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  1. Nice ! I've missed this one ! I like the plane perspective too (so much missiles underneath...) And I like the design of this good old Missile Launcher Truck ! Good job !
  2. [GBW][CP6][Tyera]-Inspection

    I agree with my fellow comrades (even if from COAC...) You really should be careful on what picture you're publishing. A blurry pic is very hard to look at and is not the standard we expect on this game. Even a rushed picture (even on a smartphone) shouldn't be so blurry. Don't have time to post : Don't post ! Don't rush... We're not here for quantity, but for quality. Too bad, the story seems promising... I know I could be rough, but see it as an advice from an old builder... Taking bad pictures on a good (even a great) build is a bad idea... They make the build less good that it is and lesser your job. Try better pics and I advice you to change them before the official notation. You risk a bad note because of those pictures...
  3. Nice design! I am happy to see our country develop on such material. We tend to buy too much Naval Artillery nowadays... Good job !
  4. Thank you ! I'm happy the Royal society mentioned my work. Oh, yes ! You're right ! Montoya is still missing... Let's call it an artist view of it ... Thank you ! Not an easy thing to put 4 minifigs in a 8x8 plate...
  5. Fernando de la Izquierda came to the Royal Society to make his Initiation Lecture concerning Volcanoes :
  6. Concerning volcanoes and hot water springs Log of Fernando de la Izquierda : May the 10th 618 : Arlinsport, Tiberia. "We arrived in The Royal Society of Natural Philosophy of Corrington just a month after we received their kind invitation. The commitee asked me to present our first conclusions concerning the discovery of a volcano mouth and hot water springs along a river near Jameston. Of course, it is a privilege to be welcomed here and the pressure upon my shoulder is high. I hope this presentation will be a success..." Log of Fernando de la Izquierda, after the presentation : "I was very well welcomed by the chairman Don Isaac Montoya himself, and I saw Dirk Allcock sitting at the first rank. It was impressive to see the best scientists of our time listening my topographic survey and they seemed interested in my final conclusion speaking about a possible thermal spot we could exploit near Jameston... I was very pleased to see that those gentlemen were very open minded and ready to help me develop on this point. I will probably finally find a good way to finance my project here !"
  7. [GBW- CP6] Plantasea - Charlie Air Force Base

    Great one ! This seems to be a very well defended stronghold ! And the plane is top notch ! Great job !
  8. Thank you ! I loved doing the Paratroopers ! And making them little parachute was so fun, it reminded me my childhood doing this with plastic soldiers and throwing them through the 2nd floor window to see them fly ! (erhm... those little guys didn't fly very well...) I couldn't let this opportunity passed by. I had Paradropping level, so I had to use it. But, yes, sure, probably just a naval team would have be sufficient... Thank you ! Those angles are pretty easy to do and are quite effective, yes ! An easy way (and not too piece consuming) to make a good wall texture IMO.
  9. A good build ! I like this Humvee ! And it seems we've got FAMAS in the Deland Republic Marines ! Nice ! I should find myself a bunch of it ! Good job !
  10. (GBW- CP6) Filace - November Naval Base

    A good build nicely focused on the action ! Good job, as always !
  11. [GBW- CP6] New Brickika - Bravo R&D Center

    Good research facility ! I like the design of this building with all those window panels ! The landscape is well thought even if it seems you've been a little bit too big for you : less details in the landscape than in the building. Perhaps adding waves on the sea, or more BURP hiding work on the cliff could have help. Otherwise, the building itself is really good and well detailled ! Good job !
  12. [GBW-CP6] New Brickika - Research Plant Golf

    Nice one ! A research facility inside a volcano ! Great ! Exactly what I thought ! Good job !
  13. [GBW - CP6] Toohati - Assaulting Objective Hotel

    Good micros ! And the photography is nice. Not too dark, we can see the action coming. Good job !
  14. Nice build ! I like the design of the Missile launcher ! Good job !
  15. CP6 - Race to Safety - 3/13/18/18 - 5/7/18

    That doesn't seem good... Lead suits and anti Radiations pills for everyone !