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  1. thank you sorry I didn't read some posts first
  2. Does anyone know a good place to download Microsoft Access, and which version works best? I'm using windows 8.1
  3. It is a really nice model (the youtube one) with awsome working features. I used a lathe all day today
  4. you may like to try Lego Digital Designer, it allows you to build and try different things without breaking parts and fingers from building and rebuilding Great job for a first MOC
  5. Fantastic, the use of gears makes perfect XJ220 wheels :D
  6. All lego except the pneumatic tube tyres which is a very close match in size, but much more affordable. Also, the motor valve train failed to work as designed, the next giant harley I make will surely have working valves, rockers, pushrods, cams, crank, rod and pistons
  7. Hi, this bike is built now, check it out on my Flickr at Kieran
  8. I'll be rocking a whole stable of my Technic Motorcycles at Brickvention 2015
  9. Anyone have any idea how the headlights are held on the 42036? I see only trans clear in the axle hole on the headlight part.
  10. Top quality project paper planes are timeless fun
  11. Great shelf piece
  12. 42036 Pro's: -Bold styling -Looks great in the box art -GULF colour scheme -Headlight arangement is superb -Extremely sturdy build Con's: Missing panels under the handlebars Seat is too long Bottom of fairing is too wide (see Yamaha R6 above) Kieran
  13. Kierna

    Modulex bricks are coming back!

    Thanks for the link, I'd never heard of Electromechanical Machining. I reckon you're right, it would explain the extremely high costs of lego molds we hear of.