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    <p> Favourite theme : Pirates</p><p> recently bought : owen and blue brickheads</p>

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    Lego Pirates, Castle and some star wars and town/city.


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  1. Faladrin

    [MOC ] Jurassic Park Series

    Excellent MOCs. You summed up very well the film and made some amazing renditions of mythic scenes ! (way better than the official sets are doing...) Your Ford Explorer design rocks, and I'll probably try to build one ! My kids would love it !
  2. Faladrin

    [MOC] Wraith

    Frightening wraith ! They really don't look human with this design very out of a minifigure. It gives them a threatening aspect. Nice scythe too ! I will probably "borrow" it from you.
  3. Faladrin

    Hello to everbody

    Welcome aboard ! Adventurers is still a magnificent Theme even after 20 years ! (Really! Already 21 years after the release ! ) I am youger than you so, they were parts of my last LEGO sets before I began my Dark Age. Once again, welcome and have a nice time reading (and building...)
  4. Faladrin

    [MOC] The Crew of the Lemuria

    Great crew ! Back in the time, we had an old topic to share crews, and luckily, it had been revived some days ago. Don't hesitate to share your crew on this topic too !
  5. Faladrin

    [MOC] HMS Surprise

    Our Ship Expert, Anders T, Almost forgot to share with us his vessel, The HMS Surprise! Hopefully, he just did, and what a good surprise to discover right now in the Pirate Forum!
  6. Hello my dear sir. And in the name of The MAESTRO Company, I am glad to offer you an apple with a glass of cider ! Well, it seems you have already one... Welcome ! @The Neighborhood Merchant
  7. Faladrin

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Indeed. Like in the other games hosted in here in Eurobricks, it would be better to have more than one people running the game, you're right. The image hosting in Eurobrick is quite limited though, but it's doable.
  8. Faladrin

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Woo hoo ! Lovely design ! @Khorne Even if I think we should be careful at using pictures for the rules. If the site hosting the pictures with all the rules is changing or closing its service, the pictures could be lost or deleted. We've seen that already with FlickR for example... Same thing could happen if the main redactor (it appears here to be @Waterbrick Down) is cutting the bridges with Eurobricks and is closing his account, hopefully he will not do this, but we need to consider everything. The best option; even if it's ugly; is to write the rules directly on the topic ! intertwined with decorum pictures not essentials to make sense in the rules.
  9. Faladrin

    Post up your vehicles!

    Here are some of my old vehicles : Heavy Assault Tank : Anti Electronic Vehicule : Armored Troup Transport : Navy Recon Helicopter : Light Helicopter Carrier : Multifonction Heavy Frigate, FREMM : Light AT Vehicule, MILAN Missile launcher : Snow RV of the Hercynian Hunters : Escort RV :
  10. Faladrin

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Thank you for the precisions. Now it is totally clear ! I am still thinking that the race traits should be counted like the proficiencies because it could lead to some inequality between somewhat OP races (with 3 traits) facing normal humans (without any) and this should be avoided. If a character wants to be a "simple human", it is not mandatory he takes any race trait and should compensate this "weakness" by having more Proficiencies instead. Does it make sense ? I am not sure I am totally clear on this idea.
  11. Faladrin

    Hi everybody!

    Welcome aboard Andi ! You were lucky enough to have a short Dark Age and a comprehensive wife ; so there is a Royal Way for you to become a MOCer ! Hope to see your constructions soon !
  12. Faladrin

    Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard ! Not being a native english speaker is not an issue here ! we have many members who are not native english talkers, like me ! I am a big fan of the Ninjago Sky Pirates line (of course, I am a Pirates addict...) TLG released and would love to have another line like this in the future. And you, What is your favourite Ninjago line ?
  13. Faladrin

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Nice idea ! We could have a way to improve the items; there should be some kind of Tiers to list them and if you don't have enough in the good Proficiency to use them, you shouldn't be allowed to use those powerful items. We should follow the Proficiency list though to have items that stay cohesive and not too OP.
  14. Faladrin

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Yes of course ! I was juste throwing name ideas. Not rules. Of Course, that could be an "Ammo belt" used to increase the effectiveness of a range attack. We can also have a "Scope" to increase the range of a range attack. Well, the concept is to keep to some generic terms to create the Items. @Waterbrick Down : When trying to create a character, I found some questions : - How health is represented? Is it Vitality? You've mentioned both of the terms but in the exemple character you built, it is still Vitality, then it should be mentioned like Xpoints/Xpoints like 7/7 to ease the count the damages your character endures, and this leads me to ask the 2nd question : - How Vitality and Strength are linked? Is it an automatic count, or can we allow points to Vitality alone? If I have 3 in Strength do I have +1 in Vitality or is it already a +2 ? It seems unclear to me. - How do you think to include the Race traits? Are the points we can allow to those traits are points we cannot allocate to some Proficiency ? So each race trait is counted like a Proficiency ? It would be logical, but it is not precised yet.
  15. Exactly what I was thinking. I would recommand to our Corry friends to keep an eye upon the Gloogloos and watch out the Bananas ! (even if it is publicly known that the Corlander Queen is a big fan of those fruits...)