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  1. AoM: Mill Phase 3: Firoir Watermill

    Excellent MOC as always ! The water wheel is just top notch ! Using clips on a classic medieval wheel is just a great idea ! Excellent !
  2. MOC Soldiers Outpost

    Nice imperial outpost ! and without bluecoats ! Good ! It's refreshing to see good little build like this one and of this such good quality ! Good job ! Keep it up !
  3. Small Imperial Armada ship

    A nice ship ! The curvature is good and the hull design quite sleek, good job on this. On this type of caravel design, though, I would have built a bulkier bow castle and make the edge of the bow thinner. But I am nitpicking. Also, I like the original LEGO sails on it, but more rigging can really change a ship aspect. Well, concerning colour : I am not so disturbed by the main brown aspect, perhaps adding just a patch of red or green along the stern castle would have helped, but that's not a problem. All in all, a good ship ! Good job !
  4. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Oh ! Great news ! THANKS ! I second that ! And also we could purchase extra Intel (maps or tips for the next campaign, something like that)
  5. MOC Attack on Puerto Leon - WiP

    Excellent Layout ! And the ships are very well done ! The 4th Rate is quite impressive ! Great Job ! Congrats !
  6. There may be a problem with my Lego baby...

    Exactly what I've thought ! Very impressive print defect here ! How did the print had been missed so badly !
  7. Congrats to the winners ! Especially to @Henjin_Quilones who won into 2 categories ! Now, we just need to sit and wait for the judging of book 2 last Challenge and for book 3 to begin... Grabs popcorn...
  8. Who builds the LEGO-suggested ideas from the box ?

    Ha yes ! Those alternative builds on the back of the boxes ! I systematically kept the boxes and tryed out some builds but many were not worth it... Anyway, good idea to remember us those old alternate builds !
  9. Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Great tutorials ! Thanks guys ! I've always had a soft spot for the leg arrow slit... I am happy you've added it in this tutorial list ! Keep up the good job !
  10. [MOC] Springald

    A nice heavy weapon ! I didn't knew this kind of design. Is it an improvement of a ballista or of a Roman Scorpio ? Good job !
  11. [MOC] La Couronne (1636)

    Nice ship for a first try ! the curvature could be better but I am nitpicking... May I advice you to post this ship in the Pirate sub forum. You'll have more comments and advices on ships there than here in the medieval subforum.
  12. Isles of Aura: 'Shrooms!

    Nice little build ! Piggy sails FTW ! Good job !
  13. [MOC] Excalibur in the Stone

    Nice ! I like the sword and you've done a pretty good rock work ! Keep up the good job ! And welcome !
  14. Thunder

    Great vessel as always ! The decoration of the stern is top notch ! Great to see a bomb ketch added to our fleet ! Good job !
  15. Lady Condora quickly took advantage of this motion to take over Doctor Ayuda's reserves and said a loud and clear : "YES !" I am supporting this motion ! Let's get pirates chasing with our friends from Corrington ! Doctor Ayuda looked at her desperately... "I am not sure our problems will be solved by violence at sea, I am more in favor of a land intervention to help the men lost in the jungle... I cannot support this motion" one abstention. Chief Apulo seemed embarrassed too, but simply stood still and mumbled a simple "Yes" Lady Condora pushed him with her elbow to make him develop. "I am supporting the joint pirate chase mission, I think it could prevent dangerous crews to reach our lands." So, that's 2 Yes and 1 Abstention for the Prio Sea delegation.