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  1. Faladrin

    [MOC] Silent Mary Moc

    Nice work. For the pictures try to make links to the pictures instead of charging the picture itself. Don't hesitate to use an external image hoster like FLickR or ImgUR and just post the link in your post (you can see how to do in our tuto). For now I took the liberty to add a full view of your ship to your topic. And for photography I would suggest you to use a blank background; I was quite disturbed by your clock and window in the background.
  2. Faladrin

    ARTICLE: Pirates 2009

    Yes like Mr Phes is saying, Photos don't stay eternnally on their hosted location. There is no need to bump old topics to mention that. Please avoid it in the future. Thank you.
  3. Faladrin

    [WIP] USS Constitution Moc Progress

    Good start. I have just some remarks concerning posting rules : 1. This is a MOC (even in WIP; it's still a MOC) so I moved the Topic in the Pirate MOCs Subforum where it can find its audience. 2. As a WIP it needs a little mention of it in the title : Like the [WIP] I added in the title: in our Pirate MOC Forum we like to see a quick index appears in front of each topic : [MOC] if it's a finish build and [WIP] if it's still in developpemnt. 3. Be careful not to duplicate topics.
  4. Faladrin


    Welcome ! Even if you chose to serve Imperialism and capitalism... See you on the battlefield...
  5. My category F is ready :
  6. [Esl - ChIV - Cat F] The Terraversa Crab Basket Part 6 : Chief Apulo is going rogue A strange ship with a strange delivery is approaching a non less strange rocky point near Terraversa... This is the Special Delivery the Chief Apulo ordered to some shady characters... Do you remember them ? Nah ? You've already seen them though...Remember our last Episode ! Ah ! Of Course ! : The Terraversa Crab Basket Part 5 : Sea Delivery by @Professor Thaum And now it seems Chief Apulo is going rogue ! He has acquaintance with Sea Rats ! That's why he rushed out from the Colonial Council of Eslandola months ago from now shouting at whom would dare to listen to him he had a solution for Terraversa ! A solution which implicates smuggling with Sea Rats... Well... Probably not a totally legal business then... So, let's get back to our protagonists and see what this delivery is... - Alright Chief, mumbled the beardy pirate, here is your Gloubster. - Glou - ster ? Ah ! Gloucester ! Like the Corrish province ! it's from there ? is it ? - Narrh... spit the Sea Rats... not at all ! It's GlouBster, don't skip the B in the name... It's a new species discovered or created by the Doctor Thaum and he named it Gloubster : according to him it's an hybrid (I think it's the term he used) between a Glouglou and a Lobster so a mix of the 2 animals then he logically named it Gloubster. - Ah allright ! Answered the Native a little bit confused. And it's tasty ? Isn't it ? - Probably yes ! The Glouglous and the Lobsters are 2 delicious species ! Why this one would not ? But I never had the oportunity to try it. - Ok ! Perfect ! This is exactly what I was expecting ! Chief Apulo enthousiastly continued. Our project is well progressing; this is a fructuous association ! The Doctor is clearly a sure associate ! Here is the first part of the payment. You'll have the end at the delivery in Silithonia. Concluded the native by giving the smuggler a certain amount of gold. - Thanks Chief ! Chewed the Pirate snaping up the gold in his pouch. The Doctor prepared a totally secret network to make transit goods through all the main places of Terraversa, you'll have your Gloubster ready for your little party in time ! Trust him on that ! Come on lads ! He finally yelled at the crew. Faster ! We don't have all the day ! The last crates and other smuggling goods were quickly prepared and the rest of the delivery was achieved in a record time. To be continued ...
  7. Faladrin

    Old monkey vs new monkey

    I finally got one of those new monkeys and that's a nice mold. The design is cute but this new monkey is less playable as it hasn't moving arms. I will probably keep the old ones but I am not excluding using the new ones in some MOCs too. Diversity is always a good thing !
  8. Congrats to the winners. I am still puzzled about Digital entries for contests : 3 winning builds for a same player with all 3 Digital builds in all the 3 categories ... well , at the least, it's surprising; at the worst it's... well... not fair. This is one of the rarest time where my personal evaluation of the builds is sooo... different from the judges' one. I know I have my own criterias ad I know I could be not fan of Digital entries but this time I differently see the results of the contest. (not that I was expecting to win, I admit my builds were a little bit rushed for a clear lack of time) It's conforting me in the idea that the Terraversa Conflict should have been resolved by the contest. It would have attract more players. Exausted less some others (myself being in this category) and would have found a better and more realistic resolution for such a conflict for an Age of Sail war. Just my two cents here, no offense. But I would consider to lower my participation in the future.
  9. Faladrin

    [WIP] HMS Redoubtable

    Great work so far. A nice hull shape. I'll look forward to see the ship finished.
  10. Faladrin

    Historical Flag Stickers?

    I am moving your topic in the General Pirate section as it's not a MOC.
  11. Faladrin

    [SR - Ch IV - Cat. B] A little help

    Beautiful micro church ! And, as always, the story is great ! The Doctor is double-dipping again... Where will lead those sewers expeditions... ??
  12. Faladrin

    [SR - CH IV - Cat. A] A matter of hygiene

    A nice build and those little canoe are great ! The Doctor Thaum is always fun to see and the story is excellent : "Dr Thaum : You're a bonehead, Parker ! Of course not ! I'm paid by Oldis to clean the sewers, but I'm also paid to supply someone else with a map of King's Port's underground."
  13. Faladrin

    [MOC] "Hielan Coo" Topsail Sloop

    Lovely sloop. It could be easily seen in the Brethren of the Brick Seas game ! For your photography set up : you should try to take your pics in front of a white cloth or sheet of paper instead of this opened parcel. The contrast would be better (I know sails would pop out lesser then the ship but the ship here seems very dark for now like you've photographed it)
  14. Amazing ! An excellent design and it is quite fitting well minifig scale ! I wish I could build a plane like this (my skills are more on ships halas... ) You should try yourself in our Game The Great Brick war !
  15. Good work on putting cloth sails on this little ship. Obviously the sails seem large because of the size of the hull itself... It is a very (very) small hull plan for such a 2 masts Brig-like vessel... For a hull this size I would have seen a nice 1 mast like a Sloop of war or something similar. But TLG is always making bulky vessels and the Brig is frequent in LEGO Piracy... I will not complain, ok that's it ! It has been initially designed like this. I would have add it more length; just a mid section more, of course a brickbuilt one. It would have smoothed the fact you have a heavy aft castle with a high cabin. Perhaps, it would have been nice to see it with the hull pieces then, but you'll loose the concept of this ship. Doing something nice with this ship is difficult : Even you stay close to its original design and you'll keep a bulky toy ship; or you're going towards a more realistic plan but you'll loose all of its funny and nice LEGO aspect... A very hard decision. I wanted to do the same as you and finally got nothing nice; so now, my ship is totally dismantled... so congrats to have done something you can share with us here !