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  1. The Battle of Maerwynn Creek

    Oh My... Great battle scene ! Excellently done ! My favourite part is the camp with those spikes and this great tent. I will probably get 'inspired' by this design to build tent in the future ! Excellent job !
  2. Sea Haven

    Wow ! Excellent build ! The rock work is top notch ! Congrats ! Excellent build ! What else to say...
  3. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    Great manor ! As always, you build an excellent castle. The Tudor upper parts are greatly done ! Congrats on that ! Just something I. Would like to see is the interior if there is one. There is no pic of the inside. I would like to see more of it !
  4. A journey to Mitgardia

    An excellent castle ! It has nice clear lines and appears as a solid stronghold like that. Like other said, the interior is very well done. It brings the castle to life. Geat job !
  5. Thanks mate ! Ah ! Yes ! I had to adapt myself with the real FREMM design. It's still 70 studs long and frankly, in one month, I couldn't do longer ! Thank you and welcome to the GBW and , of course , welcome to The Deland Republic and to the RON alliance !
  6. Thank you for your kind words ! And yes ! I think I have found a good hull design ! I am happy to offer a counter to your sub as it is a masterpiece here ! The Deland Republic is the master of the seas ! I am happy you find the missile trail superb even if the target is a COAC country ! Thank you ! The design gave me some headaches but it appeared that the hull technique is not too much different of the technique I am using on sail boats ! Funny, isn't it ? thank you again. It's nice to see my foes appreciate my weapons !
  7. Excellent build for our RON Command Center ! Be under your orders was a pleasure sir ! The Wiwaxia received perfectly its orders and executed them correctly ! So, thank you for being sometimes aggressive. You were fair and good discipline is never too much !
  8. Great build as usual ! I am happy to see where my shots hit ! Well, I Never doubt of our RON Command Coordinates but it still something to see the damages such cruise missiles can deal ! I hope the COAC were 42 men to surrender... Great job !

    Thanks for the quick answer ! I would never considered a Chima piece to be use in The Great Brick War ! Great idea !
  10. Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Hello fellow new member ! Et salut (it seems french guys are ruling The Deland Republic ) I am happy to welcome you in our proud nation ! If you want to be added at some PM (Deland Republic one and RON one) you should reach 10 posts. I encourage you to comment on our last builds to do so. It's easy and costs nothing

    Haha ! I imediately had the song in my mind when I read the title ! Nice build ! The ship is great ! From where did you find this hull ? Its great for prefab warships ! good job !
  12. [GBW - Cp 03] - Deland Republic - RON Part A3 - The Wiwaxia Studica Map Grid D6. Somewhere on the internal lake of the continent. As prepared as the forces of the RoN are, there will always be surprises in combat. The goal is to have a reliable counter ready for those surprises ! Designed for quick movement in all kind of waters, including rivers and lake, the FREMM (FREgate Multi Mission) named The Wiwaxia is just such a counter to the CoAC forces. As a FREMM, this Frigate with the ability to launch cruise missiles can totally defend itself with automated 100mm gun on main deck, anti-aircraft missiles on the top roof of the cabin and with anti Submarines mesures, including drifting mines and also with a constant Navy SEAL intervention/boarding team on the breech. She is one of the newest vessels the Deland Republic has launched in order to replace the older and heavier Destroyers still active around the Common Wealth of Southern Territories. With all that equipment, the Wiwaxia, named after the south western county (Land) of The Deland Republic has become a force to be reckoned with. The Deland Republic has sent the Wiwaxia in a counter move against Filace by anticipating their move in Studica E4 and E5 and passed through all Refnor detecting systems thanks to its revolutionary Stealth system. With such a stealth system, she is able to pass through any radar detection and cannot be detected in a civil fleet. Even, during Anti submarines trainings, the crew had to attach some warning systems at the hull in order to mark her for their own subs to avoid collision ! She is now at sea around the shores of Refnor in D6 and is preparing itself for battle. Currently, there is a call from command to launch cruise missiles into multiple locations in grid E5. - Sir We have confirmation of the target in E5 ! Can we begin the firing procedure ? Asked the radio operator. - Yes ! Open the hatch ! Target coordinates ? Answered the Commandant.. - Studica E5 in sub Area A1 and A2 + C1 and C2. Targets aquisition complete. We are waiting confirmation from RON Main Comm-Link... So, since the order from the RON Comm-Link has been transmitted the vessel of nearly 70Studs long aligned itself for fire and prepared its 8 Long Range Cruise Missiles located inside the front main deck, just behind its automated gun. - Targets confirmed sir ! - So let's begin the danse ! FIRE ! SWOOOSH ! SWOOOOSH ! SWOOOOOSH !
  13. And So you crossed the Rubicon... Don't believe those RON deads will stay unpunished ! BTW, a great Engine you have with your Bridge Deploying device ! And a quite good tank too ! Good job !
  14. Thank you ! A lighter aspect is always welcome in those tensed days... And fun never hurts !
  15. Thank you ! Yes ! It was quite a challenge to obtain a real sloop shape with that bulky ship... Thank you ! The Part 2 is in preparation, I have my main storyline still running. Felipe will have to face some real competition ! Who's got this map and who is chasing the Golden Apple too... we will know soon (I hope)