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    <p> Favourite theme : Pirates</p><p> recently bought : owen and blue brickheads</p>

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    Lego Pirates, Castle and some star wars and town/city.


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  1. Faladrin

    Pirates - underwater

    Great underwater scenery ! Great scoop of sharks ! and those pink reefs are top notch ! Good job !
  2. Faladrin

    Factions - General Discussion

    OK ! Thank you for the clarification ! It helps a lot, I thought players were stuck to the territory of their Faction. So, we can build everything in every place but our Faction is winning points only if we build in its controlled area. Ok ! Great !
  3. Faladrin

    Factions - General Discussion

    Seeing this is making me think about another question quite close to Drunknok's one. Will it be possible to make something similar to the Trade Runs like there is in the MRCA in BOBS ? There are so many great routes to use ! And licensing Spaceships for a faction team or players could be great !
  4. Nice idea ! It's been a while I didn't built in the Natives' style ! I hope to have time to build something before January 14 !
  5. Faladrin

    Factions - General Discussion

    Hello guys ! All this great job to prepare a new LEGO RPG ! That's great ! I was looking at some new way of building with LEGO and try space MOCs that I am not really good at... This is the opportunity to try something different from Castles and Pirates ! I am waiting for the other Factions descriptions to be posted but the first one is promissing !
  6. Faladrin

    [MOC] S.S. Venture

    Great hull design ! I love the rust effect you gave to it ! An excellent ship ! Great job ! I'll look forward to see where the ship is going to...
  7. Faladrin

    [GBW] (Campaign 9) Plantasea - The Ace of Spades

    That's a huuuuuge entry ! Great job all around ! Rockwork as if it was raining dark grey bricks ! with textured soils and forest with good trees... Wow; so many stuff in here ! Excellent job ! one of the best entries of this campaign !
  8. Faladrin

    [GBW] CP 9 - CoST - Showdown in Nak-Hu

    Wow ! Excellent entry ! As always with you, with many details ! And if there is not enough; bring the armored vehicles ! WOW ! Too much to say ! Congrats mate ! My favourite of this campaign entries ! Excellent job !
  9. Great scene of an abandonned city site ! I like your version of the Humvees ! And the photography of the all is very clear and acurate ! Great job sir !
  10. Original temple ! I like the oriental style of this one; but why are Gandalf and Saroumane here ? You've should try to MOD them a little bit. The base land should have benefit of some variation and elevation here and there, but that's nice. The temple is taking a great place of the build and is quite well done. Good job !
  11. Faladrin

    GBW - CP9 -Balafi- The trap

    The quality of this build resides mostly on its photography ! Great forced perspective ! I like particularly the first picture. The build itself has a nice rockwork, good action, that's nice. Good job !
  12. The snowmobile and the tree are great here ! The rockwork is simple but effective, I would add to it some variety here and ther to make it more realistic. A good entry ! Good job ! Always nice to see Hercynian Hunters at work !
  13. Nice use of those chains as bar wire ! You should have used more wedges on the field construction, like this it's too square at some points, it doesn't matter too much in the sandy part, but it's seems odd in the grassy part. otherwise a nice entry.
  14. Faladrin

    A comfy place for peasants to live

    Very charming house ! I particularly like the roof ! Good job !
  15. Faladrin

    Printing and laser cutting replacement cloth sails

    Very impressive prints ! we could really think there are originals ! do you think you could create custom sail designs too ?