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  1. Faladrin

    [MOC] Skull ISland

    Excellent ! The huge skull is greatly rendered at this scale ! I want one !
  2. The Deland Republic Have to answer ! Count our forces in ! I will provide a build and will try to get back in the game ! I hope !
  3. Congratulations to all ! And Thank you @Capt Wolf for hosting this great Weelond Oktoberfest !
  4. Woah ! Gorgeous vessel ! Excellent ! It deserves Frontpage ! So It's done !
  5. Our Eurobrick Ship expert Maxim I is sharing with us his last big vessel : the Princesse Margot; a 74guns Third Rate ship of the line. Take a look imediately at this gorgeous vessel full of details in the Brethren of the Brick Seas subforum !
  6. Faladrin

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    No problem for me. Do it at your rythm. I am always ready to help when you want.
  7. Salida Este Felipe's new Residence After returning from his adventure, Felipe de la Manzana decided to rest a little bit in a new place he and the MAESTRO company wanted to develop. It was in Salida Este the Company wanted to develop its apple trade... A new plantation could raise soon on the Eslandolan island and it was under the direct commandment of Felipe the MAESTRO crew began to plant apple trees. To ease his stay at the Salida Este settlement, Felipe ordered to build a new little residence. The old Eslandolan colonial style was used to raise this nice little house built upon an old shack near the only apple tree the island had (for now...) Felipe could run the plantation from here and could enjoy a good rest. But someone arrived at the house : A MAESTRO post woman ! One of the new green messagers of the company ! Felipe greeted her; she barely answered and delivered the letter : "My Dear Felipe, The Ténotclaxcans could help you on your quest ! They said to us that, according to an old legend, there is a possibility the map (and its second half) is the copy of an old native tablet. It is said, in this legend, that the tablet could lead the natives to the end of their actual "Age of the Monkey" to open the "Age of the Bird" (or Parrot, the traduction was unclear...) They seemed to fear it and said our coming on the Ténotlaxcan island (Berelli) is the first sign of the end of their age and they closed the discussion with us now. We would be very happy to have you in Elisabethtown to help us to recontact the Ténotlaxcan High Priestess and re open the discussion. Your humble servitor, Lord Basil d'Eslandola." Well it seems Felipe will be back in business soon ! The build is licensed as a small residence in Salida Este for Felipe de la Manzana. Hope you'll like it !
  8. Faladrin

    Adventure MRCA

    Great work on the new rules update @Bregir ! I am quite stuck with my story now and would like to use a GM intervention to close my old AMRCA : Thank you !
  9. Hello. Thanks to the new rules, I am asking to GM to close this Adventure on this build : Felipe headed forward to reach Nova Terelli and joined Tezclatipoca the cannibal to a gargantuan meal at the best tavern he could find. - Now you are with me, said the adventurer, I would like to have you on my crew, like my First Officer initially offered you. - Yeah... glurp... forrrrh Sure.... Swallowed the native continuing his meal. - So we will try to get intel on this map before heading towards on obvious trap. I am sure I could find something about this map and the other half I had in my possession before facing an awful situation... - Yar... only answered the gloutonous native. It is time to me to close this part of the quest. I will probably sold the Golden Apple chase with solid freebuilds. I will reserve the Adventure MRCA system for other adventures, not including my main story and character. So I would like, if possible have an end on this one, thank you !
  10. Excellent fort design ! I like those inclined wood walls ! And now, Eslandola has a foot on the New Haven Sea...
  11. Faladrin

    Halloween in the cemetery

    Thank you ! Thank you, yes we had fun !
  12. Faladrin

    [ESL-FB] Ship : The Flying Apple

    The mast is a bit forward, yes, but just behinf it, there is just enough room for the IR receptor (I don't have a new Bluetooth motor right now) and has to be obviously visible in order to work correctly. So I had to adapt the plan of the ship to the technical constraint. I will share a movie of it rolling on tracks for sure ! I'd like to ballast with blue tiles but unfortunately I am far away of the good amount of Blue tiles when I counted them. I'll take more pics of the inside, yes. And sure, I will show a video of it at Antwerpen.
  13. Halloween in the cemetery Here is the result of a little figbarf in a medieval stuff with my little boy and girl. It ends in a cemetery scene with Zombie Black Falcons and a necromancer, some good old skeleton warriors and a dark knight riding a Thestral. Happy Halloween !
  14. Faladrin

    [ESL-FB] Ship : The Flying Apple

    Thank you for the kind words. And you'll see, I've come to a more stable ship ! So, it doesn't quit the tracks too easily. But it's in the price of some weight gain. I'm afraid I'll need more batteries... Thank you ! To help me on the colours, I've managed to have some good printed custom sails and I am happy to mount my ships with them (halas the jib did not passed on this one... )
  15. Faladrin

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    I was sure of it ! Indeed... I will never do it but I understand the process ! Good idea ! good job !