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  1. my boss has a real one in red - I think I prefer this lego version instead!
  2. Rockbrick

    PF Maximum Voltage

    i remember putting 9v through the old 4.5v motor system.... never burnt the motor out but wore gearwheels away like crazy
  3. Rockbrick

    Lykan Hypersport + Instructions

    for once the lego version looks nicer than the real car...
  4. very sad to see no entries with airtanks / pneumatics..... some very good entries though.... High standard as always and very creative good luck everyone
  5. Rockbrick

    [TC11] The Reaper- COMPLETE!

    very nice design with good functions - however 4WS or skid-steering would improve its manoeverability as this large turning circle is a weakness in a real fight in an arena
  6. Rockbrick

    [BUG] Navigation in new Technic Forum

    same bug here and I notice myself using the forum less and less because of it
  7. Rockbrick

    [MOC] Huddig 1060c

    mega cute!
  8. Rockbrick

    [MOC] Renault 5 turbo rally V1.0

    the front cibiƩ lights are in a 'W' formation but you've done yours in an 'M' formation ?
  9. so tough this one so I put the numbers on small papers and crumpled them up and then let my cat choose six..... just kidding! - I am favouring the smaller builds because cramming the funtionality in such small space is a challenge: 34: 10 27: 6 25: 4 21: 3 9: 2 3: 1
  10. Rockbrick

    [TC10] Classic Locomotive

    the RC motor is very light and slim and perfect for making a compressor: (works better without airtank as you say the airtank causes a delay)
  11. Rockbrick

    [TC10] Small and Robust Compressor

    It doesn't need an airtank it is that powerful... Back on topic: the OP hand cranked pumps is so beautifully simple I would love to see technic maxifigs attached to it doing the pumping....(probably their arms would break as always)
  12. Rockbrick

    [TC10] Small and Robust Compressor

    nice creation and I don't see why not just compressors cannot be an entry.... (most entries will contain some sort of compressor anyway) but nice for the entry just to be the compressor Here is one I did with the RC motor with possible even less moving parts:
  13. I had reply off youtube saying they did not find a breach of the rules ...... hmmmmpf
  14. Rockbrick

    9398 with 42054 wheels

    I got the new tyres and it looks marvellous - nice to be 100% lego again - the RC 1.9" ones I had before had better grip as they were softer but they were wearing out too fast