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  1. Thank you mate ! You're assuming well, it's foam upon the sea. Thanks ! I tryed to better my photography on this one. I'm happy you noticed it ! The water was not so easy to build, and the foam (froth is a better word I think, didn't knew this word before...) is at the spot you're expecting to see it, yes. You've got a good eye to remark it ! Thanks Thank you ! It was time for me to show some elvish influence in Falahuas... The top of the lighthouse is a bit leaning on this picture, yes... I appologize for this one, as there was a rebel stud I only remark later that was not correctly fixed under the lightbrick. It is not suppose to be leaning like that... Thank you ! Well, yes quite an ambitious building for me ! near 32*64 studs, quite long, and with a high tower as well, I am not used to build such "big" (well relatively) big builds ! Thank you ! I hesitated on grey bricks myself, not to blend with the walls but, it was too dark and, I wasn't satisfied of the result. Perhap simply grey walls,but the elvish aspect would have been lost. So I let it be white... Thank you ! Well, for you it's a medium build but for me it's already a big one, it's about 32*64 studs. I usually build smaller builds. I cannot help for the eagle... Thank you very much ! The tree used all my pink foliage. Well, my little girl is happy to use it on her Elves Theme part of our LEGO room now ! Thank you very much ! I am glad you liked it !
  2. Faladrin

    [MOC] Forgotten Ruins

    Great build ! I like the way you've done the tree ! It feels so organic ! Great job !
  3. Faladrin

    [Moc] Lions Castle

    Nice castle ! Like the Black Falcons one, it has this good old classic feeling but with the little touch of modern design it needs ! Good job !
  4. Faladrin

    Challenge I: Constructing Falcontop Keep

    Nice build ! It's clean and efficient ! Is the crane functional ? I like its design, very close to real ones. Great job !
  5. Faladrin

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    And here is my entry :
  6. Challenge I : Repairs on the Elvish port of Falahuas Lord Faladrin being absent, it is to Lady Walahaeria, the elf Princess of the old evish clan living in Falahuas, to supervise the repairs of the old part of the port. The port was built by the Elves long time ago and suffered many damages from the Drow during Lord Raavage reign of terror. The main warehouse was totally burned down and was left with only ruined walls. The actual repairs were focused on rebuilding the roof of the warehouse and conforting the walls to support the new roof. Hopefully for the port activity, the lighthouse was kept nearly intact and was kept functional. The elvish falconer was already at work sending eagles and hawks all around the country from the top of the lighthouse. It is an important part of the mailing system of the city of Falahuas, but riders are still usefull too. Speaking of riders, there is a green rider arriving ! He stopped his exhausted horse at the level of the elvish princess, bind to her and deliver the message : "My Lady, I have been sent by Lord Faladrin. His ship, the Bouncing Frog, sprang a leak during its return trip and had to reach land at the southwestern coasts of the Enchanted Forest in a quite deserted area. He needs asistance to repair the ship in order to drag it to the city. So I was sent to you to require your help. Here is the list of the materials he will need to repair the ship." Lady Walaheria thanked the green messenger and ordered a team to leave immediately to reach the position of her husband. Here is my entry for the Challenge. A quite heavy build for me... I integrated the story of this challenge build in my main storyline and hope to continue soon this story ! Hope you'll like this build !
  7. Hahah ! Already ready ! Your working table is clean and ready ! Ahah mine is more of a mess actually !
  8. Faladrin

    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    Impressive build, as always ! A great entry for sure ! I really like the details of the repairs : The roof structures being made and the plaster being spread on the walls ! Great job !
  9. Faladrin

    A mercenary's story: Part III

    Nice little build, I like the arches with the lanterns, good job !
  10. Faladrin

    [MOC] Fort San Juan

    Great build ! But the "walking" train is the best ! I wouldn't expect to see a walking train ever ! Great idea to make the train fit perfectly upon those tricky rails (For my own boat-train, I'l stick to classic rails) ! Great fortress and overall a great build ! Bravo !
  11. Faladrin

    [AoM]: Patman's Cellar

    Another great build from you ! Great design, It totally fits your own personnal style, like others mentionned. I particularly like the chariot tracked by the reindeer. Great use of those brown fishing rods ! And the flower parts for the wheel fixations is very clever, I'll probably "borrow" you this idea... Great job !
  12. Faladrin

    [MOC] - Temple Arch

    A great Arch indeed, like other said before, the details of the texture is just excellent ! A great build ! Good job !
  13. Faladrin

    [Moc] Black Falcons vs lions

    Nice castle ! It has the good old classic feeling without being too much modern ! Congrats on that !
  14. Thank you ! I am happy how this micro build worked out ! Like I've said in the RON PM I was not sure I could post it in time. Hopefully I did and it worth it ! Once again, Thank you !
  15. Faladrin

    Freebuild : Harvest season in Avalonia

    Thank you ! Feel free to use the bird design, as I've taken it from another great builders, I know @soccerkid6 used this design too... thank you mate ! just a good old minifig hair with a little bird design... Thank you ! A great constructive comment ! wow ! What a good Guild Leader you are ! Any litlte detail has been passed in review ! And yes, you're probably right, birds shouldn't been in their nests at this period of the year. But I really wanted to try this old design I saw in great builders MOCs, I couldn't resist the desire to put them in my build. Concerning the trees : they are still green in my place, but sure, a red foliage here or there could have been useful. Feel free to use my pumpkin design. I think it's new (well for me it is) and never saw one like this before. Thank you ! More grass patch would have probably help but with the dense activitty we see here, I avoid adding too much stuff in the build. Thank you ! The vane part of the mill could be a bit weak but strangely it's fine, the mill is quite solid and is openable and quite playable. My children of 4 and 6 made it roll and didn't broke it, so, for me, it's a good test of solidity. Thank you ! I always like your photography advices and I am happy to have one. It's something I missed here, many comments are not oriented towards photography, it feels good to receive advice from an excellent builder and photographer. I will try to take care of my focus then... I am not a good photographer so I'll have to improve this way... Once again, thanks ! Thank you ! Good to see you too ! Even if you seemed to have changed Guild. Thank you ! Yes, it's a little bit charged... Thank you ! I tryed to keep a functional and playable mill, so it is openable and we can put minifigs activity inside it too... It is at the risk of a lighter structure and some fragility but as it passed my children test, it's fine...