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  1. Faladrin

    [MOC] Intriguing Visitors

    The Battle for El Oleonda is still raging but it allowed to encounter some new peoples ! Let's see who are those Tyree'De Intriguing visitors our Eurobrick Member Ayrlego has encountered here in the Brethren of The Brick Sea forum !
  2. Lady Condora, after seconding the facepalm... "Aye ! But I am volonteer to join an official expedition to Terraversa if you need someone..." Dr Ayuda and Chief Apulo clearly concluded with two simple "Aye ! "
  3. Faladrin

    lego ideas [LEGO IDEAS] Islanders Spirit Beacon

    No problem for me. Just upload your new pictures in this topic and I'll re assemble them in the first page for you if you want.
  4. Great write up Capt Wolf as always ! 3 Pirates ships for Eslandola and ZVW behind bars ! And who said Eslandola wasn't doing anti piratcy? ...
  5. Nice row boat. The use of Oleon uniform to diguise an act of piracy is well thought... and really Piratey !
  6. That was a twist ! Haha I had a good laugh !
  7. Nice Junk. But Carno isn't supposed to use junk. Usually they have guns and cannons on brigs and galleons... Did they steal this junk to their Lotii enemies to turn it against them ? I am not sure you would like to help The Lotus Empire after seing all the power raised against them... but you're free tot try...
  8. Faladrin

    [MOC] The Fall of the Aztec Empire: Part II

    A Great encounter indeed ! Aguilar translations helped Hernan Cortes to understand the internal politics of the Aztec Empire and allowed him to understand he could ally with some of the tribes against the Aztecs ! The build is clear and neat, the photography is excellent ! Good job sir !
  9. Faladrin

    [MOC] Ship: "The Falcon"

    Lovely ship for sure. A little bit bulky though. I would hav add a little more length to ease this bulky effect. The use of the HP Eagle head is great for a Figurehead ! Great idea ! Keep up the good job !
  10. Faladrin

    About the Islanders

    Haha ! The eternal question of the Islander cannibalism... To be short : Probably. Yes ! To be more accurate : Not exactly; Because TLG never showed it clearly ! It's again the Group Policy BTW... But You could deduct it from how the sets are presented : First : 6246 Crocodile cage set : The set is clearly a prison for Pirates made by the Islanders ! To cook them after that ? (see the BBQ just near the prison...) Or to give them to the Croc ? You're free to interprate ! Second thought : The Gorgeous set of 6278 Enchanted Island : The Moai statue is also a prison ! And near it there is also a fire with a big pot on it ! To cook the prisoners ?? also here for free interpretation ! TLG Policy is clear on racial depictions and conflicts now but in the 90's it was possible to see racial conflict (see the western line with Indians for example) and so, there is a possibility that our dear Islanders could have been cannibals... This is mostly suggested of course. And I don't remember having seen them clearly cook a Pirate or an Imperial. It is something we will never see nowadays. Unfortunately I am not sure there will be a new islander wave at all...
  11. Thank you. Thank you. More is to see about this building in the rest of the story now available here !
  12. Lady Condora to the rescue Basil de Eslandola was left at the portuary inn in Terraversa near the place where he reached land with the rest of his crew after the wreckedge of The Brickwall. (Look here if you missed the last episode) Lady Condora deturned quickly her route and jumped aboard the Golden Buggle to join the Terraversa port he was. The swift vessel took its promises and beat a speed record to finally brang Lady Condora at destination. She has been welcomed by the Terraversan with all the respect due to her noble Rank and was led to the Mayor of the local town who was the local owner of the inn where Basil was recovering. The mayor explained her he was concerned by the actions of some Mardier officers he hosted at his inn before he took care of Basil. According to him : There is a conspiracy ongoing here in Terraversa and Mardier is probably involved and their officers didn't find the needs to hide themselves. The mayor said he surprised letter exchanges and some spying actions are probably engaged by the previous masters of the island. After that statement, Lady Condora got to Basil de Eslandola who had quite well recovered from his adventures at sea. He was resting at the inn and was ready to return to Eslandola. Lady Condora was relieved to see him in better condition she imagined... But Basil confirmed the fear we had about Mardier and said there was even more ... To be continued ...
  13. Dr Ayuda said a clear "Aye!" Chief Apulo near the door just said : "She is here !" And through the back door burst in the council room Lady Condora accompanied by Sir Basil de Eslandola ! She launched a great "AYE!" entering the hall greeted by the chief with a small tribal danse he achieved yelling a great "Aye !" to the rest of the council. "I can confirm our fears about Terraversa." She declared. "Our friend Basil de Eslandola here has witness strange actions from Mardier and we have hear says telling us it's not the only move we could have seen from our dangerous neighbour..." "Let me tell you what happened when I went to recover Basil after the wreckedge of The Brickwall." Lady Condora continued. And she told her story :
  14. What remains of The Brickwall Harrassed by sharks and exhausted... This is a poor skiff that touch land somewhere near Terraversa ! It is what remains of the Frigate The Brickwall; the famous vessel Felipe de La Manzana have sent to help Eslandola protect the merchant routes. Halas for the Frigate; the Pirates managed to sunk it while Basil de Eslandola, Felipe best First Officer, was heading Terraversa with the Brickwall. He survived with a minimal crew on board of sparse wood chunks and sails from the vessel and reached land only a month and a half later... That was a quite enduring trip. Most of the crew perished during the journey. Finally Basil can rest and found assistance in this nice little coastal town. A town ? Yes ! A town ! In a Friendly territory like Terraversa, well at least it is considered as friendly ! What a relief ! Basil managed to reach Terraversa ! He knew he could do it ! He is now saved ! The terraversan sailors helped him and the rest of the crew to jump at quay and Basil passed out... He was brought to medical care and had to rest. This is an AMRCA result to illustrate the fate of the Brickwall. It seems Terraversa is not really the place to be nowadays; but Who is Basil to know political details ? More is to come about this story ! To be continued here !