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  1. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Yes we worked on an alliance to better the relationship between oleon and the Ténotclaxcans but as Brandon Stark is not there anymore the development of this part of the story involving this tribe, oleon and a strange plant monters' invasion has been paused.
  2. Cool build ! I like the soldiers sliding on the ropes through the windows ! Good job !
  3. (GBW- RC1) Plantasea - The Red Violin

    Nice damaged building. I like the destructed walls and the debris on the floor. Good job !
  4. Nice little scenette. the water could be a little bit harmonised IMO with some wave effects perhaps. Good job !
  5. [GBW - RC1] - Toohati - Objective: Eliminate the Newbies!

    Nice training ground ! I like the use of the olive green and the Rock work is good. Good job !
  6. GBW - RC1 : The Deland Republic - Hercynian Hunters crow nest Bricklandia continent map Map Grid F7 To counter the progression of the New Brickika tanks on the South east border of the Deland Republic, the Federal High Command decided to send their best Mountain specialists : The Hercynian Hunters. Here you can see a team taking position in a crow nest at a top of a reach to target the tanks passing by.
  7. [Esl-FB] Ship - The Messenger

    Thank you. The thick rope I left in front of the bowsprit is made to be cohesive with my previous ships (well, especially the Brickwall) where I've built a 2parts bowsprit and used the rope to strengthen the mast transition. I found it nice and kept the rope. Then when I remade the Raenette rigging (still need to add some pics of it Btw...) I made the same thing and just kept the feature on this ship. you could consider it as an artist licence... But you're right it's not fitting to a more realistic ship. I will avoid it in the future. Thank you ! I think the name you're looking at is the Boom, the fore and aft mast supporting the spanker, is that right ? I had to make a compromise on this mast, yes you're right it's not really the best. But believe it or no, I just ran out of some of my technic parts I usually use for the fore and aft sails. And like it was a ship I built quite quickly for BMA I just had to deal with it. my next ship will not have this inconvenient. I can assure you that. Merci ! the figurehead design just hit me when I saw the clairon in my minifig accessories box. I am happy you like it too.
  8. Wow it's a huge build ! And greatly executed ! Congrats ! the tower is really effective and the fact you can really move the crane is excellent ! And I also like the ship in front of the quay. great job !
  9. Hi, thanks ! no it's just the old blue track with recent RC components. My motor is unfortunately dead. It was an old one from the 60's I inherited from my uncle. When I was young it worked but after many many hours of good and loyal service it just stoped working. Thank you glad you like my "ship on rails"
  10. Yes, of course ! First, feel free to use the ones I uploaded on my flickr account.
  11. Advice on how to make a proper Lego anchor( Discussion)

    Well, how to begin... firstly, it's not a bad anchor, but it depend how realistic you want it. On your kind of ships that's fine because they are not meant to be exact replicas but more LEGO playing ships. Perhaps you could use more wood on the anchor as many sail age anchors were built with many wood parts in fact. I should suggest also to avoid chain to hold the anchor, except if you're building a huge flagship of the end of the sail age, many anchors were just attached to the capstan with solid ropes. The capstan itself could be more brickbuilt too, but it can be tricky as you could loose traction strength and fragilise the capstan. It's just up to you to find what balance you want between playability and modelism. Sometimes a good design is not adapted to a playable ship. I can encourage you to look around all the excellent designs you can find all around here on the pirate forum and don't forget to look at the Brethren of the brick sea sub forum because great ships can be seen over there too.
  12. [Esl-FB] Ship - The Messenger

    Thank you Captain ! I think I have bettered my ship techniques with this one, so expect to see better rigged vessels and more details on my ships now ! once again, thank you !
  13. [ESL-FB] Farmhouse near Salida Este

    Nice little farm ! I like the nice simple activity you've made around it. Even if not a fan of this roof technique I have to admit it's nice on this type of building. Good job !
  14. Oh ! Wow ! I was not thinking both of you could do better after the brilliant entries you've built on this challenge but this combined story is Excellent ! its enlighten all your excellent entries and seems a very believable story. Congrats to have combined your winning (or near to win) entries ! Best idea ever ! Let see what the "Power That Be" will decide on this !
  15. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Welcome @Wendolla8319 ! Nice to see a new player, even if you choose Nocturnus. Beware of the pumpkins during your stay on the dark lands ! They have the bad habit to eat people !