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  1. Wow ! Impressive vessel ! A true masterpiece ! Magnifique ! Bravo !
  2. Faladrin

    help recreating Mayan Pyramid MOC

    Hello ! It's quite ambitious to begin by such a Pyramid but, hey, why not after all... from what I guess this pyramid is using a sloped wall technique. Good point ! It's not so part consuming 😀 You just need to brickbuild each sloped part and build the pyramid main frame with a big bunch of slopes. The inside of the build doesn't necesarily need to be fully filled, good point for economy ! The number of parts could be hard to estimate but it's legit to bet on the most light grey you gave, the better it'll be. each of the largest panels are around 8-10 studs long upon 5 high. Not so big ! But you have 2 of them per face (and I am not counting the upper ones) then you have 2 smaller walls and 2 very little ones on the upper floors. Lets count them as other 2 large panels : that woukd be near 4 panels of 8/5 studs per face. the stairs are quite small using just 6studs long (so just 3 bricks) of textured masonry bricks. well, I think it's doable but with a good bunch of grey parts from all sort. try something out and let us know (show us pics) how the work will progress here. Don't hesitate to create a Work In Progress topic if you want comments on the building process.
  3. Faladrin

    Aurora of Avalonia

    Great medieval ship ! Her line could have been more curvy but it's a medieval ship so it's not a problem and sure a custom sail with the Avalonian dragon could be great here ! (I should give it a try on this...😀, not the easiest sail to craft though...) I like the decorations all along the hull, clearly Avalonian ! Great job !
  4. Faladrin

    [SR-FB1] - Aug '618 - Marvel

    Oh ! Great vessel ! it took you a long time but you succeeded in building an excellent ship. the rigging and custom furled sails are very well done and I really like the ship line ! Great job !
  5. Faladrin

    [ESL - FB] Pontelli Beach Fun

    Nice beach scene ! And always with fun ! The use of the Unikitty bases as clouds is just tremendous ! I'll have to think of it for future builds... Good job captain !
  6. Faladrin

    Visiting Sorgheim

    Great build ! A very solid stronghold ! Like De Gothia I Really like the slanted wall !
  7. Great build. The stronghold inspires safety and peace between dangerous trips through the desert! Great story too ! I remember some Leanders folks been used here and there as cat people by some builders long time ago. Myself had used a Cat swordsman in my Castle Rose "safe heaven" challenge builds but from another origin too... Probably, like Gideon suggested, there are many sub races of cat folks in all Historica... Great build. I will looking forward to see your Varlyrio builds.
  8. Faladrin

    Walking in Mesozoic

    Excellent build ! As always ! Nice to see you develop Mesozoic. This Dinotopia like city is quite impressive ! I really like the design of the fountain. Great job !
  9. Faladrin

    Avalonia Tasks 1, 2, and 3

    Nice writing for a great bunch of minifigs ! Good job. Like others said the photography could be better. Not a real problem as it is not so bad. Myself, too, had issues with lighting. The best way to reduce this problem is not in a lighting box IMO (unless for smaller builds) but to use good back lighting and work on a good focus and then, a good thing is to lighten the pics afterwards with photoshop for example. It's very useful for big buildings like castles. It is frequent my biggest MOCs don't fit in a lighting box and while you are here in the Guilds you will tend to build bigger and bigger. Trust me. It happened to me 😄. And then the lighting box becomes useless ... All in all it is great to see you develop your Lesser Buren county here. I really like your shepherds. Keep up the good job !
  10. Faladrin

    Arun's Adventures - Ch. 1

    A great way to introduce your character ! I like this comic aspect. And the story is quite good. Funny and not some heavy quest beginning. It reminds me a fun french comic recently published when a poor goat keeper is forced to take arms against mages after the destruction of his sheeps except one he is speaking to. that's very close to this kind of story and fun. overall, great job ! Keep up the good job and welcome to the Guilds !
  11. Faladrin

    Into the unknown

    Nice Avalonian feeling ! I really like the atmosphere you gave here ! And the cart is fine too... A good modernisation of the old crusader one. good job !
  12. Faladrin

    [MOC] The Wood Tryptichon

    Excellent ! The pictures are greatly done ! You have some quite good photography skills ! 😄 And of course your builds are perfect ! The second one is particularly catchy with the interior being lighted by behind through the planks ! Excellent ! Just excellent !
  13. Faladrin

    Broadside's Brig MOC

    Great update ! The set is instantly recognizable. Good job !
  14. Faladrin

    GoH Book III

    I, Lord Faladrin, Prince of Falahuas, still remain loyal to Avalonia. (The topic will be updated with a new picture and a little better background soon) Yeah ! Book III is near to be ready ! Great news ! (I will hug a tree to celebrate !)
  15. Nice ! I've missed this one ! I like the plane perspective too (so much missiles underneath...) And I like the design of this good old Missile Launcher Truck ! Good job !