader, sailing the ports for profit? An adventurer, exploring distant islands? A prostitute, who goes beyond her usual business in one of the settlements in the colonies? A mercenary, escorting the other nations' traders for payment? A priest, trying to teach his beliefs to the natives of the islands? Or maybe just an architect, creating buildings in the new world? Be creative - the choice is yours!

Once you have decided on your sig fig, post it in the relevant faction thread.

Congratulations, you have now officially signed up for BoBS, and have been awarded 25 dbs to get you started, should you chose to take part in the Economic Game System. (=EGS. More on that later)

Many players further introduce their sig figs with a small story and introductory build like below. Posting this as a freebuild in its own thread, and registering it through this form, will earn you another 10 dbs.

Example Introduction

Captain Jasmine Cocker, the Lady who denies authority (except her own, of course)

Picture courtesy of @Elostirion.


At the age of thirteen, Jasmine, daughter of a stonemason in Terreli, the capital of Eslandola, was sold by her own father to a travelling merchant as a mistress for his lonely nights. He took her on his ship, and on his trading voyages over the brick seas she served him for many years, pretending to be the good girl. One night, though, when the merchant and most of his loyal servants were guests to a rich trader in the city of Arlinsport of Corrington, Jasmine started a mutinity on the ship, and managed to flee, now captain of a ship with a crew at the age of only seventeen.

In Breshaun on Oleon's island of Le Bellan she sold most of the goods, and in return bought some other goods, but also arms. For the next few years she sailed the Brick Seas, at times as a trader, and at times as a fierce pirate captain, emtpying other ships' cargo - she takes opportunities, whenever and where ever they come up.

Recently she has arrived in Bastion on the Nest of Thieves. Some call it a pirate-town, she however considers it a free city, where she can find new crew for her ship, so she can sail towards her next adventures.

From now on, the whole of BoBS is open for you to explore. In the next post, we will look at the Economic Game System (EGS), starting with your first ship and how to use it in the Monthly Raiding and Commerce Action, and after this, we will show you how to license properties in the EGS.

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Step three: Licensing your first ship

Like all other players in Brethren of the Brick Seas, you have a free class 1 or 2 vessel to get you started in the MRCA. Should you lose this vessel you are entitled to a new free vessel.

In order to use this vessel, you will have to build a moc to represent it on the Brick Seas and post it in its own topic on the forum.

Example vessel

The Rover privateer

The Rover privateer has recently arrived to Terra Nova, its origin unknown. Its commander is known only as "The Gentleman Privateer", and easily recognisable by his bowler and rapier; and he has been heard asking questions about young Jasmine Cocker. The only hint as to his origins is a distinct high-class Corlander accent and manners.


The cutter is swift and manoeuvrable, and well suited to snap up unsuspecting merchant shipping in the rich sea lanes of Terra Nova. It is manned by a hardened crew of buccaneers, and armed with 6 heavy carronades, and will be a match for most smaller traders.


Only time will show what mischief the Gentleman Privateer and his bunch of Buccaneers is up to.



After posting your vessel, you can now submit it as a freebuild for 10 dbs in this form. After this, you can license her by the ship license form. (If you are in doubt as to what class your vessel fits, feel free to ask, for instance in the Shipwright's Guild Hall topic.)

Here, you have the opportunity to customise the stats of your vessel. For instance, a class two like the one above has 12 stat points to distribute amongst the following stats:

  • Range (R): A ship can travel its range plus 1 zones per MCRA. Must be a value between 0 and 6.
  • Maneuver (M): This is the vessel's ability to maneuver in an encounter. Thus, it decides its relative ability to catch up with or flee from an enemy. Must be a value between 1 and 6. For class 9 it must be a value between 1 and 5, for class 10 a value between 1 and 4.
  • Guns (G): This is the ship’s firepower. Must be a value between 0 and 12.
  • Crew (C): This is the fighting crew of your vessel, used during boarding actions. Roughly, one C equals 5 men. A 0 crew is the captain and a few choice men. Must be a value between 0 and 12.
  • Cargo ($): This is the space the ship has for hauling goods. Must be a value between 0 and 15.
  • Hull Strength (H): This is the strength of the hull, the vessel's ability to withstand fire from warships and fortresses. Must be a value between 0 and 12.


< Insert an example of stats for the Rover>


In the next post, we will show you how to use your new vessel in the MRCA.

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What about adding the link to the shipwrights guild hall for new players (and for some of us others that still struggle with getting a decent ship together)?

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51 minutes ago, Sir Stig said:

What about adding the link to the shipwrights guild hall for new players (and for some of us others that still struggle with getting a decent ship together)?

Great idea, sir! Hopefully we will find time to finish this once the challenge rush is finally over, and I hope we remember to take your advice! Otherwise, feel free to remind us! :)

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Did this one get lost below the roaring seas? I see an aweful lot of "WIP" posts from over half a year ago... what happened?


If you could revive this: an introduction into "getting a ship/property" would be most welcome.

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Just now, Drunknok said:

Did this one get lost below the roaring seas? I see an aweful lot of "WIP" posts from over half a year ago... what happened?


If you could revive this: an introduction into "getting a ship/property" would be most welcome.

It's on our(/my) list :) We needed to get era two launched first, not to have outdated rules in this thread. That is now almost done! :)

Hopefully we will be able to add it soon. :)

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