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  1. Faladrin

    [MOC] The Desert Campaign

    Ahaha ! A good use of those DUPLO Parts ! I assume Professor Thaum is just letting express his Sea Rat ... Pirate... Blood here ...
  2. Faladrin

    [MOC] La Flora

    I am glad to see you're still building ships ! Excellent one ! You didn't lost your skills during all that time ! Congrats for the FP and happy to see you posting in EB again !
  3. Well... What to say... I appreciate the initiative but I'd like to see more than a personal add for your builds. You've done just one post and you are posting a direct link to your job. Don't hesitate to share more pics directly with us (using a hosting picture website like FlickR, or another one) and post a little more than just 1 post... We are not closed to new builds and new ideas in the Pirate Forum. Make your project live and I'm sure you'll get more contributors without having to ask for them...
  4. Faladrin

    [MOC] Bay of Lost Tresures

    Wow ! That's a big city ! Excellent work all around ! My favourite ppart is the fisherman's house with the shark head at the entrance door ! A great idea ! Excellent job !
  5. Faladrin

    [MOC] "Broadside Bay" by Jason B (@the_brick_stop)

    Lovely idea. I use some old torsoes sometimes. This fireman torso fits very well the Napoleonic era ! Great job !
  6. Done ! A nice and safe Hideout ! Good job. I'd like to see more pics of the whole real build and not close up.
  7. Faladrin

    Alnya Cottage

    What is that tree !! Excellent ! A so small and lovely build ! Congrats !
  8. K16 - Tosul Convoy attack Krrrrr... - Convoy in approach. Izgoy Team are you ready ? Do you copy ? - Izgoy Leader here. Roger ! Target aquired... - Oh ! Look at their cargo ! It's serious business they are carying ! It's gonna be beautiful fireworks ! - Not your problem Izgoy Leader. You've got the order ! Fire ! - Copy that ! Let's roll ! Izgoy Leader... over... Fssshhhhhhh ... KABOOM ! - Target destroyed ! The road is ours now ! Izgoy Team Over !
  9. Excellent build ! And Romgaria is very welcome in the KLR ! Welcome Comrade !
  10. A surprising port extension Since the Terraversa troubles, the Shipyards in Elysabethtown had to fullfill a huge amount of commands. One of them being the confection of the Frigate The Applecid for Felipe de la Manzana in a record time ! It was necessary to extend the port but the shores are mainly unexplored and some sort of huge palm trees are growing in the area. Felipe decided to take advantage of suche trees... He ordered to convert an old smuggler cache situated in one of those trees into a thriving warehouse. A great place to protect fragile goods in the tree shanties. And a good spot to thread ropes and to prepare rigging and sails for the incoming vessels. Some artisans quickly regrouped around this surprising port extension to make it live. Now ropes and sails are ready to be sent to their ships. The development of Elysabethtown Felipe wanted is well engaged now ! Here is a fun build I have prepared for some time now. I will license it as a Large Artisan for Elysabethtown. I really enjoyed to transform the original tree into a huge palm tree full of life !
  11. Great use of Prefab ! An easy and rapid way to build ! And at disposal for nothing with our great industry flourishing ! Good job Comrade !
  12. Faladrin

    [GBW] National flag - VISLANIA

    Nice flag Comrade ! Simple and elegant
  13. Great little ship ! And once again congratulations for the baby !
  14. Troops movement in Salida Este With the war ending in Terraversa. Orders have changed for the new troops in Salida Este. The 60 men enrolled recently by General Stachos had to be embarked and moved to another location. This was not a problem for the MAESTRO company with its ship already at quay ! And so the Dragoon company accompanied by a strong infantry contingent has been sent to a new (and secret...) location. This is a build made to raise 60 men in Salida Este for myself !
  15. Faladrin

    [COR-FB] Arrêtez ! Attendez ! Paix!

    Great adaptation of your attack build ! And so the Ténotclaxcans are going back in the jungle... (with the Raptors, I promise they're going to their paddock...)