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    <p> Favourite theme : Pirates</p><p> recently bought : owen and blue brickheads</p>

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  1. Faladrin


    WH40k CAN be an inspiration BUT shouldn't be use too much of course ! I am staying in a Soviet style army, don't worry about that !
  2. Welcome @Count Vroskri ! I'll try yo help yes
  3. Thank you! And the flag appeared to be the quickest idea I ever had and realised : it took me only 5 minutes to think of it, build it and position it at the stern just before taking the photography... Meanwhile, the ship was gently waiting its last addition. Thank you ! A good advice ! You were right ! The masts are way better like this ! Well... erhm... I wouldn't want to lie but as the ship's heavily based upon the BSB, the main structure is a strait forward LEGO instruction book to follow and all my modifications finally took me very few time. I'd say it took me 7 to 10 complete days from concept to building (but I was on holidays and had only that ship in mind, at the great despair of my wife... ). I managed to skip the "terrible" rigging stage by limiting it at its minimal, and luckily, the sails only took me 1 day to scan, digitally recolour, print, and cut; but they are just paper sails. I'd like to have fabric sails now but would need my sister's help for that. So yes ! It's the fastest vessel I've ever built ! Thank you ! I was happy to make it the fastest I could ! I was happy to share with you the previews.
  4. Faladrin


    Haha yes the inspiration is clearly Yarrick ! I played W 40k Imperial Guard when I was young and now I can have it in LEGO !
  5. The 22 guns Frigate : The Applecid Felipe de la Manzana commands were top priority for the Elysabethtown shipyards. They achive in a time record a heavy Frigate for the Apple lord and baptised it the Applecid (an easy pun ) as it is a war ship made to kill (Cid...) and it's belonging to the Apple trade empire of Felipe... This ship will be licensed as a Class 6 Frigate. It is the fastest ship I ever made. That's why it's mainly built upon the new BSB style and plan just in order to spare me some headache in development and win me some time in building... And it's the best way to show my new green sails taken from the BSB red ones !
  6. Faladrin

    [OL-FB] HRS Helios

    Since it's an impressive ship I'd really like to see you build one in real bricks now ! Such an amazing Man of War would be awesome for real! Halas there are few huge vessels made in real bricks. We need more!
  7. Faladrin

    [OL-FB] HRS Phoebe

    Not immediately ! I already posted a ship recently. Keep it in memory for future posts. I'd really rather not put a Digital entry in Frontpage as I saw many great vessels and some more are incoming (My little finger told me there are ... )
  8. Faladrin

    [SR - FB]Scandal in Mesabi Landing

    hahaha ! It reminds me an episode of the Simpson show where Fat Tony is milking rats and Wiggum is outraged : "Tony ! How dare you... You promised me cat milk ! not Rat milk !" and then he destroys the milk supply... Excellent and really funny build !
  9. Faladrin

    [COR FB] Spice Market, Jameston

    Nice and lively ! Very colourful too ! But I am missing some apples...
  10. Faladrin

    [OL-FB] Frigate HRS Leopard

    Once again another gorgeous vessel from you ! I like the prow and the figurehead on top of it is funny ! You're on fire ! 2 class 6 vessels on a row ! Wow !
  11. Faladrin

    [OL-FB] Frigate HRS Forte

    Excellent Frigate mate ! The hull is greatly rendered with enough curve and that rigging is the cherry on the top ! Funny I have a similar one incoming myself, but without blue colours... Great job !
  12. Faladrin

    [MOC] PARAISO - MOC 21322 Barracuda Ship

    And now you're in Frontpage !
  13. Faladrin

    [MOC] Paraiso

    Our Pirate comrade NOD built an excellent Brig of War based on the new Ship of the 21322 set Pirates of Barracuda Bay. Come on board of Paraiso and take part of the pillage with all its crew of dangerous bucaneers right now in the Pirates Forum !
  14. Faladrin

    Phase 3 Discussion

    @TheBeeze : Nice job so far ! Rules are short and clear. I have questions though : 1/ How will you follow the money flux there will be during all the game ? you'll need to use Google forms to register and automatised the BB gestion with an account sheet registering each character and his financial balance. Or any other formula ... 2/ As a team leader do I have to post a war form for any build or do I have to send a form per month to summarize all our movements as a team ? I don't understand well that part yet...
  15. Faladrin

    [ESL - TROOP] Mercs of Fuerte Unido

    That's a nice bunch of dangerous guys (and gals) ! I love the way you've made each character a personnality by making them so different from one another.